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What would I do to have this rear?!? (4 comments) Aspen & Sierra many years ago : ) Today Sierra is 10 (9/30/2014) : ) (12 comments) Aspen my BFF 9/14/1998 - 5/10/2011 (8 comments) My Aspen Girl and I - - April 2011 (10 comments) Utah and his present... fabric softer. He loves it. (6 comments) Utah and Sierra (4 comments) Babies (4 comments) This is one of my favorite picture of my boy, Utah. (7 comments) Utah, Utitute, Utenheimer, The boy, pancake - he has all sorts of names :) (6 comments) (5 comments) Sierra Girl. I figured I need a picture of her up also. :) (4 comments) I hate to replace Sierra's pic but... I need to remember that I am focused on... (1 comments) Crazy Utah was all squished in his little area. Don't know why he does not go to the other side :) (3 comments) Aspen and Kanyon years ago. (5 comments) Took this from BLITZEN40's blog. I think it says it all. (3 comments) My boy Utah resting on my lap :) (3 comments) Utah January '13 (4 comments) Sierra taking care of Utah :) (3 comments) Do what you're supposed to do & Trust The Process (2 comments) My favorite picture - 2 BFFs (7 comments) (1 comments) My new FAVORITE reminder! Forever Friends (3 comments) (1 comments) Utah and Sierra Best Buds :) (5 comments) My boy Utah 1/5/11 - 3/29/14 (2 comments) (1 comments) My boy Utah 1/5/11 - 3/29/14 (2 comments) Meet Traveler - This precious boy found his forever home with us 12/20/2014 (5 comments) - On a happier note :) Traveler is still growing into his long legs. Poor pup, somehow he still seems very comfortable. Flexible I suppose :) (2 comments) - the baby boy, Traveler, spent 2 hours in his 'room/pen' after our walk. Yippee AND no barking. What a great kid. I spent that 2 hours working on the photo book for DH. Happy New Year's eve! HUGS! (3 comments) - What do I do now? DH and Traveler are sleeping. I am afraid to think, try to sleep, sit... Auto pilot has done me well today. I do not want to feel. I am good not feeling. (2 comments) Sierra Girl - 11/30/04 - 1/22/15 (2 comments) Sierra Girl 11/30/04 - 1/22/15 Always putting others first (3 comments) - It is so comforting to have you as my friends. Dog people who truly understand. Thank you for being there for me. (1 comments) is thinking of sprk friends that are in the cold and storms. Hugs to you. Be safe! (3 comments) - I am just tired, kinda feel like laying under the bed. This is howit is hitting me. I amnot having breakdowns. I just feel tired & not quite with it, even when I am at my best. Reading blogs... (4 comments) - to keep pushing or crawl in bed. This is the question. Keep pushing of course, at least for now. (4 comments) - Wow, it is already 40 out... at 7:40. I should be walking. Better get my rear in gear. Make is a great Sunday. (2 comments) - Love this pic of Sierra and Traveler :) (3 comments) - I have to go into teh office today.That means 8 hours for Traveler in his pen. Thank goodness I am spoiled & don't do this often. Hugs! At least it's raining. (4 comments) - A friend posted this. It really makes one think. hugs to you!!! (1 comments) - Weather says 26 out there and feels like 18. Not walkigjogging yet with the boy Traveler. Stay warm friends. Happy Friday! (3 comments) - Act! Make it a great day! Be good to you. - Time for a walk. I saw this and thought it was cute. Not my dog or child :) Off with Traveler I go. 41 degrees out there... a heat wave from last week. :) (2 comments) - I came across this and it screams to me. So extremely true! (1 comments) - A good friend posted this. Amazing. I had to google it to read it. Not sure how mine will turn out, hopefully large enough. Amazing & true! (2 comments) - I LOVE my boy. It is amazing what a good boy he is when the person who walks him (me) trains him appropriately. Got more pointers from the vet. What a good boy, my Traveler. :) (2 comments) - Happy to be working from home today, although we did not get any white stuff. 33 out, waiting a bit for our walk, might be icy in spots. HUGS2U! (3 comments) - Every path has a few puddles. (from WINE4GIRL). I have been in a bit of a funk. Ready to put a stop to it. Happy March and Happy Monday. Make it a positive one! HUGS2U! (3 comments) - Lets make today a great day! (2 comments) - For Keke (taken from Blessed2BeMe). Feel better Keke! (1 comments) - Rope burned my hand again yesterday, man that hurts and still is super sore. You'd think I learn. May be going back out to the farm again today w/Traveler and DH. Make it a great day! (5 comments) - I finally may have taken the 1st step in healing. I just order 109 prints of my baby girl Sierra. (4 comments) - took yesterday off. Planning to make today a productive day! YOU 2 make today a GREAT day! - I am good. I am very comfortable that a new "pup" will arrive at the right time. Still wogging 3 times daily with Traveler. Enjoing the good weather while it lasts. HUGS to you. Make it a great day! (1 comments) - Today is 2 months since Sierra passed. I can feel it in my bones. I can tell I will need to let this out today & then switch gears to being thankful 4 the year & thankful that she & Utah r together. (5 comments) - Well, coffee and a wog with my boy, Traveler, but close enough :) Make it a GREAT day! HUGS2U! - hum, 5:50 now and 56 degrees. 