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Me, 12 Years ago. With me is Stonehenge, (6'1" at the shoulder). Who IS that lady, Can't be me!! (2 comments) Me, doing Pilates. This was taken March 31,2007. A long way from first pic! (2 comments) This is my Falcao. A great schoolmaster. He knows more than I do & patient. did I say BIG? (6 comments) This is Robert, my husband, and Sylvester. Sylvester has just passed away. We miss him (1 comments) my 2007 show quilt before quilting. One of my best! (7 comments) A Better shot of my husband, the engineer. The look says it all! (2 comments) My MIL -- 94 yrs young. I want to live life like she did! (1 comments) My neice, Christine and I in Germany in 2004 at New Schwanstein castle. A Cool trip! (1 comments) Me in 2000 showing Stonehenge. See, there are REAL trees in Arizona! (2 comments) One of the reasons I love Arizona. Sunset over Santa Rita Mountains (3 comments) This is at my house. We were having a Shibori dyeing class. It was a blast! (2 comments) This is my latest -- A horse show ribbon quilt. It was one of my best ribbon quilts! (1 comments) This is a lap sized baby Honu quilt I did for a client. I love it the feet are loose! (6 comments) Doing our first ever canter half pass. Sandy said it would earn us a "9" at a show. Great Fun! (3 comments) Me sitting pretty after closing ceremonies. I have finished 38 miles! (5 comments) Falcao and I at a show a year ago, getting ready to go out to ride a test (2 comments) My friends and I with a quilt top finished. It is a work of love and will go to a friend. (2 comments) Falcao and I on Friday, 4/4/08. He's standing in a hole, so he looks smaller. (1 comments) Falcao and I in El Paso before Freestyle 4/2/09 (2 comments) Headshot of Falcao all dressed up for a show in Spring '09 (4 comments) Falcao and I at the Tucson Show, March 09 (1 comments) A good trot shot from the Scottsdale Show... We won this class! (1 comments) Robert and I Sept 08 at the San Diego Zoo (1 comments) July, 2009. San Diego Wildlife Park. Getting close contact with a giraffe. Beautiful animal! (1 comments) The hat and I. We were close friends all week in San Diego! Near Sunset in La Jolla. Off the seawall for the Children's beach. Pia and I with one of the giraffes at the San Diego Wildlife Park. It wa great to get close to the wildlife! Lorikeet attack! Feed one, you get more! Baby Giraffe Neat flower I found at the zoo! OK, I did go out to the beach. Gotta ditch these shorts, tho! (1 comments) Shamu~! Pilot Whales. They were beautiful. Night Shamu shot The view out our hotel window. Cool!

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