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Susan with Margaret Dunavin and Helen McNea, August 2010. "The Ladies" on our MOW's delivery route. (1 comments) JadynRose for Irish Fest July 2012 Naomi with her hair in braids July 2012 David with the silly string July 2012 Susan at garden club June 2012 Denny relaxing on our front porch May 2012 Susan's self photo March 2012 Our beloved pet Libby (3 comments) My 53rd birthday at Mi Casa. I love this orange outfit but they wouldn't let me keep the hat! (1 comments) Naomi, David & JadynRose, my 3 Alaska grandchildren (1 comments) My youngest daughter, Brandy, her friend Jeff Graham & me, while in Brodhead, Wi visiting my brothe My cat Nutmeg and dog Libby. They aren't spoiled or anything are they? (3 comments) Susan, Brandy & JadynRose at the Mendenhall Glacier 07/2008 (1 comments) Bama O, Rahel & Lori-the newest granddaughter-07/2008 (2 comments) Me & Hubby dancing in Colville, Washington 09/2008 (1 comments) David looking cute - Easter 2009 Rahel and Naomi playing - Easter 2009 Naomi & Bampa Denny play checkers 03/2009 The Buck Family at Easter 2009 Jeff, Aspen, Wanda 04/2009 Susan with her eldest daughter and granddaughters in Wisconsin 04/2009 Fernando Jiminez, my new son-in-law 04/2009 Amie, Denny w/Samantha, Susan, Candy, Fernando, Beth and Nichole in Wisconsin 07/2009 Susan and Shawn Sharp, Elvis tribute artist in Wisconsin 04/25/2009 Lori and Rahel at the supper for Erisman's 06/01/2009 Libby laughing 06/06/2009 (2 comments) Susan performs "Little Egypt" 06/24/2009 (2 comments) Daughters of the New Moon 06/24/2009 Dancing to The Diamonds 07/03/2009 Waiting for the parade to start in Juneau 07/04/2009 Lori, Nathan, Rahel, Bama O at Iz & Andy's party 07/2009 Colleen, Denny, Susan in Kalispell, MT 07/2009 (1 comments) Denny in the Badlands! 07/2009 Susan, Brandy, JadynRose 07/2009 Therese & Steven; Denny & Susan; Shawn Sharpe; Wanda & Jeff w/Aspen in Brodhead, WI 07/2009 Family gathering: Nichole, Fernando, Candy, Samantha, Susan, Beth; Denny & Amie in back row. 07/2009 My brothers and me: Jeff McLain, Susan Oldacres, Steven McLain 07/2009 Denny & Susan on formal night aboard the Golden Princess 03/12/2010 (3 comments) Susan & Denny onboard the Golden Princess 03/2010 (1 comments) Miranda Rose Buck, 11 lbs 15 oz, 22 inches Newest addition to make 3 generations, Ginger & Miranda Buck, Susan Oldacres (2 comments) Miranda Rose Buck and Grandma Susan O (1 comments) The grandkids at Dixie Stampede: JadynRose, Samantha, Beth & Amie 04/24/2011

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