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(11 comments) 84 out of 100 score in our Novice Rally obedience .. Yup -- proud mom here !!! (4 comments) We made our Novice Rally title !!! Call ME proud !!! (3 comments) The Royal Princess has spoken !!!! :D (9 comments) Original restart at 200 plus pounds in November 2006. Amazing how a swimsuit can open one's eyes !!! Ooooieee!! (3 comments) 07/2007 .. minus 28 pounds and still going!!!! (2 comments) 01/2008 -- 25 pounds lighter, and still workin' at it .. :) (1 comments) Me -- minus 25 pounds .. just before breaking my 1 1/2 year stall (3 comments) is happy she's back ! wishes everyone a great day .. is wishing you a wonderful fun day ! is giving everyone a thumbs up !!!! is wishing everyone a great day !!!! (1 comments) wishing you a smile for the day (1 comments) hopes you make your Monday the best day of the week !!! wishing a happy more day closer to Friday! (1 comments) says the weekend is only downhill away ... is happy it's Friday Eve !!!! is happy it's Friday !!!! (1 comments) is happy it's SATURDAY ! had an excellent day !!! had a wonderful weekend is happy it's Tuesday ! is happy it's Wednesday .. Downhill from here !!!! :) (1 comments) is determined today is going to become techy dumb.... is extatic it's SATURDAY !!!!!! slept her Saturday away :( (1 comments) Slept her Saturday away .. check my blog for more info ... :( is sad it's Monday !!! is wishing you the best Tuesday ever! is wishing you a cozy Wednesday ! (2 comments) is wishing you a balanced day ! (1 comments) excited because it is FRIDAY !!!!!!!!! is happy Saturday is here !!!! is alittle on edge this morning :( is alittle on edge this morning. Promising storms today is happy yesterday's storms are over welcomes Wednesday .. all downhill from here ! (1 comments) is having a vacation day today (1 comments) is happy it's Friday has to go into the office today :( (1 comments) is going to see mom today ! is sad it's Monday..but that makes it 3 more days till vacation !!!! (1 comments) is happy yesterday is done and over with is happy it's Wednesday !!! is happy today is MY Friday !!!!!! is happy happy happy is first real day of vacation !!!!!! is having fun in the kitchen this morning, and meeting up with hubby later is sad -- her coffee maker broke :( is sad -- today is the last official vacation day .. is ready to accept the end of "practice retirement" sighs .. last day of vacation .... had a bad night sleep .... :( got a gooood night sleep last night is taking a breather this morning ... is happy yesterday is over --- Oooo I'm sore today .... lol is running behind .. bed felt too good this morning .. lol is happy it's Saturday !!!! is not wanting my week to start .. is happy Monday is done .. is thinking .. "downhill from here!!" is happy it's Thursday is HAPPY IT'S FRIDAY !!!!!! (1 comments) is hurting this morning ... OUCH!!!! is going to get my mommy fix today is sad it's Monday .. welcome to a new week !!! is happy Monday is over .. On to Tuesday ! is happy it's downhill from here !!!! is frstrated today ... is frustrated today (1 comments) is happy HAPPY it's Friday !!!!!! is happy HAPPY IT'S FRIDAY !!!!! is going to lunch with a friend today !!!!!! Even though I've used him before .. he's appropriate :) is going on a road trip today !!!! (1 comments) is not ready for Monday .. but it's here .. nothing I can do about it... is happy MOANday is over ... (1 comments) is tired this morning (1 comments) is tired and sore today *sigh* (1 comments) is relieved Friday is finally here !!! (1 comments) is happy ... it's State Fair Day is really over tired today (1 comments) is happy we made it thru day 1 of 14 .. :) (1 comments) is tired but feeling pretty good today !!! is feeling pretty darn good today ... is happy Wednesday was a good day says "And Friday --- we meet again !!!! :) " HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PRINCESS !!!!! 13 YRS OLD !!! (2 comments) is happy it's SUNDAY !!! (2 comments) has a vacation day (1 comments) is refreshed and ready to go back to work is happy ... we're half way there !!! is feeling pretty good this morning so far !!! is happy Friday is HERE !!! 's bed felt sooo way too good this morning!!! has got a party to go to !!! (1 comments) is tired and sore today, but happy .. ready for the week has the day off, and it's puppy's SPA day! is (1 comments) is very very sore, and happy to go back to "normal" is happy Thursday is here .that means tomorrow is Friday !!! (1 comments) is really happy .. today is FRIDAY !!!! is having a few problems for a Saturday *sigh* but .... is feeling better and happy it's Sunday (1 comments) is ready for a tough week ... is happy we have 1 day down !!! is happy -- I've made it half way through the week !!! YAY!!! :) is happy ... my cohort in crime is back for today !!!! I can actually work on MY work !!! :) (1 comments) is happy Friday is here, and a long weekend is to follow !!!!!! (1 comments) welcomes the weekend with open arms !!!! has got a quiet day planned (1 comments) wants to wish all her friends that stop by a wonderful Labor Day !!!! is happy for a vacation day (2 comments) is going back to work today is going back to work today is getting closer to Friday .. YAY YAY YAY !!!! (1 comments) is happy it's Frida -- I can handle these short weeks !!! :) is happy it's Saturday !!! busy day planned !!!! is half awake this Sunday ... (1 comments) is sad .. Monday is back .. *sigh* didn't sleep well, but at least in a better mood :) (1 comments) is half way there !!! :) (1 comments) is happy the weekend is right around the corner !! (1 comments) is happy Friday is finally here !!!!! (1 comments) is saying WELCOME SATURDAY !!!!! Sunday is here .. ejoy it !!! Sunday is here ... Enjoy it !!! (2 comments) What happened to the weekend ???? (1 comments) is really happy Monday is over ... lol is half way there !!!!! is getting closer to Firday !!!! is getting closer to Friday !!!! FRIDAY -- WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WORD !!!!! is so happy this workweek is over (1 comments) had an awesome day yesterday !!!!! (1 comments) is back to the grind .... (1 comments) is going on a wet road trip for work today ! 