80% chance of rain at 7 and temp dropping to 49 before back up. I should jog now, maybe we will. Baby boy is sleeping though. Hum. Make it a great day! (3 comments) Today is the anniversary of the biggest mistake in my life with the horrendous result being Utah passing. It is hitting like a ton of bricks. Truly unforgivable. (3 comments) - Aspen and Sierra many many years ago. Happy Friday! Make it a great day, be thankful. Hugs! (6 comments) - I always love this picture too of Aspen and little Sierra girl so many years ago. Happy Easter! Make it a great day. B Thankful :) (2 comments) - This is for a great friend. She loves these guys. I am starting to as well. Great attitude I think. Happy Monday. Be thankful. HUGS! (3 comments) - WOW, CHERIRIDDELL has posted a mind blowing poem that is so spot on for my wonderful dog understanding friends! SPOT ON! Hugs! So important to understand. (2 comments) is feeling a bit quirky, nothing a jog won't snap me out of. Hugs to you. make it a great day! - Happy Birthday to me! Bought my boy Traveler a present to ensure I smile on my B-day. Every year truly gets better w/the exception of loosing pups. 1.5 lbs under goal weight. Feeling fairly fit. (4 comments) - Sun is out again today. Work is slow. I have such a hard time with slow, hard time staying motivated. Time for another jog. Plan to blog later :) Make it a great day! Hugs2U! (1 comments) - I am happy to say I am feeling much more positive today. DH appears to be out of his funk. Amazing how much it impacts me. Off for a jog w/Traveler. 45 out this morning. Hugs to you! (1 comments) - 18,402 steps yesterday due to working on the farm/acreage and up .4 lbs this morning. LOL. Yep, Keiko, it happens to the best of us. It was a good day. Back out there today. Make it a great Sunda (3 comments) - We had a home visit today from a golden rescue group. It was great. She brought her golden. Traveler did great (after a little bit). Love my boy! He did good! :) (2 comments) - Had a great day on the acreage/farm yesterday. Yes, I finally took pics. I am a happy Mom of a beautiful, happy golden retriever boy. Life is good! Hugs2U! (2 comments) - I really need to catch up on blogs and blog myself. Gotta get back into a routine. Happy Saturday! - My boy :) Also, the Lil Snoozy is ready. We or DH will pick it up Saturday. Too cool! (4 comments) - It is a wonderfully beautiful day here. Perfect weather. We had our first jog, later a trip to a food bank type place where we dropped off loads of raisens, hit the grocery real quick. About time 4. (2 comments) - Yesterday was good. DH picked up the Lil Snoozy. Today we take it out to the acreage and work to get it into it's spot. Hum :) Enjoy the day!!! Hugs2u! (1 comments) - Happy Thursday. Now tell me... is there anything more precious than my boy? I think NOT! I just love him to pieces! Happy day! (4 comments) - Oh my! It just rained a bit and cleared some leave so I was able to see what Traveler has been after...3 babies. They stay put. I hope these bunnies are ok. (5 comments) - BooHiss :( I think one of the babies has passed. I used a rake to cover them with big leaves. The one had a fly on it. :( Sure hope they do not suffer. (3 comments) - Happy to be home after 2 days leaving my boy for work. Ate way too much yesterday. Hoouse is a bit of a mess but o-well. It is a new day. (5 comments) - A picture from Sunday. What a happy boy :) Life is good! (4 comments) - High in the mid to upper 90s this weekend. Acreage today and super nervous & excited about picking up our "baby" golden girl tomorrow. We may call her Daffodil. Her name is Daphne. Must breathe. (4 comments) - Daffodil/Daphne & Traveler seem great together. It is the adults that encountered challenges on the car ride. Happy Monday Friends! We got this right?!? (4 comments) - The "kids" are still getting along beautifully. It seems that she is half Traveler's size. She is tiny. I take her to the vet tomorrow. We'll see what doc says about age. She had heartworm treatm (4 comments) - I just need to get back into the grove. I got this. Here's to all you super Moms. "Kids" are doing great. Vet apt at 8 :) (1 comments) - Yes, 2 blogs already. I an turning my mood around. Yes I can. We have the power to make it a great day! Hugs to you. - Why did I blog twice in one day because... read below :) I so much appreciate the support and advise. DH did mention that he was not feeling well all weekend. That must be why he barked Sunday. (1 comments) - 5:15, 75 degrees and 78% humidity. 31 minute walk or so. 150 calories burned with a heart rate of 109. Not like a jog but great with my 2 pups this morning. Happy Wednesday! We got this. (2 comments) - Traveler took a run for it. Roller coaster morning. (1 comments) - Finally a "cooler" morning. Walked Traveler & Daffodil at 6:00. 72 degrees with 92% humidity. 28 minutes & 144 calories with an average heart rate of 117 per my fitbit. Interesting. Happy Friday! (1 comments) - Gotta go into work several days this week, very different for this spoiled gal. We'll see how DH does with the pup. Today will be the longest day at work this wk. Off for the 5:20 walk :) (1 comments) - All went well with the pups while I was at work. DH did good :) Tomorrow I go back in but only from 8 to 10 or so. Crazy huh, what ever works I say. No walk tonight, 6:30 & 97 degree. Hugs2U! (3 comments) - Well it stormed big time last night, finally rain. A huge tree is down in back, so grateful it did not hit anything significant. Daffodil was scared. Working from home today :) Need to blog. Hugs2u! (5 comments) - had a really good day yesterday working on the farm/acreage with DH. We needed that. Should have a few pics. Make it a great Monday my good friends! (2 comments) - The coupler came in the mail. Used it for a short walk