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Finishing my first Half Marathon, August 2009 (2 comments) Just me... (5 comments) My super handsome hubby, Jan (2 comments) He's my best friend, and anything I could have ever wanted!! A 'Proof' photo - Dec. 31st, 2008. At my highest weight of 175. (2 comments) My girls ready for a ride in the bike trailer... (5 comments) (1 comments) I'm trying to garden - this is my HUGE zucchini I found hiding out in the garden... =) (3 comments) Me getting ready to run a 10K at Christmas time, 2009 Finishing a HM in Winsen-Luhe (Germany), May 2010, PR of 1:55:06 (2 comments) Right after the Winsen-Luhe run with one of my daughters... that's her crown, the little princess. Us in Berlin for Avon Women's Run, May 2010 (Hubby was unable to get a race-pic of me) HM, Altesland (Germany), April 2010, 1:56:02 (2 comments) Altesland HM after I finished with my friends Marie and Inga My scary "before" photo... 175 whopping pounds. (5 comments) I was feelin' sassy today... 125 lbs. (5 comments) Sportin' my new shoes (4 comments) Me and Eliane (2 comments) (19 comments) My new experimental shoes!! I LOVE being barefoot! (5 comments) My new experimental shoes!! I love being barefoot AND running! What could be better?!?! (11 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) MY FIRST MARATHON!!!! (3 comments) My Marathon Certificate! (1 comments) Aaaaahhhhh, The alcohol-free beer never tasted so good!! (1 comments) There I go!! Marathon #1, Feb. 26th, 2011 Just crossing the Marathon finish line!!! Crossing the finish line in VICTORY!! FIRST EVER MARATHON! Kiel Marathon, Feb. 26th, 2011, 4:19:24 (5 comments) Amanda-n-I at the Elbe (a river) in Blankenese/Hamburg Germany, Feb. 2011 Me and my family walking in our little German village (It's prettier in spring!!) Feb. 2011 Amanda-n-I-n-my girls, St. Peter's Dome/Cathedral, Hamburg, Germany Lilia-n-I-n-my girls, St. Peter's Dome, Hamburg, Germany Lilia-n-I-n-my girls at the Elbe, Hamburg, Germany Walking down the stone steps to get to the Elbe, Hamburg, Germany (2 comments) My Trophy= "Altersklasse Siegerin" = Age-Division Winner!! June 2011 30K, 2:43:54 (7 comments) Finishing the Brocken Marathon - 10/8/2011 (2 comments) Christmas run 2011 10.3 km (1 comments) 'Nuf said. (1 comments) Almost @ the finish line, HM #6, 1:43:12!!! Still smilin'! (1 comments) 2/1/2014 (2 comments) Albany Marathon, 3/1/14 "ALMOST THERE......!!!!!" Mile 25.8-ish (2 comments)

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