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If we delete these photos from our phone camera roll, after we have posted them to @sparkpeople @pep - will the photos disappear from SP? (2 comments) The game is kind of a time-waster (kind of like Bejeweled or similar games), but the quotes when we win are usually useful. (2 comments) Plain yogurt sweetened with Stevie, pecans, strawberries & blueberries for dessert #SuperBowl2018 #SuperBowl2018 Cowboy Cavier... bell pepper poppers (mild), shredder brisket, and beans & cheese layer dip (forgot exact name). Also hummus and veggies crudités... yummy... (1 comments) (1 comments) Ahhh yogurt sweetened with stevia, topped with strawberries & blueberries and pecans. (We're Southern, so these are "peh-KAWNS", more or less. Hubby thinks it uses the backward "e" but I am too deaf to get International Phonetic Alphabet...). Ahhh yogurt sweetened with stevia, topped with strawberries & blueberries and pecans. (We're Southern, so these are "peh-KAWNS", more or less. Hubby thinks it uses the backward "e" but I am too deaf to get International Phonetic Alphabet...). Ahhh yogurt sweetened with stevia, topped with strawberries & blueberries and pecans. (We're Southern, so these are "peh-KAWNS", more or less. Hubby thinks it uses the backward "e" but I am too deaf to get International Phonetic Alphabet...). Ahhh yogurt sweetened with stevia, topped with strawberries & blueberries and pecans. (We're Southern, so these are "peh-KAWNS", more or less. Hubby thinks it uses the backward "e" but I am too deaf to get International Phonetic Alphabet...). was at doctor's office the other day for a procedure and she has this sign in her office! It's not square and doesn't fit in PEP feed. (1 comments) Family and I just finished a walk with the two dogs! Felt cruddy all day. Should have stopped stalling and gone for a walk earlier. But eventually I took dogs for a short walk this evening, and then did two bits of rebounding. It added up, even though I was just sure I had been a worthless slug!! Yesterday was a funeral for a family at church - the woman's in-law had died. Was really sad because her husband's mom was about 8 years younger than my mom. So later in the day, my DH & DS and I went out for a longer walk. First segment was with the dogs, and after they got their business done, we went home to take care of our business and drink some water. Left the dogs and then the three of us went on second segment - so the total was just under an hour! (2 comments) These are all little 10 minutes here and there walking around in hotel, up and down stairs, out around parking lot, etc. (2 comments) #Motivational #GoalFeats #DailyGoalChallenge (1 comments) Took a walk by myself. No husband, no kid, no dog/s, no distractions. Sometimes a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do! Breathe in, breathe out! (2 comments) Rebounding for about 45 minutes earlier and then walking this evening... FitBit and Walkr apps have a difference of opinion as to total numbers of steps. I'm not gonna micromanage! Just cheering because I was up and off my rear end at least part of the day!! Groupon has these portioned dishes on sale - also the glass kind -
This was yesterday, after walking the dog for awhile, trips downstairs and upstairs with laundry (walking route also gets counted as flights because of hills!). Also did some rebounding... later after I had rebounded another 20-30 minutes, the Walkr app said I went past 10,000 steps. This was last night - I had been kind of active but in shorter bursts, all day, and then went for longer walk around sundown. I was having internet problems and thought the minutes would never upload from tracker to app, and so when I suddenly saw the circle fill in with the exploding confetti, was pretty sure I was too late getting a screenshot. But yay, I got some of it here!! Walked around to doctors office and shopping and a walk around the house with the dogs, plus elevator rides up to 5th floor to mess with the "floors" count. Still fairly busy. Biopsy results not great news (but not really terrible either? Or I'm in denial??). #lunareclipse (3 comments) We have to filter our water. The blue and the yellow o cups are 24 oz each! Family walk near lake... 💖🌻 I like the add on graphics, so I can hide the speck of dust that is trapped on the inside of my lens... but husband & I took dogs for a short walk this morning. Will likely walk again this evening. This was our Sabbath backdrop as we all went for a family stroll!! Got some walking done an hour ago, got my "exploding confetti" on the time walked. We're on our way to my Mom's for #HomemadeChili and the sunset was too pretty to pass up. It trumps FitBit confetti! I love seeing the sunset from the park near the post office (next town over from us). Can see where the ice is gradually melting. Temps were in low 50's for the walk - much nicer than last week in the single digits! (1 comments) Things we saw along our walk this afternoon: a mini replica of "Keeper of the Plains" originally done by Blackbear Boson. It's one of the major things to see in Wichita (or KS).
Walking to the west... (1 comments) Wear warm clothes if you are gonna be outdoors tonight and tomorrow morning (KS/MO etc). Frostbite advisory - a good day to exercise indoors! (3 comments) Playing this "Bold Moves" phone game by Oprah Winfrey Network. I don't necessarily agree with all the quotes I see ("prize"), but this one seems to have some merit here. This one was apparently several years ago... (1 comments) Blatant screen grab of pinnable photo used in an Excellent SP article: Poll: Are Negative Usernames Helpful or Self-Defeating?
(4 comments) This is why I don't like keeping up with trackers etc... (1 comments) Saw this earlier today on Instagram - she is engaged to Prince Harry. But I thought the sentiment addresses many of our own issues here in SP. (2 comments) Just grabbed this as screenshot from the Reddit app... seemed to be particularly appropriate for many of us here... (2 comments) Day is done. When this was taken around sundown, I had finished around 4700 steps. Then I ended up rebounding later after dark to make my 10K total "steps"... (1 comments) Just got this in my email from a medical outfit - seems to fit here, as we are always talking about our @Sparkpeople #journey ... (2 comments) (1 comments) Well I moved today, that much is clear... but Fitbit claims I only walked (or moved the bottom end) 6K+ and #Walkr app says I moved 10,000 steps. Some was walking, some was pumping my hands but movement adds up. Walking in the cold... and back and forth into town. About 30 minute of this was our morning walk with the livestock... been rebounding the last 15-20 minutes... on track to reach 10,000 steps later! Feeling cruddy. Today is my birthday. Kind of depressed and tired. Did some rebounding although wasn't very energetic, plus I was going up and down stairs a few time (kitchen sink was clogged several hours this morning.). So anyway, woot woot a few minutes here and there and it all eventually added up. The day is not yet over! (2 comments) It was warm today - 33deg F - so husband and I took one lap around the longer route, came back for a water break (cold air is drying!) & for me to find gloves and a windbreaker to go on top of my other layers. Then the livestock decided THEY were stir-crazy and wanted to go with us on second lab (mile)! (1 comments) Round one - Rebounding 30 minutes... Wow! My husband and I decided to take a break and go for a walk while it was still daylight (reset circadian cycle after being up so late this morning). Lo & behold, our asked if he could walk with us! Wow!! First time in, oh, probably 8-10 years!! Earlier today, after the little dog and I went for mid afternoon walk. Yesterday's rebounding...and rebounding... and rebounding!! Too cold!! Not a lot of exercise... had to sit a long time so I was busy tapping my feet with my fitbit tucked into my sock! Carefully set a silent alarm on my FitBit this morning, to remind me of 3 pm doctor visit. Then evidently immediately afterwards, I put it back on the charge cord (it had charged all night!) instead of on my arm. The whole day was in town helping my friend out with her car issues. I got some walking in and made up more steps rebounding. Kinda tired since I had some coffee last night around 11 (thought it was my Keto friendly iced cream....duh!). So I was still rather short of sleep and that tend (1 comments) Rebounding yesterday... need to get cracking on today's minutes... A walk mid-day in kinda cold-ish weather (especially heading south into the wind), and topping off past 10K on the rebounder. Rebounding... What #Walkr says !! Did nearly 5000 this morning and then other walking and housework today added to the mix. #Walkr game says I have walked over 11,000 steps (and Fitbit ...oh! I forgot