last night & today I was actually able to job a bit with Traveler & Daffodil. This will really help my moods :) Life is good. Hugs2u! (3 comments) - Happy Friday. (2 comments) - A friend posed this on her blog today & I think it is GREAT! We got this. Hugs2u! (2 comments) - Jury duty - they did not pick my name out of the "hat" so I am home by 12:30. Picked up some Diabetes books at the library across the street too :) TIme for a walk then back to work. Hugs2u! (1 comments) - I love this. I have been up and down crabby & up & down not eatting great. Love this reminder. Make it a positive day my friends. Hugs2U! (3 comments) - just read sparks article, The Surprising Link Between Weight Loss and Diet Beverages. Interesting. I know that people quit for different reasons but interesting. (2 comments) - My DH wants to take the day off. 100 degrees again today makes it somewhat challenging to work outside. Any ideas as to what we can do? I am so bad at "fun". Hugs2u! (5 comments) - DH seemed to be in a better mood this afternoon. He was in his room until after 1. Then we went out to lunch & he was much more positive. Skipped the acreage. Rolling with it. Thanks 4 the suppor (3 comments) - Roofers are here at the house. Should be an interesting day. Will take the pups for another walk before it gets too hot. 76 with 82% humidity at 8:45. Hugs to you my good friends. (4 comments) - I mentioned we had roofers here yesterday. Guess what? We got pouring rain too. Hum. I had a good walk with the pups this morning. Hugs2U! (4 comments) - Crazy week. I must blog. Gift for the pups, yes, way over the top. I think it is 5lbs :) Happy Friday & HUGS2U! (2 comments) - Early morning walk today. Gotta head into the office for the morning. HUGS2u! 74 degrees with 81% humidity at 5:20. Less humid than usual this early. (4 comments) - The plan was to go int othe office but I decided this morning against it. It may be a rainy week on the acreage with the exception of today. Don't want DH home with the getter guys. Happy Monday. (1 comments) - My weight is up today. Not going to let it bother me though right. It is the beginning of a new day afterall. I will move more today. (4 comments) - DH & I went out to dinner last night for chineese. It was nice to get out and share a meal :) Happy Friday! (3 comments) _ wondering if I can changes yeserday's steps. I did not walk 28k step, I was on a Harley. Hum. (6 comments) - Today is a new day. Lets make it a good one. (4 comments) - I am addicted to (3 comments) - Busy work week. I need to catch up on blogs & blogging. Just so sick of the computer by end of the day. Headed into work today for a while. Thinking of you. Happy Friday. DH is back to work Tuesday. (3 comments) - Finally made a dinner for DH. Gosh I am bad about not doing this. Ug. Looking forward to some work on the acreage tomorrow & catching up with you soon. (1 comments) - spent over an hour researching dog food again for Traveler (stomach issues) instead of catching up on blogs. Decided on one though :) Happy Sunday. Off to the acreage again soon. (2 comments) -I feel really crummy when I start to get my weight back on track then eat too much throughout the day (& know I am doing) it only to wake up with my weight up. Hello New week. Let's make good choices (3 comments) - Quick walk with teh pups before having to go into teh office for the day. Started raining but not too bad. DH goes in today too. This will make me better appreciate the remainder of the week. Hugs2U (3 comments) -2 hours = 2 walks, changed sheets, laundry, 4 clean toilets (ug), shower and a bit more. Past time to get to work work. Hugs2u my friends. (2 comments) - Yesterday went better at the acreage. Not perfect but we did end out getting a lot done. Gotta run into the office this morning. Looking forward to being home. I need some quality time with my boy. (4 comments) - WooHoo, it looks 60% change of rain Sat and 40% Sun. I hate to be happy but I just really could use some catch up time and down time. I think this could get me back on track. Heading into the office (3 comments) - I did NOT get on the scale this morning (as I always do) after eating everything under the sun. Gotta get my head backon straight regarding food. (3 comments) - It was a good day. I got a bit of everything in. Productive work, laundry, 3 walks w/the pups, hair apt., quick stop at the mall for skirts I did not need :) Great deal though. Happy Friday! (1 comments) - Chololate chip cookies with splenda, egg whites and wheat flour were a success. DH likes them. They still have some butter but they gotta be healthier than store bought right?!? (2 comments) - 4:30 and 70 degrees with 98% humidity. O-well. Off to walk the pups. They both slept with me again last night. We are starting to get used to it. Happy Wednesday! (6 comments) - It was a very busy week. I need to catch up on blogs. Thinking of you. TGIF. Back into the office today (until noon) but home 2 days next week. I think I will appreciate being home even more. Can't wait to sleep past 4:30. WooHoo. Have a great Friday my good friends! (4 comments) - Hugs2U my friends. Off to he acreage today. Too warms for the pups though. 