2 more days till vacation day !!!! :) ... is on her last day of work this week !!!!! (1 comments) is on a VACATION DAY TODAY !!!! (1 comments) overslept this morning !!! (1 comments) It's Sunday -- day 3 of my 3 day weekend !!!! Oh dear .. Monday is here again !! (1 comments) made it through Monday .. :) It's Wednesday ... All downshill from here !!!!! is wishing you a cuddly Thursday !!!!! Wonderful Fridiay is here !!!!! is going to the zoo today !!!! had suce a wonderful Saturday,... I wish you a great Sunday is happy this morning !!! (1 comments) is wishing you a great Tuesday !!!! (1 comments) is happy it's Wednesday ... peeking in to wish you the best of days !!!!! (1 comments) Thursday is here .. Celebrate your accomplishments !!!! is stopping by to wish you the GREATEST of TGIF's !!!!! (1 comments) It's the WEEKEND !!!! Saturday is here !!!! is wishing you a GREAT SUNDAY !!!! Even though it's Monday .. Have a great one !!!! is happy, Tuesday is !!! is wishing you a "happy back to the future day" !!!!!! it's Thursday ... Have a GREAT one !!!! (1 comments) it's Friday ... Have a great one !!!! (2 comments) Wishing you a happy Saturday !!! is excited ... it's SUNDAY !!! getting closer to VACATION DAYS !!! :) Today is Monday .. today and tomorrow the VACATION !!!! says "Guess what today is !!!???" (1 comments) IT'S HERE IT'S HERE IT'S HERE !!!!!! (1 comments) had a wonderful time !!!! We did alot of laughing!!!! wishes all the happy ghouls and goblins a happy halloween !!! wishing you a happy November 1 .. this is the Month of the Princess !!!!! is back to work today !!! is ready for day 2 of my 5 day week ... is halfway there .. down hill from here !! Happy Wednesday !!!! Make a face at someone .. bring on a smile !!!! Happy Thursday !!!! it's Friday and I'm happy happy happy !!!!!! is happy .. Free zoo day with hubby !!!! Happy Saturday!!!! (1 comments) is convinced you can be and do whatever you visualize !!! Happy Sunday !! is now ready for my next 5 day week .. Had a super weekend!!!!Have to go bak to work to rest up :) Goodbye Monday !!!! Sooo long ... .Farewell !!!!! (1 comments) Welcome Wednesday .. Please be better than Monday and Tuesday !!! Made it ... almost there !!! happy Friday the 13th .. Prove superstition wrong !!! Welcome Saturday !!! Have a great SUNNY Sunday!!! It's Monday Morning .. Make it the beginning of the best week ever !!!! (1 comments) is leaving another year behind .. next year will be 2x better !!! (2 comments) Happy Wednesday ... We;re almost there !!!! is hoping you stay nice and warm and cuddly !!! Happy Thursday!!! (1 comments) TGIF !!! Have a happy day .. (1 comments) Is happy it's Saturday!! The snow didn't hit around here bad, I hope everyone stays safe ! Happy Sunday -- new week, new goals .. :) Good morning .. Monday -- bundle up .. it's a cold one out there !!! (1 comments) Good morning .. it's Tuesday ... Dentist day today !!! :) Happy day before Turkey day !!!! (1 comments) Wishing you a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday !!!! (1 comments) is hoping your Thanksgiving was a wonderful time, and welcome to the recovery phase ... Happy Saturday !!! I'm almost done with all my fun ... :) is ready to go back to normal life ... (1 comments) Sunday was much better .. happy Monday !!!! Made it through Monday .. Welcome Tuesday !!!! is halfway through the week !!!YAY !!!!! My desktop at I don't forget!!! is happy it's Goofy Thursday !!!!! (1 comments) Quiet breakfast time..stop eating on the fly!! I want to post a pic from my gallery, but it defaults to my Bitmojis?? And wont even let me pull from there?? Can anyone help??? (1 comments) Giggle for the day!!! (2 comments) WELCOME FABULOUS FRIDAY !!!!!!! Home from the spaaaa (6 comments) is happy ... SATURDAY IS HERE!!! (2 comments) Making moms Christmas card...thinking Im wearing more glitter than the (3 comments) The start of moms Christmas card... (1 comments) Fell over on my bare foot ow ow ow... now I can say "got attacked by a Shark" and didn't lie.... lol (3 comments) Just have to make the envelope and do up the verse inside... and it will ve ready to send :) Happy Sunday !!!! Puppy on my lap during quiet time before lunch.... (2 comments) Monday is here ... nothing we can do about it, so may as well ENJOY YOUR DAY !!! (1 comments) Happy Tuesday !!! Wishing you a great day !!!!! Little monkey is curled up ...keeping warm... Confused yet ?? Good .. so am I .. So just have a happy Wednesday!! (1 comments) Sooo wish it was Friday .. but alas .. Have a happy Thursday anyway !!! OMG OMG OMG IT'S FRIDAY !!!! YAY !!!!! (1 comments) day 200 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/11/2015 Babysitting the carpet cleaners (3 comments) is soooo welcoming the weekend !!!!! Have a great one ! Yesterday was not a good day, but today is a clean slate, and ready to start anew!!! Yup...Its going to be a beautiful day !!! (1 comments) is feeling so much better ... and got to talk to mom last night !!! :) HAPPY !!!! Happy Wednesday ... all downhill from here Happy Wednesday .. all downhill from here !!! (1 comments) Yummmmmmm Tis the seaaon to care for yourself ... has a doc appointment, so gets to take this morning easy .. :) (1 comments) Tis the season, to be happy !!!! Wishing you a happy busy day !!!! hopes you get to see Farter Crispmess :) lol lol (1 comments) Doesnt this sound like a neat idea....???? (1 comments) I double dog dare you!!!!! (6 comments) is Wishing you a Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve .... :) (1 comments) the last couple of days finally caught up with this little elf ... Merry Christmas Eve Eve !!!! (1 comments) Merry Christmas Eve, my friends !!! Taking a break, but exercise makes cleaning more fun !!!!! (3 comments) Merry Christmas...May the peace of the seaso last all through 2016 (1 comments) May your Christmas be the wonderful day it is meant to be!!!! (1 comments) Happy Day after Christmas .. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday !!!! (1 comments) Yum yum lunches this week !!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) wishes everyone a wonderful day !!! (1 comments) incoming winter storm and I have to go to work ... not happy !!! GRRRRRRR!!! (2 comments) Made it through yesterday ... today I'm relaxing going in ... (2 comments) Happy New Years Eve Eve !!!!!! Time for those resolutions !!!! :) Happy New Years Eve !!! Make it a SAFE and HAPPY one !!!!! (1 comments) 2016 !!! BRING IT ON !!!!! (1 comments) 365 new chances !!!! 365 new choices !!!! Christmas is down... Got my exercise in ...up and down and up and down steps.... (2 comments) One more day ... till life goes back to normal ... well .. somewhat .. lol lol is beginning the year as my "Obnoxious Optimist" .. lol lol Have a great day ! Laugh ... it gets you through alot of problems that would seem to be overwhelming!!! sooo need coffee this morning !!! Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY !!!!! (2 comments) Happy Thursday ... Always look at the bright side !!!! (1 comments) TGIF !!!! MADE IT ALL THE WAY !!!! YAY !!!!!! (1 comments) Made it to Saturday !!! YAY !!! Have a happy one !!!!! (1 comments) After this week ..feels good to just let hubby take the wheel!!!! (2 comments) awww the weekend is almost over ... well -- make it HAPPY !!!! (1 comments) Monday is here ... back to work .. hace a great day Happy Tuesday !!!! Make it a GREAT one !!!! (1 comments) Happy Wednesday .. Halfway to the weekend !!!! Have a great Thursday !!! I'm going to !!!! Smile all the time .. but it's easy when its something your excited about !!!! (1 comments) Happy Weekend !!! What are you up to ?? Whatever it is I hope it's fun ! Freezie cold in Wisconsin ... Have a safe and happy Sunday !!! (1 comments) (2 comments) It's Monday -- and remember ... Monday is just a part of life :) Have a great day Happy Tuesday ... and this celebrates 1 whole week of no snacking !!!!! YAY ME !!! (1 comments) Bfast like a queen, lunch like a princess, and dinner like a pauper... lets see if I can hold through lunch and dinner.... ;) (1 comments) Everything you do is part of you ... It's what molds you .. Be the best and do the best you can every day Day 1 self lunch challenge...screwy morning...everyone needed Sally at the same time...Having lunch next door in P&Q (1 comments) Happy Thursday !!!! Wishing you a positive day !!!! Soup and salad day..lunch self challenge... YUM YUM!!!! TGIF !! Made it through yet another week !!! YAY ME !!!! Day 3 lunch self challenge YUMMMMM (3 comments) It was a rough day yesterday .. today is going to be better !!!!! Was a great Saturday ... Make Sunday just as nice !!! Have a happy Monday -- no matter WHERE you sit !!!! This starts week 2 of Sally's Lunch self challenge... MWF are Soup/salad days... Snowed last night ... but not bad here ..Have a happy Tuesday !!!! Glad its sammich day...I was truly hungry for lunch today.... bed fell down .. I had to get up ... Happy Wednesday Soup / salad day for Sally's Lunch Self challenge Camera says "upload photo" but wont let me get to my picture file.... anybody help???? (5 comments) is happy she made it through Wednesday ... Happy Thursday Lunch self challenge....sammich day, but sammich days are pretty much free reign lunch size soup/salad was my choice....yum yum!!!! (1 comments) it was a batty day and another one is starting ... *sigh* .. Have a great Friday !!! Lunch self is salad day These last couple of days .. I have to wonder .. lol .. Happy Saturday !!!! (1 comments) Nail R and R day... getting rid of January blue, and going February red .... :) All ready for February.... ahhhhh .... me time that I CAN'T do anything but be pampered....smiley face!!! (4 comments) Happy Sunday ... wish you the BEST DAY EVER !!!! It's Monday -- nothin' you can do about it .. so may as well just make it the best day ever !!!! (1 comments) Sammich day... yum yum Happy Ground hog day .. Is he or isn't he .. Either way .. have great day !!! (1 comments) Sally's lunch self challenge... brought from home and made here... Sallys Chopped Salad :) (2 comments) Blacchh!!!! (1 comments) Oooooo make the house stop spinning... Horribly dizzy today .. taking a day off from work... (1 comments) lotsa sleep and move from chair to chair .. feel much better today !!!! Happy Thursday !!! Sally's self challenge...salad day...yum yum!!!! (1 comments) is not happy :( Sick and no voice .. :( None nadda nothing .. *sigh* (1 comments) is still squakey .. I see hot tea, lemon and honey in my future...Have a great Saturday! (1 comments) slept liiterrally the day away yesterday ... and feeling better today ... Have a great Sunday (1 comments) Hot tea good for sinuses....ahhhhhh (6 comments) is finally loosening up.. should have done tea earlier *sigh* .. happy Monday (2 comments) Forgot to take my lunch picture... (2 comments) is ALIVE !!! WOOHOO !!! Happy Tuesday .. going to work today !!!! Puppy to doctor this morning .. Have the heating pad warming her seat already (1 comments) Salad day today.. lunch self challenge ....yummmmy!!!! Happy Thursday ... got to be better than yesterday !!! (2 comments) It's Friday .. I HAS to be better than yesterday .. lol lol lol TGIF!!! is happy it's Saturday .. Play in my room, make things and go to a party !!! Sticky fingers makes no munchies!!!! It was fun!!! (2 comments) Happy Valentines to all my friends that stop by !!! May it be a wonderful day It's dreaded Monday again .. Well -- It's the start for fresh .. make it the freshest ever !!! Looked at my calendar .. Empty all week !!! YAY !!!! shhhhhhh (2 comments) No appointments...LOVE weeks like this!!!!! (1 comments) Icky!!!!! Ew ew ew!!!! (1 comments) Happy Hump day !!! Make it the best day yet !!!! How do YOU see the glass ?? Wish you a GREAT THURSEDAY (1 comments) Yup... attitude adjustment required (2 comments) Veggie day...change up a bit (4 comments) Do you see a ghost when you look in the mirror .. I usually see a Zombie in the morning .. lol lol Happy Friday !! (1 comments) Happy Saturday .. Happy Weekend .. Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy Tops of centerpieces are done and drying...these plus 12 in my playroom... I think I can start gluing the playong cards to the bottom, and then hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday (first day of vaca) can connect top to bottom... and then its just the last touches..I THINK I CAN DO THIS!!! (4 comments) 29 days till spring ..well - I saw this yesterday so 28 now .. :) Happy Sunday Monday is here again .. but it's a happy Monday !! I get to PLAY WITH THE PUPPIES starting tonight !!! YAY !!! let my hair down day .. Day 1 of StaCation !!! YAY !!!!!!! (1 comments) Day 2 of Sta-cation ... ohhh the bed felt good !!! :) day 3 of sta-cation .. and having a great time !!!! is on day 4 of stacation ... going to be a day spent at home ... ahhhhhh Welcome Saturday .. Spa day today !!! AHHHHHHH!!! Full StaCation pamper day!!!!! (3 comments) Ready for March (5 comments) happy Sunday !!! I wish you a day of rest and reaxation !!! Happy Leap year day !! Last day of stacation .. :( but looking forward to a happy day !!! Lunches for my week...veggies here I come!!!!! (1 comments) is back to work with 2 weeks of utter chaos ahead .. Gonna do it gonna do it gonna do it !!! (1 comments) Happy Wednesday !!!! made it (barely) through day 1 back at work .. :) (1 comments) Thursday is here ... tonight is my stress reduction class :) After yesterday -- this would be a GOOD thing .. :) my stress reduction class last night was fun !!! Happy Friday !!! :) It's Saturday !!! YAY !!! Free Zoo Day !!! Fresh air and walking !! DOUBLE YAY !!!! wonderful Saturday !!! Happy Sally is Back .. :) What the doctor ordered !!! Another nice day yesterday .. not ready for this week, but at least there was a break ... Happy Monday !! day 1 done ...on to day 2 .. I can do this I can do this I can do this !!!! Day 2 is done .. on to day 3 .. I can do this I can do this I'm really tired ... oh wait .... I can do this !!!! Day 3 is done .. on to Day 4 .. I am doing it I am doing it I am doing it I am doing it I WILL do it !!! Medicine working!!!!!! (4 comments) Day 5 of H**l week !!! I can see the finish line !!!! Have a great Friday !!! Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day (6 comments) I wish to forget about this past week, and take a deep breath, and move on to happiness At the prom checking prople in... :) (4 comments) Prom nite!!!!! (2 comments) SUCCESS !!! I made it all the way to the top !!!! and now the scenery is GREAT !!! Happy Sunday !!! I did alot of on off snoozing yesterday and still slept like the dead !!! Happy Monday !! New project...dont laugh..Ive never done basket weaving ever... My $0 project...newspaper tubes, and leftover tack poster board.... HAVING FUN IN MY PLAYROOM!!!!!! (3 comments) Puppy Club was so much fun last night !! Today is a day with hubby !!! :) Last day of vacation ... :( Wish you a great day !!!! back to work Thursday ... have a great day !!!! I need to look at life with a different perspective .. Happy Friday !!! :) gotta work this morning, but proving a point!! Have a great Saturday !!! home today, playtime, laundry, clean strawberries, and grapes, and just be domesticated .. :) LOVING IT !!!! :) Puppy's eye checkeup is today .. We feel good about her probable results!!!!! who wouldn't start their day smiling with a morning visitor each day !!! Happy Tuesday ! who'da thought a couple of yoga poses would hurt the next morning ... lol Happy Wednesday !! Late breakfast...lite lunch..with cheese sticks to help SERIOUSLY Mother Nature !!?? Take a chill .. oh wait .. that's what you did !!! *sigh* Have a great Thursday! (1 comments) Sloppy day is over - Wish you a happy Good Friday !!! Tood this photo yesterday .. it was so serene after the stormy day before .. Happy Saturday Happy Easter to my friends... Watching Martha......