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Meeting a friendly Gentoo penguin at SeaWorld San Diego Friendly Gentoo (L) and Macaroni (R) penguins! My purrsonal trainer (dunno why this pic is upside down!) (1 comments) Abs with my purrsonal trainer before Thanksgiving dinner! Harry "helping" me do push-ups My new 'do! (don't know why photo is sideways...) (1 comments) Snuggling with my little man my Bunday workout partner! (1 comments) quality time with my purrsonal trainer My purrsonal trainer...he's intense (1 comments) (1 comments) day 3 of my streak for "Walk 10,000 steps per day" earned 12/31/2014 day 238 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/31/2014 day 5 of my streak for "Walk 10,000 steps per day" earned 1/2/2015 day 240 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/2/2015 Stretching out with my #purrsonaltrainer Spring is coming to Chicago...the ice on Lake Michigan is melting! 😃 (1 comments) #running along #lake michigan #chicago #spring2015 (1 comments) #sunrise on #lakemichigan #running (1 comments) Having trouble keeping it together today. At least I have my furbaby. #cat #Harry (4 comments) The #ice is almost gone from the #lake ! #running #beach #fromwhereistand #running #lake #Chicago Before I headed out to the gym yesterday AM - showing off my very bright shirt! Showing off my glasses (and my serious face lol) (2 comments) Taking a break before I roll out! #gymselfie Today's coping skill: self-nurture. Got my nails done! (3 comments) Lazy Sunday :) (1 comments) Tabbouleh with greens, eggs, and sautéed mushrooms 👍🏻 I love lifting weights! #ironmaidens #gymselfie (2 comments) #throwbackthursday to when I was running cross-country in college and waded into Lake Michigan with some of my teammates after a big race 😎 (1 comments) #Texas , here I come! Time for the weekend baby!!! Showing my hip flexors some love...they earned a good stretch! #gymselfie Stretch of the day...makes my hips and butt and back all feel awesome! #gymselfie Hooray for the magical healing powers of the foam roller! #gymselfie I had company on my long #run ! #trail #runninglife (1 comments) Stretch of the day: child's pose. I can almost touch my heels to my butt! #gymselfie Omg my hair is growing back! I even have a curl! 💁🏻 running before graduation - watching the sun rise over the river 💓 (2 comments) One more - running on my mountain. I've been running along this road since I was 14. I didn't realize how much I loved it till I moved. Been waiting for months to run here again. (1 comments) Graduation! With my beautiful mom! (5 comments) Added some weight to deadlifts yesterday ...kind of a fail on photo tho 😳 #ironmaidens #hamstrings (2 comments) Getting supervised by Harry while I recover from my cold (3 comments) Mr Cat's spa day was a success! At least most of the congestion is gone Feeling nearly human again after sudafed, ibuprofen, and shower Bedtime with my sweet boy - got to get some rest early tonight so I can hit the gym before work tomorrow AM after a weekend of lazing about with my sinus infection (doctor's orders though) Oatmeal with apples and pumpkin (and cream and cinnamon) Sunrise over Lake Michigan during my run this morning (2 comments) Single-leg squats #gymselfie 💪🏻 Sunrise over the lake - my view during morning run :) (2 comments) 2 steps to hip flexor heaven Carried it up 3 (narrow) flights of stairs 💪🏻 (3 comments) You know it's a good nap when you're woken up, totally confused and disoriented, by the laundry timer in the middle of the afternoon. 😴 (2 comments) Thank you legs for carrying me all over town and the crazy mall. Oatmeal with chia seeds, cinnamon, peanut butter, stevia, and apple Watching the sunrise during my run yesterday (2 comments) Getting ready to run - my mom sent me this shirt ☺️ (2 comments) "pink lemonade" (Essie) 💅🏼 (1 comments) Caturday cuddles with Harry after my long run (12 miles) and a nice hot shower! Someone watching me as I stagger home after work...heavy lifting day this morning! (4 comments) My treat today...Thai chicken salad from Panera #TreatYoSelf Yesterday's Fitbit a boost from walking to lunch to celebrate my coworker's last day with us 😕 beautiful weather tho Yesterday's Fitbit! Beautiful weather again (3 comments) Fewer steps today - but I feel like it is ok after a few days of running around like a maniac at work! 😌 Upped the weight for both inner and outer thighs today! This girl never skips leg day! (2 comments) Glamorous! And my burn (the purple spot) is almost healed (2 comments) Yesterday's Fitbit - walking around town with my friend :) Bite beauty cinnamon plumping oil (my first venture into Sephora) Bi bim bop at Bop N Grill Chicago! Catfish curry...wonderful! Spicy Thai burrito from Freshii Lentils for dinner! Grilled vegetable Chile rellenos at Frontera Grill It feels a lot warmer! Yesterday's Fitbit Today's Fitbit Today's Fitbit - it's an even number! (2 comments) When I come home from work starving (2 comments) Today's Fitbit (2 comments) Sugar free ice cream and blackberries Omg it is good! (1 comments) Yesterday's Fitbit - walked to the company picnic and managed not to pig out! And it was cooler than forecast - thank you God! Downloaded the interval timer (free from the App Store) to help me get in some high-intensity cardio after lifting. (4 comments) Oatmeal with chia and pomegranate seeds and blueberries Sunrise over Lake MI during my run (2 comments) Killer! 👍🏼 Falafel and tabbouleh salad for lunch with Mom ☺️ Oat waffles with blueberries and pomegranates - birthday breakfast with my mom Bison burger and sweet potato fries at Brookfield Zoo for lunch (4 comments) Yesterday's Fitbit - walking around the zoo and to dinner! Today's Fitbit - highlight was walking along the lake with Mom this morning. ❤️ Oatmeal with pomegranate seeds, blueberries, and aronia berries Tuna salad at the Aquarium for lunch Comparing my arm to sue's - she's the T. rex at the Chicago field museum (3 comments) Pita Inn for lunch #nationalLipstickDay some Nars thingy that I got free for my birthday at Sephora Went back to the Field Museum with my mom specifically to see the Ancient Americas exhibit...we ran out of time the other day. This is one of my favorite quotes. My other favorite part was a video interview with a woman from a pueblo tribe; she talked about the sacredness is in the process, in the just being together, more than in the product of the task. Watching the sun rise over Lake Michigan with my mom (2 comments) Sunkissed after my run I went for a run. It was 🌞🌞🌞🌞 now I am worshipping the AC Today's Fitbit - so proud of myself for reaching my step goal on this hot day After my mini-turbo workout this morning 💦💦💦💦 Almost sunrise over Lake Michigan Today's Fitbit. Remember that exercise minutes don't just burn calories, they help regulate your cortisol (stress hormone) - an additional health benefit that you can see immediately (in terms of emotions) and long-term (cardiovascular and brain health). (1 comments) From Black Elk Speaks - something to look forward to when I might not feel like getting out of bed early in the morning ✌🏼️ Today's Fitbit! I was at 19750 when I was ready for bed, but did a couple little chores to get me to a nice round number. (I'm not "OCD", I just like even numbers! 😄) Roasted veggie pie from Hoosier Mama for dinner 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼 (1 comments) My brain's happy place - the app is called Pocket Penguins and it is a live audio and video feed from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. When I am stressed throughout the day I try to sneak a peek - it is to me what rocking is to a crying baby lol: Thai chopped chicken salad from Panera for lunch (2 comments) Hair trimmed! I see the sun has lightened it a bit since last time lol Accurate representation of my mental state Morning at the lake Headed into the gym at 4 this morning because I had to be at work an hour early (2 comments) Oatmeal with aronia berries, raspberries, and pomegranate seeds for breakfast Chicago skyline during my run just before 5 AM (4 comments) So tired and not in a good way (2 comments) Yesterday's coping skill...self-care! 💅🏼almost fell asleep in the nail shop tho (2 comments) RIP to my umbros...been wearing them to the gym since high school; the drawstring is long gone and the elastic is officially crapped out. (3 comments) A little treat for my tired brain Back to plyometrics and the jumps from TurboKick after a crazy week at work...I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow but it feels great! (1 comments) Phew....I am beat (1 comments) Post workout snack - have a physically demanding workday ahead of me (1 comments) Today's Fitbit Today's Fitbit Oatmeal and berries for breakfast...eating in front of the AC! Today's Fitbit! I miss TurboKick so much...and I don't have time to do a full hour of it after I lift even if it was available. So I took my favorite moves from the Turbo sections (jumps, jacks, etc) and made them a 20-min workout (45 sec on/25 sec rest). I have been doing it for about a month and it is great! (1 comments) My first venture into the world of protein standard strawberry powder from GNC. It actually wasn't bad! (1 comments) My reward to myself for staying on track with healthy habits/coping skills through a rough time at work: a trip to the Benefit Brow Bar! I feel so fancy! 