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04/08/09 122.2 lbs (7 comments) At one of my good friend's wedding reception! 05/23/09. My momma and me Halloween 2009 (3 comments) December 2009 (2 comments) That's right! I'm due December 21st! 6 more weeks until the first trimester is finished...pray! (6 comments) 20 weeks. Found out today it's a boy! (6 comments) 24 weeks (1 comments) 25 weeks (3 comments) Me at 33 weeks at a Halloween party. (3 comments) 35 weeks along. (2 comments) 38 weeks (3 comments) Almost 39 weeks! (2 comments) Baby Barrett is Here! (4 comments) Baby B and me (yes, with brown hair!) on 01/29/11 (3 comments) Six Months Old (2 comments) On Mother's Day first as a mom! (4 comments) A few years back...probably close to 135 lbs. My hubby, M.J. and me (probably a little drunk). :) My sis and me on her wedding day, Aug 5, 2006. She was sooo beautiful! Jason and me in Santa Fe for my sis' wedding! Our engagement announcement picture My bailey. Me on my wedding day! my skinniest weight of adulthood (121 lbs) and the best day of my life! (4 comments) first dance! jason and me! My hot husband and me (1 comments) Introducing Mr. and Mrs.! Look at my smile; it's huge! (3 comments) The Perfect Bridal Party (2 comments) Old pic of friends & me (on right) back when I was at about 147 lbs. Not fat, but chunky! (1 comments) In Mexico on our honeymoon! A picture of me at close to my heighest weight. Not flattering at all! (150-155 lbs) (1 comments) My sis (on left) and me at a wedding 05/03/08. I am 126 lbs.! Yea! My upper body fat is shrinking! 05/08/08. Ready for it to occur on my lower half! Before a workout. May 2008 Abs in Progress! June 2008 Around 125 lbs. Going for a Morning Run on Vacation at Seaside, Oregon beach. 07/05/08 (1 comments) Most recent picture of me before going out to a bar (bad!!!) About 120 lbs. (1 comments) Oct 2008 at my cousin's wedding. About 122 lbs. Me after a run November 4, 2008 (about 120 lbs) 03/31/09 03/31/09 (1 comments)

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