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License comparison. 200+lbs vs. 140lbs. (41 comments) Hanging out with old co-worker friends in Japantown. 1/2010. 150lbs-ish... Hanging out in my office, waiting to go home. 2/19/10. 150-ish lbs. (1 comments) Getting ready to go to see Itzhak Perlman with the San Francisco Symphony - 10/14/09 - 145 lbs (2 comments) Standing in one leg of what used to be my favorite pair of pants... 11/18/09 -- 145ish lbs. (9 comments) More big pants.... 11/18/09 Previously I showed you size 14s on top of the green pants. Now these are a 6s. Tight, but 6s... =P (8 comments) At Florence and Steve's Wedding - 8/1/10 At Florence and Steve's Wedding - 8/1/10 Bridesmaid getting ready! Cindy and Darby's Wedding - 8/14/10 (9 comments) Professional Wedding Pics - Bridesmaid @ Cindy&Darby's Wedding 8/14/10 (16 comments) Professional Wedding Pics - Bridesmaid @ Cindy&Darby's Wedding 8/14/10 (2 comments) My first official, timed 5k Race! - The Marina Green 5K, San Francisco, CA 9/5/10 (1 comments) Meeting a Blog Friend at a DSE 5K RACE 2/20/11 (1 comments) Boardwalk -- Atlantic City, New Jersey - 230ish lbs (1 comments) Washington Square Park, NYC - 230ish lbs Dinner at "The Stinkin' Rose" in SF with the co-workers. Boy. What an unflattering picture! Just about 20 lbs (19, to be exact...) lost. Not a huge difference, but we're getting somewhere... (2 comments) Co-Workers and I in Las Vegas - January 2005 - This god awful thing hangs in our office... -_- (1 comments) I think I weighed more here than at my SW...I know the pants were a size larger anyway... (3 comments) Goal met: 9/21/07...trying to get myself to realize just how awesome that is... (1 comments) Bob... (4 comments) Posing with the Leprechaun at Fitzgerald's Casino in Reno, NV - 10/17/07 - 195lbs Goofin' around at work. 11/07/07; 191.5 lbs (1 comments) More Wax Frivolity, 11/07/07; 191.5 lbs Joe's Ice Cream, SF, 2/2/08. I'm at about 176 lbs. I looked really huge in every picture from this night. 50lbs down, but still a lot to go... In a Mad Hatter's Tea Party teacup at Tokyo Disneyland, 2/17/08, Mid 170s. Posing with a peach, Seimei-ji, Kyoto, Japan, Feb, 2008, Mid 170s. Having some udon in Kamakura, Japan. Feb. 2008, Mid 170s. With the Leprechaun in Reno again, though 30 lbs lighter. 5/26/08 - Low 160s (1 comments) The green pants were my favorite. I can put my whole body in one leg now. The jeans are too big too. (6 comments) Playing around with my new camera phone at work. Low 150s...not that you can see my body, or anything... The face I make when my last customers of the night won't leave... (3 comments) Full body shot. My hands look kinda weird shoved in my pockets like that. About 150 lbs. 8/31/08 (5 comments) Body shot, front view. About 150lbs. Size 8 jeans. Hideous arm 8/31/08 Body shot, side view. About 150lbs. 8/31/08 Election Night Street Party celebrating Obama's win. San Francisco, CA. Low 140s. 11/4/08 (2 comments) 140lbs - 12/6/08 (15 comments)

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