😯 (2 comments) Today's Fitbit (1 comments) Proud of myself for getting to 10k steps even on my lazy rest day! (2 comments) For my errands done and visited the Aquarium! Lotsa running around lol Today's Fitbit...took a gym selfie but it is extremely blurry :( will try again on Thursday! Getting back up to speed with rowing (my warmup before lifting)...I hadn't been using my legs enough for some reason but now my watts are almost back to where they were before I moved. :) Today's Fitbit My pre-run snack....tart cherry juice (anti inflammatory!) mixed with crystal light lemonade. Lotsa walkin today! Today's Fitbit. Highlight of my day: I replaced my windshield wiper blades, all by myself. 💪🏻 Got my steps in Working my way back on the rowing machine Today's Fitbit...had to drive home from work because I didn't take my umbrella and it was raining/thunderstorm. Took me freakin 30 min to drive two miles...hmmm exactly as long as it takes me to walk. 😞 Personal bests on the leg extension (70 lbs) and abduction (125 lbs) today! And followed up with my mini turbo workout. Tomorrow's forecast is that I'm gonna be crawling! Lol Today's Fitbit (2 comments) Update from yesterday: I'm just gonna have some ibuprofen and lemonade and lay here for a bit k? Cool enough to wear my jacket to the aquarium! :) (1 comments) Oatmeal with chia and pomegranate seeds, aronia berries, and apples for breakfast Reaaaaally didn't feel like doing this; did it anyway. (2 comments) Artist's depiction of me at the moment Today's Fitbit Today's Fitbit (2 comments) Not as long as I usually run, but 100% better than the 0-minute run I felt like doing!! (1 comments) So apparently this is where we are going for lunch today...I guess the way to go is get a 4-oz burger and maybe small fries? Or turkey burger? Any suggestions would be appreciated... (4 comments) Today's Fitbit...TGIF! Kung Pao shrimp - my Saturday treat! (1 comments) Word to the wise: be careful doing this exercise around your cat! 😂 Hit my step goal! Hit yesterday's step goal 🚶🏻 Really didn't feel like doing my interval thing; did it anyway. 💪🏻 Today's Fitbit...didn't think I was going to make it the whole walk home from work but I did and now I can rest. Tonight's snack while I wait for my fish and rice to cook...jicama sticks with lime juice and chili pepper! (3 comments) Another day is in the books! Feels so good to rest 35 minutes longer than I felt like running, but I got it done (1 comments) From yesterday - again I didn't feel like doing it but I did it anyway and it felt great. Got my steps in for today ... Now cuddled up with tea and the cat! (1 comments) Another day of not wanting to do it, but getting it done anyway. Plus a little attitude boost from Kreayshawn ("Gucci Gucci") during the cool-down. Survived another day. Another one in the books...I added lots more punches and kicks instead of just jumps, burpees etc Done for today (2 comments) Basically the only good part of my day. Fitbit crapped out on my yesterday. Then I went to pick up a new one and Let it Go, which makes me cry on the best of days, was playing. I had a minor meltdown in the fitness aisle of Target. Lots and lots of crying and panic attacks. Dear god please let this week be better. (2 comments) When I get discouraged I have to remind myself of how far I have come. A couple years ago I could not do this simple stretch; I had to work up to being able to hug my knee to my chest. I had to stop thinking of what I used to be able to do as a competitive athlete, and start from the beginning. Just something to keep in mind when I am struggling as I am now. (7 comments) Today's Fitbit (2 comments) Breakfast: oatmeal with aronia berries, chia seeds, and an apple. Fuel for my workout and the challenging day I have planned at work. Today's I spent most of my day at work on my feet. It feels so good to crawl into bed. From a card one of my running mentors gave me the day before a race. Today's Fitbit. So tired. My anxiety is getting out of control. At least I made it through my run this morning without having a panic attack. (5 comments) Today's Fitbit plus I got in my improvised kickboxing thing. So even though I stress ate today I did do something good for myself. This one is for @callmesallyg 😁 (1 comments) Got my license! And I think it shows I have slimmed down since I renewed it in PA. (5 comments) Today's Fitbit, helped by walking around the convention center and wandering around looking for a place to pick up ibuprofen... 💊💊💊 Today's tired (2 comments) Rest later I beat Snack and caffeine because my train is late and I am sooooo dragging today Today's Fitbit. I am not tired enough...anxiety too high. Ugh. Today's Fitbit. Conference over - I'm exhausted Today's Fitbit... Back to regular schedule tomorrow. Then the weekend. Thank goodness. Back to my regular workout and eating ready for the weekend My new favorite jeans! Not scratchy at all and buy one/get one half-off. Got my steps in today but a lot of resting too! Rough morning but workout finished. (2 comments) Yesssssss Today's Fitbit 🏃🏻 Abs!!! (1 comments) day 541 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 10/30/2015 Just in case I screwed it up...evidence of the log-in streak that was. I need to do this... (4 comments) Personal records on the leg extension and abduction today! (2 comments) Today's Fitbit Yes! I didn't break my streak! Chinese food: always inspirational! Today's Fitbit From @wearephat on Twitter. Trying not to have winter blues missing home and the hills and my family. Ancient grains salad at Panera for lunch (1 comments) Today's Fitbit (3 comments) Today's Fitbit It was BOGO day at subway! I managed to save my free sub for dinner tomorrow - it will taste good heated in the toaster oven. Almost forgot to take a photo of the sandwich! Lol Today's Fitbit Racked up the steps running around at work after the power mysteriously shut off...up and down the stairs like a (panicked) champ. (1 comments) Got it done today after an eventful day and late night at work yesterday. 💪🏼 (1 comments) Today's Fitbit - my steps boosted by walking to/from train stations Today's Fitbit (5 comments) Today's Fitbit Today's Fitbit - hit my goal even though I got a ride home after work dinner PR on the adductor today, and followed up with an awesome stretch Curry fish and rice ☺️ (2 comments) Today's Fitbit... Worked out and got my nails done -feeling almost human again after an awful weekend at work. Today's Fitbit. My walk home from work was in the rain, which felt kind of nice since I didn't have much to carry/worry about getting wet. Yes! I can touch the floor with the palm of my hand without bending my knees! (Don't know why this was important to me but I haven't been able to do it since freshman year of high school.) (15 comments) Today's Fitbit (4 comments) Today's Fitbit ... I considered driving or taking the train home because I didn't bring a hat (it got a lot colder morning to evening) but in the end I walked. It wasn't too bad! (4 comments) Oh lord (4 comments) Gym selfie post-mini turbo workout Today's Fitbit...helped out by a walk across campus to renew my ID. Today's Fitbit - hit my step goal and did some laundry No no no no no. (6 comments) Worth the splurge ($20/box). (2 comments) Today's Fitbit (3 comments) Moved up to 2-lb hand weighs during my mini turbo workout! My gym bag actually didn't feel that much heavier than with the 1-lb weights. It felt great! 👊🏼💪🏼 (1 comments) My friend and TurboKick instructor from penn state hooked me up with my favorite finale track! 🎶 this is your last chance, it's time to dance! 🎶 (3 comments) Today's Fitbit! I ran 9 miles today, only got rained on for four of them! @mizfiggy😂 in response to your earlier post Ohhh stretch it feels so good! Today's Fitbit Today's Fitbit Dinner - salad with wheatberries Today's Fitbit. Finished a big project at work and it is such a relief. Shameless gym selfie ...stretching feels so good after lotsa squat jumps! (3 comments) Today's Fitbit I resisted the siren song of the last piece of pizza! Workout Wednesday! Post workout snack at Panera (5 comments) Today's Fitbit (2 comments) Yesterday My crazy clean bathroom. Felt so good to clean after a crazy month of work and letting the housekeeping slip. (2 comments) Hair trimmed (5 comments) Today's Fitbit Just one more health benefit of frozen veggies. (5 comments) Today's Fitbit. Apparently my new thing is to cry through my workout, isn't that great. (2 comments) Today's Fitbit (1 comments) #workoutwednesday Today's Fitbit (3 comments) I had to get up an hour earlier than usual to get my workout in before work, and I really wasn't feeling it when I started, but I got it done. #fitnessfriday (2 comments) Back at it after a very sedentary weekend...did some spinning to mix things up a bit. At least I do this right I made it thru another day. Today's Fitbit + stretching out after Turbo. It felt great! (6 comments) Today's Fitbit - I took the train to/from work because I was carrying extra stuff, so a little less active than usual. Feel like this number should be higher since I spent most of the day scrubbing my apartment from floor to ceiling but ok.... Apartment is clean and I'm cleaned up and ready for my guests!! I can't wait, only a few more hours. (3 comments) Today's Fitbit - walked around town with my mom! Didn't really feel like workin out this morning, but I did anyway. I didn't sleep very well last night so I gave myself permission to skip my workout and sleep instead, but by the time I switched the alarm on my phone I was wide awake. I figured I might as well just get up and get it done. Homeward bound for Christmas! Lol. I took this somewhere in eastern OH while I was messing with my phone to prevent myself from boredom eating. We made it safely to my parents' place and it is time to rest! (2 comments) Getting ready to do errands with my mom, cousin, and aunt! (2 comments) My view from my Christmas Eve run. It was 65! Looking out over the Susquehanna River from about halfway up the mountain where my folks live. I missed it so much!!! Lunch: homemade pulled pork and coleslaw! Today's Fitbit: I got my steps in with a short run and many many trips up and down the stairs helping to wrap presents! The views from my run this morning - so foggy! Merry Christmas! (1 comments) Glamorous me in my festive shirt and...sweatpants lol. Poured diet cherry Coke on my jeans yesterday so I am waiting till right before company gets here to put my nice jeans on today! (7 comments) Today's Fitbit Lunch at red robin - Bonzai salad! Took the train to see my grad school buddy - so good to see friends again. Holding my friend's pet bunny! 