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Color Therapy app a few months ago. Color Therapy App - May 2016 (3 comments) Oops - I saw I had missed a spot or two! (2 comments) To gain access to iOS 9+ feature of requesting desktop page (to access some of the SparkPeople features not available in mobile mode). Thanks, Coach Denise! And if you are practicing but don't really want desktop mode, you can touch "cancel" and go back where you were! Yay! (1 comments) New (to me) #NACV in glass gallon jar! I already decanted mine into my empty quart jars! Yea! Been a long time since I last could get NACV by the glass gallon! #recycle #bettertaste #savings (2 comments) Sundog on left side. #Walking is wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July for everywhere in the world where it is or just was the 4th, and Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans. Mowed down the grass, just in time for next rain. Nourished most of the mosquitos in the county. 😜 83 degrees feels like 96, we are walking in circles waiting for AAA to do battery work on his old SUV. 80% humidity! Wakes about 20 minutes so far. Yay! Ate chicken before the game so not really "hungry", but for free tickets I wanted to buy something to nibble on. I could do worse... (1 comments) I wasn't walking in this ... Did drive under part of it though. This is part of #panorama I posted on my @Twitter/MsDrPepper last night. (8 comments) What I saw along my walk this morning... (1 comments) Salad for Breakfast!! Yum! (3 comments) Walked up and down Falls Creek trail in Steamboat Springs, CO - didn't have proper shoes and water for a longer visit. Snowed, too! (4 comments) The Falls - I zoomed in a little bit from the lookout point. (3 comments) Tired of apps draining battery because they want to be on "Always" - when bring on GPS only when using the app isn't good enough. We'll try an end run here... (1 comments) Happy Mother's Day (USA, officially, but Worldwide, as far as I am concerned - should be Every Day!) to everyone who has children, whether alive now, or alive in our hearts and cherished memories, adopted in love, foster, men who have raised children, fur babies, Grandmothers, Aunties, if you consider yourself a Mom, Mother, Mommy, Nana, whatever you call yourself or your loved ones call you - this card is for you - as it says inside: "Hoping it makes you smile just knowing I think you're pretty (1 comments) Trying out something. Upload from phone to here, inside SP iPhone Pep app. Then I think I can upload to SP Color book Team? (2 comments) Snow melted today - 53 degrees this evening... (2 comments) Yaay!! I found my Spark Activity Tracker!! (It was attached to a camisole - which I usually don't do. It's back on my shoe, woo hoo! (1 comments) Remember my crabapple tree blooms yesterday? (6 comments) The survivors - after three days of relentless winds!! (1 comments) We were at the @WesternSizzlin yesterday in Okla and I was pleased and impressed with the ending on our receipt! No wonder they are #blessed! (2 comments) Off to Oklahoma for a funeral. Winds are high. The sun yesterday was eerie peeking through the dust and smoke (fires). Parts of back roads we likely not have Internet coverage. (1 comments) And we're off! We have also had high winds so these blooms might not last a week!! (3 comments) Saw this in Facebook, thought about my Rebounding Sparkers!! This was the basic path, but not full round trip (forgot to start this app after I started charity Miles app. (1 comments) I had no idea Ginger is so high in iron! 10 grams is roughly 2 tsp (USA), best I can tell. Very soothing to achey body in a warm bath, but it adds more warmth! I use smaller bottle in kitchen. Time to let go bag and buy another! (1 comments) I bought this 14 oz bag at an Asian grocery store - for restaurants or cooks who don't mess around using lots of Ginger. But why? >> see part 2 (1 comments) Driving home from funeral in Dallas (at DFW National Cemetery). day 176 of my streak for "Drink 8 cups of water per day" earned 2/2/2016 (1 comments) Distracted by playing junk games on my phone and forgot to check in! (2 comments) Rebounded 30 minutes with Rebpunder Hound! πŸ˜› (4 comments) Mango Lassi - yogurt & mango, nice antidote to the warming effects of spicy Indian food last night! After