to put FB in my sock at the grocery store because it never registers steps when I am pushing a cart!). Sat through TWO showings of the newest "Star Wars" The Last Kedi as nauseum. Why? Total nutjob. Bought the IMAX tickets several weeks ago. Then Friday or Sat I found out the local theatre now has open captioned glasses. (A mixed blessing)... I did do some "walking" tapping my feet and even lifting feet in chair, rocking back & forth... So today we took the dogs through the parks and later on, I rebounded - which pushed me up over my 10,000 steps. Yay! (1 comments) Just got back from shorter walk. I'm not sure which planet is below the moon (there's an app for that!). There was barely pre-dawn light in horizon between the houses, but I doubt it's really visible in this photo. After an evening of walking down a couple of blocks to the home of my husband's boss (company meet & greet, hardly touched any of the kibble & snacks!), to & from a not-yet-opened restaurant, and up to another restaurant - I tripped the 10K steps on #Walkr app. Woot!! (1 comments) Went for a walk earlier this afternoon and caught the screen just as it was gettin' jiggy wid the confetti!! Elusive thrill - I know, I'm strange... This was yesterday's activity. Need to rebound today ... Also reached five days of working out, although today was a lot more relaxed of a workout... Hubby and I went for a walk. Not sure what happened to the rest of my caption. (2 comments) Rebounded this evening and both @Fitbit and @Walkr app agreed I went over 10,000 steps ... this is the third time in this week that I have tracked over 10K. So far today. May rebound yet some more this evening. (1 comments) Forgot to post this yesterday - most of it walking and then later, rebounded. This is according to the #Walkr app... their own little "rewards" which are somewhat more motivational than some systems... Rebounding ...and after I finished walk, I discovered I blew past my 10K steps !! Yay!! (3 comments) Walking dogs in three different stints, errands at the grocery store. FitBit says I only did about 9500 steps. Oh well... 😏 (2 comments) The day is still young, so I don't have total time/steps etc - but nothing like a little high five for a moment's thrill! Hope your day improves from here on! Wooot!! This was later last night like 10:30-11 pm, jogging in place upstairs. So the numbers are a little off, but I like the new #Walkr app updates to their Booster system. Also it counts every little step, not just those that are counted as a "workout" after 10 minutes the way FitBit does. @pangii A strange Thanksgiving and I got most of this dancing to the music. Beats me how I got 21 the car, maybe? Rebounder - got 10,000 steps ... From the #Walkr app (yea, they spell it without the E - don't know why?) Android/iOS app, free. It's the cutest #Space travel app...). (1 comments) Took two major shots at it, plus some toe tapping at the Captioned movie this afternoon - but both FitBit and #Walkr game/app agree I did 10,000 steps today. Got my rebound in... time to roll .... today is @SPOCKKS 'a birthday Those of you who want to prep meals for school/work - Groupon is having a big sale today (3 comments) Taking this with a grain of salt, since FitBit says that I only walked about 9,000 steps (as part of 40 minutes of rebounding)...but this was also later in the evening after walking in and out of parking lot and the two classes back and forth RJ the restrooms etc.). (1 comments) I wanted to wake up bright and early. Instead, I just woke up early. So I at least got a walk done this morning, took both dogs, separate jaunts. This is the total minutes of the two walks, as of when I took screen shot. Various activities... From the app - doesn't seem to have a way to share via usual channels, so I had to screenshot it...which means part of it gets cropped below. (1 comments) Been in a funk but finally got some rebounding done today.. Tapping... didn't get any big walks in... (2 comments) Not real energetic but I walked more than FB gave me credit for, because I had a lot of stop and starts at the various stores I went to (Ms. Don Quixote out looking for the perfect Bulgarian Fermented Buttermilk.)... (2 comments) Long story but ended up with three different walks this morning. Today's "today" is really today's - just went for a walk with my husband and got back a few minutes ago. Gotta move fast to catch screenshot of the exploding confetti. Otherwise I can do the "Share" generator and it will be labeled with the day and date ... but no exploding confetti. "Today" is actually yesterday (10-28-2017)... Rebounded 18 minutes and a lot of shorter walking bursts that were not long enough to trip off the 10 min for a "workout". Yet ai was up and down the stairs with laundry and other needs. (Yesterday). #BeforeAndAfter - well, more like "what a few extra minutes makes in calculating and re-calculating the randomly generated numbers for the various activities of the day, finally added up!" Oh well... Some rebounding, some walking around the house. Not as energetic as I should have been. This was a combination of walking the dogs earlier that day, tapping toes during the drive to & from the #captioned movie & tapping toes during the movie, and then rebounding 30 minutes later that evening when we got back home... Sunday ("The Mountain Between Us". Our son was with us. I didn't research & didn't know about the steamy Sex. Awkward!!!)... Monday evening. I have a different FItBit (wanna-be) replacement band... I have noticed recently that the vibrate "push" to indicate moving 10 minutes before the hour ends if I hadn't walked 250 steps yet - that vibration doesn't come through, even when it is set to On inside app. So I think other walking steps are not being counted as accurately either. Oh well. (1 comments) My reflexes were too slow for the exploding confetti when loading up the FitBit app... oh well!!! This was some more tapping feet during services and at restaurant... This was my Pollo Soups (Chicken Soup) at Las Palmas tonight after church. I had added broken chips before I remembered I'd forgotten to take a picture ... Walked morning and again evening yesterday (Thursday 19). Our livestock were deliriously happy to see us yesterday after we arrived at Grandma's house to pick them up. My mom babysat them while we were gone. Time to restart the daily walks! Oh!!! Duh!!! I didn't have permissions for photo access turned on for SP app. Toggles it on, saves settings, openedSP app (iOS), and voilà, it automagically populates with photos to pick from! Wheeee! I'm not too senile to learn new things... (stubborn, no doubt...). Hmmm well I was doing the tappity tap during services and did have to walk around the building (I walk to the third set of bathrooms farthest away from sanctuary) etc but 69 min for only 800+ steps? Kinda strange. (2 comments) Toe tapping and hand clapping during the drive home from the Fall Biblical Holidays. (1 comments) So far today. Hope to go for a little walk later tonight. Lots of walking around in stores and tippity-tapping feet during services & other times sitting in car or restaurants, etc. Breakfast. Gonna be a long day. Salad. Turkey burger from Aldi's. Fresh farm eggs from a friend who lives/owns farm north of here. Believe it's been in her family 3-4 generations. (2 comments) Yesterday (Tuesday) was Blood Drive day - so I was busy walking back and forth from front registration to the canteen area in back - lotta steps but no 10 minutes continuously. The steps wear one out, waking on concrete floors barely carpeted (corporate cube farm). Don't have time for a long workout today, so I got a JUMP on the day's totals by rebounding for a shorter length of time! Hoping to squeeze some walking times in today 10 minutes here and there. Didn't sleep well after eating too much last night (broke the Yom Kippur fast)... so I got in a walk this morning. Started a little before sunrise, can barely see sun in between all these houses... (1 comments) Went for a brief walk after we went to break the Yom Kippur Fast. Was surprised my total walking (or tapping feet fidgeting trying to stay awake during services) was a total of 30 min. There were ice crystals around the moon, almost looking like a sundog. They don't show up well (if at all) in this photo. Oh well! Another day of intermittent errands and shopping and helping my mom at the doctors. But we did take livestock for a "short walk" that ended up being 30 minutes just as I walked in the door of our house! (2 comments) @cattiecannslugg quite clearly, your glasses are smaller, more angular, don't have the silver metal hinge deals on the corners (1 comments) Stressful day... I ended up chauffeuring my gf to her client's house in her car (insert long story). Instead of shopping and going facedown in a Sugar Vat, I went for a 34 minute walk in the