*happy face* Happy Monday -- can't do anything about it, but heck -- may as well make it the best !!! is one day closer to bachlorettehood ... Happy Tuesday!!!! yesterday is a write off .. today will be a better day !!! HAPPY WEDNESDAY !!!! Happy Thursday !!! Hubby leaves tonight .. so bachlorettehood begins !!!! TGIF !!! First day of Bachlorettehood, day 2 of journalling done ... Happy Friday ! Carrots, onion, asparagus,mushmush's, zucchini noodles, beef boullion and TVP...first taste..yum veggie lunches...yum yum (1 comments) The sun will come out ... tomorrow.......... (4 comments) No April Fools .. Woke up to Snow ?? Mother Nature -- you're a day late ?? Happy Saturday !!! (2 comments) After 4 hours of serious cleaning and furniture moving...body says done for (6 comments) I'm sore -- but happy !!! Happy Sunday !!! Pretty bad - April 4, and they pulled out the windchill charts !!?? Mother Nature needs to "chill"!! lol Have a great day anyway !!! (2 comments) DOHH 24 here this morning !!! But the sun is out !! So I'm going to say HAVE A SUNNY DAY !!!! Playtime!!!!working on the big stacks of poker chips!!!! And enjoying my quiet time!!! WOO HOO!!!! is pick up hubby day !!! Happy Wednesday !!!! Feeling like my sands of time are running out on me (4 comments) 10 more minutes ...he's almost here!!!! WOO HOO !!!! (2 comments) is back to work today .. hubby's home, puppy's happy, and life is back together again !! Happy Thursday !! is wishing you a super Funday Friday !!!! Oh what a difference a day makes !!! (1 comments) Washed that grey right outta my hair.... WOOHOO!!! = (7 comments) Happy Sunday -- Someone find Mother Nature and put her back on her happy pills ... (2 comments) I wait for her every Sunday 9:00 ... MY time!= (2 comments) Good morning Monday -- welcome to my week !!! (1 comments) Monday gone; on to Tuesday !!! Happy day to you !!!! seems to be off kilter this week .. and doesn't know why ??? (1 comments) Thoughtful Thursday ... Have a wonderful day !!! I'm going to !!!! sometimes it's nice not knowing what's going on !!! Happy Fantastic Friday !!!!! (1 comments) is happy this week is over, and ready for the weekend !!!! Happy Saturday!!!!! had a wonderful day yesterday with hubby -- today is quiet day !! :) Have a GREAT ONE !! had a very very lazy Sunday, now on to Monday !!! :) Yesterday draaagggeeedd !!!! But today is a new day !!! Happy Tuesday !!! Happy Wednesday ... all downhill from here .... (1 comments) Dr gave me the next stage of my "challenge" .. Happy Thursday !!!!!! (1 comments) Doc challenge begins!!!!!!!= (1 comments) Having my veggies just like the doctor ordered..If Im not full after this salad (and small sammich the company bought) something is drastically (1 comments) is happy it's Friday ..another week down !! Bring on the weekend !!!!! :) Success Saturday !!!! Sunny but cold .. but ti's Saturday !!! :) Have a great one! (2 comments) had a wonderful Saturday, and now it's Sunday .. Have a Wonderfuler one !!! Spaghettie squash with manwich topping and sauteed mush mush's...yummmm quick and lite (4 comments) Happy Monday !!! Sunday was awesome, now let's bring on Monday !!! (1 comments) is understanding I'm not perfect, but it's how I handle my imperfections that counts !!! :) Happy Tuesday !!!! (1 comments) IS perfect in my imperfections !!! I'm ME and nobody can stop me !!!! Have a great day !!! (1 comments) baaad night sleep .. must beware .. need coffee !!!!! Happy Thursday to my friends !!! Prepping for success..... *yawn*...zzzzzz (2 comments) is feeling sooo much better ... Slept like the dead last night !!! Happy Frieday --TGIF !!!! (2 comments) happy Saturday !! made it through the week !! Bring on the WEEKEND !!! :) Happy Sunday (1 comments) Happy Monday .. after yesterday .. YES MONDAY WILL BE HAPPY !!! :) Made it through Monday .. BRING ON TUESDAY !!!! :) barely made it through Tuesday but I made it ... Happy Wednesday!!! I've come to the conclusion that this week is just going to be that ... The chaos is hunting me out !! And finding me!!!lol Have a great FRIDAY EVE !!! (1 comments) It's here IT'S HERE !!!!! TGIF EVERYBODY !!!!! WE MADE IT !!!! wants to wish you a wonderful day !!! Picture has nothing to do with my moods; just thought it was adorable and made me smile (2 comments) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!!! Happy Monday .. Make it the best Monday you can !!! :) I dodged all the looney tunes yesterday !! making it a happy Monday !! :) Happy Tuesday to you ! it's only Wednesday; but all downhill from here .. Have a great sliiiide to the weekend !!!! :) found this yesterday and thought .. this is a good one !!! I don't want to lose .. I want to totally trash it !!! :) Happy Thursday !!! (1 comments) is wondering .... will I do this right, or bake a cake .. I choose to do this right !!! :) (3 comments) is happy that Saturday is here .. Have a great one !!! (2 comments) had a pretty good day yesterday .. today is starting out not so great, but at least now I have a good night sleep under my belt .. :) Keep pushing on !!! doctors appointment today .. weight loss help !!! Hoping for a good report ... cross your fingers !!! (1 comments) Happy Tuesday -- May my good morning's take you through the day !!! My last day this week .. how can I be more focused .. lol lol is getting ready for ROAD TRIP starting today !!!! My next couple days are going to be short blogs so you don't miss me !!! is home, safe and sound .. after a super wonderful weekend !!!! :) is back to work today ... bummer !!! Have a great day !!!! made it through Monday -- Bring on Tuesday ... have a flower for my friends !!! (1 comments) it's only Wednesday .. thank goodness it's all downhill from here .. lol had a MUCH better day ... on to one more ... Happy Thursday to my friends !!!! is getting better .. here's puppy sporting her summer cut from her day at the spa to make you smile !!!! :) is very happy the weekend is here .. Happy Memorial day .. Remember the real reason for this weekend !!! Say thank you to a service man/woman/dog!!! had