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A winter's walk photo from 2015. I still have the same coat, the same glasses, the same hair! been making origami robins #notperfect #goodenough #jollholidays #keptbusy #hadfun I made their eyes bigger after this photo, and added strings so they can be hung from the tree #xmas! it's a Santa-comes-to-town day I wore wind-resistant headgear today! #justrun I accidentally put cumin powder in my porridge, instead of mixed spice - it's not as bad as you might think! (4 comments) two more Fridays until Xmas! (1 comments) a good thought for a pre-Xmas Saturday xxx (1 comments) is glad of a 'home' coffee :) (1 comments) On of my Spark Friends suggested that the temptation to eat (off plan) is like the Grinch - I liked that image. Don't let The (food) Grinch steal your Xmas! last Friday before Xmas! - and I'm looking forward to having this weekend off :) (1 comments) Just keep Sparking! (1 comments) I just ate two squares of a very fine 70% dark chocolate. I've never managed to just eat two squares before! #progress I think this Grinch idea is helping me a lot - he's the one who says 'go on - eat it! eat it!' & because I like to answer back, I say 'you'd love that, wouldn't you? well, I'm not going to -so there!' Don't let The (food)Grinch spoil your Xmas! my food plan is set up for the day "WDD" (3 comments) is enjoying a bullet-proof (style) coffee & looking forward to seeing this little chap today! (3 comments) My 'power pose' - facing the colder weather with Sparky determination (and a smile!) September 2017 - reminding myself how much I enjoy getting outdoors! 4-hr hike along the coast path (more like climbing most of the way!) a wonderful, sunny Sunday afternoon! #getoutmore (1 comments) Now all I have to do is the fiddly bit: neck, and then sew up (2 comments) another fabulous walk today - I'll be sad to go back to work on Monday! (3 comments) out on the wild West Cornwall coast today - where the landscape is scattered with abandoned tin-mine workings #getoutmore a 6+mile walk along part of St Michael's Way - you can just see St Michael's Mount in the distance (2 comments) lovely autumnal stroll this afternoon, even nice enough to eat my lunch on the river bank! (1 comments) (2 comments) (7 comments) (6 comments) lovely stroll out along the coast path - with a half-hour lunch break in the sunshine! bliss! (5 comments) (13 comments) Volunteering at Park Run, Easter 2017 - can't run, but can still Spark! (5 comments) 20th Feb 2017 Feeling 'in the pink!' (7 comments) 28 February 2017 - sheltering from the bitter wind and enjoying a hot drink at Carn Nuan (2 comments) me! February 2017 (9 comments) December 2016 - Park Run 5k (8 comments) this was me (on the left) at 8.45am on Xmas Eve, 2016 prior to the Park Run 5k - it was cold! (7 comments) November 2016 Vision Board (6 comments) how to construct a salad jar - for the curious :) (2 comments) My and my son June 2015 (5 comments) walking the field paths to Zennor - this is a favourite path - it comes out on the cliff path overlooking the sea - beautiful (5 comments) Park Run in the rain 2nd April - I'm the one on the right with the funny rain hat (it works!) (5 comments) parkrun 28.11.15 (4 comments) November 2015 - Official Ultimate Spark Challenge (2 comments) facebook (6 comments) St Ives in Cornwall (4 comments) Bagas Porthia - traditional Cornish music band, leading the parade through the streets of St Ives (2 comments) (5 comments) watching the sea................. (1 comments) looking over St Ives Bay from Rosewall Hill (2 comments) a typical mine building seen in West Cornwall - this is called Wheal Sisters, nr Cripplesease (6 comments) This is St Ives, in Cornwall, South West of the UK, where I live :D (13 comments) sunset over St Ives June 2014 (3 comments)

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