neighborhood where she works. Nice yards. Lots of flowers. Shoulda taken photos... I soooooo want to go to bed after this stressful day...friend borrowed our old pickup SUV to move (their house sold, and she was not included in the rash decision to sell)...and being so tired she had a wreck. No one was hurt so we are thankful for that. Long story is it was late when I got home and so I decided I would just do 10 minutes of rebounding. It turned into 30 minutes...admittedly not terribly energetically... but oddly soothing (especially when my little stinky HooverDysonRoombaShark (2 comments) According to random number generator, I did a total of not quite 11,000 steps - 40 minutes walking this morning and 30 minutes of rebounding. Now if I could just honor my needs for sleep and actually go to bed "at a decent hour" (! (1 comments) Walked this morning... gotta burn the glucose down! Just barely sunrise (too many houses east of us!). (1 comments) Went for walk after we got home late - walked the two dogs... sleeepy now Final totals - I had walked some this morning... like 35 minutes? So this was adding on various intermittent walking and a last call for the livestock to do their evening walk. My DS knows me all too well!! Brunch.. (1 comments) 60% humidity, 86 deg with heat index 92 deg, winds 8 mph sw but we are under high winds advisory after 1 pm (25-35 possible 45 mph gusts 1-7 pm). Reckon this is some disturbance from the incoming hurricanes?? (2 comments) End of the day totals up against the end of the day sunset we saw while finishing the walk with the dogs. KSMRSPOCK and I walked the dogs this morning. *yawn* (2 comments) Took both dogs to the other city park with my husband and we tromped all around one of the ball fields, and up to the north field and met the horses that live on the other side of the fence. I think they both enjoyed their "enrichment" time... Walked this morning, as I mentioned earlier. Then during services, I had FB monitor under my sock and tippy-tapped away, then went to eat and hiked in and back from parking lot. Got home, upstairs, and had 105 min. We just walked the livestock again so that is 27 more minutes. Also - made my 5 workouts this week goal. Took two walks with the livestock this morning. Both dogs went the first time, and foster dog did her doooty but alpha dog went on strike. So I took them home, let foster dog go take another nap. Then took alpha dog back on another walk around the "hilly" route and a) went past my 30 minutes, and b) racked up "five" flights of stairs. And this is only the morning time!! (2 comments) Yesterday I was doing some laundry and other chores at home, before I left to do some shopping. Kept parking farther away and walking in and out. Lotta steps but it's all shorter then 10 minutes, so FitBit doesn't count it. I was so tired last night and went to bed earlier than I had been. And overnight, the Walkr game does its own analysis of my footsteps to convert to their "energy" (which is used to do various game features like explore planets, share energy with fellow space "travelers", etc (1 comments) Today was a busy day shopping today and I forgot to put FitBit down under my sock to track walking (pushing a cart renders it "inactive", although I did track 15 min. Got some new walking shoes and this card was inside bag! (1 comments) Ok. 15 minutes of this is rebounding since I had some time before we left for movie, but not enough for 30 minutes. I figured I could rebound 15 this evening after movie. So then during the movie, I put FB around my ankle under sock, and tapped my feel during most of the movie - evidently 75 minutes worth. Not high energy but more calories burner than sitting down though this long, UNCAPTIONED (sad!) 35th anniversary edition of "Star Trek II - Wrath of Khan (Director's Cut). And no popcorn eithe (1 comments) Went for my 30 minute walk but we had some pauses on the way stopping for the dog to poo and stopping to let neighbors down the street know that their car interior lights were on. The guy was polite and thanked us for stopping by. (We had been noticing a smell of like airplane glue or some such, which seemed to be coming from the back side of the rental home...). So net result was that FitBit docked me a minute for "standing". Phooey!! It's my walk - I'll pimp it up however I want to!! Went for walk after dinner, around 9 pm, but forgot to get the "proof" uploaded! Good night!! Ok, so this is a combination of walking in various segments today - about 26 minutes for morning walk, just over 17 minutes for quick evening walk after we got home from services & dinner with friends. I ate too many chips but only ate about 1 of the 3 enchiladas suizas... that's for lunch mañana!! (1 comments) And here they are, taking their break... Walked the two dogs today. I guess I'm about to own two dogs - been doing foster care for my gf dog, but don't yet have paperwork to get her city license (our town charges for pets to live inside city limits, and requires proof of rabies shot - which both dogs have had.) #deliciousdailymoment We went for a trip, to see the #Eclipse. Along the way, we went to #LittleSweden, KS (Lindsborg), with their #DalaHorses around town: Walked our "foster care" dog this morning with my husband and our dog. Had to cut my walk shorter as Daisy was in some pain with her hips. So she has her toiletries done and is happy to be resting. Well... I started off to take a walk with our dog and my new "foster" dog. But we had to cut that walk short... so then later I finished with 15 minute of rebounding. Felt cruddy all day, actually the last few days... pretty sure I'm detoxing from the arch nemesis SugarMonster. So I finally did some rebounding this evening - saying "I can quit after 10 minutes...". I love FitBit exploding confetti, sooo I went 30 min to get it! (2 comments) Was supposed to be "just ten minutes" and it turned into 19. Ha. My neck still has a dull ache though... Woot!! Received my 15 #gallon pin from @RedCross @RedCrossBloodCP in the mail today! (Slide 2) and here we see I only walked 1.08 miles for this past 30 min walk. But, there is extra minutes from where I started Runkeeper in the house, before putting phone in my sock and walking out the door, and then forgetting to turn it off immediately after coming home. Trying to keep all these "plates" (apps) spinning at the same time and keeping mentally sharp is tricky! Plus we had additional excitement of trying to help capture a dog named Shooter who was AWOL from his parents. Got that (2 comments) Every picture tells part of the story - here, we see that my walk was actively 31 minutes, but I walked 2.48 miles or so. Part of that was the intermittent time walking around shopping earlier today. (Next slide, plz! ▶️). ...and dinner in town was at PepperJax Grill. Wanted chicken, but they had just sold out to the family who had a huge to-go order before me. I got the smoked brisket bowl and only ate about half of it. The rest is lunch tomorrow. Yum! Didn't get much done - kind of an "off", not much sleep last night, and went downhill from there. I got some walking in waiting to meet the DH/DS for dinner in town... Saw sunset about halfway into walk. Walked dog. Gorgeous day here for a walk 74 deg F & 60% humidity. Prayers for family and friends & rest of the people in SoTexas... More like what actually happened ... You can tell this isn't right, because of the pace in the 2nd mile and beyond ... no way I'm up to 9.whatever mph! I'm not Mercury!! Walked dog at the Kechi pond. Was a nice day, pleasant weather ...78 deg F, 47% humidity, winds 2 mph NE. Lot of people out enjoying the park. I need to remember to bring books to the Little Library. I forgot to pause Runkeeper when I got in car and drove off, so it is fawning all over me for my "fastest workout". I call It garbage, that they don't allow me to edit where and when Walk actually ended. (More like 1 Mile in about 26 some odd minutes.)... see the "Splits" graphic next ... (1 comments) Planted two Hosta plants out front, under the crabapple trees... one is a "Komodo Dragon" and other is "Neptune". Also clipped out some volunteer plants and trees out of the iris bed, dead leaves, stray grass etc. Got my sweat on! But time to get out of sun as I am feeling a bit prickly like sunburn - will wash up with NACV to stop it. (1 comments) Walked hubby and dog. 67% humidity with a temp of 81 deg F feeling like 84. I managed to break a sweat... not very often that happens. (2 comments) Bits and pieces all day, but they do add up. So does the eating ... unfortunately... (1 comments) Kind of a disjointed day, but I got my 30 minutes of rebounding done... time for bed now! 