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My niece was a flower girl this summer. (8 comments) We went to Mount Rushmore this summer! Amazing! (2 comments) My niece and nephews out on Grandma's dock (2 comments) Looking at the sunset out the window. This is where I grew up. (2 comments) My son, one niece, and 3 nephews fishing on the dock. (1 comments) My son shooting clay discs for target practice. Wells Blue Bunny Le Mars, Iowa The Risen Lord (1 comments) I rode my bike again today. The horses thought I had carrots. They started walking toward me. Beautiful animals. I am an amateur photographer at heart. Sometimes I get lucky and catch amazing moments around me. We can learn something from a hummingbird. Work for those calories! 😉 Was able to go on a late afternoon, early evening bike ride as our temps went from 106 last Friday to the glorious 70s today. Sometimes when the moon is especially beautiful, I text a photo to my family, asking them to send one. No matter how far apart we are in distance, we are looking at the same moon! Here is the moon shot I sent Monday night. A couple months ago I went hiking. The desert wildflowers were in bloom. So pretty! We are in the midst of 70's weather (after suffering with 106 degrees last Friday.) Hiking, biking, camping, wandering...there is so much beauty around us. It's important to revitalize ones soul by seeking time outdoors away from the city or town most of us live in. I earned my 25 pound charm at WW. I've actually llst 31 pounds but I found out at the meeting last evening that if you lose 25 lbs., you get a charm. I don't know what it is about earning charms, but it motivates me. 😄 Winter flashback. Ice storm before lake froze wreaked havoc but the little tree survived and has come back to life. We call him "sticky". Family "homestead" in the midwest. New life abounds. On my 1.25 hour bike ride this morning, I spotted a chick with a neighborhood guinea fowl. Cute baby following it's mama. Happy Mother's Day to one and all. Even if you aren't a biological mother, you have "mothered" someone in some way, some how! 🌹 This morning on my 4.5 mile bike ride before work, I saw 3 hot air balloons. This one was lower than the others. I thank God that I have the energy now to get up early to ride. On my bike ride last night. Sunset. I met 3 people with miniature horses pulling their carts at the park last night. All miniature horses have some Shetland in them. Have you ever tried to eat like a hummingbird? No, of course not. But, does anyone know how I can help this little hummer? It can't fly. Students found it at recess today. I saw this beautiful cactus bloom on my bike ride this morning. I am blooming with new life and vitality with each pound I lose. Ocotillo on my morning ride. I love these desert plants! They bloom after a rainfall. I'll take another photo then. I earned my 4 month charm at WW this morning. 3.8 loss. I track fitness and nutrition daily! Students found a moth today. We will observe it to discuss similarities to and differences between "him" and a butterfly. Then find a shady place for "him". I have sage bushes that are bursting with blooms. The bees are all over them. I am a fan of bees. Great pollinators. Did you know a certain type of fly pollinates the cacao plant in South America? Without flies we would have no chocolate! I have sage bushes that are bursting with blooms. The bees are all over them. I am a fan of bees. Great pollinators. Did you know a certain type of fly pollinates the cacao plant in South America? Without flies we would have no chocolate! My collage of recent photos I've posted. I just figured out how to do this on my tablet. Next step figure out how to add text. Haha! That's me on the right. My sister mailed this to me as an incentive to help me lose weight. (4 comments) My son and his friend rebuilding the wall. A class I took at Stewart Mnt. Dam. Here we are at the Salt River. April 18, 2009 (3 comments) Another view of the Salt River near Saguaro Lake (4 comments) Stairs we had to climb down at Stewart Mnt. Dam (2 comments) Saguaro Lake from on top of Stewart Mnt. Dam This is Box Canyon up on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona. Taken today April 24, 2009 (2 comments) I pledge to eat more fresh and raw fruits and vegetables. This is where the nutrients are. My son went on our field trip to the zoo. Here he is feeding a giraffe. On his journey to become a Black Belt. He is now Black Belt 2nd Stripe in Shaolin Kung Fu. (1 comments) Vulture Mine Wickenburg, Arizona (1 comments) Hanging Tree Vulture Mine Wickenburg, Arizona Thieves or other misguided miscreants were hung here. (1 comments) Vulture Mine Wickenburg, Arizona The ghosts of children can be heard playing near this tractor. This is a picture of an angel I got at a yard sale. I love these angel pictures. (1 comments) Tucker loves Christmas ornaments. His goal is to take down the tree before Christmas. (9 comments) Younger and thinner 20 years ago. I scanned these. I will figure out how to make them bigger. (2 comments) I love pizza burgers. We don't have them in Arizona but they have them in Iowa. Except at this place. (2 comments) I guess you could call Flat Stanley a snowbird. He stayed with us this winter. (2 comments) Dan Majerle, former Phoenix Suns player, with my son when he was a toddler. (1 comments) My son, who is now a black belt 2nd stripe, at his first ceremony. He's front and center. St. Teresa of Avila Her bookmark prayer is one of my favorites. (2 comments) My son's art: Rural Mailbox Ink drawing done in a high school art class (1 comments) My brother taking his boat for a spin. Monk: Tony Shaloub on location Putting coffee mug in front of face so I couldn't photograph him. (4 comments) Monk: "Natalie" and her "daughter" on location. Right before they went to shoot a scene. 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