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Mini-habits (1) stretch toes (2) empty bins (3) open news in Cornish email (this photo is not my toes!) (1 comments) Jessica Smith 15 min ankle & toes workout. Foot therapy 20/100 (1 comments) Foot therapy 22/100 after yoga a lovely photo by @LeeJPalmer (twitter) of poppies in a field at Polly Joke, Cornwall - suits my mood - I've been out for a wonderful cliff-top run which was a soul-saver! (5 comments) is so grateful to be able to run, and to have a gorgeous place to run (1 comments) I went for a run at 7am, and a walk at 4pm; I'm staying out of the heat today! This is Cornwall, UK! This is unusually hot. (5 comments) Wednesday.......... (2 comments) Foot therapy 35/100 (2 comments) Thursday thought to help me through the day (2 comments) is (2 comments) Foot therapy 36/100 is having a homey day I am starting to be able to separate my 2nd & middle toes on my right foot! Foot therapy 18/100 (1 comments) Foot therapy 17/100 foot therapy 16/100 (1 comments) (1 comments) (6 comments) Homemade tofu burgers #yummy (1 comments) lovely stroll out along the coast path - with a half-hour lunch break in the sunshine! bliss! (5 comments) (13 comments) Volunteering at Park Run, Easter 2017 - can't run, but can still Spark! (5 comments) 20th Feb 2017 Feeling 'in the pink!' (6 comments) 30 March 2017 I'm a GrandParent! How amazing! I'm so blessed! born today - SO CUTE (17 comments) 28 February 2017 - sheltering from the bitter wind and enjoying a hot drink at Carn Nuan (2 comments) me! February 2017 (9 comments) December 2016 - Park Run 5k (8 comments) Getting away from it all - June 2015 (7 comments) Kyle Kranz - running coach (1 comments) this was me (on the left) at 8.45am on Xmas Eve, 2016 prior to the Park Run 5k - it was cold! (7 comments) November 2016 Vision Board (6 comments) is back home - ah! the sea, the wind, the rain, the air........... breath deeply & relax (7 comments) there's a beautiful moon tonight (3 comments) how to construct a salad jar - for the curious :) (2 comments) I am taking this view to work with me - in my mind's eye (2 comments) My and my son June 2015 (4 comments) walking the field paths to Zennor - this is a favourite path - it comes out on the cliff path overlooking the sea - beautiful (5 comments) my mantra for today is 'hydrate!' (1 comments) Park Run in the rain 2nd April - I'm the one on the right with the funny rain hat (it works!) (5 comments) Beach finds: sea glass & roses find him on twitter @LeeJPalmer - beautiful photos (3 comments) parkrun 28.11.15 (4 comments) November 2015 - Official Ultimate Spark Challenge (2 comments) facebook (6 comments) St Ives in Cornwall (4 comments) (1 comments) the sun setting over St Ives (where I live) what a lovely end to the day! (1 comments) the sand bar is the Hayle Estuary (2 comments) This was the daily view from the chalet I stayed in for my holiday - St Ives on the horizon (2 comments) I saw this photo on twitter @happyherbivore and thought it was so insiring I wanted to share it (3 comments) Bagas Porthia - traditional Cornish music band, leading the parade through the streets of St Ives (2 comments) (5 comments) watching the sea................. (1 comments) looking over St Ives Bay from Rosewall Hill (2 comments) a typical mine building seen in West Cornwall - this is called Wheal Sisters, nr Cripplesease (6 comments) This is St Ives, in Cornwall, South West of the UK, where I live :D (13 comments) 7 April 2013 - out for a walk on the South West Coast Path in Cornwall (5 comments) sunset over St Ives June 2014 (3 comments) me playing with Bagas Porthia - a traditional Cornish music band - this was taken in 2013. (5 comments)

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