😘🐰! (1 comments) Coffee with Mr Cat! (2 comments) More bansai salad! My mom got this container for me for my lunches (2 comments) New Years dinner with my parents...they're going home tomorrow. :( Not quite why I had in mind for my post-lifting cardio, but better than nothing. Once again I spent my workout and shower crying. (3 comments) Yesterday's Fitbit (3 comments) Back to kickboxing plus plank this morning. Trying to keep the positive vibes alive now that I'm at work. Today's Fitbit. (4 comments) Another morning on the stair master Today's Fitbit. (2 comments) Not as good this morning :( (2 comments) Today's Fitbit - lots of steps even though I took the train to and from work instead of walking (2 comments) Lunch is curried rice and pasta with shredded pork - comfort food I went for a run in the snow this afternoon (4 comments) Not at already for Monday, especially when I have to be at work an hour early. Maybe I would resent it less if I got comp time, but nah. (4 comments) Elliptical this morning Yesterday's steps. I am trying out taking the train instead of walking to work every single day, especially when I have to carry my personal laptop. Dinner. Burnt my fingers heating it up. My awesome week continues. I walked home instead of taking the train because I didn't want to wait around in the cold station. Can't walk with my balaclava up because my glasses fog up. I hate this place so much. (1 comments) Back to mini turbo workouts instead of spinning or elliptical or stairmaster. Finally home after a long, frustrating day at work. At least my workout was good. Yesterday's Fitbit - low because I took the train. 😞 Today's Fitbit For AnnaSony - hope this helps with your motivation! (1 comments) Today's Fitbit Got my steps in running around at work and doing laundry today (2 comments) The few steps I did get in today were staggering to the grocery store and nail place in single digit temperatures. Gee I miss my freakin apartment with the elliptical trainer, now I'm trapped here in this 💩 weather and can't work out inside. Hooray for moving up in the 💩world. (2 comments) Today was better. I woke up at 1AM panicking/crying/dreading the day, managed to doze off and on until 3:30 by repeating to myself "it's not so bad...not so bad...not so bad" over and over. Trying to remember that last year I walked to work when it was -12 outside. Trying not to feel sorry for myself or desperate. (4 comments) Trying to start off the morning with something POSITIVE...this (and the humidifiers) are saving my skin this winter. (2 comments) Today's abs and Fitbit...I did a round of TurboKick plus 15 minutes of plank (15 sec on/15 sec off). I gave up doing the modified plank because it hurt my shoulders, and NOT in a good way, without seeming to benefit my core much. For Fitbit...walking fast in the cold sure does boost the active minutes!!! Lunch today - Greek salad at Panera (3 comments) Did my workout even though I had to scale down the intensity a little during my mini turbo...felt very weird this morning. Maybe it is the weather. But the important thing is I exercised to the max intensity that my body could handle at the moment. Today's Fitbit Yesterday's gym selfie Feeling weak again, got it done anyway. At least I felt better than on Wednesday. (2 comments) Today's Fitbit (2 comments) Back home after a panic attack on the train because I thought I lost my Fitbit, followed by tearfully retracing my steps from the train station home, only to find it was still clipped to my bra but had slid around the back. The delightful irony is that the errand (which I didn't complete) is something that can easily wait till tomorrow, I only went out so that I could get more steps in. (7 comments) Today Fitbit Chicken Caesar salad at Panera for lunch after work (1 comments) I made my first homemade scrub: sugar, coconut oil, and vitamin e oil. (2 comments) Tomato soup, peanut butter toast, and lemonade for dinner. Comfort food. Today's Fitbit...getting ready for bed. Back to work tomorrow after having a whole half-day off today. Got it done today. I took the train home tho instead of walking. I did this (45 sec on/15 sec on for 15 min) after TurboKick this morning. OH MY ARMS!!! (2 comments) Today's Fitbit (3 comments) Had to get up at 2:45 AM to do it, but I got it done. Did my whole TurboKick workout from memory today after I forgot to bring my cue cards. Because nothing can #%^^%}{ stop me. (3 comments) Today's Fitbit (2 comments) Worked out with my glasses barely hanging onto the edge of my nose until I got to mini turbo and pulled my calf mid-jump at which point I actually collapsed on the floor and it took me 10 min to hobble across the gym to the locker room bawling all the way and an older woman offered to drive me home but instead I hobbled to the shower and to work. what a dreadful week. I wouldn't be surprised if I managed to spontaneously combust in the middle of the night. Today's Fitbit. So disappointed. I really hope that my calf is fine by Monday. 😰 My eyes are pretty clear and have barely hurt at all today. (2 comments) Yesterday's and today's Fitbit. I did it and my calf barely hurt. (At least the day didn't start out bad.) This is my new obliques exercise, feels really good. I modified it so that both my feet are on the floor, though, because I don't have anything that solid to put my stationary foot on. Legs almost back to normal (1 comments) Got it done today at the gym even though I felt shaky and weak for a few minutes in the middle of kickboxing. I stuck it out though and finished strong. (3 comments) Today's Fitbit (2 comments) My leg is almost back to normal today (1 comments) Today's Fitbit. (3 comments) Ready for the super bowl! Yesterday's and today's Fitbit (2 comments) Back to work and the gym Forgot my 2-lb hand weights, so I did TurboKick with 2.5-lb dumbells instead. Yesterday's Fitbit (2 comments) Used 3.5-lb hand weights during my mini turbo today. 💪🏼💪🏼 Today's Fitbit Weekend Fitbit Today (2 comments) Feeling kind of awful but I got in my workout and steps anyway. Early to bed tonight; maybe I'll wake up good as new tomorrow. (1 comments) Went a little light on my workout this morning but still got plenty of steps in. I'm feeling much much better. Weekend for its. I spent most of Saturday sleeping. Today. Today Yesterday. I powered thru my workout even though my phone was on the fritz and kept stopping and starting my music. Now I have a new phone (thank goodness the old one was still under warranty). Brunch...PB&J with hot peppers. So happy to be sleeping in this morning. (4 comments) Today. Replaced battery and now my Fitbit won't stop tracking from yesterday. Not fair and now j am late for the gym. Stupid me to think I could get thru a morning without crying (3 comments) Today. Fitbit functional again. (1 comments) Today Today. I didn't feel like doing the HIIT workout but i got it done anyway. (2 comments) Today. (3 comments) Today (3 comments) Today. For the mini turbo workout instead of doing kicks and punches intervals I replaced them with wind sprints. This is a screencap of the Interval Timer setup/options for Juddll and others who have asked about the app. I see you can do a complex routine but I haven't tried that yet! Lol (1 comments) After months of inner thigh tightness (I think I pulled a muscle maybe and since then it has been very tight), I started doing this stretch. It has only been a couple days and already I feel much better! (2 comments) Sometimes all it takes is one fearless person to push others to stand up for themselves and their ideas. Why not me? Today. I started new punch section and finale in Turbo. Today. Wonderfully sore. The weekend. At least I walked to and from my nail appointment and the grocery store yesterday. The few steps I got in today were from staggering up and down the stairs with my laundry. I am so exhausted and the week hasn't even started. (3 comments) Yesterday Today. I walked to and from work even though the wind is crazy. It sounds like someone is trying to break in thru my windows, it is so strong! (5 comments) Green! (3 comments) Today (4 comments) Added these exercises to my weight lifting day. Not sure I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning. (2 comments) Today. I was going to take the train home from work but I needed to clear my head! The walk did me