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Kettlebell Competition Montage 4/27/13 My medal 4/27/13 Legendary Crossfit Opening Day 5/1/13 Seahawks destroy the Rams to become UFC West Champs for the 2nd year in a row! Murphy, my PTSD Service Dog The Fremont Bridge after my 13.29 mile ride (07/27/11) Northgate, Aurora Bridge, and work ride 20.66 miles 07/30/11 After jogging/walking from Ballard to Fremont 08/04/11 Starting my first 5K (08/13/11) Finishing my first 5K 141/189 (not the last runner and ahead of the walkers 42.01) 08/13/11 Getting into the zone! (08/13/11) Layers_of_me and I at my first 5K (08/13/11) Heather and I lined up to run the Iron Girl 5k (Heather) and 10k (me) 09/11/11 Coming in for the finish (I passed that girl) 1:26:47 Iron Girl 10k 09/11/11 Iron Girl 10k 09/11/11 The Iron Girl Finish Line 09/11/11 Blackbird Island run 09/28/11 2.68 miles Leavenworth to Dryden Run 9/27/11 9.21 miles Icicle Ridge Hike (1800+ feet elevation) Tomi and I 09/26/11 Finishing the Seattle Half Marathon (11/27/11) 3:08:52 After the Seattle Half Marathon (11/27/11) Months 3-7 Months 3-7 (Side view) (1 comments) Month 2 comparison pic (Side) Month 2 comparison pic (front) After my first 60 minute Zumba class (05/18/10) Me, PAG2809 & BACK2HEALTHY walking the Arboretum (05/23/10) Me crossing the Aurora Bridge (obviously terrified of heights!) 8.5 mile ride 06/01/10 I am terrified of heights and this bridge is VERY high! I didn't ride it but I did walk it. 06/01/10 (1 comments) Gasworks Park 06/03/10 (11.27 mile ride) Me on the Montlake Bridge 06/05/10 7.02 miles Ballard Bridge 07/03/10 U-Village 7.80 miles (06/09/10) After Biking 20.11 miles (07/11/10) Back on my bike ready for my 1 Year Challenge! (06/09/11) (1 comments) Entire Hoist weight circuit and treadmill exhaustion about to hit the pool! (06/14/11) Dripping sweat after Zumba! (06/22/11) 5k running program: week 1, day 2 (2 min walk/ 1 min run) 07/05/11 (1 comments) At Ballard Seafood Fest (07/09/11) 12.75 miles

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