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June 2010 My sisters and me in September 2010. 50 pounds down! (1 comments) (1 comments) November 2013 My Hubby and I. (1 comments) My family. Met my goal of walking 100 miles! Now I can stop obsessing about not meeting it this summer!!! Time for some NEW SHOES!!!! 👟👟👟 (1 comments) Day 30!!! Upper fix... Arms are burning! Did what looked like a crunch! Shoulders up off the floor!!! Definite growth! 🌟 pic of me and my hubby... Notice the loose shirt...that's proof it's working!!! Day 35 dirty 30! Day 37 total body cardio! 63 more days and I get a new pair of shoes! Whoot Whoot! Day 38 Upper fix done and 30 mins of the cize sample ...I think it's too fast for me lol ... But it was fun to try! I think I stumbled more than following the trainer! I kept moving though! Day 39 lower fix! Splurged a bit on the food today but worked hard to make up for it! ✨✨✨ (1 comments) Day 40 Pilates and country swing! Struggled with a headache all day but decided to do my 30 minutes ....then pushed through and did another 30 to help kick that headache out! It worked! Rough night ... Must be trying to adjust back into school mode... Almost talked myself out of working out! 😮 Because I need a tangible representation ... I am putting 1 stone for every workout in the vase! Day 47 done ...Pilates fix...with citrus fresh and cinnamon bark essential oils diffused in the back ground! All about my environment ... right!!! Because I need a tangible representation ... I am putting 1 stone for every workout inside.Day 47 done ...Pilates fix.. With citrus fresh and cinnamon bark essential oils diffused in the back ground! Doing in breakfast style 48 cardio done! Officially 24 hours of workouts in the books! Day 49 dirty 30 breakfast club style! This is my favorite pic so far! Day 50 Yoga fix! Half way to my goal! Day 51 total body cardio fix ... Sporting giraffe socks and scooby Jammies! Scooby got a workout for sure! Day 51 total body cardio fix ... Sporting giraffe socks and scooby Jammies! Scooby got a workout for sure! Day 52 upper fix ... And my partner ! Day 55 cardio fix... My stress reliever! Still but doing burpies... Dang burpies! 😡 Day 56 dirty 30 done ... Whew! Day 57 yoga fix done...rough day....challenged to the max... Drama at every turn...but then there was yoga! Day 58 total body cardio!!! Done... Kicked my butt!!! I am so about data... I love my documentation! Last two days were filled with tons of walking! We took our kids and granddaughter to the state fair and zoo! Saw this yoga frog and fell in love instantly! I am a dork but I love this frog! Still battling this virus... Still getting my workouts in! Day 64 done! Tomorrow is measure day! 65 day ... Yoga fix... Onto round four tomorrow ! Day 68 upper fix extreme! I was able to do planks today!!!! So excited! The crab like things not so much! Growth is growth! (1 comments) Day 69 Pilates fix extreme ... Bands are hard! But I pushed play ! Day 70 cardio fix extreme ... Alisyn makes it looks so easy!!! (2 comments) Day 71 dirty 30 extreme fix (1 comments) Day 72... Lower fix extreme! Oh goodness did I need to modify the modifier! My balance needs a ton of work! Turbo fire high hiit 25 plus 5 (restart) lol... I liked this one... Although I am not as fluid! But got my heart rate up! I think this will be my transition workout between fix's!!! Plus a new headband! 😎 Turbo fire fire 30 (15 mins) and low hiit (15 mins) holy moly!!! That was hard!!!! Day 80 cardio fix... Scare today with really high blood pressure ... But workout helped bring it down. 20 days til I get my new shoes! Day 81 dirty thirty ... Enjoying my diffuser... It's smells like fall Day 82 yoga fix (1 comments) Day 83 total body cardio ... Much needed! Day 90!!!! Cardio fix lost track and got confused ...did the wrong one!!!! No workout yesterday 😳 rough tummy day! 😮fell asleep before I got it done! Day 93: cardio fix : my happy news is my blood pressure was 118/82!!!! The picture is of the "box". Inside lies my new shoes! 7 days to 100 and I get to open it!! :) (1 comments) Day 94 turbo fire! Hiit 25 ... I really like it but whew! I'm am so not a boxer... I'm sure I look silly... but I need a change from the fix I think! Day 94 turbo fire! Hiit 25 ... I really like it but whew! I'm am so not a boxer... I'm sure I look silly... but I need a change from the fix I think! I love the fix... but like to have variety too! 100 days!!!! New shoes! So happy!! T25 total body cardio #3 Day 1 new challenge! T25 an intervals! #4 whew that was sooooo hard! 😮I forget to post my beads! So adding to my OCD need for visuals... see the pic! 101 workouts! Day 3/100 T25 cardio Day 5/100 cardio whew... I see why they give a break ...Halloween Monday + cardio= tired Michelle 8/100 T25 w2d4 cardio .... Day 9 T25 w2d5 lower focus Day 11/100 T25 W2D7 stretch .....onto week 3 (1 comments) T25 W4D2 Total body Circuit -workout 20/100 (1 comments) Day 23 and 24 T25 W5D2 Ab intervals and make up of Total body Circuit. (1 comments) Thank you my friends... my support .... my motivation! You are all rockstars in my eyes! Blessings to you! (1 comments) T25 alpha W5D5&7 lower focus and cardio .... doubles are too hard... lesson learned... no more missing!!!! Now onto beta tomorrow! 😮 T25 Beta W1D1 Core cardio .... totally rocked me! I am so thankful I have gained enough strength to do this!!!! 