repeatedly making suggestions ever since Zevia first came out in aluminum cans (which I can taste, ewww!), I saw this clear Zevia Ginger Root Beer today in bottles! Will taste tomorrow after refrigeration overnight. Zero calories using stevia, and bonus - no allergen causing caramel food color! Woot! (2 comments) The rest of my ghee went into recycled jelly jar (disregard the use by date - I think jelly was used up long before the 1-2 year use by date.). It still looks liquid. I need to take a photo of it now, some 24+ hours later. This morning I noticed it was more solid looking. I'm also concerned I didn't get everything cooked out, despite cooking for longer than an hour. My heat might have been too low. From what instructions say, I should have had about 25% less volume. I started with 2 pounds (32 o I'm recycling a clean, DRY glass jar (which originally had fermented sauerkraut.). I've seen & bought ghee in all sizes and shapes of glass or metal containers. (1 comments) Straining out more of the water foaminess... Skimming off the water foam as it cooks down. Stirring lumps of butter to prevent sticking and burning. Butter on sale $1.99 on sale (pound). I took photos sort of out of sequence as I had already chopped up previous sticks (to help butter melt faster.). 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Looking east of the sunset, where the clouds are coming out of the south west headed north-easterly... Driving home & had to stop! (2 comments) Just leaving the car wash... (1 comments) Nooooo!! Schwan's "new" Chicken Pad Thai sounds kosher - but then they have SHRIMP in it! I am already allergic to shrimp! (1 comments) Was noticing an amazing sunrise as I walked Java, but took a while to get to the park area where I get a better view of the horizon...and then discovered the left side sun dog, took a photo, and then realized the right side had a better, bigger sun dog on the right side. There's all sorts of scientific names for the phenomenon but "pretty" and "thankful" works well for me!! (2 comments) How do I completely disconnect "Chatty Cathy"? I got the audio turned off for the paces, distance, segments, etc but starting up and after I have selected finish /save options, the witch starts talking and I have no clue what she is saying (nothing to Lipread!)...very creepy intrusion into my thoughts while I was working. About to kick this app to the curb! Any ideas?? (2 comments) So, I want to make homemade vanilla extract - would this be a good base? I don't know what it tastes like...bought it years ago & never tried! Get vanilla beans yesterday. Or is rum, vodka, brandy, Kailua, amaretto better?? (5 comments) So, the new SparkApp discontinued the GPS tracker? Really? And the week ahead water tracker? πŸ˜’ And someone stole our dog last night, or Miss Houdini escaped her collar, not sure which. (4 comments) Heard this cook song on my Pandora station ("The Wallflowers" station.. Actually taking a nap in the heat. But got this bookmarked for later... πŸ˜„ (1 comments) This is my end-rub jack attempt to get photo from iPhone into my PC without actually syncing?? Then it can go in the blog, like I originally wanted it to do. (2/2) (3 comments) Once upon a time, SparkPeople phone app would let me take a photo while it was tracking my walk. This new SP app doesn't seem to offer that ability - yet we can take photos here inside Pep. Is this intentional? Or am I suddenly senile!? (1 comments) Sunset reflected in eastern skies (2 comments) Did the mad dogs & Englishmen thing walking here. Sweat is dripping!! I need to get on home to Kansas. Want to post more photos later!! (1 comments) I still driving home… Aren't these half pint cartons of buttermilk adorable? A little expensive, but I miss the paper cartons. Can't get these (or the brand) in Kansas. Got this in Illinois, great size for traveling. 