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I took the Lemon Pledge... Wouldn't you like to take it too??? Dorothy Huffman I am missing you!! (1 comments) We are still walking. God is always cheering for us! IF HE is for us who could be against us! (2 comments) Not so long ago Summer of 1995 (5 comments) I feel pretty .. I did! Feb 1996 @200 lbs (3 comments) This is the way I see myself Christmas of 2003 Summer of 2007 @ 236 pounds This is me Summer of 2007 (3 comments) The real nannie and me! Summer of 2008 I gave up the Golden Arches! (10 comments) Christmas of 2009 (2 comments) I ran my first 5 k last summer. Yes I weighed 250 then! Summer 2009 (3 comments) 257 Top weight It is me Fall 2010 (1 comments) My heaviest birthday Nov 2010 (3 comments) When do we start hiding ourself? Christmas 2010 (2 comments) HA and me at my heaviest 257 (2 comments) Anne and a heavier me (1 comments) This at 255 Let's face it I weigh 255! Many sides of 255! Walking away! 255 the past. My Birthday Age 42 @ 249 This is 245 Face it we are here at 245! This is 245 Walking away from 245! 240 Here we are now 3/27/12 @ 240 My birthday Age 43 @243 Wedding Renewal w Anne @ 237 (3 comments) Bearing my loss 30 pounds This is almost behind us. Take a look at what is ahead! (1 comments) Put your seat on that camel and ride into a brand new futrure! MOM, ME, AUNT ANNE, and DADDIE! (1 comments) My Dad and his favorite treat! My soul mate (7 comments) Simba (7 comments) Sassey the Famous Wonder Kitty - Age 9 (2 comments) Dolly She is the baby. She just turned 4. (3 comments) Blackie She is 9 now! (2 comments) Miss Chloe (6 comments) Miss Meggie (4 comments) I am Meggie!! (7 comments) look a pound of fat (5 comments)

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