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I can't promise you that life will go as planned, but I can promise you it will go as it should... Sunrises promise fresh starts and new beginnings - they are my favorite So many times I thought I had made it through the I know! God bless that storm! 45 min for a 10K is not great but in all fairness I had a good amount of incline time too! :) Yep that about sums it up...! This kid tho!! My old soul 8 year old (he didn't stick with Lacrosse, he's a baseball boy!) 05.16 My 1st baby boy! He is a dude! When did he get this tall?! Now a Freshman 05.2016 With my 'baby' girl who is now a visit # 1 on the East Coast - New Hampshire 5.16 Myrtle Beach, SC May 2016 - College Visit number 2...I love the beach! Time has flown! A Freshman, A Kindergartener and a Middle Schooler! Our Amazing Kiddo's (MJ is 4, T is 10 and J is 13) Jamaica 2012...this may be the only picture of me in a two piece since I was about 2 years old! A bit blurry, but this is me in all my Zumba action! :D Zumba again! (Zumba-thon for the American Heart Association) I got this!! Mud Factor 2013 The Color Run 2012...I'm on the Left...Its me, my friend Tina and one of my besties Chele! Down about 20 lbs...April 2009 This was October...I'm huge! (1 comments) My new swimsuit June 2009!! It's a Large!!! :) Take two of the new Large Swim Suit!! (1 comments) Jamaica 2009...theres a bit of a difference :) Probably my favorite picture! It's so funny!! :) (2 comments) This is what I did...A Lot!! I had no problem walking around in my swim suit! It was so amazing! So my husband wasn't quite ready for the picture, but none the less, it's one of my favorites! What a difference a year makes! I know...Patron is not good for me...and I really only drink once a year...I was more amazed that I have cheekbones, one chin and some what of a waist! :) St. Pats 2010 (1 comments) Mikey and Me-St Pats Observed 2011 St. Pat's Day 2012-very windblown, but very happy :) My best friend, my best man friend and I! St. Pat's 2012 My husband and I...laughing--we do that a lot! My kiddo's and I This is my fav of our family pics...& MJ does usually have a stick & he is usually poking T with it! October 2010 My DMV photo from 2006 (not my heaviest), my current DMV photo Jan 2011 Jamaica 2011 Jamaica 2011 absolutely beautiful! Jamaica 2011-ready to skype with the kids Jamaica 2011-trying to dip, we aren't good at that!! :) October 2011-Me giving my toast at my best friends wedding Jamaica 2011 This is 'before' at roughly 203lbs. It's a sad sad picture, and really one of the only one's I have...I always say I'm better behind the camera...someday, I'd like to enjoy being in front of it... The best I could do to get my virtual me here!

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