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last 10 gone! dec09 My blonde wig..Christmas 20o9 sq dance...they didn't recognise me! squaredance for Heart demo cold!- crowning our Queen of Summersizers weight control coming into the finsh line! 2nd place my age division! sparkcat I'm a happy turtle 40th high school reunion Sarepta La., I'm last 1969 12th grade oct2009 Independance Day July 1986....divorced final. Me and my son Tommy. Top's Queen 1990. lost 29 pounds, kept it off for 3 years. 1992 This is the first time i ever felt "pretty". Weight 120 (1 comments) 1998...up, down, up, down. 4 times in 40 years. This time it is down, down, down. 2005 (1 comments) Christmas ...2005. Top weight of 180...5'2" with Edsel (BF) and his daughter. Happy, slimmer times 1992, squaredancing Edsel's favorite picture 1992, squaredance in Montgomery al. I want to be this thin again!!!!!!! Sept 2006...the start of the journey...this time!! April 4, 2007, Lost 31 pounds, 10 to goal 140, then new goal will be 130. I didn't know i was this skinny!Easter 2007 June 1 , down 10 more pounds, 10 more to go!!!! I made it!!!! 50 pounds in 52 weeks! Aug. 2007 Thanksgiving 2007 Feb 2008, Day of Dance (Squaredance demo love purple ..squaredance 2009 Feb. squaredance Halloween Square Dance 2008 (136 pounds) Christmas square dance 08 my brother and sis 2009 sis and her new husband My older brother and wife Edsel's grandkids 1/09 without a body slimmer with body suit, 10 lb thinner? My son Tommy, with his grandchild, 2008 halloween 140 lb.. lumps to get rid of! 42009

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