good. Today - I went for a run. So sore from yesterday! (6 comments) Today. I'm too tired to walk the steps left to make it a round number total lol. Today. My abs are aching! (2 comments) Yesterday. I feel like I am making progress because on some of the sprinting intervals I can make it back and forth across the studio four whole times instead of just three and a half. Today. So proud of myself for hanging in there for my whole workout despite probably being a little dehydrated from a "stomach issue" this morning. Really though I know that if I have made it out of bed at 3:45 and to the gym by 5:30 I'm gonna make it worth it. Today. This afternoon I came across a selfie I took when I had hives. I have come so far since then - so lucky to be done with them and I can see the difference that taking care of myself has made. I will try to post it later with some censoring! (1 comments) This weekend. I decided to make my weekend step goal 6000 steps per day. I know it is low but it is better than nothing and right now that's all I need. (3 comments) Today (2 comments) Today. I walked home from work instead of taking the train. I figure even if I do go over my daily calorie goal, any cutting back on eating or adding extra exercise has to help, right? (2 comments) Today. (2 comments) Today! My first time having 30k steps. (7 comments) Today. Trying to get back on track after a rough weekend. (2 comments) Today. Today. Had to be at work an hour early, so I was at the gym an hour early. Not going to give up my workout, it's that simple! Baby, break a sweat! (4 comments) This exercise is surprisingly hard/satisfying! (2 comments) Today. I added some box jumps to my HIIT routine...may not be able to walk tomorrow. I also tried a new low back exercise because sometimes I feel like I have trouble working those muscles effectively - it felt great. (4 comments) Yummmmm Sunday night again (2 comments) Today. As disappointed as I was to wake up from my dreams and realize that I was still here in this job, I put my game face on and got it done. At least my workouts are the one bright spot in my day. (1 comments) Today (2 comments) Super sweaty as usual. 😅 Now there are three of my fellow gym-goers who have told me something along the lines of "I noticed you working out and your workout is really intense." Motivation! (7 comments) Today. I added some box jumps (well, using the step) to my HIIT to make sure that I am really challenging myself to jump high! (2 comments) As coworker returns from her 3.5-week vacation today, this is my motto. I am not going to let her get to me. I am not going to give her my energy because I need it to do MY job. (2 comments) Today. I started doing a new kicks section...I'm changing my turbokick one section at a time over the span of a couple weeks instead of taking on a new round all at once. That way I learn gradually and keep myself from getting discouraged. (2 comments) My mom's cat died this afternoon. My little girl. She was fine in the morning but had a blood clot in the afternoon; she went to a trauma center and got oxygen but there was too much damage; she couldn't move her legs. 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰ðŸ
Today. Back to work. Today (2 comments) Today. 8 risers under the step for my box jumps. (4 comments) Shopping at the thrift store in the middle of the day because I found out TODAY that I had to be dressed up and at a conference TODAY. $18.50 for a blazer from Banana tho?! 😭 (2 comments) Today. Very sore! (2 comments) This is literally the worst tasting bleep I have ever tasted. I had bought it to make icing for oatmeal cookies so when I ran out of yogurt this week I decided to take this to the gym instead. I will never ever run out of yogurt again. (3 comments) Today. (1 comments) This weekend. Not great but better than last weekend (3 comments) Today. Not my best but I had a really rough day at work. (3 comments) Today. Work was much better than yesterday but I'm beat. Yesterday. (1 comments) My consolation for having to be in an hour early to take the 7:00 train (3 comments) Yesterday. (7 comments) Gym selfie (5 comments) Yesterday. (2 comments) My latest challenge. My arms feel like jello. (7 comments) Today. Not sure how I managed zero active minutes when I was running around the lab all day but all right. Yesterday. Wasn't really feelin it, got it done anyway. (2 comments) It seems I'm not the only 🐧 trying to belly dance ... (Image from
Yesterday and today Today. Exhausted but laundry is done for the week and I don't have to work all weekend. Saturday. So tired that I had trouble walking but I made it to the dentist and back. Today. I did the elliptical instead of my HIIT thing after lifting. Just didn't have it in me. (3 comments) Today (3 comments) Almost back to normal today. For some reason I'm freezing tonight, hope I'm not getting sick. Today. One of my first Fitbit badges and (of course) my favorite. 🐧🐧🐧 (2 comments) This is why I never have any ponytail holders! This is from a pack I bought literally an hour ago! (8 comments) Today. Today. My abs are so so sore. Today. My abs are screaming and crying. 😭 (4 comments) Yesterday. (2 comments) Today. I found out that when I do the stationary bike it doesn't "count" as steps on my Fitbit. Booo (1 comments) Today. My abs are 💥💥💥. It feels great! (2 comments) Today. I changed my HIIT workout to intervals of ropes, and different types of jumps (pliés, lunges, lateral lunges...). My butt cheeks are soooo sore. (2 comments) Today. (2 comments) From (1 comments) Today. I cried on my way to the gym and in the lockeroom but still got my workout done. (4 comments) Today. Trying hard to pretend that it is ok to get up at 2:30 AM to workout because I had to be at work "just" an hour early but I will never get to leave "just an hour" early. Today. I figured out that if I have my feet elevated just a bit while I do planks I get a lot more out of it. (2 comments) Yesterday Today. The other person using the studio said "you sure don't mess around." Lol no I try not to! (1 comments) Today. Apparently forgot to do a screenshot but I did my plank even though I was dying. Rough morning. (3 comments) Today. Had to be at work by seven so I got up an hour early and did abs at home so I could be at the gym as soon as it opened at 4:30 and still have a little time cushion. I don't care how early it is, I need my AM workout to get my head on straight before work. (2 comments) Today. Back to my regular gym time - so nice that it is light outside so early in the AM now - I don't walk the whole way there in the dark! (2 comments) This is a follow-up to KLM's photo - 😼 is always watching too. Don't you judge me, Sir Fluffsalot! *shakes fist* (2 comments) Today. So, so glad it is Friday. I'm loving for weather...I know it isn't necessarily good for you but I love the smell of sun on my skin. (2 comments) Yummmm This weekend (1 comments) Today. Today Today (2 comments) Today. I had a great kickboxing workout too - I felt super energetic (1 comments) Friday. The weekend (2 comments) Today Today Today. I woke up at 2:30 and couldn't fall back asleep, so I got up at 3. It is amazing how much different my energy is during the summer than during the winter. Just incredible. (2 comments) Today. TGIF. Today (2 comments) Today (3 comments) Today 🔅 (3 comments) Today (5 comments) Very proud of myself...just a few weeks ago I couldn't jump up onto this bench from the floor (had to jump down and get momentum first) - now I do a v-sit-up from the BOSU and jump right up. I can do it ten times in 45 sec. Progress. (5 comments) #fitnessfriday #gymselfie feels so good to stretch! TGIF! Today (1 comments) Today! Today (1 comments) In case spark people's magical inability to understand time zones ruins my streak. (2 comments) Today. Back to work. Today Today Today! (1 comments) Login streak not broken!!!!! 💫🌟✨ (1 comments) Today Today Today. Today. Few things feel as satisfying as the first workout back after a break. (2 comments) Today Today!! (6 comments) Login milestone! I realized that the reason it is so important to me to keep this streak going is that I feel like it keeps me tied to where and who I was when it started - one of the happiest times of my life. (3 comments) Today. Today. I made the high intervals 20 sec and the low intervals 10 sec. (2 comments) Today. I was at 22040 steps then realized that "back in the day" I would have walked around until I hit a round number (22500), so I took out the recycle. Now in front of the AC! (1 comments) Today Thursday Yesterday and today. Today. We walked to the nail place and the grocery store, and along the lake for a while. Thank goodness for cooler weather. (1 comments) Today Meeting Mercedes the penguin for my birthday! (2 comments) Today. Lots of touristy things downtown. Hoping that the walking will do something to offset the baby back ribs and pizza that I ate. (2 comments) Today - we went to the zoo. (2 comments) Today Getting a head bump from a beluga whale. A beautiful experience - so blessed to be able to share with Mom. (4 comments) Today. When my family left for the airport I went for a long run so that I wouldn't be sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. I wanted to keep busy & maybe the endorphins will help blunt the effects of saying good-bye. (3 comments) I somehow managed to get sunburnt despite a week of bringing sunblock with me everywhere & conscientiously slathering myself with it...guess I sweated it off? Smh (2 comments) I can't wait much longer!!! (I went to Lincoln Park Zoo today to scout it out and walk off some of the sore legs from yesterday's run.) Today. Tomorrow it is back to work for me. 