91 is the prediction. Make it a good day. (2 comments) - A good friend & amazing person has hip replacement surgery this week. Please send CHERIRIDDELL loads of positive vibes! happy Sunday. (2 comments) - I have never done a Spark challenge. The fit and full challenge looks interesting. Also, where did my goals go? I used to mark off daily crunches & pushups. Now gone and I am not doing them. :( (4 comments) - CHERIRIDDELL has her hip replacement surgery today. Once again, PLEASE send her positive thoughts! (5 comments) - Just changed my background to Aspen leaves. Makes me thinking of my Aspen girl. Sure miss my kids lately. Gotta focus on My Traveler & Daffodill. They are wonderful too. (4 comments) - Yep still raining but a bit harder this morning. Not exactly walking rain weather. I am thinking I will whimp out and work from home. I don't want to think how the drive would be. Happy Tuesday. (3 comments) - So very much rain. What to do this weekend? I should clean. I will catch up on some work. Hugs2u! Traveler is happy to relax, Daffodil has ants in her pants. (3 comments) - Things have settled since yesterday. 2nd walk done. I am might sick of this weather. I know I should be grateful it is not really raining, just drizzle. Happy Sunday. (3 comments) - Weight is all over again, too much stupid stress. Finally figured out home refinancing (dropping 2+%). Off to the office today, that should help. Pups are good, that is what matters :) (6 comments) - 6:00, just finished a nice walk before the rain comes. Gonna focus on positive thinking! Make it a great day. (4 comments) - Breathe and think positive. (1 comments) day 425 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 10/16/2015 (1 comments) - Today is 10 months with my boy Traveler. A great addition to the family. On negitive note, weight is way up after a huge "dinner" out yesterday. Ate it all since I could not bring it home. Hum. (7 comments) - I am tired and miss my pups. Two full day at the acreage. Got a good deal done. Have to go into the office today. BooHiss. 36 degrees out too, not feeling too motivated to walk the pups. O-well. (4 comments) - Finally turned the heat on last night. 35 out there this morning. To walk or not to walk this is the question. Maybe I have a cold, still really dragging from the weekend. Happy Tuesday good friends (3 comments) - Definately under the weather. Gotta head into the office for a meeting though. Planning to come home at lunch. Time for a walk. Happy Tuesday. (3 comments) - It is 1:15 and we have gone on 3 walks. I am at 9,678. Now my pups are happy! Life is good! HUGS2u! (2 comments) - Yesterday was a nice down day. Raining fairly hard this morning so no walk (BooHiss). Off to the office today. Make it a good week. HUGS2U! - Yesterday was a nice down day. Raining fairly hard this morning so no walk (BooHiss). Off to the office today. Make it a good week. HUGS2U! - Yesterday was a nice down day. Raining fairly hard this morning so no walk (BooHiss). Off to the office today. Make it a good week. HUGS2U! (3 comments) - ate too much and moved to little on this rainy, slightly stressful day (since I was stuck at the office). DH took care of the pups this evening, sweet guy.. wrong food but that's ok LOL (1 comments) - I slept in and WOW lots of rain. I tried to get out with the pups but turned around. It was just so much. I was wondering if I could give Traveler a bath out there with the hose. It is 71 degrees - 4:39 and it is 51 degrees with 99% humidity but I am happy because it will be the first rain free day in quite some time. Make it a great day my great friends. Hugs! (5 comments) - A late walk this morning. It is 44 degrees at 5:48. Both DH & I wil be home today. Happy Friday all. (1 comments) - Feeling more with it today. I was in a bit of a funk yesterday. Hope to blog soon. I even have a few pics. Lets make this a good Tuesday. Hugs2U from me and my pups! (3 comments) - Over an hour to get to work yesterday. then a great meeting. Then drove home at lunch & left my laptop at work. Crazy from there. Thankful today is a new day... even though it is starting at 28 deg (3 comments) - Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day. I plan on thinking more about quantity and less about restriction. Hugs! (2 comments) - I miss you guys. I really need to make the timeto blog today. Hugs to you! (4 comments) - a smart friend posted this. I thought I would share. Hugs! Make today a good day for you. (3 comments) - Hopeing to have a productive catch up weekend on all sorts of chores. Hugs2u! - This is how good I am (NOT) on Ebay. I bought 2 of the same purse and at very different prices. Can you tell I really wanted it. I am telling myself I will now learn to sell on Ebay. Ug. (3 comments) - HUGS2U! (4 comments) - Do you "go out"? DH wanted to go out. I hate to say, I could use a quiet evening at home. I will focus on quality acreage time this weekend. Hugs. (3 comments) is getting ready to go out to the acreage with DH, Traveller and Daffodil. It is 36 now. There should be sun though. I am bundled. Kids have their coats :) (2 comments) - So much rain. Hugs to you. Lets make the best of today. Got a good walk in before it started. (4 comments) - Just got back from our morning walk before more rain comes. 