😴 (1 comments) Rebounding, up and down stairs, laundry put on the line and back. I still have more to do. #deliciousdailymoment (1 comments) Home last night from our Eclipse trip to Nebraska. Took dog out for quick walk. Need to get something to eat. Hubby is mowing. Why are the neighbors kids out of school today?? (1 comments) Not very good at taking totality photos. (2 comments) We've been packing all morning and then got in car and drove to hotel. After that, ate dinner & went hiking at Coronado Heights! Rebounded earlier this evening, just before sundown. (1 comments) My cousin's husband has a GoFundMe to get a Monocle, since his eye doctor said the other eye fine. I didn't know these were still made - and I have been wanting one for reading. This evening I started reading a 2014 edition of the Guidepost magazine, and here in the back is the ad for the company my cousin's husband wants to order from!! Wow!! Not glamorous to do some house cleaning in a house of guys (DH/DS), but I'll take the "General Housecleaning" exercise minutes! Up on my Amazon playlist was "Close Your Eyes" by Meghan Trainor I wasn't really familiar with the singer, and surprised by her lyrics! Enjoy! (By ultraviolet light - left side, before cleaning and right side, after cleaning. Guys! Have mercy on Mom!!). (3 comments) And here is a merged version of my FitBit sync page after my walk... yay! Does anyone have this book or the Audio version? I had hearing aids on about this location & she goes into 10 strategies of how Satan distracts people - relationships, identity, etc but I never could understand what she was saying for strategy #1... anyone know? Thanks!! Walked this morning! Remember Thursday's post from my FitBit claiming I had only done 24 minutes? I had forgotten I grabbed a screenshot from my #Walkr app giving me credit for all the walking and shopping all over town and at the park with my dog... yay! Rebounding (1 comments) Rebounded - but some of this was slower paced. I guess I should have done earlier in the day (even though I woke up feeling awful...headachey all day.). Lotta little movements all day so way more than 30 minutes - but Fitbit only tracks 10 min at a time. I've been tired all day but didn't sleep well last night either. Raining now. (1 comments) Rebounded this morning Found this on @Twitter - boy, this is a hard one for me... (3 comments) DS is helping me assemble my new rebounder!! He wanted to do it even tho "it's hard" (and keeps him off the video games a couple of hours! ForTheWin!!). (1 comments) Took a little stroll around the neighborhood with my husband and our dog. Weather was pleasant, just under 70 degrees. Forgot to post this after I rebounded last night. The FitBit syncing went completely through the screen with ZERO minutes, and only lit up 13 floors (of outdoor elevation I evidently did from the day's activities at audiologist (1 comments) The *MOSTLY* healthy snacks for the blood donors after their donation. Surprising how many go for the freggies and skip the chocolate. Mom's Homemade cookies - made from scratch, no premade frozen stuff... she has a LOT of adoring male donor friends now!! (1 comments) Walked home from the gas station (son drove it home) earlier this evening (yes, I know I'm supposed to be asleep now.). Was around 9:30 or so... Long afternoon tromping around the shopping area, stopping at some 15-20 businesses to leave flyers for the ARC Blood Drive on Wednesday. I nearly missed my exploding confetti, so so am going to embellish it some more! Ready for a soaking in epson salts and lavender! Short walk with the dog, getting to be hot. That's my 10 minutes down and then done. Got plenty to do inside and around. Short walk. Walked a slow walk with the dog and my husband.. Sleepy!! Finished rebounding .... Drips and dabbles through the day... but I still got some time in... Got some rebounding in... Some of these cartoon characters (or their cartoonists) need to join SparkPeople! (1 comments) Lunch - I've no clue what nutrition is for Yakahoma style Chicken Paitan Ramen. Didn't eat all the noodles. I suspect that's it for the day. The heat is getting to me and we still have to drive across town so my gf can cut my son's hair. Merged two screenshots together, because after I did my time on the rebounder, the calories exploded first, then the 30 minutes. Whatever ... Rebounded this evening... wasn't fast enough on the draw to get the exploding confetti... Meanwhile, I believe I got some useable video of the Fitbit cheering on my tracker itself. If so, check my blog ("Film At Ten" hee hee). (2 comments) Got some exercise here and there, including some rebounding!! (1 comments) Took dog for walk after we got home from services. Walk got aborted about 15 min into it, because friend called hubby to get help for car trouble. On our way for that and at least I got my 5 workouts goal for the week. Woot! And it is MUGGGAH! (1 comments) Thanks to SPOKENWORD's help, I thought I would post this. Wanted to rebound for 30 minutes but not so hard that I won't be able to sleep soon. We'll see how that plays out tonight. 😴🌻 (2 comments) Got it done! I don't know why I don't do this early in the morning. It's like I think I need a "last minute deadline"? Oddly, my scales showed lighter, even though it didn't seem like I really "lost" weight (the Throne room and all that ... 🚽). I'll take it! (1 comments) I'm puzzled by the FitBit sleep tracker... why do I get a curvy line some nights, and straight bars other night? Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason, nothing to toggle on or off. Makes me feel like I am being punished. Any FB users see this or know why/how FB displays some as straight bars and others as curvy lines?? (4 comments) (3 comments) Whew. Warm inside even though it is air conditioned. Rebounding isn't a "pouffy" light exercise. Was reading along trying to compare "apples to oranges" (which of several websites have the same items at same price. Each site is a bit different)... and I got to here and laughed out loud!! Totally not expecting that!! (2 comments) Got rebounding done around 8:45 pm!! Yay!! (1 comments) Hubby and I walked home from Spangles (hamburger place). Got home and realized I had forgotten my FitBit!! (1 comments) Oh hey, in other news, I blew past 10,000 steps today, woo hoo!! Barely caught the exploding confetti. You saw it here first!! Shalom!! (1 comments) Don't know whatever possessed me to go on a longish walk with the dog, after mowing so much this morning. Got to catch some rays so I guess that is good motivation!! Shalom!! More than one way to get workout minutes in and my sweat on, too!! Temps are already in the 90's (I finished about 45 minutes ago.). (4 comments) Didn't sleep well today, only 4 hours. But I finally did squeak out an 11 minutes rebounder workout, and then did some minutes here and there which added up, evidently - "shadow boxing" or "flat lander jumping jacks" and running in place. Need to figure out where FitBit hides my cardio data. I see it accidentally at times and haven't figured out how I accidentally got there (how to recreate the process on purpose!). One of these days. But I need to get to bed sooner!! (2 comments) Walked dog, met up with husband, and spent most of an hour picking up fireworks litter and pulling up weeds in the park. 76 degrees, 74% humidity, 1 mph NNE. Lots of bending and squatting so I ended up working up a sweat- yay! Off to the baths!! #unfiltered (3 comments) Curious - does anyone know how many ounces are assumed in the SparkPeople "glass" in the water tracker part of the app? Curious - does anyone know how many ounces are assumed in the SparkPeople "glass" in the water tracker part of the app? Sooo we had angus steak burgers tonight. It's been hazy all day, which made for an interesting sunset behind the gas station - just before the sun went completely behind the freeway (west of the gas station). With the neon light of the diner, this had, I thought, almost a surreal 1950's postcard "glow" to it... (1 comments) Oops almost forgot to upload this early morning walk photo. Housing development is in the way of really good sunrise photos. Dog work me too. Whee! 30 min of rebounding and 5 workouts this week!! (1 comments) Strange. Rebounded 30 minutes and Fitbit tracker did its celebration sparkles and vintage mode - but - when I came to the app, it coughed up 29 minute! I've no idea why! Does anyone know what this flower is? Kinda reminds me of Salvia ...but I didn't think they were that bushy. Not lavender either. I'll probably ask the Park Board. FitBit claims I only walked 37 minutes - so quite a bit of difference, but Runkeeper was prolly still running when we were stopped picking up litter etc. (1 comments) Just in case my Colorado or Nebraska Kanas SparkFriends haven't seen this Amber Alert!! Headache this morning ... but I did finally rebound this late afternoon. Depending on which tracker you believe, the dog and I walked quite a few minutes at least, if not miles. *yawn* Doctor visits and a lunch date with my husband for last week's anniversary of our engagement, and I finally got my walk in. Yay. Was trying to download and catch the exploding confetti after I got home from walk, just as son walked out with out with our hyper dog, jumping all over me and distracting me. So I had to pit my own faux exploding confetti on here. Yay! Woke up around 6-6:30 am and it was raining hard. I fiddled around online for a hour and realized it wasn't thundering any more. So dog and I went for a walk. 64 degrees F. but 96% humidity, ack!! Happy Father's Day, y'all! (Yea I know it's a USA thing but as far as I'm concerned it is world-wide!). Happy Father's Day - to all our Fathers, whether their children are alive or have gone on before us, or who are fathers who love their step-children, foster care dads, fathers who adopted children, or the single moms who fill both roles in the lives of their children. You know who you are! 