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June 2016 - Last day of school, all school field trip to the beach. (1 comments) Finally! Only 7 pounds to go and I will cross the line from obese to overweight. Almost there. Posted a goal Not a high quality photo, but one that made me celebrate today! Only the 2nd time under 160 in my adult life and plan to go even lower. Starting to see a difference Lowest weight of my adult life and over half way to my big goal of 140! WOOHOOOOOO! Officially over 20 pounds gone! Sooooo close to the 140's! I will be there before Thanksgiving. Was 174 8/23/17. Feeling accomplished. :-) I DID IT!!! Diabetes blood check shows A1C blood sugar 3-month average in the "Normal" range!!! I DID IT! Into the 140s by Thanksgiving and thankful for all you wonderful Sparkers. A1C = 5.6! Doc says to stop taking 1 of 3 oral Diabetes med and cut the dose of another in half. Going back in 3 months for another check up. Keeping on track is worth it! 30 pounds gone! Christmas vacation, 2018. New lowest weight since college (1991)!!! May 28, 2017 approx 174 lbs. Feb 2, 2018 140.8 lbs (1 comments) Returned to SP Aug 23, 2017. Closest I have to a "before" pic from May 28, 2017 approx 174 lbs and today's "during" pic at 140.8.... "After" pic will be at 130 lbs. Non-Scale Victory (NSV)! My BFF gave me this ring to commemorate our amazing beach vacations and it would only fit my pinky last year. It now slides onto my ring finger with very little difficulty and will soon even be comfortable enough to wear. I never thought that would happen! Slowly but surely heading for the 130s! Only 10 more pounds to my 130 goal. FINALLY hit the 130s! MAJOR NSV!!! I never in my wildest dreams imagined being able to wear a size 4 jeans! (Even the denim that has some spandex mixed in from Old Navy.) At 5 more pounds lost, I will wear these in public to celebrate. Finally! Out of the overweight category on the bmi chart for the first time in almost 30 years! From obese to overweight to healthy bmi since Aug 23, 2017!!! NSV of sorts. Attended an event today at the invitation of one of my students. I no longer mind having my picture taken. I used to be mortified seeing myself in a photo. No more. :-) YAY! Israel (nephew) & me Aug 23 2009 Go Big! May 30, 2009 Same dress a year later and about 168 lbs (20 less than the prior pic) 06/5/09 (1 comments) Dressed up to go out for dinner May 30, 2009 Rafa, me, Eliud 3/16/08 about 188 lbs. (1 comments) My first little tattoo, a jaguar symbol Me on May 6, 2009 (Birthday) Just me. April, 2009 Motivation! Our home in Mexico. Want to be slimmer on our next trip to see the inlaws. Aug 12 2008 at our home in Oaxaca Me with my husband, Eliud, at Triple Falls Eliud & I at Oneonta Falls... Quite the hike... in the creek Tia Sandra & Naem Giovanni Christmas 2008 Tia Sandra & Eder New Year's Day 2009 (1 comments)

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