69 degrees at 7:15, crazy. How is the weather where you are? Make it a great day! (3 comments) = Merry Christmas! Hugs2u! (3 comments) - High of 70 today and loads of rain. We are supposed to get a break for a bit at 11pm. Crazy the amount of rain. Good to be inside working. Hugs2u! (3 comments) - Still raining. Got a good walk in before it started back up. Hugs2U my good friends! (1 comments) - Big HUGS2U my good friends! (2 comments) - Stay Warm. HUGS2U! - 1st walk done. IT was 32 degrees. It will be colder tomorrow morning. I was bundled and warm. Happy Monday! (3 comments) - Past time for the morning walk. It is 24 they say, feels like 22... We'll see. (4 comments) - Well, I mentioned I got an offer... now they want me to come in at a rate lower than what I am making now. Hum. I don't like this hard ball stuff. Ug. Note, I have not told my current consulting... (4 comments) - Crazy week with work potential changes & today I closed (refinanced) on the house. Need to fit in a vet visit very soon. Hugs! Hope to blog soon. (2 comments) - Definitely tired. TGIF. Looking forward to a down day tomorrow or a catch up day. (3 comments) - I repeat (see image). TGIS. Hoping DH goes to the acreage and I can get caught up and rest just bit today. Also need to recenter. Plan to plan today the CRAZY week. Make it a great day! (1 comments) (1 comments) - Not sure what today will bring. We may go to the acreage but it rained last night so who knows. More time at home this week though, thank goodness. Don't like going in every day (spoiled me). HUGS2 (2 comments) - Make it a great day! Stay warm and safe. Hugs2U! (2 comments) - Well, the boy, Traveler, ate a banana peel. Googled it, sounds like all will be ok. Fingers crossed. (3 comments) - Thinking of you all, hoping to catch up on blogs soon. Happy Wednesday! Headed into the office today for a while. Stay warm! (1 comments) - They say it feels like 23 out, better than the teams. Time to bundle up and go to a walk with the pups. Kick this funk right outta my day. HUGS2u! (1 comments) (1 comments) - 46 now, high of 57 today after all of yesterdays rain. Not sure what is planned. Make it a good day! (2 comments) - weather says it is 29 but feels like 22. It will get closer before warmer this morning so I suppose I should head out. Hum... (2 comments) - stay warm and safe my friends! (1 comments) - Walk done :) (3 comments) - Super busy and log day yesterday, but good. I like to be busy and challenged at work. Just need a bit more sleep. Busy today and tomorrow too. Hugs2u! Stay warm and safe. (1 comments) (1 comments) day 525 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/24/2016 (1 comments) - WooHoo, dog walk and 1.25 treadmill miles done. Happy Tuesday. Going to be a productive day. (5 comments) - Time for a walk in the rain. Then getting ready and off to the office. Happy Wednesday! (4 comments) - It was a good day. I did pretty good with work, home chores, walking the pups and food. Yes, I can. Hugs2U! - YIPPEE, going out to breakfast. We have not done that in a long while. (2 comments) - Any thoughts or recommendations in how to buy low cal coffee, tea, how chocolate, cider and such for Keurig? I may buy a sampler but really do not want 80 cal coffee. Hum. (1 comments) - Well, I think I changed my mind. I will work from home today. I was gonna go in for a 1:00 meeting but the lead said, no biggie. i can't pass up saving 1.5 to 2 hours on the road. YIPPEE! (2 comments) - Well I was sick Tuesday afternoon and all day yesterday. No walks no nothing. Finally raising out of the fog today but trying to take it easy. HUGS2U! (3 comments) - It is 7:07 and feels like it is past our walking time. However it is 20 and feels like 17. Trying to get motivated to go out in the cold. I hear others have it far worse. Happy Valentines Day!!! (1 comments) Happy Valentines's day. You are great friends. Have a GREAT day! HUGS! (3 comments) - 6:06 and 27 degrees. We are supposed to get some freezing rain around 10. Still feels like the right time to walk. It is supposed to get a bit colder before warmer today. Happy Monday! HUGS! (2 comments) - Let focus on water today, a nice basic goal to get bacon track. Happy Wednesday. HUGS2u! (2 comments) is back into the office today. Make it a great day! (1 comments) - Coffe has not quite kicked in. i have such a hard time sleeping after 3 this morning. Planning for good & productive weekend w/some relaxation time too. We can do this. Let's go! (1 comments) - Still raining I think so no walk this morning. After a long day @ the office yesterday I decided to work remote today. Busy work day with meetings but good stuff. HUGS2u! (3 comments) - yep more rain. We had to turn around again this morning. Happy Wednesday! - Long day in the office today. Glad it is not every day :) It should be good. I just feel bad for the pups. Make it a great Friday!!! (3 comments) week 5 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 180 minutes per week" earned 2/27/2016 - 6:40, bills paid, pups walked with the help of 2nd cup of coffee :) Happy Sunday!! Freezing here now but should warm to 65. HUGS2U! (1 comments) - off to the office today. It should be busy but good. DH is feeling crummy again, coughing lots. Hugs to you. Make it a good day! (2 comments) - Working from home today :) HUgs2u! (1 comments) - Crazy day for DH. I will have to blog. I have calmed. He picked up 200 saplings the other day. I wonder how many we will get planted this weekend. Gotta get motivated. Hum. Hugs2U!!! (3 comments) - Into the office for a bit today. Make it a great day! Nice warm weather here. Enjoy! HUGS2U! (2 comments) - Happy Wednesday! (3 comments) - left for work before 7 and ended after 7 last night. Thank goodness I drove home at lunch and walked the pups 2 times (plus our normal morning walk). Too long a day. TGIF Off to the office. (4 comments) week 7 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 180 minutes per week" earned 3/12/2016 - Well, I finished steps 1-14 of a 25 step process in putting my desk together. Not bad. Got in 13k steps today :) Have a great evening. (3 comments) - Off to the office again today, but early. I did good last