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I called this the back door but the realtor called it the front door (4 comments) Pine trees along the drive way up to the house (3 comments) Added on sun porch and the "back" and left side of the house This looked more like the front of the house to me but the realtor said it is the back. (3 comments) Pecan trees on the front of the property (1 comments) Entry door with closet and to the left is the family room to the rt. is the formal dining room (2 comments) family room with fire place (to the left is Dinning room) (2 comments) Kitchen, cabinets will be painted a lighter color and I HATE this flooring. Hope to replace it. (2 comments) breakfast room with continued UGLY flooring. (1 comments) Rt. side of master bath..wallpaper and carpet will be gone. Looking into one of walkin closets (1 comments) Lt. side of Master bath and another walkin closet. Cabinets will be painted here also. (3 comments) Back 4 1/2 acres. It is a hay medow for now and they just cut the hay this week. This is the stove top area (1 comments) This is the pantry door closed and you can see the contrast in the color on the walls. Pantry with the doors open. (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) Me on the left in the green, my twin brother Roy in the middle and my sister Sharon on the right. (4 comments) (1 comments) (4 comments) (1 comments) my siblings and me (2 comments) Oldest Daughter,oldest Grandson,oldest Grandaughter, Great Granddaughter oldest son with his 2 boys youngest Daughter, she has no children yet. Youngest son with his 2 boys (1 comments) My husband and I (1 comments) Grandpa holding newest grandon Five Generations: (2 comments) Grandma holding newest Grandbaby. (4 comments) The new grandson meeting his 2 brothers for the first time. (1 comments) My grandon Layton working on the Lego house with Stanley. Stanley went to CCD with me and visited with the teacher and our priest Fr. Michael Petering. Stanley wanted the Lego house big enough for him to fit in but there were not enough blocks. Stanley visiting with my Daughter Patricia and Great-Grandaughter Kimberly (1 comments)

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