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Bayonetta. This is one of my goal pictures. Another Bayonetta picture. One day I will look like this! My yiayia & I at the beach in 2010. One of the very few pics of me in a bathing suit. (2 comments) My cousin and I in the summer of 2007. I had lost a tiny bit of weight, but I'm still pretty puggy! Me in 2007. Can't see my whole body, but you can tell I am overweight by my face and upper body. Another '07 photo. Again my face looks fatter then it should be. I had lost some weight by this pic. Summer '08. Face is skinnier, pretty much at goal weight. But I still don't want full body pics! Blurry pic from probably early '07. This is my heaviest weight.. probably close to 170 if not more. Early '07. Side view at my heaviest weight. I still can't believe I let myself get to that point. Probably mid '07. Not much of a difference, but slightly smaller in a few areas. Side view mid '07. Tiny bit smaller, but not by much. Little later in '07. Now there is even more of a difference in my weight and size. Progress! Later in '07. My butt is starting to look smaller and my belly isn't sticking out as much. May of '08. Almost down to goal weight. One of the very few good pictures of me. Jan '09. I reached my goal and I must say I look pretty good! Jan '09. My sweet cousins and I. I love these girls. Double rainbow. I can't believe I caught this on film. Christmas '08. Dad and Grandma. My CC.. or big fat brat Fiercer When Opposed/All The Stronger When Opposed Go Greece!! My Saint Really bad picture! My mom and I in 2006. Not at my heaviest, but I was slowly getting there.

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