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a typical mine building seen in West Cornwall - this is called Wheal Sisters, nr Cripplesease (5 comments) looking over St Ives Bay from Rosewall Hill (2 comments) watching the sea................. (1 comments) (3 comments) St Piran's Day 5th March - Patron Saint of Kernow (Cornwall) Bagas Porthia - traditional Cornish music band, leading the parade through the streets of St Ives (2 comments) I saw this photo on twitter @happyherbivore and thought it was so insiring I wanted to share it (2 comments) Getting away from it all - June 2015 (7 comments) this is another of my selfies - the camera does lie - not sure what I really look like! (6 comments) me and my son on the evening before his wedding June 2015 (6 comments) This was the daily view from the chalet I stayed in for my holiday - St Ives on the horizon (1 comments) the sand bar is the Hayle Estuary (1 comments) the sun setting over St Ives (where I live) what a lovely end to the day! (1 comments) St Ives in Cornwall (4 comments) has spent a happy evening serving drinks to a wedding party :) (14 comments) Running is great for the lone-explorer types :D inspiration from a Spark friend - gentle reminder xxx (3 comments) (2 comments) facebook (4 comments) is dead chuffed with her swanky new trail runners (5 comments) this was me on 31st October 2015 dressed as a ghost for the Park Run :) (2 comments) November 2015 - Official Ultimate Spark Challenge (2 comments) a new lifeboat arrives 14th November - spot me with the bright yellow back pack cover! (2 comments) 60 yrs 11mths 3 wks 5 days (4 comments) near the end and still smiling 28./ (9 comments) coming up the hill at beginning of 5k ParkRun 28/11/15 pleased with my foot placement there (2 comments) parkrun 28.11.15 uphill form (1 comments) parkrun 28.11.15 (3 comments) how kind of them to leave breakfast out for me ....... mmm... porridge! (2 comments) this was one of the happiest moments of 2015 - my son's wedding :) (3 comments) Create Yourself (2 comments) bring on the salad! (2 comments) time travelling - push the button Mr Wonker - let's go to 2016 on Planet Earth! Hold onto your hat! (1 comments) if life brings you snow, make a snowball! thinking of Spark Friends who are under a blanket of snow xxxxx (4 comments) Beach finds: sea glass & roses find him on twitter @LeeJPalmer - beautiful photos (2 comments) Emergency sunbeams = feelgood medicine! (1 comments) this reminds me of the Zinnias Scott Kelly got growing on the International Space Station - Happy Thursday! (1 comments) Spring has officially sprung in Cornwall - 7 significant Magnolias are in bloom - that's the 'bloomometer' test & a bouquet of the flowers is sent to the Prime Minister! (6 comments) Is feeling sunny today ..... I hope it lasts! (2 comments) Morning All! It was hard to get out the door to run this morning - but I did it (2 comments) has been radiating love all day :) is glad to be home (lots to do in a few hours, but nice to be in a safe harbour for a while! (1 comments) I can do this! decide what you want to cultivate (1 comments) knows she needs music - can't do better than start with these bad boys! (5 comments) our clocks didn't go forward last night (UK) but I still seem to have lost an hour! (5 comments) is expecting to feel more sparky as the day wears on - no work today & I've sort of collapsed in on myself! (6 comments) is joining a singing walk from Mousehole to Penzance today (5 comments) is home (2 comments) Looking after myself & booking annual leave days for the rest of 2016. (4 comments) On a 'healthy highway', I am "What I eat, what I drink, and what I think" Kris Carr is setting off in the rain for her beauty-treatment (aka 5k ParkRun) Get The Glow! (3 comments) Park Run in the rain 2nd April - I'm the one on the right with the funny rain hat (it works!) (4 comments) Do less; achieve more (4 comments) it's raining so much I thought I'd have on of these handy! See it's smiley face :) (1 comments) is fancying these sandals - Fenugreek by Monshulu (I love tassels on shoes!) (6 comments) is resting up for the whole weekend...... (4 comments) slow, but downward, trend - these are my weekly average weights for about 3 months of 2016 (2 comments) is enjoying starting her day with Tai Chi (1 comments) my mantra for today is 'hydrate!' (1 comments) (1 comments) 1st May 2016 current: 119lbs BMI 21 goal: 110lbs BMI 19.9 woke early & enjoyed a really tranquil first coffee listening to the symphony of nature (2 comments) is on Day 1 of her holiday from work & going to help out at the Blues Festival :) (4 comments) is starting the day with music https://soundcloud.com/tom-doughty/journey