night & dinner with work. Yeah me!!! (4 comments) - feeling like I am coming out of my funk. WooHoo AND 25 bonus points. WooHoo! I love that. Thanks for being there for me. Hugs! (3 comments) week 10 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 180 minutes per week" earned 4/2/2016 (1 comments) - The plan is to plant saplings today. We have 200. It rained some yesterday so that should help. Have a great Saturday. (2 comments) - wow, DH and & just talked for about an hour. Great, constructive conversation. (3 comments) - Gotta find some time to blog. It was a bit of a roller coaster weekend. Not too bad though. It will be a busy week. Hugs2u! (2 comments) - Hangin in there. A friend posted this. I love it! Hugs2u! (3 comments) - Happy Birthday to me an yes, I am at my target weight. Here's to good friend, the best gift of all! Thank you & HUGS2U!. (4 comments) - Work from 8L30 to 3:30. Well, not quite as long as a normal work day. Crazy to do on a Saturday but there is a big meeting Tuesday. Now I am hoping less stress. HUGS! (2 comments) - Ug, worked until 8:30 last nigh, back at it now 5:40. Hoping to get to bed early tonight. Make it a great Tuesday. (5 comments) - off to the office today, then get my hair done. it will be a long boring day for the pups. HUGS2U! Today is the day, I get back to my daily routine. Here's to a fresh new week. Hugs2U! But still... (2 comments) - I am hoping that things slow down enough to catch up on blogs, laundry and life tomorrow. Hugs! (2 comments) is finally getting back to "normal". 1 load of laundry yesterday and a second load in the dishwasher after finally putting the kitchen faucet back to gather. No more dripping. WooHoo! Hugs2u! (1 comments) - Well I typed a book for a blog explaining my 3 week disappearance. Hope to be back now and focusing on health and positive things. HUGS2u! (3 comments) - I think there may be nothing better than the sweet sound of a "puppy" sleeping. I just find it so comforting. (1 comments) -I think today is a great day to start my fitness/toning journey. Happy Monday friends! (2 comments) - 2.4 miles on the treadmill both yesterday and today. WooHoo! It feels good. Back to daily girly pushups and ab work too. I am going to give it 30 days and see where I land. (2 comments) - Just walked out of the vet with a $420 bill but you know what... I feel blessed. So happy to have this mostly preventative visit then paying this for addressing real issues. Happy Wednesday! (1 comments) day 650 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/28/2016 - Planning to put some shingles on the shed today. It si supposed be a hot one. (1 comments) - 25 days until mini-vacation. Gotta get movie. And YIKEs Friday is my Anniversary. No ideas. Hum. (4 comments) - Slept really poorly with the poison ivy. Ug. Planning to have lunch with a friend. That should be a great treat. Busy work day ahead too. Hugs! (4 comments) - Ate quite poorly yesterday (all carbs). I am glad today is a new day. Woke tired but am ready to make this a great day. (2 comments) - Happy 16th Anniversary to me :) I think we are going to breakfast. It is 75 already at 5:30AM. It gonna be another hot one. HUGS2U! (4 comments) - 20 days until I put on a swim suit. I did my exercises this morning :) Off to continue work on the shed room in a while. It is supposed to be a beautiful day! Hugs2U! - Well, no exposition yesterday, I suppose I will ask if everything is ok this morning. Busy work day ahead! Happy Friday. (2 comments) - Could not sleep past 4:15. Thinking about work and lots about the new pet sitter visit this afternoon. I am so nervous. I have typed up instructions and such. Hugs! Happy Sunday! (1 comments) - I ate too much all last week it seems. I got on the treadmill today but then could not stop eating the trail mix I made (almonds, raisins and dark chocolate m&m's). Too good. Friday is vacation. (5 comments) - Worked so much the last 2 days, I am not quite ready to leave for out 2 nights away vacation. Taking this one step at a time. Have a wonderful weekend!!! (5 comments) - Today DH has his 6month doc visit to check his cholesterol and blood sugar. He was pre-diabetic the last 2 visits. Fingers crossed it is not worse. Hugs and Happy Friday. (2 comments) - HUGS2U! Make it s great day. (2 comments) - Wow, very confusing feeling. I just found out my Dad was in the hospital (now out) by looking at my sister's Facebook. I do not communicate with my brother & sister and only a bit with my parents. (4 comments) - Long blog to offload. I am curious to get your thoughts/comments. Now time for a nice walk with the pups. Happy Sunday! - Breathe - - Yes, I stressed out a bit this morning (to say the least). I have good problems I know. Putting things in perspective. Just want it all perfect for DH on his trip. (1 comments) - Not much like spinning for 100 on the wheel & a great cup of coffee before a relaxing walk with my pups. Happy Thursday! (2 comments) - Happy Friday. Just saw that HuLu is having a free Showtime preview weekend. I have been wanting to see Homeland forever. Looks like I may binge a while :) Just got in a good 2 treadmill miles, a good way to start the day. I now just have to remember to keep moving. Happy Tuesday! (1 comments) - It is "that" week and I can't seem to stop eating. Ug. I did good until about 4:30 yesterday. I bought bad food prior to DH's trip. He did not eat it so it is still here. (5 comments) - Here's to a fresh start. make it a great day 1 and Monday. is feeling more with it after a dog walk and 2 miles on