a wonderful day yesterday -- today will be a bit quieter thankfully... is happy for another day off, and thankful for the reason why .. Happy Memorial Day, Happy Monday !! is happy for another day off, and thankful for the reason why .. Happy Memorial Day, Happy Monday !! is back to work today .. dentist before work, and a Tuesday Monday .. *sigh* .. what a way to start the week !! lol lol (1 comments) has been up since 2:00 .. so figured I'd just come down and do my goodmornings !!! (1 comments) is happy I made it through the bomb meeting, Happy Friday Eve!!! (1 comments) is happy this morning .. It's Friday and a NEW LOW on the scale !!!WOO HOO MEE !!!!! (1 comments) is happy it's Pamperday .. ooo SATURday !!!! lol lol lol Have a SUPER SATURDAY !!!!! is sore .. ended up to be a nice day and we went to Wisconsin Dells .. and rode the DUCKS .. water and land vehicles .. Had a lot of fun !!!! is actually happy that the weekend is over .. it was fun, but I am looking forward to getting back to "some" routine ... Happy Monday to all !! is long day Tuesday .. but that's okay -- these hours are going to be perfect.... (1 comments) is HAPPY Tuesday is over .. look what visited me this morning when I came down .. Bringing on a smile !! :) is happy yesterday is over .. I'm not sure about 'taking on today' but I guess I can take whatever is thrown at me .. I've been tested this week, and it isn't going to phase me anymore !!!! (1 comments) is very happy it's TGIF !!!! Happy Friday to anyone that stops by !!! is happy it's Saturday .. hubby backed off a bit, and I'm just staying home and "doing my thing" .. :) is having fun with pictures ... Happy Sunday !!! I saw this the other day, and thought .. OMG THAT'S ME !!! My mind is always going even when my body ain't ... :) Happy Sunday !!! is well .. is happy it's Monday ---NOT !!! But at least this week will be MY hours and not pushing ... Only 2 people this week .. me and my boss ! is thinking I'm having alot of these days !! lol .. Yesterday was a good day (for a Monday ... lol) Have a great day my friends !!! (1 comments) is happy Tuesday is done .. it was a MAJOR MAJOR DRAMA day !!!! But it's Wednesday .. half day (I HOPE -- see my blog *sigh*) is happy Wednesday is over -- On to Thursday .. .ONE of these day's has to be better !!! :) lol lol (1 comments) it's FRIDAY IT'S FRIDAY IT'S FRIDAY IT'S FRIDAY !!!!! Can you tell I'm happy it's Friday ??? lol (1 comments) is so happy it's Saturday !!! Road trip with hubby and he's taking the country roads .. WONDERFUL day for a ride !!!!! is staying cool today ... Wish everyone a great day, and now I can say it "HAPPY FATHERS DAY" .. this is NOT a practice run .. lol lol (1 comments) is staying cool today ... Wish everyone a great day, and now I can say it "HAPPY FATHERS DAY" .. this is NOT a practice run .. lol lol (3 comments) is not ready for Monday .. Happy First day of Summer!!!! (1 comments) is still having 'puter poopers .. so blog might be late again .. Yesterday was a "different" day .. today will be back to normal (I SOOOO hope is wanting rain today .. :( they have taken most of the rain out of the forecast .. but if I switch channels my hopes are raised again .. :) Have a great Wednesday ! I got my rainy day -- VERY VERY last minute -- but I got it .. :) Have a happy Thursday !!!! (1 comments) went to the band in the park last night .. I wonderful night, and fresh air; well -- alittle dopey this morning from all the sleep !!! :) is VERY happy it's Saturday -- Enjoy the day !!!!! I'm going to !!! is hoping Sunday isn't as much of a bust .. :( Have a great day !!!! (1 comments) is actually happy to see this weekend go bye bye .. Bring on Monday !!!!! is happy I made it through Monday -- On to Tuesday !!!! is happy Wednesday ...Still taking the day but on call .. *sigh* (1 comments) is happy I took the day yesterday, Happy Thursday !!! :) was totally exhausting day .. today is a new day, and now that the initial panic is gone (for now); I know I can ... I KNOW I CAN!!!!! is sore this morning, but happy the weekend is here !!! (2 comments) is still sore, but had a wonderful day .. until we got home .. destined that if I have a good day; something will go awry .. *sigh* .. but enjoyed my day as it happened !! :) HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO ALL !!! Remember to thank those that have worked for our freedom !!!!! Hi Hooo Hi Hoooo!!! It's Back to work I goooo!!!!! made it thru Tuesday .. wiped, but made it !!! On to Wednesday !!! is thankful the weekend is close .. I'm soooo ready for it!!!! is tired .. but slept like the dead .. 12 hour days are no longer for me ..I remember the days of 12-16 hours, go home, sleep and come back 5 hours later for another "dose" .. lol lol .. (1 comments) had my meltdown yesterday .. I am back on track today .. Working the dugout; the weather is gorgeous; the sun is out .. what better way to get out and do something !!!! :) Have a great day !!!! (1 comments) is soooo sore this morning, but I enjoyed yesterday so much .. fresh air, friends, and fun !!! The best 3 F words there are !!!! :) is not happy it's Monday .. the week begins again .. :) Hope you have a great day ... I'm going to try !!!:) is ready for Tuesday .. .I think .. Can't do anything about it, so may as well accept it .. I've learned there are JUST SOME things in this world I have NO control over .. and what day it is one (2 comments) is so happy Wednesday is here .. I'm tired .. but good .. 2 more days till a very very very very busy weekend .. (stay in the moment!!! :) ) Happy Wednesday to my friends !!!! is happy yesterday is over .. 