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back to work today. Feeling a bit busy-headed; guess it's the change back to work routine: deadlines, packed meals; smart clothes. I've enjoyed my chilled-out week off (could definitely get used to it (3 comments) (1 comments) focus on fresh, raw, vibrant foods (4 comments) how to construct a salad jar - for the curious :) (2 comments) is going up to the leisure centre to get the pool timetable - it's uphill - slope or steps, either way it's good cardio just walking up there! (2 comments) is celebrating reaching Day 100 with my 100 DWL Team today! Woo hoo! (2 comments) has decided it's a red, sparkly, shoft-shoe shuffle kind of a day! I've had a lot of pleasure out of these shoes I bought a few months' back :) (4 comments) Just bounced away some of my post-work anger! NOW I can have the coffee :) (1 comments) I thought it was Thursday; realised it's only Wednesday; wishing for Friday! Must try to enjoy the moment & not wish my life away! (3 comments) there's a beautiful moon tonight (3 comments) finally! (1 comments) I was able to get out and run for the first time in six weeks - it was WONDERFUL!!!! 17 mins - fresh air, space, speed, wind in my hair, good-to-be-alive feeling - what a great way to start a weekend! (3 comments) (1 comments) is back home - ah! the sea, the wind, the rain, the air........... breath deeply & relax (6 comments) rain still falling...... cosy indoors; I'm rolling out my yoga mat (1 comments) Take your pick! (12 comments) (1 comments) the sun's having a day off, so am I. Ah, the lovely view from my kitchen window always pleases me ;) (1 comments) my baby turns 30 this week (check out the bowl of apples and bunch of parsley there - yay, good milk I made!) (5 comments) is doing yoga this morning (1 comments) (6 comments) is off to Park Run; timed 5k, free - there are still good things happening in the UK! (5 comments) is aiming to stay balanced today (2 comments) am getting a bus UP the hill out of town, then running back DOWN to the sea - the field path has these lovely granite rocks it's time for Park Run! (4 comments) is grateful for her Spark Friends - you're wonderful! (4 comments) I am taking this view to work with me - in my mind's eye (2 comments) Celebrate ... with salad! Happy 4th July! (3 comments) My daughter-in-law and my son, dancing, on skates, at their wedding June 2015 My and my son June 2015 (1 comments) Siblings me, my sister, my brother I must have been about 8yrs old - so, that's..........1962 (1 comments) is having breakfast at the beach with my friend - the sun's not shining, but we don't care! (5 comments) is up & ready to run - stoked to see I have a 'featured blog'! so happy to know I was able to inspire a few Sparkers xx (10 comments) is putting on a smile & heading off to work - hoping for a sort of Tim Peake effect :D (1 comments) walking the field paths to Zennor - this is a favourite path - it comes out on the cliff path overlooking the sea - beautiful (5 comments) has been out and back before anyone spotted me! ha! (1 comments) Sunday - wishing you joy, love, peace & protection whatever your faith xxx (3 comments) is enjoying mushrooms & spinach with spicy sauce for breakfast! (2 comments) it's raining, it's pouring........ (3 comments) I couldn't resist going down to the beach for an hour! (not my photo I have to say) Porthgwidden - a tiny cove (4 comments) is taking time to walk on the beach today - so nice not to be at work :) (2 comments) 1st May 2016 current: 119lbs BMI 21 goal: 110lbs BMI 19.9 (1 comments) my mantra for today is 'hydrate!' (1 comments) slow, but downward, trend - these are my weekly average weights for about 3 months of 2016 (2 comments) is resting up for the whole weekend...... (4 comments) It's amazing how many everyday object have 'faces' :D (1 comments) Do less; achieve more (4 comments) Park Run in the rain 2nd April - I'm the one on the right with the funny rain hat (it works!) (4 comments) is setting off in the rain for her beauty-treatment (aka 5k ParkRun) Get The Glow! (3 comments) On a 'healthy highway', I am "What I eat, what I drink, and what I think" Kris Carr Looking after myself & booking annual leave days for the rest of 2016. (4 comments) is home (2 comments) is joining a singing walk from Mousehole to Penzance today (5 comments) (1 comments) decide what you want to cultivate I can do this! is glad to be home (lots to do in a few hours, but nice to be in a safe harbour for a while! (1 comments) has been radiating love all day :) Emergency sunbeams = feelgood medicine! (1 comments) Beach finds: sea glass & roses find him on twitter @LeeJPalmer - beautiful photos (2 comments) time travelling - push the button Mr Wonker - let's go to 2016 on Planet Earth! Hold onto your hat! (1 comments) Create Yourself (2 comments) parkrun 28.11.15 (3 comments) parkrun 28.11.15 uphill form (1 comments) coming up the hill at beginning of 5k ParkRun 28/11/15 pleased with my foot placement there (2 comments) near the end and still smiling 28./ (10 comments) November 2015 - Official Ultimate Spark Challenge (2 comments) this was me on 31st October 2015 dressed as a ghost for the Park Run :) (2 comments) is dead chuffed with her swanky new trail runners (5 comments) facebook (4 comments) inspiration from a Spark friend - gentle reminder xxx (3 comments) St Ives in Cornwall (4 comments) (1 comments) the sun setting over St Ives (where I live) what a lovely end to the day! the sand bar is the Hayle Estuary (1 comments) This was the daily view from the chalet I stayed in for my holiday - St Ives on the horizon (1 comments) Getting away from it all - June 2015 (7 comments) I saw this photo on twitter @happyherbivore and thought it was so insiring I wanted to share it (2 comments) Bagas Porthia - traditional Cornish music band, leading the parade through the streets of St Ives (2 comments) St Piran's Day 5th March - Patron Saint of Kernow (Cornwall) (3 comments) watching the sea................. (1 comments) looking over St Ives Bay from Rosewall Hill (2 comments) a typical mine building seen in West Cornwall - this is called Wheal Sisters, nr Cripplesease (5 comments) This is St Ives, in Cornwall, South West of the UK, where I live :D (13 comments) this was me at 112 lbs in 2012. I'm now (Aug '16) about 116 lbs - so close to getting back there:) (19 comments) 7 April 2013 - out for a walk on the South West Coast Path in Cornwall (5 comments) sunset over St Ives June 2014 (3 comments) me playing with Bagas Porthia - a traditional Cornish music band - this was taken in 2013. (5 comments)

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