😘 Happy Father's Day!! Hahaha! Not gonna happen quite like this!! (1 comments) Hot but not as hot as it is gonna be! 86 deg F now, heat index "feels like" 94 deg with 71% humidity. Walked dog. Also a little too late because I sunburn easily so I kept this one short. Rebounded! Then off to special date dinner (22nd Anniversary of when boyfriend proposed to me! 💖😘🎉 We're home!! Kind of a start and stop walk, spent some time sitting on the bench at pond's edge, taking photos. Color all gone!! (1 comments) Fading colors - sunset was already past houses west of us, but with these clouds, we get the last backsplash of the sunset's rays! It pays to go outdoors and #walk. This storm just pounded my mom 30 minutes south east of us. This is back side of the storm as it moves closer. (1 comments) Rebounded (1 comments) And in the "Duh, I didn't know THAAAAT!" department... I had started the laps stopwatch on my iPhone to track my rebounding, mostly to encourage me as to how long I have been working out. It's somewhat less distracting than fiddling with the harder-to-see Fitbit dial, while rebounding (which is distracting enough!), especially when I have to stay carefully centered between three places where the spring holders have blown out of the mat. Sooo, I got to my 28 or 29 minutes and somehow the dial was (1 comments) Well, I apparently racked up 10+ minutes earlier today with my back and forth, upstairs and downstairs laundry, hanging up clothes etc. Later after dinner, I'd felt sleepy and hubby wanted me to go for a walk. I didn't want to go...was feeling sad about Father's Day coming up and my dad not being around any more. So I found a cool Israeli music playlist on Spotify and rebounded. Got to 20 minutes and FitBit started doing its 30 minutes end zone celebration vibration. That's when I realized I alr (1 comments) Walked this morning just a little before sunrise, so by the time I was going home and could actually see the sun above the housing development east of us, it was probably 15-20 minutes after sunrise. (3 comments) Services all day... went for short walk after sundown... Rebounded... my lower back has been aching all last night and today, then has done better later today. Must stop eating pasty white food that sets up like concrete and mashes my nerve endings!! Finally got out... tired, so time to get some sleep. FitBit hadn't yet advanced the workout days per week - so after the 30+ minutes exploding confetti, then it rolls up the next number. Hadn't posted yet, but yesterday I walked dog for 20 min and then mowed some in the back yard for around 30 minutes... (2 comments) Part 2 of the 20,000 steps through the galaxy, via the #Walkr app - I "earned" the "Doggii" space ship (introduced to me by my SparkFriend in Thailand.). Don't need it and it's kind of a one time thing, but oh well... a different kind of motivation? Go figure!! (3 comments) Woot! I made my 20,000 steps today. Took 6-7 hours (had to take a few breaks from rebounder), and the last 3K came in while we walked this evening (with husband and the dog.)... stay tuned! (2 comments) I believe today is the FIRST time I have ever maxed out total possible #SparkPoints for exercise!! And I haven't yet made it to 20,000 steps on #Walkr app yet (or on @FitBit, either, for that matter.). Not getting anything else done today, but oh well, this is an interesting journey. My sinuses are clearing out a little more too, yay, even tho my ear still aches a little. Strange. (1 comments) Still working on it - a ways yet to go to reach 20,000... will I make it? Taking a water break and an break for the "water closet"... (1 comments) I apparently have made it past my 10,000 "Steps" - on the rebounder, pumping arms. (Getting tired - need another energy bomb!) @FitBit and @SparkPeople don't play well coordinating sizes of the "Share This" badges. Oh well.. I have this idea I need to make 20,000 steps in one day to earn some silly badge in the @Walkr app! I've had to break it up in 20-30 minutes segments. We'll see if I make it!? Walked the dog and the hubby... was gone most of the day and didn't get any activity done sooner... (1 comments) I have felt so cruddy since Friday afternoon - a combo of seasonal allergies affecting my sinuses, some sort of rash on my inner arms, and so I have dragged around all day. I actually did another round trip on the stairs at home but didn't have Fitbit on then. Oh well. Part of these statistics includes a 1.12 mile 28:11 minute walk on top of whatever 10 or 15 minutes done earlier in the day. (3 comments) Rebounded 30 minutes this afternoon - which also gave me an extra workout for the week (already met goal of 5 workouts a week yesterday.). (1 comments) Interestingly, these FitBit challenges are also oddly more motivational than counting steps! The more I walk, the farther along the trail, and the more "diamonds" I encounter. They are white at first, but then when I read, do, or answer each one, the diamond turns blue (on the map). The white circles represent beautiful scenery "encountered" along the walk. This is the "Valley Loop". I had done it before, not realizing that tapping on it opened up the map and that looking at it every day would h (2 comments) I had done some walking around in the house, loading up my water filters, reloading my gallon of water, taking it upstairs etc, and then walking the dog (Previous picture). I'm much more stoked about my "exploding 🎉 confetti"!! Go figure! (1 comments) zzzzzz (2 comments) Walked my husband and dog around the neighborhood. Walk itself was more like 38 minutes but evidently FB accumulated some other minutes earlier in the day. Rebounded 33 minutes... about time to get a new rebounder. A third bracket broke out of the mat. I ended up just standing on it and pumping my arms back and forth. Still got sweaty... hmmm! I forgot to post this #Walkr alert last night after my walk! I had rebounded 30 minutes in the morning. Then we tromped around at Botanica and elsewhere (had a graduation party for a friend's son), then my husband and I walked another 26 minutes after dark thirty when we finished watching "Finding Dory" on Netflix. So then I got this alert on my #Walkr app! Yay! Not sure if FitBit had any comments... For my rebounding done. Off to Botanica Gardens, Buffet dinner, Ar & Book Show, possibly crash a friend's son's graduation party! Busy! Have a great day, ya'll!! (3 comments) My half of the "mini" pizza Racked in another 30 minutes on the rebounder. Thinking I will try to rebound early Sunday morning before all the Mother's Day Festivities ... Well ... it is late-thirty, time for bed, but I rebounded along with the new SP 14 Rainy Day workout songs playlist for much longer than the 10 minutes I told myself I *had* to do!! 30 min (I accidentally rebooted iPhone when I thought I was making a screenshot of the 30 minute confetti on #FitBit - oops!). So now time to get ready for bed... Walked with my husband & our dog... 75 degrees, 65% humidity, fairly pleasant. (1 comments) Pick a number! Any number! According to the various random number generators, I walked lots and lots of steps today. Time to sleep, I'm tired!!🌻💤😴 (1 comments) 84 deg F, 45% humidity, glad it's done for the day. Hope I didn't get sunburned (had cap & sunglasses on but lips feel stressed!). Time for coconut oil repair! (1 comments) Oh and Runkeeper lied... it keeps pausing when I stop to let dog do her "dooty" and not restarting as soon as I start walking. So then Fitbit started cheering and vibrating when I got home, but of course the display doesn't stay on long enough for me to push my shirt sleeve out of the way. Just now saw on dashboard that I had actually gone 30 minutes. Yay! Walked the dog. Fasting Blood glucose was 134 before I left. Temps 55 degrees, sunny, clear (supposed to get to the 80's later today.). Blood glucose was 119 just now! Woot! Gonna have some breakfast soon. (3 comments) Oh hey, FitBit has a better option for photo overlay with the statistics! Didn't quite make my 30 minutes on this walk but I am going to be downtown in a few minutes... (3 comments) Runkeeper got goobered up somehow and messed up the map tracking, plus showed me as only walking 30 min not 32. I recall looking at it just after the 27 minutes, so I might have forgotten to lock screen when I put in pocket. (1 comments) Waiting for energy to kick in... oh wait. Maybe I should eat dinner!' 