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Packing & go through 'things' to sell. VERY busy, fun day! Driving tomorrow. Trip for a week, little Sparking, but enough to keep my streaks going! Love YOU!Photo of Peacock flying! Beautiful! (6 comments) Happy Monday.... Back to work with DH. MANY fun activities! Have a fabulous week, ahead. I'll catch up up U, this week, LV U! (5 comments) "EVERY SMILE IS A DIRECT ACHIEVEMENT"- Yogi Tea There is a Flash Mob 5-21-16, if you are in Las Vegas & want to join, contact me & I'll get you to the correct person! It is a marriage proposual!!!! (1 comments) I LOVE the new Spark Page format! So organized! THX! (8 comments) 5-20-16 Happy Friday! Flash Mob, tomorrow, should be fun! Have a GREAT weekend, everyone! (2 comments) day 1501 of my streak for "Read an inspirational quote each day 1 time per day" earned 5/20/2016 (1 comments) "BY HONORING YOUR WORDS, YOU ARE HONORED" Yogi tea Pic of neighbor's Hollyhocks, LOVELY! (1 comments) Happy Memorial weekend if you celebrate! Be the health you say you want!& I will too! (5 comments) "eMPTY YOURSELF & LET THE UNIVERSE FILL YOU." Yogi tea. Sounds good to me!! Here's a photo I took in 2005, felt like the universe to me, today! (1 comments) A beautiful spring day to be thankful for my AMAZING life! Also, because YOU are in it! Photo of my SP signs & headbands! (1 comments) Lucy had her walk & got groomed, today. I LOVE her groomer, nails, teeth, hair cut, etc. Not just a bath! She's 11 so it's OK for us to splurge on her! (10 comments) 4-21-16 It's been a VERY 'moving forward' day! I am planning a trip to see my Mom, next week & getting details together for a weeks stay! Fun, but lot's to do! Please In-Joy your process to health! (4 comments) Happy Earth Day to our precious planet! Let's ALL celebrate! (1 comments) "IMAGINE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT, SO YOUR VIBRATION IS A MATCH TO YOUR DESIRES"- Abraham-Hicks (1 comments) day 1481 of my streak for "Read an inspirational quote each day 1 time per day" earned 4/25/2016 (1 comments) "LIFE IS A FLOW OF LOVE; YOUR PARTICIPATION IS REQUESTED"-Yogi tea! Stabilyze bar, my new fav. @CostcoLowGlycemicDark Choco 11 protien Yummy! FILLING!!!! (3 comments) ALL PICS BEFORE THIS 1 STARTED 4-2016 SP DOESN'T LET THE NEWEST GO TO END! My usual lunch! (5 comments) Performing with my marionette Barry Manilow PHOTO#1 for SP (oldest) (8 comments) LUCY, our dog, smiling! If my dog is over weight, I'm not getting enough exercise! (16 comments) A mask I made, "Cathedral Rocks Vortex Goddess" (7 comments) Performing with Bozo, I have been performing since I was 6 yrs. old. (11 comments) Disney Legend- I'm performing for Walt's dear friend with my "INNER CHILD" in her home 2-2011 (6 comments) Basking in the sun! (4 comments) May Pole Day @ the Hunnington Library 2012 (3 comments) LUCKY sharing my breakfest! (5 comments) BARBRA- Sings "At The Same Time" (4 comments) KRISTIN (2 comments) REX and I, We dance the tango! (4 comments) I won 1st place "diggy' award for this photo in Santa Cruz, CA (4 comments) "Angel Over the Village" I took this in 2008 (5 comments) The Angels of Heart Math in CA. by *~L 2005 (2 comments) Photojournalist (photo by Mom, 2005) 1998~2000 TucsonParentMagazine. 2000~2007 for Mom's projects! (1 comments) Kissing childhood friend, Richard Sherman, last Aug. (2 comments) 1993 in my Lepoardina costume. THIS is my Spark People goal photo! I've reached it, 20 years later! (4 comments) (2 comments) My Special Hiking Place! I can NOW do a 10K! (2 comments) 8-9-12 Performing PIPPIN for Disney Legend, released 29.6 #'s! Mickey statue in backround! (4 comments) My D. Wedding party. Doesn't he look like Clark Gable/Tom Cruise mix? We are still in LOVE! (7 comments) The child of my life! With Fairy God Daughter 10-20-12 (8 comments) Santa 5K Walk with POPO, 12-1-12 9,000 Santas! Ginnis record!Las Vegas! (2 comments) (2 comments) My 2nd BEFORE pic, 12-2011 @ a Disney Legends event! Yuck! (4 comments) My "Christmas Present to Me" team goal 2012!Release 5# tween THX & XMAS! My SNOW white Jacket! YES!! (3 comments) (2 comments) Performing for a 3 yrs old! Jan. 12, 13 My Zumba teacher's son! (1 comments) Oscar & Me 2013 (2 comments) "WILD THING" High Priestess of Sparklingme176's Woo Hoo's! For the 5K Santa Walk. (2 comments) 5-11-13 New Zumba studio opens, I have joined NOW I'm commited! (7 comments) Angels from Ana (4 comments) Job interview May 2013 (8 comments) Jester Jimi, my 50# weight release gift to myself! He is a marionette! (2 comments) Finish line Santa5K 2013 it was 32 degrees! I'm wearing 4 layers! (1 comments) I'm finally back into this lovely dress! 