the treadmill. :) (2 comments) (2 comments) is starting August over. No problem, I'll catch up :) Teachers are supposed t go back tomorrow and DH still has not heard from District Office about his job. CRAZY. School starts next Wed. Ug. (2 comments) - DH fins out at 10:30 this morning about his job. They called at 1:00 yesterday. Crazy. Praying for good news. Hugs2U and Happy Wednesday. (3 comments) - DH had his meeting but not a lot of closure yet. Things could be better & could be worse. Planning to blog first thing in the morning. I appreciate the positive thoughts. Hugs2U! (1 comments) day 725 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 8/11/2016 - 2.5 treadmill miles. Boy, I needed that. Feels good! (1 comments) - Anyone have an Amazon fire tablet? DH will be turning in his iPad. All he uses it for is the internet. Amazon tablet is much less expensive. Happy Monday. (1 comments) - Into the office today. (1 comments) - Slept poorly again last night. Will try to push though without leaning on food for energy. We'll see. Off to the treadmill. Make it a GREAT day! HUG2U! (4 comments) Make it a great day! (3 comments) - Gave DH the iPad and he loved it. WooHoo! Success. (3 comments) - Isn't it odd how some days it just hits "you"? I really miss my pups that have passed so much! It is like it was yesterday it is so raw. (4 comments) is off to the acreage today with DH to work on the shed. Should be nice and cool. Make it a great day. HUGS2U! (2 comments) - I really need to remember this. (2 comments) - Headed into the office this morning. Will have to blog about the weekend. Got some work done on the shed. Took one day off. (2 comments) - My plan for the day. HUGS2U! (3 comments) - The job search is absolutely exhausting but, keeping my (4 comments) - Just love my coffee. Slept well and had a nice walk with the pups this morning. Lunch with a friend today :) Happy Monday. We got this. (2 comments) - Feeling exhausted again today after a crazy day yesterday & working to get all this job stuff organized this morning. Not bad just spent. DH is whipped out too. Happy Thursday. Food & more walking.. (3 comments) (2 comments) - 5:46 and I just received the job offer. It is consulting at a good rate AND... I get Friday's at home I think. I thought that was very thoughtful. Likely start in 2 weeks. So it took me ... (6 comments) - CHERIRIDDELL has just the most amazing blogs every day. Take a read. HAPPY FRIDAY! (1 comments) - Taking another day off. make it a great day! (1 comments) - Things have been a bit crazy, especially yesterday. I am relieved to hear I will not start work on Monday, maybe Wednesday. I can use a few more days :) (2 comments) - Here's to a day of getting along and making progress. i can do this. Just breathe. Happy Friday to you. (2 comments) - Lets be positive friends! We got this. (3 comments) - Doesn't look like we will be getting that walk in this morning. Lots of rain. I guess It is time for the treadmill, pups will not be thrilled. Hugs! (4 comments) - WOW, 49 degrees out this morning. It will be a cold walk. Out to the acreage today & start the new job tomorrow (I think). Happy Monday. (4 comments) - Yep, not starting work today. The start is delayed once again. Hoping to start the new job tomorrow. DH is getting frustrated. (1 comments) - They actually called yesterday at about 9:30 & said I could start at 11:30. I was just leaving for the acreage & said immmm, sorry no. Crazy. Today I start :) Fingers crossed. Have a great day! (5 comments) - This is where we stopped on the shed Tuesday. I look forward to working on it more this weekend. Have a great Thursday! HUGS2! (1 comments) - Working from home tomorrow because I have a dental apt. Can't wait to sleep in. Getting in lots of steps but binged last night :( Not good. Have a great Wednesday. (3 comments) - Hoping to catch up on blogs this weekend. Happy Friday! (2 comments) - Still not caught up on blogs & I need to blog. I saw this yesterday and fell in love. It is exactly how I feel & wish for. Happy Tuesday. Make the best of it. Just be. (5 comments) day 800 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 10/25/2016 (2 comments) is working from home tomorrow. WooHoo. Miss you guys. All iso though. Hugs! (2 comments) week 25 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 180 minutes per week" earned 10/29/2016 - tired but good. Can'y wait to sleep in tomorrow. Happy Friday!!! (3 comments) - Yep, it is Monday again. It was a good weekend. Worked on the shed part of 1 day and home doing chores yesterday. Time to love on the pups too. Make it a good day! (3 comments) - my manager was kind enough to call this evening to tell me that at this point it looks like my consulting position is secure and I will be getting more responsibilities. WooHoo! Outstanding! (2 comments) is thinking of you. (1 comments) is still feeling sick as a dog! sleeping and taking dayquil, not helping. I may actually have to go to the doc. Ug. Will try to make it to the grocery & get something going. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs! (5 comments) - Happy Sunday! Plan to grocery shop, decorate & maybe work some. A pic from my childhood. Hugs! (6 comments) - Finally back to the office today. Hoping to decorate a bit when I get home this evening. Have a great day! (2 comments) - You guys are the best, checking in. Yes, I need to blog and figure out the family thing. Thinking of you. We did cut down a tree Sunday! :) HUGS2U! (1 comments) - 24 out this morning. I now that is warm to some of you. LOL Slept in and had a great walk with the pups! Happy Friday! (3 comments) - How many folks have Spar Premium and what do you think? Happy Tuesday! (2 comments) - Two years ago today we picked up my boy Traveler! (3 comments) - Happy 1st day winter. 