😀 This is what mowing looks like... Today, I tried the stopwatch feature for "other" workout, instead of the GPS default. Apparently this lets Runkeeper stop obsessing over the distance traveled and the route, which my rebounding events don't really create. Instead, it got all excited about how high I jumped. Oh well! Walked dog. Two laps around park. 69 deg F, 63% humidity, overcast, winds out of SSE 6 mph. (3 comments) Rebounding shows up as a spastic graph on @Runkeeper app!! Didn't get a lot of sleep. Walked like a zombie. But I got in 32 minutes so far. Dog walked with me, too. The rest of the geese seem to have traveled elsewhere. I'm not sure if Goose/Gander/Goosette just really likes it here?? (1 comments) Walked the dog. Walked the Hunny. Enjoyed the end of Passover week. Trying to sleep.... not walking in this storm now!? (5 comments) Kind of restless night. Hubby and I did a slow dawdling walk before the rains which are supposed to arrive soon. #SabbathWalk Mashup #graphics @storm @runkeeper using @layout here on @sparkPeople #PEP - a "quickie" before the heavier storm hits. It's raining gently now... but my mom is farther down south in that green area & she said its raining hard. We saw reports that there was hail west of her... 4-12-2017 (1 comments) Well for matzo 0.5 g fat same as 0.50g. Each board is 100 calories and hardly any fat, which is why they are awesome smothered in butter. And I also did a "scientific" N+1 to prove (to me) that matzo covered in coconut oil is just as awesome as butter, only the coconut oil is easier to spread and melts faster... alas, for they are not #KETO friendly ... (1 comments) Took off rebounding and then realized a) my FitBit was upstairs (hubby went to get it for me), and b) my phone on charge so I couldn't track with Runkeeper or Walkr, etc. Just eyeballed the clock! Ordered this Greek Salad yesterday for dinner but I ended up taking most of it home. Had it for breakfast this morning. (2 comments) Was in Parade Magazine a few weeks ago... (1 comments) Part 3 of 2 showing the 30 minutes total for a sustained "workout", when I went for this walk this evening. So I'm easily thrilled with colorful confetti - 🎉🎊 🎉 (2 comments) Part 1 of 2 - the 8,000 steps "confetti" for the entire day. I know some are chortling because they run 8K steps in one long run (or walk). But, oh well... then the next one: Walked dog and hubby. Donated blood earlier today. Kinda tired. (1 comments) Earlier, just after sunset... Walked the dog. Tired. Had a short night last night. This is heading to my blog, as well... I'm pooped. @Runkeeper's photo is too long, so what a pity, that part gets cropped out, hee hee. Dog has been on two walks this morning, this one with me. She is eating her grass! (Veggies!?) Walked the hubby and the dog. Not really in a mood to walk when I left and still waiting for the "walking makes me feel wonderful" fairy to come and whack me on the heine... (2 comments) Really wish @PEP had a trampoline rebounder graphic to use in here! 30 minutes. @UrbanReboundingTeam Java and I went on a girl's field trip, over to a friend's house to pick up the farm fresh eggs dropped off a few days ago by a farmer friend. Then went to Starbucks & got me a coffee and she got a small whipped cream! Then we went for our walk (phot just before this one.). Yay! (1 comments) "I know it's Monday... But you're awesome!! Thought this was funny, and true!! Our newspaper has a business columnist who quotes pithy comments made at local events - This was in today's paper (in Saturday's dead tree edition - published on Friday): I wondered why it was "so hot" while I was #rebounding ... well, duh! It's 77 degrees outdoors, 73 (F) indoors, and I was hopping along to @spotify #rebounding music channel!! Scary! I wonder how hot summer will be!!? This is the #Tweet I sent, along with the previous screen shot of my confetti 🎉 which I sent to @Fitbit. If all (or many) of us @pep @fitbit @twitter @sparkpeople users go on Twitter and like 💜 or retweet or quote retreat, maybe @FitBit will make that a "feature"!? Not everyone is on @twitter so that's okay - but @fitbit users can still share the request with the Fitbit app feedback or on Facebook or other media!! I had to jump and sync my FB every so often to see when it finally gave me credit for 30 minutes (rebounded more like 35 minutes). I've asked Fitbit to tweak software to allow us to tap on the green spots to allow us to see the celebration "confetti" (for our photos to share - right!? We can't all sit around and watch it hit the green star the first time!). Another walk, this one with my husband. Kinda got cut short because my mom feels like having dinner today. I modified two of the Workout Stat pages on @Runkeeper to show both today's date and stats, but without the map that goes on the first page after workout is finished. BTW I read somewhere that a bath with epson salts and grapefruit oil was supposed to be good for reducing bloat or some such. But in fact, it is burning the back of my legs in contact with the water. They better be forcibly sucking the fat cells out into the water for this much pain!! Ouch! (1 comments) And the walk this morning. I need a dog shrink. When we are at the park (pond), she has to "pee" a tiny sprinkle like every minute or two of walking. (Texting?) Lately, she has started doing this deal where she's parked but scratching her rear feet and tearing out grass. She hasn't ever really done this the last three years we've had her. Looks funny, like the guys who park their cars and rev engines to spin the back tires... (1 comments) I forgot to post this last night. The Runkeeper app makes there photos too tall, so something has to be cropped out. The stats I am more interested in, than the @Runkeeper name. Oh well. When will they ever learn? Why can't the apps play nice with each other?? And yay for me and the dog and my husband! (1 comments) Walked dog around pond. 77 degrees (F). IN FEBRUARY! 😩 This is not a good thing, peeps! We are heading for a drought in Kansas. I hope the upcoming cold snap brings us some nice wet snow. (1 comments) Took the dog and hubby for a walk... Does anyone use the @argus app ? This is on iOS but maybe also on Android etc? (6 comments) Guess it pays to share @Sparkpeople articles on @twitter etc - and I don't know this guy (he might be on the Spark, for all I know...) Lunch: Steamfresh Green Beans, yogurt, shredded cheese, avocado, cherub tomatoes... (2 comments) One last walk with dog, still in fasted state. Blood glucose went from 127 after overnight fast, and was 99 around 4:45 pm. Ketones 1.6 both times. I will check it soon. Waiting for my after walk water to settle. My arm is healing from the fast burning out crud in my system. Exact same route but I guess I was wobbling more in the middle of road than to the far side, so it was 1.11 miles this evening, not 1.12 like it was earlier this afternoon. Oh well!! Still more steps and still time with my sweetie. (1 comments) Had a yummy peanut butter & avocado on whole wheat pita yesterday afternoon! Wasn't feeling good last night from my arm aching so I forgot to upload this yesterday. (2 comments) @pangii Today was first time I saw 10,000 steps on #Walkr ! 🎉😁 I had made at least one lap around Cheddar's before I thought to turn on Runkeeper. 48 degrees. Walked around Cheddar's while waiting for a table. Went after the #captioned movie "SW: Rogue One" - we were told a 25-30 min wait ! Stalled all day with my achey shoulder. Finally took dawg around the longer "block" for a quick-ish walk before leaving to see #opencaptioned "Star Wars: Rogue One" movie. Yay. Partial #eclipse of the moon #kansas #unfiltered Sky after our walk. Too many houses to see actual #sunset . Was 18 degrees around sunrise, but by the time we went walking, it was 33 with a 4moh wind SSE. My ears & neck make me wimp out so we walked north with wind RJ our backs and then cut back through the 'hood. (1 comments) My "good intention" was to walk up and down stairs and in basement during the stupor bowl. Instead, I walked up and down 11 flights in less than 10 minutes. Time to go home now! ChemTrails all over the east sky! This is part of a panoramic photo. Runkeeper says I walked 40 minutes. But we stopped a lot to pick up litter, talk to mail lady, wait for dog to do her "dooty", so yea I guess it was closer to 37 minutes. Woot!! Someone here posted a cartoon from the "Walkr" app (yes, ot is spelled without an e). I forgot the name of the SparkFriend in Malaysia who was using this to track her treadmill workouts? Any other players? It's not quite as "accurate" as say, FitBit app. More of a game. Freezing and ice one week, temps in the 70's the next week! We need moisture and cold for crops to grow ! 