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Sept 29, 2008. Seven years to the day after my wedding. And I'm not even itchy.... Whadda 'ya think? Does the Bug look like her momma? RIDING in the minivan. I'm usually driving, making taking a pic like this somewhat dangerous... The Bug's very first concert, Imagination Movers! The happy family! June 7, 2010 - Playing with the iCam. May 18, 2010 - Waiting for the elevator during our Chattanooga getaway. July 13, 2010 - The Barnes family ROCKS! (2 comments) Our wedding reception Sept. 29, 2001. Doodlebug and me in West Palm, Easter, 2007. One of only a handful of pictures of me that I like. Doodlebug's first time to see the ocean... Aint' the Atlantic pretty! Sept. 29, 2001. After 7 years, finally walking down the aisle as "Mr. & Mrs." What better reason to get and stay healthy?! Cell phones with cameras... mm, mm, mm.... At least Daddy doesn't miss us when he's gone! Christmas '07. We aren't too happy with how we look, but the Bug is cute as a... well, you know! Glory days. My college graduation party, Dec. '93. See the cut in that thigh?! It's coming back! (1 comments) As Maid of Honor at a friend's wedding. Another "glory days" and motivational picture. My first tattoo, now 15 years old! It's bled a little, but I still love it! How 'bout that bicep? Not too shaby, if I do say so myself! I loved my wedding! Ah, to look like that again! Sometimes even a southern girl picks sleep over barbecue! The Bug pops a wheelie! We love a day at the zoo! Especially the barnyard animals in the petting zoo! Not bad for one of those "hold the camera out and snap a pic of yourself" kind of shots! The Bug took this one. I knew I'd get my legs back! YEAH!! Another "Bug shot." The subject matter may not be great, but she's quite a shutter-Bug! 8/8/08 The Bug's first roller coaster ride at Universal. Aug.7, 2008. Wow. I think its time to get a new camera.

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