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Weighing in at 179 on 9/5/11 Sandy and I-- My lil' sis with Big Brothers and Sisters (3 comments) My first published book! (5 comments) Me in the first dress I have worn in 10 years! (4 comments) Me and President Obama-- 162 lbs. (1 comments) I weigh 158 pounds here! (9 comments) All dressed up for a wedding! (4 comments) Dec. 2008 at 167 lbs. Aug. 2006 at 221 lbs. ~ Aug. 2008 at 191 lbs. (2 comments) I was crazy, skinny here ~ a very long time ago! I'm a Mexican American Girl! (2 comments) Jeff, Sponge Bob and I A Crazy Family Party! (3 comments) Jeff and I hanging with Elvis in Hawaii! (1 comments) Hawaiian birds and us! (1 comments) Jeff and I with the Hawaiian sunset behind us! Aren't I a gorgeous bride?!! (4 comments) We'll be married 7 years on March 17, 2009! (1 comments) Jeff and I were married on March 17, 2002! (2 comments) Aren't we a lovely couple?! (4 comments) Jeff and I having fun in New York! Jeff and I at the Mirage, Las Vegas (2 comments) Jeff and I at the Bellagio, Las Vegas (1 comments) The only pic of me in a bathing suit that exists ~ The next one will be better! (1 comments) Skinnier days! (See the Tiger in the background?) (1 comments) Hot and Sexy me! (20 years ago!) (3 comments) I love sequins ~ always have! (1 comments) An old glamour shot of my Sis Marilyn and I (2 comments) I love hats! (1 comments) I'm a happy grad! Mom and Dad were proud! The day I got my Masters in English! (1 comments) Jeff and I at my master's graduation My beautiful Blythe and I ~2003 My beautiful family ~ Jeff, Gizmo, Blythe and I (1 comments) My beautiful baby Daisy! My handsome cat Gizmo! My gorgeous and funny Crystal! (1 comments) My bird Buca ~ Can you believe he's 25 years-old! (1 comments) Dad and I at Sis Marilyn's wedding (1 comments) My twin bro Ken and I at sis' wedding (2 comments) The Girls in the family~My neices Kymmi, Ashli, Mom, Me, My Sis-in-law Ellen, and Sis Marilyn My Bro Ken, Sis Marilyn and I (1 comments) My neice Kymmi, me, and nephew Robert My dear friend Susy ~ I was the maid of honor at her wedding Susy and I 16 years later ~ Boy have I gained a lot of weight. (Susy sure didn't!) Susy, Corey's Mom ~ very pregnant as you can see! Halloween 2000 (1 comments) Halloween 2007 ~ Yes, I am the fat Minnie! (2 comments)

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