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There's been ups and downs. But 41 lbs down in a year!! (1 comments) I took my life back 12/27/16. I've done over 10k steps a day closer to 20k or over. Today is no exception. Busted a move yesterday!!! Love my big days!! Bottom Sept 2016, 205 lbs. Top yesterday, 174 lbs. 51 lbs and counting!!! Wonderful night for a walk Couldn't get this close and not have a 30k day!!! Entered a step competition, 200k June 1 to june 30th. Over 306k participants and I'm I'm at 1984!! 2nd time this week, 30k a day!!! For those of you who asked. This is what happens. I come home with 10k steps went out for a 5.47 mile walk and come home with 21906 steps. Then my mind starts getting all methodical... still have to pick up my place, laundry and then I'll be closer to , so just go for it. Laps around my living room. My parents weren't using this so I took it!!! Ran the finish on the 50 at gillette stadium July 3rd. 37 pounds gone from last year and 5 minutes faster!!! I have new sneakers and they're amazing!! Dinner prep; zucchini i turned to noodles, ground bison, simple sauce that I made at home from low sodium stewed tomatoes, garlic, onions & olive oil. Everyone wants to know how did you do it??? Food is 80%, excercise is 10%. Yes, keep going!! #BeforeAndAfter making my dreams a reality. #BeforeAndAfter everyday, i am making my dreams become a reality. hard work strength and determination. Its taken me a LONG time to break a 4 mile run in 60 mins. 4.53 miles is amazing!!! If you run, you are a runner. I'm slow like a turtle, but I'm a runner!!! #gokingjessgo Recently discovered I like peppers!! Peppers, eggs, and chicken sausage!! 65 and counting!!! Off to bootcamp!!! Made these bison "nacho" bell pepper boats yesterday. All the flavor none of the day and empty calories from chips. All the filling inside orange, yellow & red bell peppers. They were awesome and didn't leave you over full. #BeforeAndAfter I never wanted anyone to take my photo before. Now, I have messy hair and I don't care!!! I am healthy, I am strong, I AM an athlete. 17 inches of snow tomorrow = little treat tonight. Salad w/color peppers, green olive and red onion, Italian dressing. Steak stir fry, colorful peppers, red onion, broc and a little rice wine vinegar & sesame oil. My duster in law teased me about only having 24k steps, so I kept going I wanted to go go for 30 miles. But my knee started to hurt. I'll settle for 27 miles :) I hate when people say they dont have enough time. I made this amazing chicken teriyaki, pineapple meatball stir fry in less time than it took to brew a pot of coffee. After working out for 2 hours, walking to the chiropractor and back for a treatment. Do not tell me it can't be done. Finally coming together. 20 ish more to go. Never stop trying.

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