😰 (1 comments) Today. Easing myself back into my workout/work routine after a wonderful vacation. Today. I barely made it through the plank...arms like jello from handstand push-ups yesterday. 😖 (3 comments) Lunch at Panera! Wow it's good! Today. Today (2 comments) Today Harry tending to me after my post-run shower. I ran for 2 hours (from lab downtown to home)....the last 40 min was BRUTAL because I was running in the city and bubblers were few and far between. I've run this route a couple times before but usually I run down to navy pier and take the L home; this time I started at work (which is like a mile from there) and ran home. (6 comments) This weekend (1 comments) Today. (2 comments) Today. Today Today. I use 2.5-lb hand weights during turbokick but today I used 3-lb'ers during punches section, turbo, and the finales. (2 comments) Today. I felt like my arms were gonna fall off. (Who knows, maybe they will yet.) Today Today. I ran in the park. (2 comments) Today. My first Cubs game! My first Cubs game! (1 comments) At the Cubs game with girls from work! Today Today Today. I did the planks with my feet on the hard side of a BOSU ball (instead of a step). Once again my workout is the best part of my day. Today Scallops from the Mexican restaurant when I went out for lunch on Wednesday. Trying to find healthy things to have as my "comfort foods" when I go out with my work friends. Today Today. We started a workweek hustle on Fitbit at work so now my competitive self is back. Today. Exhaustion. (2 comments) Today. I used 3-lb weights during punches, turbo, and finales, 2.5-lb ones the rest of kickboxing. (2 comments) As close as I can get to a split...feels great (2 comments) HIIT because my flipbelt was still wet with sweat from yesterday when I left the house this morning - tried to is use an armband instead for my phone but it wasn't sturdy enough and kept slipping/my headphones' cords were all over the place. So I did the elliptical for 20' instead. Post-run in the forest preserve...two hours and ten minutes of splashing thru the mud! 😜 (2 comments) Today (1 comments) Grilled portabella "burger" at the aquarium today. I know, lots of bread and fries, but I love it. (1 comments) Today Today. I really don't have another 500 steps in me tonight. Well I got my extra 500 steps in but now it says my battery is low. I just replaced it a couple weeks ago. Discouraging. Today Today Today Firiday (forgot to post)...more like Jumps and Push-ups because the trainer wouldn't let me work in on the ropes. "We are using it" ok but you take breaks for 2-5 min at a time which I do believe is longer than the 20 sec intervals that I do. Also there are 2 sets of ropes (heavy and light) - why can't I use the one which isn't in use?! (1 comments) Today. #sundayselfie after a 14-mile run...beautiful weather. (2 comments) Today...I went for a 90-min run just around town this morning. Today. A little behind on steps because I had to move my car this morning instead of walking into work. Today. I got to use the ropes so I worked extra hard! Today. Chained to my desk all day. 😡 Today. A cool, rainy run. After I cleaned up and ate lunch I treated myself to a mani pedi and should massage...felt so good after all the siting yesterday. (2 comments) Today. Aching from hugging over my laptop all afternoon and evening because this is not a freaking office. Would love to turn off the AC but if I do I won't be able to sleep. I hate Sunday nights so much. Today. I got off to a rough start by locking myself out of my apartment at 430 AM but the show must go on... Hips Today Today. I got a new record for jumps: 12 box jumps in 45 sec (previously only able to do ten). Plus I started doing lateral jumps ... those are hard! Today Today. Thank god it is Friday. I need a long run and some down time to clear my head after this week. Today: new shoes, new hat, new sunburn on my bellly?! (5 comments) Today. Actually got to use the ropes. Today. How I feel doing jumps (2 comments) Today. Super tired from a late-night work event. Today. Going to bed early since last night was no sleep. Excited to run tomorrow. (2 comments) Today (2 comments) Today. Slacking because I had to drive to work this morning because yesterday I was too exhausted to move my car from the street to the fatigue I guess. (1 comments) Today. I was feeling really down so I worked extra hard at the gym. "That which does not kill me can only make me stronger..." (3 comments) Yesterday...I forgot to post 🙄 So stinkin close to the split! (2 comments) Today. I walked home from work too because I just missed the train as I left the doctor's office. Today. Almost made it to 13 box jumps in 45 seconds...The interval ended just as I jumped up. Super psyched to run in the rain tomorrow!!! 🌧🌧 RIP to my iphone- need to figure out how to use my iTunes play lists on a Samsung Galaxy active. Because apparently an otterbox defender case wrapped in saran wrap in a fanny back underneath a rain jacket isn't enough to keep an iPhone dry. (2 comments) Today. No post-run photo because it was pouring rain and my phone was broken. (5 comments) Today. I did jumps n ropes too but I had the volume turned down on my interval timer and accidentally closed the app before I got a screenshot. Today. I did plank too but again I screwed up taking the screencap. Also discovered that the samsung music app doesnt play playlists in order. 😠 no worries I would love to stop in between each song, rummage around to select the appropriate track, and resume my workout. Not like I have anywhere to be after the gym right?! 😠 (1 comments) Today Also today. Ugh the screencap look like 💩 Today. Getting close on the split! (1 comments) Today. Getting closer.... Today. Only a short run, 63 min, but it was 63 min longer than I had planned to run after a late (social) Friday night. Yesterday...fell asleep before I posted 😓 Today. Today Homemade soup for lunch Today. Today Post-run selfie. No my head is not that tall, it only looks that way because I'm not using this app on an iPhone. (1 comments) Today. Long run and walked to and from getting my nails done. (2 comments) Today. Probably more like 15000 but I took my fitbit off to nap and didn't put it back on when I got up because I want the battery to last thru my workout tomorrow AM at least. Today. 15000 was my goal but I think that it is more important to lay down and try to sleep since I only slept about an hour last night. Plus want to overcome the all-in-my-head side effects of m winter blues medicine and prove to myself that it will be ok. (3 comments) Today. Today. Spent most of the day on my feet in lab, except for 30 min at lunch when I shoveled my salad into my mouth while I did paperwork. Not the most graceful lol but I prefer being crazy busy. (1 comments) Today. Post-run selfie...18 miles today. Again my head is not that tall but for some reason it looks that way in this app. (2 comments) SOOOO close! lol I hope they enjoy gym selfies and cat photos. You're welcome, government! (2 comments) Whoa look what my phone does! It looks like it counted when I was walking back to the car after I finished running but still cool (2 comments) Today. (2 comments) omg my phone has a SpO2 censor on the back holy crap Yesterday. I went to the field museum and wrigley. (1 comments) Today :/ (2 comments) Wrigley field yesterday. The Field Museum loves the cubs! Today. I did some new ab exercises that I saw on Twitter instead of regular plank after kickboxing. I will know by tomorrow afternoon if they worked or not lol! Waiting for the DOMS Today. With the blue light filter on my phone because I MUST sleep tonight. Got about 4 hours total in three past 2 days. (5 comments) Today. I increased my hand weights during punches, turbo, and finale sections to 3.5 pounds/arm. Hoping to be sore tomorrow! Friday. Exhaustion. Today. Spent most of the day sleeping and crying because God knows I can't go out on Friday and still have enough energy to move on saturday. And by going out i of course mean drinking water and eating a veggie burger while everyone else drank beer and ate actual burgers. (4 comments) Thank God my neighbors are so freaking loud that even though i am intentionally not watching the wprld series or following on twittsr i can still stress out about it play by play. (4 comments) Post-run selfie. I didnt get as far as i did last week, but at least i tried. Today. I hope i wore myself out enough to sleep tonight even though it is Sunday night. (2 comments) Omg they won at Wrigley. Bawling. (3 comments) Today. (2 comments) Today. Going to bed early because i cannot handle the World Series. Oh my lord. #flytheW #gocubsgo Today. Screaming. Crying. Hand-washing and hand-drying my tee shirt (for the second night in a row) to wear again tomorrow. (2 comments) Today. I was fired up after an hour and a half of sleep and had an amazing kickboxing/abs workout. Tonight I will get much more rest but it was worth it to follow the game.. Today. TGIF and ready for the weekend. Post-run selfie...ran further than I have since my 20th birthday. (6 comments) Finally made it in to wrigley today. It's still pretty crowded but worth it! #flytheW I tagged the wall at wrigley Field 🐧 Hey Chicago what