12-20-13 (51#'s down, 10# to same weight as 2005!) (2 comments) 2005 my 'real' weight! (3 comments) 51# more looks like this on me! Before Spark People! 1-2012 (1 comments) Flash Mob 12-28-13 I'm with Santa Shirt! A tribute to Monet, I took at Lake Odell, 1 of my fav. places in AZ! (2 comments) My selfie, March 2014-SP anniversary! Friend made this dress for me, fits once again! (3 comments) My Angel costume 10-31-14 (2 comments) Perform with my BARBRA STRIESAND marionette 10-19-14 (1 comments) 10,00 Santa's 2013, I'm on right side with aqua vest! (2 comments) I'm performing BARBRA, but photo of Angels, can you see them? I can FEEL them, every where! (4 comments) day 983 of my streak for "Read an inspirational quote each day 1 time per day" earned 12/18/2014 (1 comments) LADY LUCY THE WOUNDEROUS CIRCUS DOG 12-11-14 (3 comments) DH & I 12-9-14 on our way to health! (3 comments) Santa 5K with WILD THING representing SparkPeople 12-2014 (1 comments) week 151 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 1/29/2015 (1 comments) day 1053 of my streak for "Read an inspirational quote each day 1 time per day" earned 2/25/2015 (1 comments) With Fairy God Daughter as Aruora, 4-7-15 Huntington Library- lillies Beauty (our great niece) 4-7-15 (1 comments) On top of Hollywood hills, Catalina, Bev. Hills & Santa Monica beach in backround! Hiked to the top Huntington Library 4-4-15 with FOREVER friends, roomies in collage! My Mom & I, she is SO pretty, right? (1 comments) Flash Mob3-15-15 Volunteering4-11 STARSHINE 4 Child Abuse Awareness @ Flash Mob! My daddy! SparkPeople Cap hiking- 5-30-15 (4 comments) My shadow self, LOL! 5-30-15 (1 comments) SparkPeople cap 5-30-15 On a hike in Hollywood hills My usual lunch & whole grains (3 comments) Forever friends & DisneyLegend AliceDavis6-13-15 (1 comments) Hunington Library rose & bee I top of Hollywood hills,6-15-15 1 hr!BIG deal! DH & I his B'Day June 2015 (2 comments) I've always loved Butterflies! (3 comments) BUBBLES named after my Grandmother! NESTA- in honor of Bob Marley- we performed together once My B'Day 2015 im in the middle (2 comments) Rainbow Salad- VERY green (2 comments) Joy to the world! Secret Garden, Our great niece (1 comments) New angels in my life 8-15-15 After Party 8-26-15 Queen Haley! & the box she painted At wedding in Pacific NW 8-9-15 Wedding: 8-9-15 (2 comments) DH hike day 8-15-15 Hiking with LUCY 8-15-15 Sunrise from our home 8-18-15 (1 comments) FlashMob wedding 9-9-15 (2 comments) Flash Mob wedding couple 9-9-15 (2 comments) My 'inner' self (1 comments) Hunington Library, CA I took this shot, quickly! (5 comments) This is how I feel inside! (3 comments) I grew these sunflowers for this photo! Happy Autumn! Angel Lady, my costume 10-31-14 Angel Lady #2 10-31-14 (2 comments) Halloween 2015 I was a Fairy Princess! (3 comments) In our back yard (1 comments) Flash Mob America, event. My first paid! (1 comments) With friend Flowers from DH for 40th anniversary! (1 comments) Rainy day hike Santa 5K 2015 (6 comments) Santa 5K 2015 close up (6 comments) Santa 5K 2015 finish line (8 comments) My Frosty Marionette, made in 1968, performed for 10,000 people 1999 (1 comments) My FROSTY marionette, he is a BREAK-AWAY, Mom made in 1968, I'm performing 1999 (1 comments) Lucky, our darling parakeet! (2 comments) Apple tree I went to Santa5K 2015 (1 comments) Apple Tree puppet, I added Apples He kept me warm Santa5K2015 (1 comments) New hair cut Xmas 2015 with 'LUCKY' bird! (1 comments) DH Christmas Morning 2015 (1 comments) My new Zumba shoes... My Christmas Gift to Me! SP team (2 comments) Magic of Sedona, AZ Leaving Sedona, AZ in moving car, full sunlight! AMAZING! Mom & her "Little Light" Xmas 2015 Lucky's Christmas kiss 2015 (1 comments) Lucky's spot in our home (1 comments) Lucky's last day 1-11-2016 (4 comments) Walking with Lady Lucy the Wonderous Circus Dog! 2-1-16 (3 comments) week 209 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 3/9/2016 (5 comments) day 1225 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/9/2016 Egret on my hike 1-9-16 A hike, photo by Wetlands Photographer (1 comments) Flash Mob 3-6-16 (4 comments) St. Patty's parade 3-12-16 (2 comments) 4th year SPaversary Angel 'Joy" gift to myself (3 comments) Freeshias a gift to me, for reaching 4th year goal! (4 comments) 3-16-16 4th year anniversary! YES! I LOVE Spark People! (4 comments) 1452 days of inspiration! (3 comments) Should read 1,478 days of log in, computer glitch didn't update! But I KNOW, right? 4/3/2016 (2 comments) The Flash Mob was SO fun! Mary Murphy is so SWEET & darling! (3 comments) All pics before this 1 are in order, oldest first, see above when that changed! 4-25-16

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