😧 (2 comments) This is the sunset photo I thought I was attaching to my previous check-in status... (1 comments) 38 degrees, 14 mph so windchill was 30. Glad I had my Sparkpeople headband on. Java seemed to enjoy being out - funny dog! Jon and I at Freshies in Steamboat Springs. (3 comments) Tried a new product from @Costco - fairly decent nutrition for average, but it also shows nutrition for salad only, no dressing #KETO friendly etc - could make own dressing, or cook greens etc. (4 comments) Connected again. Think it is @msdrpepper but if you had connected with me before, I should still be on list? (1 comments) Look what followed me home from Co$tco !? Late #Birthday gift, $20 discount - updating and setting up now! Wow, guess I am last one to know Red Robin now Jason lower calorie alternatives to bottomless fries! (2 comments) Walked the dog and the husband. Husband slows me down too much (we pick up trash & recyclables!). First sunny day since last Thursday! Today is National Hat Day (in USA at least, not sure about other countries!?) - Happy Hat Day! (5 comments) Perfect song for vacuuming and scrubbing crud out of the carpet!! After the excitement of catching a squirrel in our bedroom, we drove to a big park south of town, and enjoyed this beautiful sunset on the way (windy weather tomorrow!?). We released the squirrel at a nice big park 10+ miles or so away. (1 comments) Fun at the pond, a good walk!! (1 comments) Wonder if the Tracker can be reverse-hacked... Be sure to read to end of letter and collect your $10 Amazon gift card...they won't accept after February 6th (Monday). (4 comments) And there is the 17 minutes I was tracking at the same time I had Runkeeper allegedly tracking . (3 comments) The Perfect Diet!! (6 comments) Anyone familiar with this silly Water Tracker called "PlantNanny"? There is a way to friend me on this app via Twitter, I think? Basically, you pick your cup and how much volume (ounces or metric too), and your plant "grows". I still have a lot of questions... Isn't this adorable? But way more effort than I will likely put into it. I got it from Instagram @healtheverlasting. Enjoy! (Added:) Oh and I wouldn't be using Peter Pan brand - more likely Smuckers Natural Peanut Butter (or Laura Scudders or Adams, similar brands, no sugar, no added fats)... (3 comments) (2 comments) Walking dog at the park. She was delighted to check out a "new to her" park. Anyone here on Runkeeper app? Feel free to look me up @Prov31Julia. I need to get out more often. Ate Salvadoran food - this veggies is a type of squash. I'm not sure of spelling, but sounds like "chyante" or kyanite! Anyone know?? Yummy ! (4 comments) My brother just texted me this meme! (5 comments) Walked dog. Wind was a bit nippy, NNE 15-18 mph. Sunny. I felt surprisingly well for being in rear end collision yesterday afternoon! (3 comments) (1 comments) Happy Monday!! (3 comments) The Falls - I zoomed in a little bit from the lookout point. (3 comments) Walked up and down Falls Creek trail in Steamboat Springs, CO - didn't have proper shoes and water for a longer visit. Snowed, too! (4 comments) Salad for Breakfast!! Yum! (3 comments) What I saw along my walk this morning... (1 comments) I wasn't walking in this ... Did drive under part of it though. This is part of #panorama I posted on my @Twitter/MsDrPepper last night. (8 comments) Ate chicken before the game so not really "hungry", but for free tickets I wanted to buy something to nibble on. I could do worse... (1 comments) 83 degrees feels like 96, we are walking in circles waiting for AAA to do battery work on his old SUV. 80% humidity! Wakes about 20 minutes so far. Yay! Mowed down the grass, just in time for next rain. Nourished most of the mosquitos in the county. 😜 is wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July for everywhere in the world where it is or just was the 4th, and Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans. Sundog on left side. #Walking (1 comments) New (to me) #NACV in glass gallon jar! I already decanted mine into my empty quart jars! Yea! Been a long time since I last could get NACV by the glass gallon! #recycle #bettertaste #savings (3 comments) And if you are practicing but don't really want desktop mode, you can touch "cancel" and go back where you were! Yay! (1 comments) To gain access to iOS 9+ feature of requesting desktop page (to access some of the SparkPeople features not available in mobile mode). Thanks, Coach Denise! Oops - I saw I had missed a spot or two! (2 comments) Color Therapy App - May 2016 (4 comments) Color Therapy app a few months ago. (2 comments) Tired of apps draining battery because they want to be on "Always" - when bring on GPS only when using the app isn't good enough. We'll try an end run here... (1 comments) Happy Mother's Day (USA, officially, but Worldwide, as far as I am concerned - should be Every Day!) to everyone who has children, whether alive now, or alive in our hearts and cherished memories, adopted in love, foster, men who have raised children, fur babies, Grandmothers, Aunties, if you consider yourself a Mom, Mother, Mommy, Nana, whatever you call yourself or your loved ones call you - this card is for you - as it says inside: "Hoping it makes you smile just knowing I think you're pretty (1 comments) Trying out something. Upload from phone to here, inside SP iPhone Pep app. Then I think I can upload to SP Color book Team? (2 comments) Snow melted today - 53 degrees this evening... (2 comments) Yaay!! I found my Spark Activity Tracker!! (It was attached to a camisole - which I usually don't do. It's back on my shoe, woo hoo! (1 comments) Remember my crabapple tree blooms yesterday? (6 comments) The survivors - after three days of relentless winds!! (1 comments) We were at the @WesternSizzlin yesterday in Okla and I was pleased and impressed with the ending on our receipt! No wonder they are #blessed! (2 comments) Off to Oklahoma for a funeral. Winds are high. The sun yesterday was eerie peeking through the dust and smoke (fires). Parts of back roads we likely not have Internet coverage. (1 comments) And we're off! We have also had high winds so these blooms might not last a week!! (3 comments) Saw this in Facebook, thought about my Rebounding Sparkers!! This was the basic path, but not full round trip (forgot to start this app after I started charity Miles app. (1 comments) I had no idea Ginger is so high in iron! 10 grams is roughly 2 tsp (USA), best I can tell. Very soothing to achey body in a warm bath, but it adds more warmth! I use smaller bottle in kitchen. Time to let go bag and buy another! (1 comments) I bought this 14 oz bag at an Asian grocery store - for restaurants or cooks who don't mess around using lots of Ginger. But why? >> see part 2 (1 comments) Driving home from funeral in Dallas (at DFW National Cemetery). day 176 of my streak for "Drink 8 cups of water per day" earned 2/2/2016 (1 comments) Distracted by playing junk games on my phone and forgot to check in! (2 comments) Rebounded 30 minutes with Rebpunder Hound! 😛 (4 comments) Mango Lassi - yogurt & mango, nice antidote to the warming effects of spicy Indian food last night! After repeatedly making suggestions ever since Zevia first came out in aluminum cans (which I can taste, ewww!), I saw this clear Zevia Ginger Root Beer today in bottles! Will taste tomorrow after refrigeration overnight. Zero calories using stevia, and bonus - no allergen causing caramel food color! Woot! (2 comments) The rest of my ghee went into recycled jelly jar (disregard the use by date - I think jelly was used up long before the 1-2 year use by date.). It still looks liquid. I need to take a photo of it now, some 24+ hours later. This morning I noticed it was more solid looking. I'm also concerned I didn't get everything cooked out, despite cooking for longer than an hour. My heat might have been too low. From what instructions say, I should have had about 25% less volume. I started with 2 pounds (32 o I'm recycling a clean, DRY glass jar (which originally had fermented sauerkraut.). I've seen & bought ghee in all sizes and shapes of glass or metal containers. (1 comments) Straining out more of the water foaminess... Skimming off the water foam as it cooks down. Stirring lumps of butter to prevent sticking and burning. Butter on sale $1.99 on sale (pound). I took photos sort of out of sequence as I had already chopped up previous sticks (to help butter melt faster.). (1 comments)
aylist/2VpdgTydJQe9Bb8JhF7bHT to check it out...