do you say?! Today. Today. Today. Today. Today. Today. Today. Lol can tell I am stressed about traveling tomorrow...time for some deep breaths to get myself calmed down for bed. That's more like it (2 comments) In my hotel room! So tired. Forget dinner...I'm going to bed early so I can get up early to run along the bay tomorrow. Lunch today...grilles cheese with CRAB meat on sourdough from Anthony's Fish Grotto. It was absolutely delicious and filled me up enough that I feel ok not getting dinner. Used the elliptical instead of running this AM because it is dark outside and I'm not that fearless in the city. Lol. Eggs Benedict on sourdough with lobster!! (3 comments) View from the elevator in my hotel. (1 comments) Lunch (1 comments) Dinner. Grilled fish tacos...not the best but I think it was a healthy option. I didn't eat the creamy dressing or the black beans, just the tacos. (1 comments) Today. Today. Back at the hotel at last, feet up, skin cared for. Ready to rest! Back at the hotel at last, feet up, skin cared for. Ready to rest! (4 comments) Dressed up like an adult for my presentation. (4 comments) Yesterday Yesterday (1 comments) Lunch yesterday at Parlour Sushi. I had a Poke Bowl with seaweed salad, yellowtail, and spicy dressing. No rice but all delicious! Running this AM Breakfast. (1 comments) Today: almost back to normal after conference. It felt really good to be back at the gym again. @bmc I got a snuggle bug too! (3 comments) Post run selfie. #FreezingMyAssOff (2 comments) Today (5 comments) Today. I went to dinner and a movie with my work friends. (2 comments) Dinner. I sautéed mushrooms and riced broccoli in olive oil and put it in curry sauce. (1 comments) Today Gym selfie! Post-run selfie. It was actually only 3:05, but I forgot to stop my watch when I stopped to refill my water bottles. And my post-run feast. (3 comments) Today. So glad I got my run in this morning so that I don't have to battle crazy traffic going to/from the park this weekend. Today. Today. Today. Super lame day at work. Can't wait to kickbox my feelings away tomorrow morning. Today. Feeling much calmer after kickboxing my feelings into oblivion for an hour and doing abs until my trunk wouldn't stop trembling before work. Post-run (3hr 10min) selfie. Tried to smile but apparently my face was too cold. (2 comments) Today. I ran 19 miles. I didn't plan to go quite that far but that's what happens when trails aren't marked as dead ends so you naively think that you're going to circle back around.... (3 comments) Today. I had to work for a couple hours. How do you eat whole pomegranates? I eat mine with my hands like a stinkin lemur (4 comments) Today. Back to work, but one day closer to Christmas vacation. Today. It is cold and windy but i got two loads of laundry done and took out the trash and recycle even though once i got into my apartment after work i just wanted to curl up under a blanket! Thank God for Underarmour, is all i can say. (1 comments) Today. Just got in from the fotst of 3 company Christmas parties. ..exhausted. (1 comments) was a long day. I will have a blog post about it Today. It was in the low 20s for my run. I'm gonna get a nasal aspirator for the rest of rhe wintee. Post-run selfie so, so cold Today. Awful day. Only going to get worse until winter ends Today. A long day at work. Today. It was less bad than yesterday even though I was given a practically impossible assignment at 3:45 in the afternoon. Smh. Today. Got a lot done at work. I think I will be able to meet tomorrow's deadline without killing myself (mostly because I worked thru lunch and also dinner and also until bedtime). Today. I overdelivered on this afternoon's deadline. Today. I guess tomorrow my run is on the treadmill...not just snow, but "wintry mix." 😢 Comfort food. No run in the park today because parking lots were chained off because we were supposed to get a wintry mix. We didnt. Spent the morning sobbing while running on the treadmill/ruining my ankle on the stair master and the elliptical. then I had t9 work so I am just now eating lunch. (3 comments) Today. Not a very good day. I guess when I get back from Christmas vacation I will run in the streets...not the sidewalks, where I should run, because the lovely people of evanston are too good to salt and shovel their sidewalks. (3 comments) Today. Today. Oh so cold!!!! Today. Last day of work before Christmas break!! Today (1 comments) Today. I ran for an hour...same roads I ran on Christmas day since 1997. I skipped a few years while I was in grad school but I am centered again and it feels like home. Happy holidays to all who celebrate. Today. First day back to work and of course my battery is draining. Cool. (3 comments) Today. Almost friday...then on Saturday I can run in the park!!! Today. Can't wait for run tomorrow. (2 comments) Today. I ran a little over 2.5 hr on the treadmill because i was afraod of frostbite but screw it i am going running in the woods tomorrow. Even if it is only for a little while, I need to be outside and in the woods. I need it so badly. Screw it, I'm going out. Even if it is just a short run. I need to be out in the woods. Today. I ran for over two hours. I went so slowly. 😶 when I got back to the car my sweat and condensation breath had formed ice that was caked on the inside of my balaclava. (2 comments) Today. It's a little warmer - snowing now. Today. Today. At least i had a good workout. So there was one not crappy thing about my day. Earrings Today. Nice that my screenshots are looking progressively stupider. 19.5 miles y'all! It was in the 30s when i woke up, so i couldnt stay away from the park! Today. (3 comments) Today Yesterday. I went to the gym but then came home and took a sick day from work.🤕 Today. Today. (2 comments) Today. 19 wonderful miles. Oh and it is 60 degrees outside. I ran part of the way shirtless. In january. In chicago. (4 comments) Today. (3 comments) Today. Super sad because it is Monday Eve. Monday Eve. Oh dear. (1 comments) Awful day. Only thing i did right was work out. probably not going to sleep tonight. (3 comments) Today was better than yesterday. Today...only two meltdowns. Overall it was a good day. Today. I didn't break down at all, so it was.a good day. Post-run selfie. The big 2-0 today!! Woulda smiled more but my face was frozen (3 comments) Today. A much-needed run in the park. (1 comments) Lazy today. Did laundry which is all i really wanted to accomplish. Don't care. The bacteria is everywhere. I cant take it anymore. Today. I walked home after my appointment because i was gonna have to wait 20 min for the train anyways. Today. Was a good day until the hairdresser butchered my bangs. Now i cant look ij the mirror without cryibf. (4 comments) Today. Still ugly. I am never getting my hair cut ever again. (3 comments) Today. Today. Another day without crying over ny hair or anything else. Tomorrow I will get sulfate-free shampoo to hair stay stronger as it grows. (2 comments) When it is 11 degrees but you need that run in the woods. (3 comments) This is the shampoo and conditioner I picked up. Smells minty. (3 comments) Today (2 comments) Today. I had sushi with my work friends for lunch and then subway for dinner between work and therapy. Today. Today Today Today Post-run selfie. 20 miles! (5 comments) Hair looking less bad (1 comments) Today. I found out that the reason the miles are off compared to the map is that fitbit calculates distance based on if your stride is longer (as it is while running), your miles on fitbit will be short because they reflect calculation based on average walking stride length. The more u know! (4 comments) Today. Today. Because at least being alone on valentine's day means there's no one to get in the way of my workout routine. (1 comments) Today Today (1 comments) Zucchini noodles and pulled pork. They're really good!!! (2 comments) Today. I did a good job at the gym and at work. Today's post-run selfie. I made it one curve in the trail farther than I did last week. Today (4 comments) Today Today. Today Today. I walked home after work too so that i could do one of the walking meditations and cool off after a meeting. Today's post-run selfie. Freezing. (2 comments) Today Today. Picked up my prescription and did laundry, so i accomplished everytbing i wanted to. Today Today. Today I moved up to 5-lb hand weights during the second turbo section today! 💪💪 (3 comments) Today (2 comments) Post run selfie. Post run refuel, from Pita Inn. (2 comments) It is cold again. Today. Not my best, but the best I could do today. (3 comments) Yesterday Today Hair rescued from the Supercuts disaster! (1 comments) Today. Thinking about going back to school. 