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(8 comments) 2/18/2011 Taken from our tower (5 comments) Me with some of the girls! (1 comments) 2/1/2012 8.6k/5.34mi hike; Triunfo, Pernambuco, Brazil; Highest peak in the state! (1 comments) (1 comments) Dragon Slayer (1 comments) 1/2014 Huge flamboyant tree fell over in the night! Did not break any walls even though on top of 2 (1 comments) (2 comments) Have a great NY's celebration! The New Year is looking good from a healthy perspective! No resolutions from me - I'm making plans and setting steps to goals. I believe I can touch the sky! Tamed dragons make great flying mates! Slay dragons & touch the sky! Going to touch the sky! New Year, new focus, new plan, new goals, new thinking, and still slaying dragons! And going to Touch the Sky! Join me? It's not just about doing some thing. Understanding what I was put here to do, knowing my value, using my voice, & stepping out of my comfort zone to bring value to others makes my life worth living! (1 comments) "What is not started will never get finished." Take a step for progress & growth today. Don't stop! What's holding you back?Partner with someone who is already doing what you want to do & go get it! You may not be fast, so go farther! I'm following nutritionist's plan: increase exercise.detox juice before.protein drink after eat precisely & between meals.include fiber & MUFAs.more this. (1 comments) Exercised every day last week! Building up to an hour. Being consistent with eating plan. Enjoying life, focusing on my values & feeling inspired! Be your best self & value others every day! (1 comments) Ever wonder why you can't make some things happen? Maybe taking steps to make them a reality is all that's lacking! Some dreams are so worth the effort, the time, the persistence. Work the plan! (1 comments) A busy week. I exercised an hour or more every day. Was looking thru photos and found this of the girls in 2011! We are beautiful! They are catching up with me in age and I am ageless, aren't I? (1 comments) I'm grateful for the good things happening in my life! These 3 friends took the time & travelled the distance to spend time with me. We've been colleagues for many years with lots in common. Blessed. September was amazing. Increased exercise & eating with better control & understanding. Stretch into the learning process & love it! Look into October with great anticipation. Grow on purpose! (1 comments) This is my BIG weekend & I am ready to go! Are you stretching yourself to do what you've never done before? "Success is due to our stretching to the challenges of life." John Maxwell Give it your all! Mother of the Bride and the Bride at her shower (5 comments) Daughter and her new hubby, taken by a friend (1 comments) Son and his lovely wife (1 comments) Good-Lookin Family - Christmas 2005 (3 comments) Our Oldest Son & His Beautiful Bride May 20, 2006 (2 comments) 5/06 Daughter, Me & Hubby (2 comments) (1 comments) Oldest Son, Me & Hubby on our Reward Vacation! 9/2006 (1 comments) Our Middle Son - b.3/13/1984; d.12/16/1999 (3 comments) Our Female Queen In Residence - Venus Sir Mars on the tower (3 comments) Calm Guardian, Kitty. Cocker Spaniel mix - part of our family. Hubby - One of his Fave Pasttimes (1 comments) 6/15/2007-After Strength Exercises & shower, I noticed my pedometer in the mirror! (3 comments) This amazing number shows up on my bedroom wall every a.m. to remind me - "First Things First!" (5 comments) March 24, 2006 - 201.5 lbs (91.6 k) (1 comments) March 17, 2007 - 180 lbs (81.8 k) (1 comments) Jan. 2008 - 170 lbs (77.3k) (1 comments) My Wedding Day - June 23, 1973 Im on my way back to that size! (4 comments) Flamboyant tree - we have two. (3 comments) Beautiful Accacia Imperial Tree Outside My Dining Room Window (3 comments) The New ME! From size 22 to 12/14! July 2008 (3 comments) July 2008 We have so much in common! 4/2009 (1 comments) See you in September! Will be in and out, making healthy choices, enjoying family times! (1 comments)

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