7 more days ... that makes 1 week .. that means less than 2 weeks .. 7 days .. 7 days ... 7 days !!!!!! is a day to be HAPPY !!! 1-TGIF !! and 2 - ONLY SIX SIX SIX MORE DAYS !!! THAT'S LESS THAN A WEEK !!! 6 COUNT EM SIX !!!!!!!! IS EXCITED .. SUNNY BUSY SATURDAY !!! OH .. AND ONLY FIVE MORE DAYS !!!!! WOO HOO !!!!! FEEL THE EXCITEMENT !!!!!!! had a wonderful day yesterday!!!! and got tons of fresh air and sunshine !!! Looking forward to lunch with a friend, and going over to see mom!!! (OH YEA .. FOUR DAYS LEFT!!!!) is okay with it being Monday .. because I only have 2 workdays this week ...THREE MORE DAYS !!!! :) is sooo excited !!! TWO MORE DAYS !!!! TWO TWO TWO !!!! 2 MORE DAY'S TILL MY SALLY GETAWAY !!!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited !!!??? lol TOMORROW !! TOMORROW !!! I LEAVE; TOMORROW !!!! IT'S ONLY A DAYYYYY AWWWWAAAYYYYYY !!!!! but today is a vacation day so still happy !!!!! :) is getting away TODAY !!!! TODAY TODAY TODAY !!!!!! (1 comments) made it safe and sound (1 comments) is heading for home ... it's been a wonderful couple of days, and I'm so relaxed .. is home ... it was all a dream and I made sure yesterday .. .I slept and slept and slept since I got home .. and then slept the night through ... is not ready to get back to work, but alas .. the time has come .. so I guess it must be .. *sigh* .. till my next vacation !!! :) is happy Monday is over .. bring on Tuesday ... Work day was relatively back to normal, but spun wheels catching up on MY work .. still have alot to go ... Like I said .. give me a few days to think of something to get excited about ... today is the day .. see my blog to find out what :) had a great afternoon off .. and looking forward to tomorrow working Germanfest !!! :) is not ready for today .. about 2 1/2 hours sleep last night, taking care of sick puppy, and now a long day working Germanfest .. not ready .. (3 comments) my little girl is better .. not perfect, but better .. we got a full night sleep last night !!! (2 comments) and we start yet another new week .. Have a happy Sunday !!!! (1 comments) is happy -- no jury duty today !!! I have a day to make sure all my "gotta do's" are done .. :) YAY !!! is happy .. yet another NO Jury day !!! YAY !!! Bad night last night, but not as bad as last Thursday .. Either I am getting used to it, or my catchup on sleep over the weekend has got me stored up ! is done with jury duty, and puppy is again on the mend, and I got a few days off during my bachlorette hood .. Life is looking up again !! :) slept pretty good .. but went to bed with an upset belly .. :( For now upset belly is gone .. Hoping for a happy Thursday !!! is happy it's TGIF, and feel good (but scared) because I stepped off the cliff yesterday !!! Hmmmm WHAAAAAAATTTT??? Yup -- stepped over the cliff!!! :) Feel excited!!! is happy it's Saturday ... State fair, fresh air, State fair, cooler weather, sunshine .. oh and did I say State Fair ?? :) is on a one day road trip .. going up north .. Beautiful weather again, and blue skies!! wow .. take a picture .. HAPPY MONDAY !!! Whew .. will be so glad to have my routine back.. I'm too old for weekends like this anymore .. lol lol lol .. Have a GREAT day !!! Monday Meltdown day .. Today I'm taking a "sick day" ... mentally sick -- to regroup ... Spending alittle time with hubby, and alittle time at the gym to work off this funk .. Have a great day !!! is feeling better, but still taking another day... have a HAPPY WEDNESDAY !!!!! :) is going back to work .. the last couple of days have helped with my "attitude readjustment" .. and ready again to take on the world !!! BRING IT ON !!!! :) (1 comments) is happy today is Friday. Looking forward to a fun and relatively quiet weekend !!! Happy Friday !!! is very happy Saturday is here ... :) Looking forward to just a putzy day today .. laundry, shopping, putting together my apple salad for tomorrow .. just a day to enjoy !! Busy but not nuts !!! :) (2 comments) Answer is no .. Hubby up and moving before 5 am, puppy up and moving before 6, and well -- so much for my sleep in day .. lol lol lol .. Guess Sally shouldn't sleep in .. lol lol lol Gotta lov 'em lol wants to wish my little girl a HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy birthday to my Princess !!!!!! (2 comments) wants to wish my little girl a HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy birthday to my Princess !!!!!! wants to wish my little girl a HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! Happy birthday to my Princess !!!!!! (1 comments) is tired this morning. Hubby takes off so my bachlorette starts; and with hubby gone this morning on one of his fun runs, puppy did really good at her adapting to my morning routine ... (1 comments) is it morning already .. first night of hubby being gone .. did not sleep soundly .. *sigh* .. soo looking forward to my weight machine appointment this afternoon .. :) Gym bag is packed !!! slept good last night .. with a little help .. 