🎶 So I am on exercise restriction until the earliest on Sunday. I have not been able to work out since Wednesday. Turns out I have a pretty significant infection in my body. I may attempt yoga tomorrow (1 comments) T25 beta W1D2 speed 2.0 sweating it out! Whoop whoop! 29/100 T25~ doubled up ~Core Cardio and upper circuit .... workout 32&33/ 100! Again I had to substitute some for planks as I am struggling with them... tried to keep moving instead. (1 comments) Day 38/100 T25 beta W2D3 upper focus... so hard... upper screaming! Day 39/100 cleaned my house on an unmedicated migraine hangover. Counting it... (1 comments) Day 47/100 shoveling snow Day 48 baby shower prep and tear down Day 49 dynamic core Day 51 T25 beta dynamic core W4D2 finally getting my groove back! (1 comments) T25 beta core cardio W4d3 ... loving my fit bit! T25 ript circuit and dynamic cardio!!! Kicked some booty! I finished 10 weeks of T25!!!! I didn't quit! I am so happy!!! I took longer than the 10 weeks to finish but I NAILED it! Now the decision is if I send before and after pictures to get the shirt.... I am not too sure about that one! 84/100 Turbo fire fire 30 high intensity!!! SHOES make all the difference? 89/100 I don't handle the words " you can't " or " I can't" well... so alas I wrapped the foot up and did my Turbo Fire anyway! Modified yes... but done! ????? (1 comments) Turbo fire fire 40 ????????day 90/100 ... almost at my 2nd 100 workouts goal!!! Oh and this happened after my workout... my coach is my rock! Workout 91/100 fire 30???? Fire 40 day 96/100 killed me ... rough one Workout 97/100 Turbo fire hiit 20 Fire 40 .... hiit 20... doubling up is no fun! Urg! Recommend not doubling up the 40! ?????? Fire 40, ab 10 and hiit 15????????????too hot! So sore! Broke it into 4 sections! 20 min .....20 min... 15 min ....and 10! I know the idea is to be continuous but... I'm tired lol! 202/300 #hitmygoal #200workouts #ontogoal300 #toohot #tiredteacher Transformation Tuesday... blood pressure in July vs today... had a stressful day so it looks like it's up a bit. Either way it's a huge improvement! ?? FYI 120/80 is normal!!! #buildingabetterme #lowerbp #sohappy So workout 204/300 fire 40 ... totally tried to talk myself out of it after a long day today and brutal workout yesterday... hubby told me ... umm your supposed to be a coach...(as a joke) ... it was enough to start that fire and made me push play! Ha!!!! #lovemyhubby #pushedplay #feltbettertoday Low hiit 25 ... hard to push play... still did!??#workingtobuildastrongerme #iamhere #iwillencourageyou #hiit25 Friday fun fitness: Find your why as you start to workout! Remember that why! For me it was because all of my "numbers" were so high! Now it is to keep those " numbers" down! What is your why?? #iamhere #iwillencourageyou #workingtobuildastrongerme #tangibleworkouts #whatisyourwhy Hiit 20 abs 10 ... burning up ... now loving on my grandson 206/300 So in prep for SCIENCE day I had to put together 80 bags of puffs and marsh mellow puff to enable the students to form brains! Oh dear is all I can say! Also tip of the day demonstrate all experiments before so you know they work! Not healthy but fun for kids! Science day prep is my workout! Fire 40 ....great workout! smiling cuz momma told me to! ?? Fire 40... pain caused me to modify... moved ache into my knee too! Looking forward to rest day! Had lunch with my hubby today??????! Low hiit 25... knee is still kinda sore but much better today! 209/300 So I ordered this because the family opt for this for lunch. I seriously could not even stomach it! I thought it was so gross. Amazing how even your taste buds change after you change your diet! Fire 55 omg ... brutal! Burning up... that's why it's called fire 55... I about freaked when the fire drill rang in the workout! ?? I thought ... ummm it already feels 100%. ?????? #toohot #burningup #fire55 #turbofiredrills I was asked about the calendars. This is my workout calendar I have posted where I work out. I do this so I can highlight when I complete each day. I just got the bulletin board so I am excited! Before it was taped to a picture lol! Today is my rest day... much needed after a tough fire 55 yesterday! Fire 30...hard day... tired teacher...tough workout... ready for bed! #specialedteacher #fire30 #tiredteacher #pushedplayanyway Fire 55 ... do killer I hope it's worth it... took me 70 mins to finish 55 min workout! #hadtostop #turbo55ishard #cantbreathe #buildingabetterme #almostweek10turbofire Easter fire 40: today I needed the workout more than any other day. It was hard but I kept going! Onto week 10... 3 weeks and I will have completed Turbo Fire!!! Happy Easter friends! 🐰🐰🐰 hug those you love today! Hiit 20... internet in and out... just winged it! Not too into it.. sad day... still pushed play. #lostafriend #heartbroken #pushedplayanyway #gladforashortworkout Disconnected this weekend! Was needing self care. It was a very difficult week in our community. Still pushed injured my toe near the end of fire 55 today trying to workout without shoes 😡... glad this week is over ! Onto week 11... 2 weeks to go! #turbofireweek11 #wearshoes #buildingabetterme #lostgoodfriends #stressisnotnice THIS IS MY HUSBAND AND ME IN JUNE 2009. THIS IS MY FAMILY. June 2009 (2 comments) EEYORE is my Favorite Characture. (1 comments) Cows are my favorite animal! (1 comments) I love my dogs..midnight and Goofy! (2 comments)

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