is taking time to walk on the beach today - so nice not to be at work :) (2 comments) is taking it easy & having a homey day today :) (1 comments) I couldn't resist going down to the beach for an hour! (not my photo I have to say) Porthgwidden - a tiny cove (4 comments) after my slow start, am now being quite productive! Sparking! But, now it's time for a tea break! (1 comments) want a hug? I'm having a third cup of decaff this morning, but it's a hug I really need x (6 comments) it's raining, it's pouring........ (3 comments) Morning friends! (1 comments) today I'm taking a coffee in a carry-cup on the bus to work - don't usually, but, it's grey outside, and it's Friday, and I just want to .... (2 comments) is up, dressed, ready to go - there's a good chance of it happening! (2 comments) surprised myself and did a hilly multi-terrain 5k in 34.11mins - yay! 2nd in my age group ;) (10 comments) has woken to a white, foggy, world - waiting for that moment when the sun breaks through! (1 comments) is enjoying mushrooms & spinach with spicy sauce for breakfast! (2 comments) run. done. fun. (1 comments) calm........... (1 comments) I FORGOT to post my Friday Daffy! (1 comments) has woken up to a beautiful morning - off to work in bit, but the sunshine makes it less of a chore! (2 comments) Sunday - wishing you joy, love, peace & protection whatever your faith xxx (3 comments) is off to work..... (2 comments) is off to work..... (4 comments) is off to work ......... looking forward to a day off tomorrow (2 comments) has been out and back before anyone spotted me! ha! (1 comments) walking the field paths to Zennor - this is a favourite path - it comes out on the cliff path overlooking the sea - beautiful (5 comments) is feeling great after a good yoga session & some strong stretches - I've earned a coffee (or should I say - time for my PLANNED coffee? and take out the reward idea!) woke with a headache; sipped tea & listened to the rain falling; taking it easy today (9 comments) run. done. fun. day of laundry, shopping, food prep ..... & plenty of tea :) (2 comments) just had enough time to post this - in case you didn't know - it's FRIDAY! (3 comments) Happy Fathers' Day! Thank you Dad RIP x is embracing the Summer Solstice & hoping to see the Strawberry Moon this evening is putting on a smile & heading off to work - hoping for a sort of Tim Peake effect :D (1 comments) appreciated a virtual hug this morning - so here's coming back at ya! (5 comments) oh, hello Daffy! it is really Friday again already? I can't think straight today............ (3 comments) is up & ready to run - stoked to see I have a 'featured blog'! so happy to know I was able to inspire a few Sparkers xx (10 comments) is having breakfast at the beach with my friend - the sun's not shining, but we don't care! (5 comments) has a calm day ahead - shop, walk, clear in-tray, laundry, evening class - calm is what I need :) (2 comments) Siblings me, my sister, my brother I must have been about 8yrs old - so, that's..........1962 (1 comments) My and my son June 2015 (1 comments) My daughter-in-law and my son, dancing, on skates, at their wedding June 2015 stupid banner ......grrr how to I stop it stretching the picture? (1 comments) Daffy is back! (1 comments) has decided to be happy at work today :D Happy Sparking to all my friends in the land of BBQ and Cheesecake! Happy 4th July weekend! (1 comments) Celebrate ... with salad! Happy 4th July! (3 comments) message from work has put me in a state of high alert - trying to not try (!) to keep calm and carry on! (2 comments) I am taking this view to work with me - in my mind's eye (2 comments) am wearing my summer dress today - it's July, & I want to get SOME wear out of it! (2 comments) is grateful for her Spark Friends - you're wonderful! (4 comments) is glad to be home and savouring a proper coffee - luxury! Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! (UK political reference) I will not let my distress about the political chaos knock me off my Sparky road to health & happiness xxxxx (3 comments) it's Friday, and it's a Day Off for me today - how cool is that?! (3 comments) it's a beautiful day! (2 comments) only has 4.5hrs to work this eve (squeal of delight!) before 9 days' holiday (squeal of delight!) Hooooo-Ray!!!! (5 comments) it's time for Park Run! (4 comments) am getting a bus UP the hill out of town, then running back DOWN to the sea - the field path has these lovely granite rocks Oh my lor' - is that the time already? where is the day going to? (3 comments) is aiming to stay balanced today (2 comments) end of month - budget plan to be done! visit friend who is not well enough to come to lunch with me today (1 comments) This is St Ives, in Cornwall, South West of the UK, where I live :D (13 comments) this was me at about 112 lbs in 2012. I'm now (2016) about 119 lbs - so close to getting back there (17 comments) 7 April 2013 - out for a walk on the South West Coast Path in Cornwall (4 comments) focus on what I CAN do NOW March 2014 (3 comments) sunset over St Ives June 2014 (2 comments) me playing with Bagas Porthia - a traditional Cornish music band - this was taken in 2013. (5 comments) mind map - coping with distraction (2 comments)

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