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Went to the pool early this am Victoria Day here in in honor of the Queen, not the city Went to the pool at 6 am again today (1 comments) Will be away from here for a week spending time on retreat. My Dad the baker! With his favorite kind of donut taken just two weeks before he died, and my last day with him. Such wonderful memories and so much love. Celerating my Dad who would have been 91 today. Miss you, and know you are always watching over me. Went to Butchart Gardens today (free tickets retail value $30) and saw the spring flowers Could not resist this! (1 comments) (1 comments) I don't have a dog, but this happens anyway I am sure! Well that is one way to burn the calories! Bonus Points....still miss them! (1 comments) Just a reminder of other uses for Peeps (1 comments) Wouldn't this be better??? I don't have it dog, but must be what happens to me! Sunday Here's our mascot for the 5% Spring Challenge that began today....Chef Champ Well worth remembering Thought for today Breathe deeply....and allow yourself to know and believe you are a gift to the universe....just as you are at this moment. YES!!! Remember this.... Yes!!!! Just a thought Yes! Would still like all those chances at bonus points for your teams back....just begging! Definitely something to remember from a totally different perspective! New Month Did you know this? March 31 thought Who knew????? Nice thought! Helpful to remember.... Welcome Spring! (1 comments) Could not resist this one.... Many of us can relate to this! Thought for the day with Sesame Street Uses for Peeps other than in your mouth... for those who missed it earlier A new Monday Sunday thought Let us look at ourselves and our world with our hearts.... Well....???? YES!!! Have a good Sunday! How about some New Challenges for points??? Snoopy and the gang all hope the bonus points come back for the teams Took 7 years, but just today reached level 25. Another plea for the team bonus points to be brought back...please???? Still lobbying for the Team Bonus Points to be reinstated! I have heard from lots and lots of people who feel the same way. I have messaged SparkGuy and others. Let us see what we can do!!!! Bring back the Team Bonus Points, PLEASE!!! Un-BEAR-able without the bonus points for the teams Bonus points back????????? Please bring back the bonus points Please bring back those bonus point pennants for the teams!!! Dawn's Haircut Sept 2016 (3 comments) My Dad's Funeral-how he wanted it to be. (2 comments) New Glasses Feb 2015 Beginning of Spring Challenge April 4, 2015 The habit does NOT make the weight look better! (2 comments) coming in the drive (3 comments) Our Monastery (2 comments) In the kitchen-again! Our community-missing one (5 comments) Me with Mom and Dad (3 comments) The infamous fishpond-without the umbrella (1 comments)

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