👀 If anyone has an opinion or advice...I am looking for all the input I can get. (1 comments) Post-run selfie. Very slow and very cold. (3 comments) Today. (4 comments) Today. Lmao my phone updated and i now havs my own personal emoji Today. Just one more day trying to outwork my crap diet because I cabnot freaking stop eating. (1 comments) day 1043 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/15/2017 Today. Only took 10 min to sync because "tracker not found" and i had to restart my crap pbone. Thank goodness android automatically updated mt phone with a bunch of **** i have no use for and now the apps i do give a **** about are screwed up! Dont know how i would function without this crap! And now i am too worked up to sleep. Thanks ph9ne for ryining another night! (2 comments) Wow my phone did me the honor of syncing with my fitbit! Shout out to the personal trainer and client who were so busy using the plyo box as a water bottle resting place that I had to use a random bench for my jumps instead! ?????????????? Today Post run feast. With chicken shwarma for extra protein Post run selfie (2 comments) Something crazy. I added chicken shwarma and naturally compensated by being satisfied by being full without my second pita. Today. (1 comments) Today. I had to go into work for a little while and then I stayed to help one of my friends finish up her work. I just missed the train so i walked home...till the next train arrived I would havr been halfway home anyhow. Today. Today. Plus I spent most of the day standing while i did data...very little time sitting at my desk. It was a good day. (2 comments) I remember the first time i successfully did box jumps. I was so f*ing proud. Now i can barely make it yhru a set without injuring myself because of f*ing pos personal trainer who hasnt let me near it in weeks. I literally wish him all the worst. (9 comments) Couldn't sleep so I did the hypnosis session (it is free!). I will let you know how it works. Today (2 comments) Today My new weapon in the war against anxiety/anger No post run selfie today because i was too cold and wet. Here is the feast tho! (2 comments) Trying to give my neck and backa break Today. Yesterday...fell asleep while I was trying to post lol (2 comments) Today (3 comments) Today Today. Mostly at the desk today. (2 comments) I can tell my POS phone updated itself in the middle of the night because 1) had to restart before i could sync my fitbit, bc apparently the purpose of an update is to make apps not work, and 2) even tho i had Do Not Disturb enabled this crap phone restarted with its crappy tone at 2 AM. Hey thats cool, 320 isnt early enuf to get up. Ehy would i want to sleep past 2 anyway? (2 comments) Post-run selfie Today (2 comments) This is a screenshot from the "breaking bad habits" app. I did it for the first time yesterday, second time today. I am using it specifically to break myself of the habit of emotional (bored, frustrated, etc.) Eating. I think it is helping already. I paid the $4 for the upgrade so that I could skip the "how to use this app" instructions and change the background sound but the free version is great too. Sorry - here is a better screenshot Gym selfie, post-Turbokick. I use 4.5 lbs per hand during punches, first turbo (second turbo is 5 lb/hand), and finales; the rest of the time is 3.5 lb/hand. Today. (1 comments) Today Another helpful app, especially for those with eating disorders - Recovery Record. It helps track thoughts/feelings with meals. It also suggests coping skills based on your self-reported emotions and desire to binge or restrict. (There are some pre entered skills, and you can make custom skills, too.) Of course the screenshot is crap because Im on an android but the app is Recovery Record. Today. Spent all day in the was nice. Tpday. Breeb trying to post for ten frealin min now Spring has come to Chicagoland!!! I got a smallish rolling suitcase at Marshalls today so that I don't drive myself nuts carrying 13 lb of hand weights to/from the gym on kickboxing days. I got a size that I could also use for a short trip, like for work or something. People make it harder for me to meet my goals? No problem. I adapt. I do what I have to do. I picked these up at Marshalls too...sliders. I have some ab exercises to start with but I am open to any suggestions or tips! Post-run selfie How is my dad mom is part Native...and I have zero resistance to suburn? (5 comments) Today. (1 comments) Yes fitbit this the result od walking two miles yo work two miles from work plus an hour kockboxibg plus tunning arpund town for work. F u f u f u (2 comments) Only cheated me out of a couple hundred steps today...when i was dumb enuf to try the fitbit support tip of fixing a loose contact. Lolol it made it worse and set my tracker to zero after i had already done 300 steps arouns thr house doing my AM chores. Now the battery is "empty." My butt. Today (2 comments) Today. A really good day at work. Omg I can't wait to run! Trails here I come! Spring im Chicagoland is beautiful...already it is tricking me into forgetting the winter, how much my skin ached from the cold A PR today! And I only had to blow my nose once in the whole 190 minutes!!! (2 comments) That feeling when your coworker tells you that you kind of remind him of Ripley from Alien 👍👍👍👍👍 Spring clean done ( for now) time for lunch and a little rest Today. Today Today. Pretty sure the active minutes isnt correct since it takes me half an hour to walk to work and I was on my feet most of the day, but ok then. Today. (1 comments) Today. Finished the week strong with another great day of building and moving stuff in lab...I feel like superwoman. Big PR today! 3 h 10 min. 22 miles. (6 comments) Today Today. Exhausting day at work but i think that it was worth it. Today. Exhausted. Hate my job. Dont want to go to coworkers dance show this weekend because im already exhausted and all it does is make me feel bad about how ugly and ungraceful i am. Cant wait. (2 comments) Today. Exhausted and I have another insane day tomorrow. (1 comments) They had my salad dressing back in stock! I lile the Bad Habits app so much I gave this one a try as well. I love it. It is about eating to honor your body. Update to my chafed skin. I followed the suggestion to get Boudreaux's because I has used vaseline but it kept sticking to my clothes. I think it is starting to heal. The next few posts are gonna be photos of flowers from the park... one of the things i love most about running is becoming part of the cycle of the seasons. Posted a photo Posted a photo Posted a photo Posted a photo Posted a photo Posted a photo Posted a photo At least I got a little bit of sun today. (1 comments) Haven't mastered the non-workout selfie, but I felt confident in my outfit so I tried. New shirt Post-run selfie. A PR and it is sunny and 75!!! Heaven Flowers along the trail Flowers along the trail Flowers along the trail - honeysuckle, i think. Flowers along the trail Flowers along the trail Today. Wonderful run, beautiful weather. Chicagoland in the summer is so amazing that I forget how hellish the winter was. :/ (2 comments) Much-needed hip stretch post-TurboKick. Ahhhhh. Yesterday Cold and waterlogged 😶truth😶 Yes thank you this is exactly ehat i needed today it has been exactly 48 hours since i had my last screaming crying meltdown so obviously things were going too smoothly and needed to be screwed up rest day. I did do piyo and some dancing but apparently those are not "active." Oh well. Yesterday Yesterday's #FlexyHipFlexor (from instagram yoga game) Today's fitbit. It was a good day at work, too. Yesterday's entry for the yoga game on Instagram #FlexyHipFlexor ...with my yoga partner 😺 Sunshine raspberries!
Today's Fitbit No sunburn, and only a tiny bit of chafing, today. Today's fitbit Soaking up some sun while i wait for the train Today's fitbit Today's fitbit Haha of course it is! From lol Sunny again! (1 comments) Sunning myself during lunch, too Today's fitbit More flowers from the forest preserves 1) Dewberry 2) false rue anenome (?) Post-run selfie. Sunny, hot, and humid. I Love it. Today's fitbit But wait there is more to this stellar day! The wood on the window crumbled when I put up the window to put out the air conditioner thing! Makes ya wonder what the f*ing inspector actually inspected while he was here tracking dirt around the apartment in order to ensure that I am worthy of living in this crap town! Today's fitbit Comey Day Yesterday's fibit 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 Today's fitbit What a beautiful day to run! Yesterday 😊 Today's fitbit Today's post-run selfie. The weather was perfect and my new belt (adalid gear) fit like a glove. Holy bleep i stayed within my calorie limit today and didnt feel stressed or preoccupied 24 days strong despite having to make an emergency off-site visit pre-meeting because in my confusion yesterday I hadn't copied a file correctly Today's fitbit Post-run selfie...super humid today but no sunburn and no chafing! Today's fitbit Well thank god this happened in the middle of a workout wouldnt want anything to go smoothly now would we Yesterday was significant Lol same I try to live by this at work, and keep it in mind when i feel myself getting frustrated Also this... get so frustrated sometimes Just finished a box of Whitestrips - not sure the world is ready for how glamorous I am 🤔 Using the yoga wheel - and yes I know my shirt is inside out! The insode seams make me itchy. When your brain needs a run to destress but your body thinks it might've been better if you'd spent those 3 h under the quilt with Sudafed This is the YouTube account that I have been following to do yoga. Instructions are great and clear - i am a total beginner but I can follow along. Omg I did it I did it I freakin did it not the prettiest but I am off the floor and I held it for a good 5 sec. 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️💃💃💃💃💪🏼💪🏼 Yessss I did it I can handle anything today throws at me! Today's fitbit - first day baxk to work after a lovely 4-day weekend. Mood Focusing on hugging my legs up and into my body, instead of resting my knees on my arms. It is much easier on my right vs left - which is why my left knee has left some bruises along my arm. Post-run selfie. It was still slow but I felt much stronger than last week, and hardly coughed at all. Today's post-run selfie. Flooded trails can't stop me. Mood!! Side crow y'all!!!!!!! Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Baby grasshopper - foot position needs work Harry's baby brother, Wrigley #ThatFeelingWhen you had been returned to the shelter because you were "too shy," but your new Staff was certified Slow to Warm Up as a child My first try at eka pada koudinyasana On Sunday, Mom and I climbed the 141 stairs of the Grosse Pointe Light House in Evanston. I forgot I was scared of heights lol The newest member of our family. Some birthday presents! Thanks, Mom! Midrun selfie by Navy pier Does this cat make my butt look big? 😂 Some beginner photos of two arm balances (pendant and scale poses). I can't float my feet yet in pendant, and scale is hard in part because I can't get my legs into lotus yet. But the first time that I tried scale pose (pre-vacation), I couldn't lift my hips off the ground, so really I have made progress already. I did a baby crow (umder close supervision 🐈)! baby flying pigeon! i am a domestic goddess Glamorous? No. Amazing? Yes!!! #yoga #ep
