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My delicious healthy option , flatbread pizza , only 200 cals. for 1/3, now thats Spark worthy! Tulips open for the sunshine, our two-lips should open for sunshine foods! Eat healthy for life. Yummy summertime snacking Hi there! Im down 35 lbs. Onto my next goal of 35 more! (1 comments) Well I'm back after two years,so hard to maintain under 200 lbs. for me, maybe I'm just meant to be a big girl ! Boy has this Web site changed.......... GONNA TRY AGAIN ! Wish me luck. is on a motivated mission,the scale finally showed a little glimmer of hope, down 2 lbs. after 2 weeks of not budging, so now I've got a positive outlook and ready to move. Gonna get those 10,000 st is looking forward to getting in 10,000 steps today. Feeling motivated and energetic! Feels like Spring has sprung. I'm BACK.... After another year of slacking off and not being accountable for the food that I consume. OH !... do those calories add up quickly ?? I am gonna start tracking my meals and keep under the calorie range of 1500 per day . This is the only way that I found works for me at successfully losing weight as well as getting in the 10,000 steps daily .I'm also gonna start doing a short workout or two, daily to meet my first goal of being under 200 lbs by July 4th ?? Wish me luck?? Found these at Aldies yesterday, great snack , with 4 grams of fiber too! , A new go to for my crunchy chip cravings ?? Have a Happy Healthy St. Patrick's day everyone ! Had a good day ! Kept moving till 8pm....watched a good movie , but went a little over my calorie count....try harder tmw...good night SPARK FOLKS ?? Here's a recent image of myself goal is to erase 30 lbs. by July. I know.....I'll need a big eraser! My first week back....Weigh in on Wed....Lord give me the strength and motivation to reach this goal. Here I am again ! Sketch shot ....first goal is to erase 30 lbs. by July...Wish me a good eraser ! ???????? Healthy lunch...Shrimp,a can of bruschetta and wheat noodles. Only 300 cals....YUMMY I'm very proud of myself today ?? I stayed under in all categories.....Calories under 1500...Fat under 50....Carbs under 180.... Protien at 65....and 19 fiber. ?????????? is back on tracking after a year of neglecting to account for her calories has gained 15 to 20 of her original 60 lbs..lost. However she is determined to get back to a healthier weight with Spark. Todays quinoa, riced cauliflower, peppers ,garlic,onion,celery,olives with some dill and lite ceaser dressing ,oh....and some crumbled feta too !?? Time to go grocery shopping ?? I love seeing all the before and after pics. I'm wondering about the loose skin after weight loss of a large amount. I should lose around 100 lbs to be in the so called "normal " range. However I am not looking forward to having the loose skin issues. I feel that I would be happy at a size 14 as I haven't been 150 since I was 14,15 years old and a size 10. I think if you are comfortable and feel healthy you are beautiful at any size ! Todays lunch , let's do this ! Lunch is next ....... I've got this ! Not to enthused on my out come the last 10 days ?? haven't made much progress...however tmw is a new day to try harder and keep pushing . I can and I will ! Woke up wanting sausage,eggs,biscuit and gravy,and or fried potatoes .Thought about it some more ???? , But I dug deep and chose 275 calories instead! Prepping for dinner...pork teriyaki, w/brown rice ! Yummy Made hummus today for lunch , added some sundried tomatoe pesto and extra garlic for that extra flavor kick and extra health boost...had it w/ a few pita chips ,peppers ,green onions and it ! Can't eat as much as I'd like though ?? Myself in the New Year 2013, usually happy but not so healthy. my weight at 275 .Time for change! (1 comments) my daughter and myself (1 comments) my siblings & jesus watching over us ;) (2 comments) my last calzone supper my new snack of healty living! my two sweet chihuahuas ♡♥♡♥ my babies! Our adorable cat Boo-Blue. now may he rest in peace March 2013 (2 comments) Our other dog Hershey , with little Reesee close by .♡♥♡♥ my pets! (1 comments) our fat cat Butters ♡♥♡♥ my kitties too (2 comments) Cold April morning , out for exercise at the River Walk, downtown Detroit. (1 comments) SO I CAN BE THE BEST THAT I CAN BE ! If you want something, reach for it !

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