10g of protein! Wow! (3 comments) Iowa has been holding out on us!!? BEST.BUTTERMILK.EVER!! Taking s little walk at the rest area south of Des moine IA, (1 comments) I was an investor on IndieGoGo for @PerfectFuels and at long last (2 years?), the new flavors are released - #Chia, #Expresso, and #Ginseng. Yum!! (1 comments) I was an investor on IndieGoGo for @PerfectFuels and at long last (2 years?), the new flavors are released - #Chia, #Expresso, and #Ginseng. Yum!! (1 comments) I was an investor on IndieGoGo for @PerfectFuels and at long last (2 years?), the new flavors are released - #Chia, #Expresso, and #Ginseng. Yum!! (1 comments) This Spark App GPS Workout tracker amuses me. I've no idea why apps can't utilize iPhone sensors to tell when I am walking forward and then backward when I mow (so I don't have to move electric cord just to turn around and mow the other direction.). Oh well. I agree with the 25 minutes as we had to get it done in daylight and before rain! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Dr Oz "The Docs" column in today's paper (PEP cropped part of it out, sorry!) about Saffron (spice) more effective for knee pain etc as a NSAID!! And yummy, too!! Saw this in my Twitter feed and I just HAD to share!! So TRUE!! πŸ˜› (1 comments) Argh my son brought dog out for last chance to pee before bed and found this baby rabbit. Of course, he wants me to take care of it! It's about 4" long. Possibly injured? I'm clueless ... (9 comments) Was trying to respond to a question on Facebook, asked by a young teenager I knew - she wanted to know the name of a color that "didn't exist"...and I saw a nice sunset after my walk this evening. Moved some wind-sown escapees out of yard closer to front door "bed" - 45 min exercise & Vitamin D intake for the day! Triple run! Score!! (1 comments) We had some hail - averaging half inch I think but some close to an inch. Glad I wasn't outside walking!! (1 comments) Yummy spinach walnut salad with grilled chicken and on-the-side honey mustard and raspberry vinaigrette to customize and control. (1 comments) Java's excited to do some "social networking this spring! And I couldn't figure out how to add the "flair"!? (6 comments) New Shoes Summer 2013 (3 comments) (2 comments) Purple Groovy Fractuals (3 comments) Fire Rainbow (Internet) Rainbow Colored Swirls (3 comments) Life is easier when you accept the apology you never got. (3 comments) The Creative Adult is the Child Who Survived. (6 comments) I'm always fretting about crap that happened in the past, and I need to leave it there. But how? (1 comments) Five pounds of muscle - top. Five pounds of fat - bottom. Notice the volume difference. A year from now you may wish you started today... The connection between the teeth and the body's organs. Walk yourself out of a bad mood. Studies show that even a 10 minute walk immediately boosts brain (1 comments) Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. "...Happiness doesn't come as a result...rather recognizing & appreciating what we do have." I love these shoes! I can't get them in my size! They are New Balance & I need 9.5-10 wide! (4 comments) Size it right. A guide to what one serving should look like (based on nutritional standards). My favorite SparkPeople Goodie!! More Reasons to Eat Fruit What's In Your Soda? Breaking down that Pop. Eighty perent of success is showing up "Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired." Jules Renard "We should consider every day lost in which we have not danced at least once." Nietzche Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that ...something inside you... greater than obstacle (1 comments) ...Some people who always seem angry...Walk away; the battle they are with themselves. Keep Calm and Train Hard! Making bad decisions is a part of live. Blaming others for your bad decisions is immature. One of the earliest "cell phone photos" I took of myself maybe 2005-06? (same weight as now!) (5 comments) Israel... the Light ... Blue ... (3 comments) Marie Wilcox Little 73 yr old in this photo - "Growing Old Is Not For Sissies" book (forgot author?) (1 comments) Serenity Prayer SMART - *S* specific *M* measurable *A* appropriate *R* realistic *T* time-based I like this quote... but I have not yet blossomed... (1 comments) "Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday." Sally Koch My Big Blue Gevalia "Tall Iced Tea" Glass - holds 24 oz. I love drinking from it & I love the color! (1 comments) Me & husband in 2007 & I still look like my "before" photo. Sigh. Thinking I'm around 245# here. (2 comments) This is me before my first wedding (Feb/Mar 1984), at about 130 pounds (10-15 pounds over goal). (5 comments)

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