post-run selfie. working my way back to pre-sinus infection, pre-virus mileage...slowly. sometimes it is about more than the minutes and miles - sometimes it is about making sure your body is strong enough for all the awesome workouts that lie ahead building my way up to tripod, and eventually headstand, using a small yoga block. it is helping me shift my weight forward and get used to the feeling of being upside down. almost back to normal this week #post-runselfie handstand?! Today's fitbit Today's fitbit Working on Low Crow en route to headstand. It is all a matter of shifting my weight the right way...practice will take me there. (1 comments) I did this....I can do anything. Today's fitbit Flying Lizard - first try. #yoga We all start somewhere! This week's post-run selfie Attempting firefly pose...obviously this is not really any particular pose at all, but I decided to share anyway because when I first decided to give this pose a shot, I was not confident enough to rock my weight back off my heels and into my hands. Now that I can do this, I can work on lifting and straightening my legs. Like I said, we all start somewhere. Today's fitbit Spark Streaks Today's fitbit In-office coping skills Mom got me a PiYo DVD set for my birthday...I found out you can get a free tank top if u send them before-after pics so here is one of the 4 before pics! I had to take with my rear camera (har har) to get the resolution they wanted.... Post-run selfie. Determinedly fighting off a cold, or something. I am not getting sick again! Been marinating in zinc supplements since as soon as my ear and throat started hurting. Holy bleep they do taste lile cotton candy!!!! sharinf my login streak in case spark people cuts me off because it doesn't understand time zones...i am in central time, so......... today's post-run selfie #deliciousdailymoment omg yes worn out. worked for 10 hours today. oh, but I "only" had to work for 2 hours yesterday. i am so very tired of this. leaves are starting to change...I am not ready for this. I am hoping to make it thru the winter without antidepressants but the thought of the short days makes me start to panic. the hardest pose of all #shavasana (with my purrsonal trainers) #yoga cowface...we all start somewhere (1 comments) cats woke me up at 3 for food and I couldn't fall back asleep, so I figured I would get up and start enjoying every moment of my work-free weekend with some pre-run yoga! today's post-run selfie Posted a photo today's fitbit today's fitbit today's fitbit can feel my hips on the floor while doing half-pigeon with my hips square #nsv #yoga #ahhhhh BREAKING NEWS I BRIEFLY FLYING PIGEON'ED today's post-run selfie 95 degrees!! today's fitbit today's fitbit #yoga #progress #gymselfie yesterday's fitbit today's fitbit #BeforeAndAfter trying out the new progress photos option! yesterday's fitbit today's fitbit Posted a photo having a super ****** day today's fitbit today's fitbit today's fitbit dozed off early bc I wasn't feeling well....this is what I woke up to today's fitbit post-run selfie much better than last week. it was supposed to rain but god gave me a second chance, so that i did not waste the last nice weekend of the summer being angry. today's fitbit today's fitbit today's fitbit I am a graceful bird of paradise just kidding...I am gonna attract no mates this way. (yes, ok, I know it is male birds of paradise who dance, I am joking) getting my steam on before yoga. steam: because ujjayi breathing is hard when you can't breathe thru your nose. #ThatFeelingWhen your Cubs lost (but now I can relax until nhl playoffs, go Pens!) a cool quote that I heard in class yesterday this week's post-run selfie #help #techsupport I regularly log more than 25k can I log them? today's fitbit balancing 🐘!!! A few weeks ago, I could not even start to do far as I got was sitting on the floor looking perplexed lol Posted a photo today's fitbit some sweet relief, even if temporary family photo today's fitbit the steaming continues #crazyhairdontcare wtf is this **** today's fitbit post run selfie. yes i am in a grocery store. my pos phone thought it would be cool to lock me out for 10 min, is why. yes i ran 17 minutes less than usual. not B.C. i dont feel well or am outa shape but bc my whole body aches from the cold and i hate this place fun time is over it is downhill from here until nect f*ij June. A look back... Harry loves (?) Halloween today's fitbit today's fitbit today's fitbit i weigh as much now as i did when i was killing it in track n cross country im high school smh today's fitbit today's post-run selfie bc nothing stops me from running, especially not spending the day with a friend who is going to whine that she is soooo fullllll and the portions were soooo huuuuge at brunch when i know she ate a waffle and had a latte 🙃sorry I am not as dainty as you, love. scales pose!! my first full lotus (so obviously my first full scale as well) #yoga today's fitbit - not one of my more active days, but I had to drive to work this AM (to move my car to the parking garage) today's fitbit today's fitbit nooooope as much of the sunrise as I can see from my hotel room Posted a photo #ThatFeelingWhen you're scrolling thru your screenshots and realize that you actually worked up to what seemed to be an unattainable goal #ThatFeelingWhen you're scrolling thru your screenshots and realize that you actually worked up to what seemed to be an unattainable goal #ThatFeelingWhen you're scrolling thru your screenshots and realize that you actually worked up to what you thought was an unattainable goal 😄 #ThatFeelingWhen you're scrolling thru your screenshots and realize that you actually worked up to what you thought was an unattainable goal 😄 6 months!!!! Posted a photo something for me to focus on today as I am dealing with a situation at work today's fitbit today's post-run selfie half-headstand!!! some thoughts #sparkstreaks This week's post-run selfie The highlight of my post-run deep stretch yoga session. Frog stretch: it hurts so good! It is really intense but it really helps open up my tight hips after a long run. I actually feel noticeably looser the day after, too. Half of a tripod headstand...i really feel this one in my abs! Posted a photo This came up on my ED recovery app today #truth Yesterday's post-run selfie! Warm enuf to run most of the way with my mask down, and even have a quick stretch before I got into the car. 🎶tell me somethin that you think my body needs to hear, tell me something that will make my feet go in the air🎶 220 days I see that firefly pose is coming up on one of my instagram yoga challenges so here is a starting photo. This one is scary for me bc I have to sit my weight into my hands before the heels of my hands hit the floor...i.e. my hands aren't in full contact with the floor until I rock back onto them. My "starting photo" for peacock pose. It ain't pretty but my wrists and arms feel great and I can feel that I am lifting up thru my core. The last time I checked in on this pose I wasn't able to flex my arms enough in this position to bear any weight so that is definitely progress already. Hooray, my fav part about winter is as always that the best weather is while i am trapped inside Top: August 2018. My first controlled crow. Bottom: Today post-TurboKick Getting close to #forearmstand #pinchamayurasana Lil Cat at the vet...he has been wheezing and coughing for the past 2 days. At first I thought he had a hairball, but he isn't...producing anything, and he is very subdued and not sure he is eating. Post-run selfie! The first of two photos from yesterday that I took for an instagram yoga challenge...where my cat is the star! The second photo 😁 This weeks post-run selfie! Warm enough to run without a hat or balaclava! WOW THANK GOD I SKIPPED THE GYM THIS MORNING BECAUSE THERE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A FREAKIN WINTER STORM CATASTROPHE HEY NO WORRIES JUST ONE MORE WORKOUT I GOT CHEATED OUT OF My first grasshopper pose. So i did at least 1 thing right today. Yesterday's post-run selfie. One of the happiest moments of my life Our first Halloween together (2011)

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