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I think this really speaks for itself..... (2 comments) Aaaaaaamen!! (3 comments) 'Nuff said. (5 comments) Thought it was nice of the photographer to cut my butt off. If only it was that easy!! (4 comments) Give us a kiss! (2 comments) Crossing the finish line (5 comments) I had do up a running caricature. Sums me up pretty well. (3 comments) One of my favorite virtual race medals (1 comments) Got the tattoo, so it was a moral imperative to sign up for the race! My permanent Blerch reminder (1 comments) My 3 Day gangsta look. Cancer better watch out! She'll cut a bitch.... (1 comments) This 3 Day sign was about 5 miles from the finish. I think this is true about so many things! (2 comments) 3 Day 2011 carrying the Hope flag. My parents are some of my biggest supporters of my walks. Mom found this awesome pic. (2 comments) I completely stole this. And completely love it! (2 comments) Jingle Belles saying, "Holy crap it is early AND freezing!!" Jingle Bell 5k 2011 (1 comments) Wish I didn't know why this one is funny.... (3 comments) I love this pig!! (1 comments) (1 comments) One of the reasons I walk (1 comments) My tattoo after BFF of 28 years finished radiation (10 comments) Sometimes you just have to say Ppppbbbtttt!!! (3 comments) 2nd donation (3 comments) Here is what I think of that (1 comments) Don't like it?? You can kiss this! (4 comments) YOU go get the stick! (4 comments) First Pit Stop of the 3 Day Walk (1 comments) Carrying the Commitment flag (1 comments) Carrying the Optimism flag (2 comments) Cancer better watch out!! (1 comments) Done! I'm tired!! (1 comments) I like big butts and I cannot lie..... (5 comments)

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