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(3 comments) Fitness/weightloss collage day 150 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/19/2014 (2 comments) Trapped at work while weather is beautiful (4 comments) Found a 'health journal' that I have modified to see if I can get the hang of tracking my day Found a 'health journal' that I have modified to see if I can get the hang of tracking my day #healthyprep #healthyeats. Daily food for work sorted, actually made my lunch today Summer is coming ( in New Zealand) time to crank out the tanning moisturizer πŸ˜‚. Ahh can't wait, hope it's a great one Winter trying to hold on. 350 cal lunch. Added mustard to the mayo. Yuuuum Yay! Little over on protein but not too shabby In agony after mowing lawn, so needing comfort food. Making leek n potato bake, recipe needs cream so dragged myself for walk to corner shop over half a km away to get it Chicken salad for lunch. Sooo good Omg watched Alien Covenant tonight with my sister. I loved it, lol she turned green n jumped n gasped a few times(not something she would watch at night normally lol). I'm positive I doubled my resting calorie burn with the excitement from the movie. Highly recommended Ahh spring. Shame it's not a hot day tho Law of attraction Posted a photo Out feeding the ducks While out feeding ducks kept seeing them splashing a bit, this was the reason. Apparently eels like eating ducklings Got myself a new toy. It's supposed to be a mi 2 band but it's a counterfeit (doesn't connect to legit app) n I'm pretty sure it's tracking more steps than it should, got it to track steps n motivate more movement. Hmm So apparently washing, drying n putting away dishes n making salad for work tomorrow used 563 steps? Oh well consistent use with this new tracker will let me know sort of what I do even if it might be tracking more than usual Hmmm I really think it's tracking wrong πŸ€” At least my steps are getting higher in number My afternoon pick me up. About 185 cal for 300 ml n not sweet I still think this is tracking high. This is from just regular everyday getting up, getting ready for work, walking to n from car park - work, putting stock out n showing customers where things are. Nothing extra like intentional exercise tho My step count as I leave work, from getting up til 5.15pm. Getting stock from front of store, pricing, serving, going to make room n then getting stock to put out in shop, rubbish out n then to top it off my body decides to flush out as much fluid as possible today and as shop is in a mall, we have to walk to theirs. 5x!! Seriously that's not normal! Is it? Knew it would happen but kept pushing this week to get some extra steps n ended up crashing today so step count is low. Woke with muscles burning n sore all over n by 2 pm had to 'nap' n 3 hrs later struggled to wake. Fibromyalgia sucks, someone needs to find a cure Went for a walk in local historic park this morning, lol nap time now πŸ˜‚ Dinner- crumbed chicken schnitzel, tomato, coleslaw w grapes n less dressing than normal, fresh vinegared beets n 2 bantam eggs fresh laid today. Hmm so good. Normally don't have any schnitzel crumbed so it's a treat Didn't want to go for walk but did to prove to my sister that a different walk around my block does take longer. I win, always right 😊 Whoo hoo only 50 min to mow lawn n it felt bit easier than last time Posted a photo Sigh I wouldn't eat again if I did thatπŸ˜‚ Posted a photo Omg I can't believe I used to fit that singlet top 😭. Almost looks like a child's top. My only label top I ever bought in 2007! Espirit. The other is what I wear now, back is stretch so I'm in fact even fatter πŸ˜”. Singlet only ever stretched over my bust n never clung anywhere else. Hmm next summer I want to see if I can fit it again! I'm pretty sure it's just a muscle strain n fibromyalgia making pain more than it should be in. Tho if it gets worse I will see dr That's a lot of calories, that can't be right!! Trying new cereal, special k with flame raisins,cranberries and almonds. Thankfully there won't be many almonds in each serve as they upset my stomach if I have more than 4 whole ones. Low fat, sugar and sodium n high protein and fibre Banana n 5 strawberries for snack mmmm yum Should I be concerned that my weight is coming off without a fight? Didn't exercise this week n didn't necessarily eat amazing either n still lost 700g Want a chocolate bar but making do with these 😊 Busy putting stock out today, yeah Xmas!! So tired. Hate to think how low the steps will be next week when I'm off work lol Not too bad for lazy Sunday Had a glass of wine with lunch as a pre Xmas work do n this feeling of everything but my head starting to weigh heaps has taken me over. Definitely time to sleep n hope it is gone when I wake Been eating this cereal n got nearly to the bottom of the box n started getting stomach pains (not too severe but noticeable) 3 days later I just clicked that that's my body waggling it's finger n telling me sternly NO! Thought I could sneak almonds in, guess not πŸ˜”. Oh well back to weetbix again then Lol ok here u go. Vibration plate so u guys know what it is. Makes yr muscle work more to stabilize cause the vibration Lesson learned today Coleslaw, smoked ham, cottage cheese with chives n honey mustard sweet potato n spinach salad for lunch No wonder I'm tired today Posted a photo Ahh Xmas. Feel it like an ache in my poor bones. Need a massage but it'd be pointless this close to Xmas with only one day off. Maybe in the new year πŸ€”

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