25 out there now. Ready to take the pups for a walk. Make it a great day! (3 comments) - Feel tired. Not eating great and still not quite 100%. Took the pups for an evening walk through as they were wild indians with ants in their pants, much better now :) (2 comments) - finally got some lights on the tree but it needs more work. Happy Friday to you. I will be working from home. 42 out now, time to walk the pups. HUGS2! - Make it s a great day. It is 50 here, high of 65. crazy! HUGS2U my good friends.Give all the pups out there a hug for me! (3 comments) - Raining like a big dog out there this morning. It is predicted all day. Planning to make time to blog and think about the new year. Hugs2U my dear friends. (1 comments) - 4 treadmill miles yesterday. Gotta make time this morning. Happy Monday friends. (3 comments) - Crazy busy week. Finally got up from my desk & took the pups for a 7 min walk even though it is starting to rain (cold rain). I had to get up and out. HUGS2U! (3 comments) - They say it is 30 and feels like 22. I imagine that is warm to some of you but cold to me. Here I go before the bit of snow or whatever comes... off to walk with the pups. (3 comments) - Added pics to my blog, like... (1 comments) - well they say it is 16 degrees out and feels like 11. Will there be ice? To walk the pups or not walk the pups this morning. I would hate to fall. High of 32 & we get some sun. Love some sun :) (6 comments) Crazy busy week again. 10 hour day yesterday and could not sleep last night again. Ug. 2 more days then I work from home Friday. :) We got this. Hugs! Life is still good. (3 comments) - sure am tired this morning. I had planned on sleeping in but you know. Raining a bit now do delay in dog walk. Working from home :) Looking forward to a relaxing weekend!!! Hugs2U! Hope to catch up (3 comments) - Feeling much better today, more positive, motivated and energized. Here's to a new week. Hugs2U my friends! (2 comments) - working on taxes and bills and other fun stuff. This is my family :) Have a great day! (6 comments) - getting in my steps but eating way to much. it is the week prior and I can't stop eating. Ug. working from home today. Reminding myself ... (4 comments) - Went to an outing afterwork yesterday for a woman who last day is today. It was wonderful, great people, conversation and contacts. Refreshing time. Make it a great Friday. 25 here now., bird. (3 comments) - I was negative in my blog yesterday. I know I was being petty. I should have this as my mantra. HUGS2U!!! (1 comments) is thinking now is the time to turn things around, have plans and work them. Happy Monday friends! (1 comments) - Thank you so much for all the support! Hugs2U! (3 comments) - It was a good Bday weekend last weekend, busy, stressful & tiring week. Glad it is Friday. Hugs2U! (3 comments) - had a great walk with the pups this morning. How time to hit the treadmill for a mile or so. Happy Saturday! (2 comments) - Enjoying work more but drowning in it. Woowza. Less steps & not great eating. Gotta find a balance. Hugs2u! (2 comments) is all over the place, up and down and all around. Ready to start a NEW month. Positive talk may be the goal for the month, blogging too? I think i need to try harder. (3 comments) is :) Crazy week ended well and finally... I got some sleep last night. So critical to get sleep. Hugs2U! (1 comments) - yep, I had another one of those days, worked from 7 to 6:30 with focused breaks. I did take short walks to calm the pups & threw laundry in once. Crazy busy. Hoping today is better. Hugs! DH got.. (4 comments) - Full work day from home yesterday. Lacking sleep but hanging in. Today is a seminar with DH. 2 hour drive so I am up at 4. Hope to sleep in tomorrow. Time to walk the pups :) (1 comments) - Poison ivy is better, about the same as in the pics on my blog. Going to the acreage today. We'll se how that goes. May rain tomorrow. Hugs2U! (1 comments) - I am BLESSED! - Had a great get away weekend, just tired :) No word on the job yet. I should hear either way today. fingers crossed. Hugs2u! (3 comments) - working from home today. YIPPEE. Dogs walked, hit the grocery & was home by 7. I love mornings. Make it a great day. (1 comments) - yesterday was a very surprising and good day. I hope to blog on it. I think it was a break through of sorts. We got this. (1 comments) not eating great either. I need more sleep and to be taking better care of myself. (3 comments) We did it... bought property. (5 comments) Pups on the Acreage 11-2010 :) (3 comments) Belfast - I had the opportunity to take out a group of Fox hounds. (4 comments) My girls I simple reminder for 2011! (2 comments) (12 comments) MY Girl. Cancer Survivor and Best Friend! (6 comments) 5/9/10 in 2:25:45 Yippee (1 comments) My Aspen girl in her t-shirt and shorts w/little Sierra cuddling close. (7 comments) My babies - June 2010 (3 comments) My Aspen girl the day after surgery - 7/20/10 doing very well. Thank you! (3 comments) Motivating pic for me. (2 comments) Christmas '10 - Aspen girl (2 comments) Christmas '10 - Sierra w/her new squeaky pig & red ball (1 comments) Christmas '20 - Sierra with the other toy - what is that ;) (2 comments) My 1st Marathon - 1/15/11 WooHoo. Goal Met! (7 comments)

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