1/2 dose of Zzzzquil .. One and the activities and eating right, and turning off the TV; helped immensely .. I hope I don't get the droopies today (1 comments) TGIF and having a weekend to regroup .. I'm taking off at noonish today, and going to the gym before picking puppy up from her spa appointment .. This has definately been a week !!! WOO HOO I MADE IT!!! Welcome Saturday!!!! Can't believe I made it !!!! Wish everyone a great day !!! I've got a day of laundry and housecleaning, but spending the day with puppy!! She deserves it!!!! ooooo have I gotten clobbered .. this cold has knocked me down for a loop .. I hope I feel better by 10:39ish; cuz I'm going over to moms for the afternoon . ..Happy Sunday to you !!! ooooo have I gotten clobbered .. this cold has knocked me down for a loop .. I hope I feel better by 10:30ish; cuz I'm going over to moms for the afternoon . ..Happy Sunday to you !!! (2 comments) is still feeling yucky; but slept really good with the help of some cough/flu syrup I picked up. Feeling so yucky, thinking of cutting out of work early, and skipping the gym .. No ..SERIOUSLY!!! we're saying goodbye emphatically to Monday .. Welcome Tuesday !!! Hope you have a great day !!! is tired but hubby's back home .. couldn't nap, so came into work .. I'll suffer through the day .. but sleep good tonight !!! :) - so can't wait till I can get back to the gym next week !!!!!!!! (1 comments) is feeling like it's been forever even though it's only been 2 days since "normal chaos" was here, but no only 2 days .. We're back to normal chaos .. and I wish you a wonderful FRIDAY !!! TGIF !!!!! Happy Saturday .. Sally's going to just stay home and take care of SALLY today .. Have a busy day tomorrow, so today is stay home day ... Have a great day !!!! (1 comments) road trip with hubby and mommy .. Hope you have a great day !!!!! I'm going to try !!!!! is ready for the gym starting today !!! Happy Monday -- and hopefully happy normal for Sally .. lol lol (1 comments) is happy Monday is over, and ready for Tuesday !!! Happy Tuesday to all my friends !!!!!! is getting closer to Friday .. :) Taking 1/2 day on Friday --Happy Wednesday to you !!!!! had a wonderful day yesterday .. Yes .. for REALLY !!!! Hope today is a great day as well .. Happy Thursday to all !!!! TGIF !!! 1/2 day today WOOHOO !!!! Fish fry tonight WOO HOO AGAIN !!!! Happy Friday to all that stop by !!!!!! had a super duper day yesterday .. and looking out after sleeping late .. it's sunny and beautiful outside .. Have a WONDERFUL start to your labor day weekend !!!!!! (1 comments) had a wonderful day yesterday .. Today is to go over by mom's .. thinking about stopping before and doing my treadmill on the way .. but we'll see ... Have a happy Sunday !!!! (1 comments) is running late today .. but was out and having a wonderful day !!! :) Hope your day is fantastic!!!!! is ready for work today .. Happy Tuesday !!!! is excited .. it's 1/2 day work day !!!! WOOHOO !!! Have a fun day planned !!!! :) Hope you do too !!!!!!! (3 comments) had a wonderful Wednesday .. Even though the morning was major chaos, the afternoon and evening were great !!!! Happy Thursday !!!! (1 comments) OMG IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY !!! If ever a Friday was wanted ... this was it .. What a nutsy week !!!!?? Have a great day .. I'm going to TRY !! :) (2 comments) is happy it's SATURDAY !!! WOOHOO !!!! I got out by 6:00 last night .. so it wasn't too late !!! YAY !!! Road trip today -- Sally happy !!!! :) Have a great day ! Happy Sunday .. Thank God for all we have, and never ever forget --- 9/11 -- I remember EXACTLY what I was doing that fateful day .. do you?? (1 comments) So far no damage control needed, but I went on a binge last night ... I was eating and I wasn't even hungry .. Today starts my exercise again .. and I can use that for nervous release !! Happy Monday (1 comments) is happy -- no scale change from my frenzy, and I feel so much better this morning .. I hate junk food hangovers, and I had a biiiig one yesterday..feel much better today! Happy Tuesday! made it through Tuesday !!! on to Wednesday !!! 1/2 day and 30 minute workout today covering EVERYTHING... Happy Wednesday !!!! (1 comments) is ready for Thursday .. Really busted butt yesterday at the gym, and FELT GREAT!!! Wish everyone a great day !!!! (1 comments) Happy Friday ... Make it a sunshine day !!! :) I'm going to !!!! TGIF !!!!!! headed right for the Ibuprofen this morning .. OUCHIE Day !!! But happy this week is over -- Happy Saturday to my friends .. (2 comments) had an awesome day yesterday !!! 11000 plus steps ... :) 10776 before lunch !!! WOOHOO !!!! Worked for my pizza .. and enjoyed every single bite !!!! Have a great day !!!! (1 comments) had an awesome day yesterday !!! 11000 plus steps ... :) 10776 before lunch !!! WOOHOO !!!! Worked for my pizza .. and enjoyed every single bite !!!! Have a great day !!!! had a baaad day yesterday .. hoping today will be better .. Happy Monday !!! is happy that yesterday is done ... it was hard !! but I made it and I complimented myself all the way home from my final stop of Puppy Club!!!! SUCCESS !!!! (1 comments) is happy that Wednesday is here .. Will I get my 1/2 day ?? THAT is the question .... We'll find the answer when I get to the office !! :) is it Friday yet ??? (2 comments) is thankful Friday is here !!! Bypassing the gym today .. it's only treadmill day ... but I've been pushing to get everything in again, and Sally's running out of fuel .. Happy Friday !!!!! (2 comments) is HAPPY it's Saturday .. I'm going NOWHERE today .. but working on the photo poster so I can take it in tomorrow and set it up .. Happy Saturday!! road trip and overnighter day!!! Woohoo !!! :) Wish you a wonderful Sunday !!!! is happily on my getaway !! Have a great Monday !!! (2 comments) Sally day all done and over with .. *sad sally* .. but it is what it is .. and I enjoyed my 2ish days .. Have a great Tuesday !!! made it through Tuesday ... barely .. but made it .. made it over the hump .. Happy Thursday !!!! made it through the week .. TGIF !!! Wish you all the best of the best !!!! HAPPY SATURDAY !!!! Made it through the week !!! WOOHOO !!!!! :) (1 comments)

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