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out for the evening...still at 172 pounds lost! (19 comments) Hooray for BOOT season! LOL I love wearing them. It's actually fun getting dressed these days. Who would have thought I'd ever say that? (10 comments) Seeing how far I've come keeps me motivated! Just a little more to go. Goal weight, here I come!!! (27 comments) Me & my sis standing behind a pair of my "BEFORE" jeans. Together we have lost 334 lbs! (351 now) (17 comments) My page in All*You magazine's Health & Fitness issue on stands Jan. 14, 2011 exclusively at WalMart. I feel so honored to have been included. (19 comments) That's me on the cover!!! I can't believe it. Jan 14, 2011 only @ Walmart. (11 comments) Me on my 45th Birthday, Feb. 11, 2011 ready for a night on the town with my family and friends! (16 comments) Enjoying a drink (called CRASH AND BURN) HA HA with my daughter for my 45th bday! 2-11-11 (7 comments) me with my sister Shelly out to dinner for my 45th bday!! 2-11-11 (4 comments) my Birthday, 2-11-11 (6 comments) Our family pic for 2010... I've lost 175 lbs since our 2008 family pic. (3 comments) my sister Christy and me enjoying a day together. (1 comments) April 17, 2011 (2 comments) May 2011, I'm loving shopping for new clothes now!!! Everything's different when they actually fit! (10 comments) My new dress...I'm going out, having fun and enjoying life. Have never done this before. Feels nice. (5 comments) August 2011 (6 comments) My sister Shelly and me...this was the New Orleans Do Life 5K! July 2011 and about 97 degrees out! 175 pounds down!!! woo hoo!!! but still working hard! (15 comments) January 2012...just me! (1 comments) Saints baby! (1 comments) My Birthday Feb. 11, 2012 Drinking a margarita...not good for my diet AT ALL!!! (3 comments) January 2012 (1 comments) March 2012 (5 comments) Irish Italian parade fun fun! (1 comments) Then and Now... Facial comparison 2012 (4 comments) Feb. 2013, still maintaining my weight but want to lose more. (3 comments) Summer 2012 (1 comments) So sweaty after my workout! I feel great! November 2013 November 16, 2013. ♥ 176 pounds gone. (1 comments) Oct. 16, 2010 celebrating the 2 year anniversary of my new healthy life plan of dieting and exercise (10 comments) 9/30/10 at a black and gold Saints event. enjoying my night out and celebrating 175 pounds lost! (6 comments) So these are my"BEFORE"jeans.Makes me sad to think how long I lived that way but so overjoyed now. (13 comments) My sis & me, she's lost 152 lbs & I've lost 172 lbs. That's 324 lbs. total, oh my! (32 comments) my sister(140 lbs. lost), my mom and me(166 lbs. lost) (5 comments) Oops, I said 160 lbs. lost. It was actually 157 in this pic. OH WELL! Close enough. Still happy! (19 comments) with my oldest child on Mother's Day 2010, love him (1 comments) with my 2nd oldest child, my beautiful daughter, love her (7 comments) with my 3rd oldest child (guess that makes him the middle child ha ha) love him! (1 comments) with my 2 youngest, son age 16 (6'3-think football player build) & baby daughter age14 & 5'10,luv em (1 comments) (7 comments) me with my best friend, summer 2010 (2 comments) June 5, 2010 160 lbs lost! wearing a cute "short" dress.(short for me anyway!) it was a 1st for me. (15 comments) with my two best girlfriends, friends for 30 years (we are all one month apart in age-44!) (2 comments) June 2010 (7 comments) me at 157 pounds lost in 17 months... march 26, 2010 (6 comments) me with my daughters - Dec. 2009 (15 comments) This was THE EYE OPENER for me! This pic allowed me to see for the 1st time that I needed to change. (8 comments)

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