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(3 comments) Good tomaters and a smaller stomach. July 2015 This picture was a real motivator. June 2015 About 30lbs down, July 2015. These were the only pants I had that fit in January. (2 comments) (4 comments) Showing up to the weight machines. Home grown sweet peppers (1 comments) On rainy days always look for the rainbow. (2 comments) 5k Training Highest I've gone 30k badge. (2 comments) Harvest 2015 My Daughter colored this. Cajun rice made with chicken sausage and brown rice. A good week! Done! Healthy fat for your macros (3 comments) Multivitamin's are important. (1 comments) I won the September Weight Loss Challenge at my gym. I lost 16.7 pounds. (6 comments) NOOOO!!!! The button reset!!!! Gonna keep going. 6 more miles needed. Got my 35k badge today despite the treadmill reseting multiple times. (3 comments) Just do it! Till I Calapse! Ankle is getting better! Join the weight loss challenge at my gym for $160 cash prize and a 1 year membership! Here's your picture as requested. (4 comments) Those are a size 20.... digging thru my old clothes looking for treasures. (3 comments) I have taken 1:33 off my 5k! I lifted all the weights at the gym yesterday. Really wore me out. Feeling strong and healthy! Today is the day I entered twoterville! Glorious day indeed! (6 comments) 44:47 for my 3.1 miles! Ya!!! Best yet! 15 minute miles!!! (2 comments) Deadlifting 95lbs 2-16 (2 comments) Loving myself for Valentine's. 5k and Step Aerobics! Finally finished the Gin Miller DVD! (2 comments) New badge, new record (3 comments) New size 20 threads Celebrating with my Hero. (3 comments) Met my goal of walking our 6.25 mile block. This place is huge! (2 comments) New PR 160lbs squats yesterday! Woohoo! (2 comments) Killing it on the stair stepper! (1 comments) New PR on the Leg Press yesterday. I did 3 - 30 minute classes yesterday and killed it! 30 minutes on the stairs too! Whew! Sore and awesome this morning! (1 comments) Hot off the presses! (2 comments) 205lb squats!!!! (2 comments) Here it is... roughly 1 year between. That's my new trainer guy behind me. He's been good to me! New PR for 175lb Deadlifts! Still killing it at the gym! I have been working a lot and neglecting Sparkpeople. These wonderful kids are home now too. I'm checking in. Happy Memorial Day! (2 comments) Hulk Smash! (1 comments) Been busy working on it! New squat PR 295lbs. New Deadlift PR 215lbs. Leg press 310 lbs. And I wonder why I am so sore today!! (1 comments) 1 year, 100 pounds (3 comments) Happy Birthday to my Pepper. (2 comments) Loving myself. (2 comments) Love comparison pics! (2 comments) I have had 3 good days in a row! Feeling better day by day. (1 comments) Look what I found at the gym! (3 comments) Ran at 5.0 for awhile yesterday. Hip flexors weren't as excited as the rest of me! A refined photo. All the while, that stupid scale has refused to move, but I see changes! My sides and stomach are flatter. (2 comments) A really good day! (2 comments) This is where I am. Still working hard power lifting and being healthy. Working on building muscle, not overly concerned about the scale these days. (3 comments) Working those muscles baby! (3 comments) (1 comments) Finally wearing a size 18 jeans. I must be doing something right. (1 comments) Transformation Tuesday (3 comments) The journey, not the destination! Progress, not perfection. You can do it! Keep going!!!! Roughly a year apart. Transformation! Worked back, shoulders and arms today. Running my first 5k (5 comments) WOW! (7 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) I don't recognize this person! (2 comments) biceps! (3 comments) (3 comments) My size ends with TEEN?!?!?! (2 comments)

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