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(1 comments) Starting fresh with a new do This will not be me any longer. Day by day I will slowly change. Just watch me. Week 1 workout 2 of BBG. (3 comments) A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. Weight loss doesn't happen in instant. It's happens with consistent, deliberate choices. It's also not about the weight. I boxed up my scale today and buried it in the garage. I'm not going to weigh myself at all the rest of 2017. I refused to be derailed by skinny days ruined because the scale says 1 or "reward" myself when it says -1. I refuse to allow myself to be tortured by it anymore. The easiest mantra to say to yourself to develop a growth mindset. Progress is never direct, there's steps back and life that gets in the way. What's important is that the overall direction is going the right way. I purposely decided to start this change the week I have custody of my son with a work party on the weekend and a vacation only 2 weeks away. If I could fit all the workouts in and maintain my calorie goals during this time, then I'm out of excuses. This is all you need. The decision to just commit. Don't worry about what plan, what workout, what to eat, how many calories, counting macros or not. NONE of that matters! All you're doing is stressing yourself out. Let's be honest, if you're carrying extra weight, you weren't watching your portions or choosing healthier options, you weren't putting in work everyday to move your body. That's all it takes to get results! Eat less and move more. Doesn't matter what. Doesn't matter how. Now go! Isn't that the truth. Some days are better than others. They all won't be easy. It's these moments that you grow! You dig deep and connect with your true self to follow your plan to make your dream reality. One thing I've been saying that helps when I want to eat ALL the things is that I can have that tomorrow, just pick one for now. The perfect way to combat impulse eating, sleep on it. Decide in the morning. One day at time. Getting the hang of the BBG workouts. The 2nd half flies by. Even though my legs are on fire and heart is pounding so hard, realizing that it's the last time I have to do that exercise pumps me up! Before I know it I'm done. #bbgweek2 #bbgmoms #nogym #noexcuses Something on my mind lately... Y'ALL! Eat normal food!! I keep seeing pictures of people posting "diet" foods, rice cakes, protein shakes substituted for lunch, dinners with a plateful of veggies only. Good for you if that's what you actually love to eat, but everyone else, EAT FOOD YOU ENJOY!! You got fat eating too much food, just eat less of it and you will lose weight. If you have 30, 50, 80, 150 pounds to lose, it's not going to come off in month. You need a plan that is sustainable! (4 comments) Y'all look at that Saturday night! Wooh! Work holiday party and we ate like kings! Do I care about the calories? Not one damn bit. Did it wipe out a week of progress? Maybe but who really knows. It's a once a year party! It won't ruin a month or a year of progress. I enjoyed the night and got right back at it. Week 3 of BBG starts today! Ready to rock it before I leave for vacation on Thursday! (2 comments) Right back at it today after a great weekend. My calorie goal is just a ball park. I eat when I'm hungry. My body"s daily needs are 2,350-2,600 calories, depending on which formula you use. I thought 1600 calories/day seemed doable without feeling restrictive while enough to create a deficit. So my plan is to eat less than 11,200 calories a week. If I'm hungry one day and eat 1800 calories, usually the next day I'm not as hungry and it balances out. I thought I'd try this out to see how it goes How to have a life, go on a guilt-free vacation and still lose 1-2 lbs.. I can't wait for Phoenix!! 80/20 rule. 80% good, 20% splurge. #bbgwk3 Back from vacation. Not sure what possessed me to step on the scale this morning. It was a terrible idea! I was sad all day, feeling despair, all sorts of doom and gloom. Ate comfort food for lunch, skipped my walk over lunch. Was pretty much an emotional mess. Well I stepped on the scale just now before bed and it was 1 lb lighter than this morning! Wasted a great day feeling sorry for myself over nothing. Bye bye scale! Bring on week 4. #bbgwk4 #readyfordeathbykayla (1 comments) Oh man. I am fighting for it this week. Keeping going with week 4 has been HARD! I put legs off for 3 days and arms off for 1. But I got back at it. My food has been not great this week so far. I'm slowly reeling it in. This is life. Some days are worse than others but I'm not losing sight of my goal. I will get there! One day at a time. End of Week 4 pre-training. Start of official BBG week 1. Found out over the weekend I was only on pre-training workouts for BBG. Bring on the real thing. Food has been a struggle this week. I made my sister take my scale to her house because it's been torturing me. Now my only way to judge is real work, staying under calories and photos. I'm not giving up. 2017 is my year. Watch me shrink. (4 comments) I have no idea if there's any change. To be honest, I feel huge! I did not want to take photos but it's been two weeks. The last two weeks were sooo far from perfect. I ate pizza ALL day yesterday and had starburst for breakfast. I had to dig deep today to keep on going. I was dreading legs tonight but as soon as it started, the fighter in me came out and I did it with focus. The first time I tried this exact workout 4 weeks ago, I was at complete muscle failure in 5 minutes. First sign of progr (9 comments) Damn right! Push that doubt aside and shock yourself with what you can do! My manta for 2017 is "she believed she could, so she did." For some reason, I almost start crying every single time I say it. It's just so powerful to me because I truly BELIEVE I can! 40 wks, 3 days pregnant (22 lb gain) (2 comments) 18 weeks (+3 lbs) (1 comments) 21 weeks! (+9) (2 comments) 29 weeks (+16) 26 weeks (+16) 39 weeks (+17) (1 comments) august 2007 - 165 lbs size 14; march 2009 - 141 lbs size 8 (9 comments) august 2007 - 165 lbs; february 2010 - 143 lbs (13 comments) This is my warning sign! I need to look at this often. (8 comments) love, love love Jamie Eason!! so pretty and what i think is a perfect body! (2 comments) love love love JAMIE EASON!! she's is amazing! great person! and damn hot for 32!! (5 comments) january 27th, 2009! woohoo! At my smallest.. feb. 23rd 2009 - 141 lbs, still 25 pounds from goal.. (2 comments) feb 23rd 2009 - 141 lbs feb. 23rd 2009 - 141 lbs

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