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auntie sparklepie and her cutiepies! (4 comments) Haven (niece, 6 yrs old) and me (2 comments) Holden (nephew 8 yrs old) and me (1 comments) Tanner (nephew 10 yrs old) and me (1 comments) size 12!!! (12 comments) me and my snugglebug Cody the Rocket Dog! (4 comments) my border collie mutt rescue taking a nap (ish) (1 comments) me at a party 3 weeks ago.. I feel like I look so (weight 180) after zumba 9/20 weight 177 (4 comments) 9/20 side shot after I can't even believe that is me! weight 177 (5 comments) weight 177.. dress... LOVE (1 comments) weight 177.. ok now I need some go go boots! (1 comments) carrying chairs at the wedding, caught off guard. (2 comments) at a little diner the morning after the wedding (1 comments) me and the bride heading to zumba (weight 177) (1 comments) Thanksgiving day with my sweetie (1 comments) silly dog at halloween (1 comments) 2 of our 4 fur-kids... they caused a little trouble in the toy box! (1 comments) (1 comments) my fav dress fits again! weight 211 wow 40 pounds gone - getting closer to 180! me at 206!! (1 comments) sparky me halfway side picture... 205-206ish on my way! 205-206 ish ! wow I'm so proud (1 comments) me at 197!!! oh yes! (2 comments) my partner and I - 2007 in hmb- (1 comments) sparklepie as a little girl.. that's funny. (2 comments) this is me at 196.. same top i have on in 224 shot! but NOW look at how loose the middle is!! :) me at 196- super fun dress! (4 comments) 193!! Loving this. (2 comments) 5th anniversary picture ... not the best since I'd been swimming all afternoon .. but it's cute (4 comments) ready for a swim in my vintage inspired suit... plus I adore my hat! (weight 191) (4 comments) Me after losing 64.5 Pounds!! Getting close to goal! (2 comments) me at 184.. I think I was too focused on the take picture button to smile.. oh well :) (3 comments) love it. (1 comments) me at 183.5 (face only) was focused on my headband with bow :) (2 comments) me at 180 (goal #1) in my **new** dress (7 comments) ready for 2 mile cardio walk :) 224 pounds..more to go :) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) me at 232 2/2012 (1 comments) side shot at 230..not as great looking as front only or face upclose...looking forward to me at 180! (1 comments) me at 232 2/2012

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