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Start April off STRONG! Ain't it the truth?!?!?! (1 comments) NO Excuses!! My trainer always tells me to get out of my head and just DO IT!! (1 comments) We CAN do it!! I CAN! Can You? (1 comments) Embrace the inner athlete! Train like a girl.....STRONG! Change that flat and keep on rolling! Just do it!! Yesterday's workout has left me with T-Rex arms! LOL Be Strong! Has legs day to look forward to today! Yikes!! This time I'm going to beat her! (1 comments) Is making healthy choices today! is releasing her beast with a shoulder workout today. (1 comments) Today was back day. Deadlifts always make me feel strong! (1 comments) Is headed to a CITO event today, but first some geocaching!! Walked 17 miles at yesterday's CITO event and hauled out 20lbs of garbage from the park! Would rather be fit than skinny! Push it good! Nothing is as empowering as starting the day with deadlifts! (1 comments) Abs & Chest day! Yippee!! Get your Friday on! Happy Mother's Day! wishes it were less humid out there! This will be me in 2 hours! Mwahahahaha! Happy Monday! It's Legs Day for me! (1 comments) We all have off days but those are the best reason to keep going! (1 comments) I've Got This!! Is getting out of her own way I love this one! No Barbie's here! Yesterday was Legs Day. Need I say more? (1 comments) Nothing says Friday like Deadlifts! (1 comments) Is off to Philly for a weekend of power Geocaching! I can NOT believe it's Legs Day AGAIN?!?!?! How does that keep happening every week?? (1 comments) This is my favorite reason to be fit! (1 comments) I'm working on the Legs neighborhood today! Too True!!! Too True!! (1 comments) USA! USA! USA! USA! Is focusing on what she has to gain! Well I DO! Walked to & from the gym, weight-trained my shoulders and will head back to the gym to cycle later. I think I have this one covered! (1 comments) Don't know about you, but this weekend's Crossfit Games really re-energized me! NO Excuses!! Go Slytherin!! (1 comments) Motivational Photo - I am the Warrior (2 comments) Motivational Photo I am Fierce (2 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Me at the Flaming Cliffs in Mongolia (2 comments)

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