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ROZZALYN's Photo Gallery

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Being kissed by a stingray...Cayman's Dec.'12 (1 comments) Beautiful tree ...Nassau Jan.13 (1 comments) Roz, Sharon & Wendy enjoying a morning on a beach in Panama! WooHoo! (3 comments) A view of the pools from Sharon's & my room in Panama. (3 comments) big letters.....on the beach in Panama. (2 comments) Sealed with a kiss....June 23, 1973 (2 comments) ME...a June bride...under some chestnut trees. (1 comments) 2011 Cantour Championship....Me & my 'boards'! (1 comments) I love this photo I shot in the Grand Canyon! (2 comments) Me in my 'Back Yard' today!!!!!! (4 comments) Some more 'Law Enforcement' buddies...after a 'shootout' in Williams, Arizona. (1 comments) Jack & I with our daughter, Meaghan. (2 comments) Me & a wax Whoopi. I met her for real in NYC! (1 comments) Jack & I overlooking Palm Springs from the Tram summit. Awesome! (2 comments) Another 'friend' I made recently. Oceanside CA. (1 comments) My 'plane' on the aircraft carrier 'Midway'. (1 comments) What I 'DO' on the golf 'Tour'. (1 comments) The 'fake' one in Vegas....2 weeks later! (1 comments) A pic I took in Paris that I love. (3 comments) Me with 'Mona'. I hate the pic! A beloved student, Kate made my necklace for me...without a pattern! (1 comments) MyDH complied with my request to pose in Paris. (1 comments) Swacky12 & friends driving the boat down the Nile! (1 comments) View from our balcony....Alexandria. (5 comments) Jack & I ...You know where! (6 comments) Roz & Cassiopeia57...You know where this is too! (5 comments) Roz in Luxor! These pillars are enormous! (2 comments) My friend with his cobra in Kom Ombo! (1 comments) A pharoah indeed! (2 comments) A beautiful bird posed for me on a boat in Luxor. (1 comments) A 'Traffic jam' in Edfu. (1 comments) Me in of the first female officers 'on the street' in Hamilton (2 comments) Jack & Roz at the galabaya party on the Nile! (2 comments) A group shot in front of 'The Queen's Tomb'. (1 comments) 'Bargaining' at the locks on the Nile! Swacky12 & I scammed a scammer! (1 comments) A typical Egyptian sight. Cleopatra's cartouche in the temple of Kom Ombo. (1 comments) DH & I....Can you tell what decade it was by the length of my skirt & Jack's hair? (3 comments) Roz is 'Dancing" with Maya in Cancun! (2 comments) Who doesn't need a little "stroking" once in awhile? (4 comments) " Whe-e-e-e-e" ...Are we having fun yet?!!!! (1 comments) My police "Buddies" in the Paris subway. (2 comments) My Sweetie & I...Villa di Maiano..Florence, Italy. ( Duomo is in background..left) (4 comments) Roz saying "hi" from an infinity pool in Puerto Vallarta! 'Chins' are hiding underwater. (3 comments) Roz with " friends" ....St. Mark's Square (2 comments) Roz in "sassy".... Versailles '08 (9 comments)

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