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5 pounds of fat and 5 pounds of muscle. Motivation to lift those weights! (1 comments) Probably the trashiest I've ever looked! Halloween 2010, 153ish pounds. (4 comments) Moms dog Gypsy, my new running partner! (2 comments) New Jan 2010 pics, same weight, about 150ish (2 comments) Jan 2010 (1 comments) Changed my hair color for fall! This was taken on my 6th anniversary, 11-8-09 about 148-9 pounds (2 comments) Christmas 08, moms dog is a camera hog!!!! (1 comments) Halloween 09, about 148 (1 comments) Halloween '08 at 166 pounds vs. Halloween '09 at about 149 pounds Me and my favorite food! Mmmmmmm:p (2 comments) This was a better angle:) 8/8/09, 147 lbs (5 comments) The top half looks best:) 8/8/09 Everyone else has a gun show so I needed one! LOL! 7-30-09 7-30-09 (1 comments) It's not this impressive when it's not SO close up, and just hanging there like a limp noodle:( (1 comments) Of course the best pics came from the dirty mirror, sorry. 7-30-09, after about 3 weeks of JM! Another dirty mirror shot, 7-30-09, about 148ish pounds (1 comments) June '08 at 175 lbs, Feb '09 at 159 lbs, July '09 at 149.4 lbs (11 comments) 175, 159, 149ish (1 comments) 175, 159, 149ish (4 comments) left side, was left out, LOL! 7/10/09 Gotta reduce the caboose! 7/10/09 149.4 or thereabouts. 7/10/09 Waitin' for the race to start, my first 5K June 20, 09 Taking my spot in the crowd Where's Waldo? Ha ha me looking like a total dork! Starting the race. (1 comments) Teeny tiny me way back there coming around the corner for the big finish. Crossing the finish line, 31 min 55 sec Showin' off my hard earned sweat after the race! (1 comments) YES! 5/7/09 August 06- not sure of my weight 170 to 180, and June 16, 09 at 150 pounds and new size 12 pants! (6 comments) Aug 06, looking mighty puffy (1 comments) On top the Skylon at Niagara Falls July 5, 08. 776 feet up and 171 pounds! Bleck! Me as Medusa on Halloween '08, I'm at about 166 here Hubby's holiday work party '08, I'm at 162 here (1 comments) New Years Eve 08, 162 pounds, I think I look fatter than that! My three wonderful doggies! (1 comments) My new motto (1 comments) (1 comments) Me (2 comments) Ya I wouldn't mind looking like this! (1 comments) And another Carrie, I love her! Not so sure about the leg warmers but her legs sure are hot! Motivation! (1 comments)

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