Looking east of the sunset, where the clouds are coming out of the south west headed north-easterly... Driving home & had to stop! (2 comments) Just leaving the car wash... (1 comments) Was noticing an amazing sunrise as I walked Java, but took a while to get to the park area where I get a better view of the horizon...and then discovered the left side sun dog, took a photo, and then realized the right side had a better, bigger sun dog on the right side. There's all sorts of scientific names for the phenomenon but "pretty" and "thankful" works well for me!! (2 comments) How do I completely disconnect "Chatty Cathy"? I got the audio turned off for the paces, distance, segments, etc but starting up and after I have selected finish /save options, the witch starts talking and I have no clue what she is saying (nothing to Lipread!)...very creepy intrusion into my thoughts while I was working. About to kick this app to the curb! Any ideas?? (2 comments) So, I want to make homemade vanilla extract - would this be a good base? I don't know what it tastes like...bought it years ago & never tried! Get vanilla beans yesterday. Or is rum, vodka, brandy, Kailua, amaretto better?? (5 comments) So, the new SparkApp discontinued the GPS tracker? Really? And the week ahead water tracker? 😒 And someone stole our dog last night, or Miss Houdini escaped her collar, not sure which. (4 comments) Heard this cook song on my Pandora station ("The Wallflowers" station.. Actually taking a nap in the heat. But got this bookmarked for later... 😄 (2 comments) This is my end-rub jack attempt to get photo from iPhone into my PC without actually syncing?? Then it can go in the blog, like I originally wanted it to do. (2/2) (3 comments) Once upon a time, SparkPeople phone app would let me take a photo while it was tracking my walk. This new SP app doesn't seem to offer that ability - yet we can take photos here inside Pep. Is this intentional? Or am I suddenly senile!? (1 comments) Sunset reflected in eastern skies (2 comments) Did the mad dogs & Englishmen thing walking here. Sweat is dripping!! I need to get on home to Kansas. Want to post more photos later!! (1 comments) I still driving home… Aren't these half pint cartons of buttermilk adorable? A little expensive, but I miss the paper cartons. Can't get these (or the brand) in Kansas. Got this in Illinois, great size for traveling. 10g of protein! Wow! (3 comments) Iowa has been holding out on us!!? BEST.BUTTERMILK.EVER!! Taking s little walk at the rest area south of Des moine IA, (1 comments) I was an investor on IndieGoGo for @PerfectFuels and at long last (2 years?), the new flavors are released - #Chia, #Expresso, and #Ginseng. Yum!! (1 comments) I was an investor on IndieGoGo for @PerfectFuels and at long last (2 years?), the new flavors are released - #Chia, #Expresso, and #Ginseng. Yum!! (1 comments) I was an investor on IndieGoGo for @PerfectFuels and at long last (2 years?), the new flavors are released - #Chia, #Expresso, and #Ginseng. Yum!! (1 comments) This Spark App GPS Workout tracker amuses me. I've no idea why apps can't utilize iPhone sensors to tell when I am walking forward and then backward when I mow (so I don't have to move electric cord just to turn around and mow the other direction.). Oh well. I agree with the 25 minutes as we had to get it done in daylight and before rain! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Dr Oz "The Docs" column in today's paper (PEP cropped part of it out, sorry!) about Saffron (spice) more effective for knee pain etc as a NSAID!! And yummy, too!! Saw this in my Twitter feed and I just HAD to share!! So TRUE!! 😛 (1 comments) Argh my son brought dog out for last chance to pee before bed and found this baby rabbit. Of course, he wants me to take care of it! It's about 4" long. Possibly injured? I'm clueless ... (9 comments) Was trying to respond to a question on Facebook, asked by a young teenager I knew - she wanted to know the name of a color that "didn't exist"...and I saw a nice sunset after my walk this evening. Moved some wind-sown escapees out of yard closer to front door "bed" - 45 min exercise & Vitamin D intake for the day! Triple run! Score!! (1 comments) We had some hail - averaging half inch I think but some close to an inch. Glad I wasn't outside walking!! (1 comments) Yummy spinach walnut salad with grilled chicken and on-the-side honey mustard and raspberry vinaigrette to customize and control. (1 comments) Java's excited to do some "social networking this spring! And I couldn't figure out how to add the "flair"!? (6 comments) New Shoes Summer 2013 (3 comments) (5 comments) Purple Groovy Fractuals (3 comments) Fire Rainbow (Internet) Rainbow Colored Swirls (3 comments) Life is easier when you accept the apology you never got. (3 comments) The Creative Adult is the Child Who Survived. (6 comments) I'm always fretting about crap that happened in the past, and I need to leave it there. But how? (1 comments) Five pounds of muscle - top. Five pounds of fat - bottom. Notice the volume difference. A year from now you may wish you started today... The connection between the teeth and the body's organs. Walk yourself out of a bad mood. Studies show that even a 10 minute walk immediately boosts brain (2 comments) Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. "...Happiness doesn't come as a result...rather recognizing & appreciating what we do have." I love these shoes! I can't get them in my size! They are New Balance & I need 9.5-10 wide! (4 comments) Size it right. A guide to what one serving should look like (based on nutritional standards). My favorite SparkPeople Goodie!! More Reasons to Eat Fruit (1 comments) What's In Your Soda? Breaking down that Pop. Eighty perent of success is showing up "Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired." Jules Renard "We should consider every day lost in which we have not danced at least once." Nietzche (1 comments) Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that ...something inside you... greater than obstacle (1 comments) ...Some people who always seem angry...Walk away; the battle they are with themselves. Keep Calm and Train Hard! Making bad decisions is a part of live. Blaming others for your bad decisions is immature. (1 comments) One of the earliest "cell phone photos" I took of myself maybe 2005-06? (same weight as now!) (5 comments) Israel... the Light ... Blue ... (3 comments) Marie Wilcox Little 73 yr old in this photo - "Growing Old Is Not For Sissies" book (forgot author?) (1 comments) Serenity Prayer SMART - *S* specific *M* measurable *A* appropriate *R* realistic *T* time-based I like this quote... but I have not yet blossomed... (1 comments) "Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us everyday." Sally Koch (1 comments) My Big Blue Gevalia "Tall Iced Tea" Glass - holds 24 oz. I love drinking from it & I love the color! (1 comments) Me & husband in 2007 & I still look like my "before" photo. Sigh. Thinking I'm around 245# here. (2 comments) This is me before my first wedding (Feb/Mar 1984), at about 130 pounds (10-15 pounds over goal). (5 comments)

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