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My husband and I. We are in this together. May '06. Me with my baby girl! Taken June '07. DC marathon '04... 26.2 miles in 4h58min!... Running is a HUGE part of my life! (I'm in blue). High school me. I'm at close to my highest weight (238 lbs, size 18/20). When I met my husband (August '03) I was 155ish (Size 8) This is my ultiimate goal to maintain. The before. I'm in blue. Photo was taken 3 mo. AFTER the baby at 191 lbs (still looking pregnant!) Thanks to Mike and Hilary for the lovely birthday present! 10-22-07 Me at 168 lbs (size 10) 10/25/07 This photo is me at 167.2. I got my hair done, so it's curly again. (10/26/07) Peetie in his halloween outfit. 10K(6.2M) jingle bell run completed in 1:04 on 12/8/07. Not bad for a pregnant lady! my little girl in her snow suit 22 weeks 02/24/08. Feeling big... Baby #2 My DD and I enjoying some spring weather. 28 weeks (shy one day!) A new belly pic. 35 weeks pregnant. I'm ready to be done! 39+ weeks, looking tired but ready to have a baby! Nolan on his birthday! Nolan's Birth Announcement (Abbreviated for the web) My new starting point two weeks post partum. 07/10/08. 10K Fall Classic 10/25/08 Pouring rain+ lots of hills= crazy run! Running with the kiddos. 181-ish. I can't remember when it was taken! Jan. 1st 2009 Shamrock Half Marathon 2:21:36 169.4 Wearing a really old pair of size 11 jr. jeans and messy hair. 10/01/09 (1 comments) 169.4 wearing old sz. 11 jr. jeans. 10/01/09 Me at 150-155 after 85 lb loss. Weighed this 1998-2005. This is my ultimate goal! Hubby and I when we first met. June 2003. Weight 150-155ish. I've done at least 10 races and all my race pics look terrible. Oh well. Army 10 miler 10/04/09 (2 comments) Charlottesville 10 miler April '10 I lost 3 lbs. while on vacation thanks to staying active and eating off the grill the whole time! (1 comments) 166 lbs. (Down from 190, 6 weeks post partum) It took 10 months to happen. Patience is key. I love to run... it's effective and cheap. In my I shoot RAW shirt. It's a nerdy photographer joke. I'm in the 150's again and it feels good! (1 comments) One thing I am NOT is a graceful runner! 158-ish. 8 pounds to goal. April 2012. 148 lbs. June 2013 Me today. 158 with a little more meat on my bones. 06/27/2014

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