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08.2014, 09.2015, 08.2015, 05.2015, (1 comments) got my appt set for July! (1 comments) Because the other two aren't enough to keep me focused... maybe three is a charm?!! (1 comments) Peanut playing with new look! goal goal Member Since: 4/27/2007 01-20-2015 on (1 comments) According to local news it is national hug day! (1 comments) This is my view :0) what's yours? (1 comments) Negative7 is the high today without windchill... hope some are in warmer weather, if not snuggle in and stay warm! Sending hugs to help :0) (1 comments) Okay, this photo was cracking me up... helps if I attach it to status lol . . Hahahahahahaha Hahahahahahaha Time to celebrate!! . (1 comments) Good morning... yawn stretch Good Morning I took this picture at work to wish everyone a happy Easter then remembered I don't get data access there. Hugs y'all!!! Hope you and your loved ones had a most enjoyable day. (1 comments) I am having a lazy morning enjoying laying in bed listening to the rain sparking and pinning! It's a nice steady gentle rain, windows cracked to let clean air in. Hoor y'all are having a good day! (1 comments) (2 comments) day 3 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 4/14/2015 (1 comments) Big spin this morning :0) wishing you the beat the day has to offer, hugs day 5 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 4/16/2015 day 7 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 4/18/2015 (1 comments) day 7 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/24/2015 My Haley Bug (1 comments) Spazz kitty (1 comments) day 10 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/27/2015 day 14 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/1/2015 (1 comments) Been lazy so far, getting it in gear though. Today is day one of it. In addition to walking dog I am starting to "run". Taking it easy on knee and going to work it up. Hope this plan works :0) (2 comments) Day two in :0) and all signed up.for several events, need to find a couple more, want one each month to stay on track. Day three and feeling good Ugh, at least I got out and tried and have three days to not run ... still feeling good :0) hope y'all have a great day!!! (1 comments) day 21 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/8/2015 Enjoyed local herb festival and got my garden planted! Hope y'all enjoyed the day too :0) My mom got me this adorable chicken... excuse my messy kitchen please, I got her planters she wanted :0) happy mothers day, hugs and hugs day 25 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/12/2015 (1 comments) My tracking app failed so best I can do :( got two loops I'm on same path I've been on. day 30 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/17/2015 day 3 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/22/2015 day 7 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/26/2015 (1 comments) Visiting Peanut!! (1 comments) Spent good day with Peanut and her boyfriend, just got home and back to reality... can't wait for my next vacation (planned or unplanned)!! (1 comments) It's that kind of night. (1 comments) I need... Finally got to sleep, now I don't want to wake up 35 minutes till 5k starts (2 comments) Thank goodness today is over. Hope everyone enjoying weekend :0) hugs SparkPeople all the way!!! We can so it!!! HUGS my friends :0) (1 comments) (1 comments) This pic found on Pinterest just makes me smile, hope he brightens your day too :0) have a good one! (2 comments) Heading out to do dirty girl 5k mud obstacle run and saw a hit air balloon (1 comments) day 25 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/13/2015 day 25 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/13/2015 (1 comments) On the way home yesterday... believe it or not I had cleaned up lol (1 comments) At least you did one minute, next time aim for two... you got this you can do it! (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go (2 comments) (2 comments) day 10 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/26/2015 day 10 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/26/2015 day 10 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/26/2015 I'm relaxing on this lovely 68 degree gray humid morning with SparkPeople, Pinterest, my book and beverage... someone walks in and wants up for cuddles :0) (2 comments) It has been a while since I've suffered a good book hangover! So I'm doing some filing at work and see this out if corner of my eye! Visited with family today ... my nephew 10 yrs and second cousin 3 months On my way to visit Peanut! (1 comments) Had a fantastic day with Peanut, her boyfriend and my parents. Wish I could have stayed longer. Looking forward to the kids coming to my place in August! Haley (14 yrs) is closer in picture. She has a new little brother, Spartacus, aka Sparky (10 yrs). (1 comments) Always remember, read this every day! Furry family photo! Peanut comes home in August and I'm hoping to get all four shot lol ... girl can dream can't she? My furry kids 07/25/15. Haley 14, Spartacus 8 (1 comments) It is 02:24 and I feel like I need to find my next one. Oh wait, I have some reserves ready for pick up tomorrow at library. (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) I might try this visual aid. (1 comments) I think I messed up my consistency spinning. Guess it was a total sabotage day. Ugh, so far the weekend is not looking good either. Can't sleep and alarm will go off at 03:30. (1 comments) I also wonder if dog one told dog two what to call me and if the cat had a day in it since I've had her the longest. (1 comments) Getting ready to roll out for a mud obstacle event, set to run at one. (1 comments) 09.13.15 09.13.15 09.13.15 09.13.15 09.13.15 09.13.15 I've lost lost that optimistic feeling, is gone gone gone, and I can't go on, whoaooooo... seriously, I'm super tense about going back to work Saturday. Pray a.d hope I find something new soon :( (2 comments) I'm trying so hard. My work has an offer I can't refuse. I just don't know what to pick. Any advice? Thank you in advance :0) yesterday at the dog park, in the rain, totally in small dog area cuz no one is there.. easier to catch them, more trees to stay dry! It's really two am but I'd still rather sleep with you. I was sleeping but woke up. Not sure why but hoping I go back to sleep and wake when I need to. Hugs :0) (2 comments) Keep it positive :0) October is domestic violence awareness month. Peanut and her boyfriend, home sweet home (1 comments) Kicked my shoes off after a but day and realized my socks don't match :( Totally got a free fit bit from my work. I had to order online and it arrived today!!! Yay!! (7 comments) I need two glow in the dark something to put on my dogs, yup that is a picture of my dogs at the park lol Not bad for a desk job. I seriously did not do any extra. Day 1 _ 10/11 :0) (1 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) 10/13 Felt that way before. Guess what I posted last night was wrong. I thought maybe. Still figuring out this little gadget :0) (1 comments) Didn't even get dressed and put it on. Not feeling much better today. (5 comments) Feeling a little better, got up, washed, dressed and moved a little. (1 comments) Not too many steps but that actually means a better day at work :( Just watching some old episodes and felt inspired. (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) Peanut dressed me up and took me to Halloween festival in town :0) her friend shared a funnel cake with me! I'm a witch heheheheeee! Keep reaching :0) I'm a holiday early but enjoying my thrift shop find :0) (1 comments) Friends funeral this morning, now feeling warm sun at dog park. Hugs all :0) (5 comments) Hugs everyone. Hugs everyone Hugs everyone. R.I.P. Spazz . . Didn't get dressed today but spent day cleaning and getting rid of clothes I don't wear. Still kept several items that are to small. (1 comments) At the dog park, hopefully they get tired before trick or treating tonight . I keep forgetting to put it on till halfway through the day. (1 comments) That kind of day. I've always been pationate, recently finding ways we can all help each other. (1 comments) always been passionate, recently sharing ways for us to help each other Forgot it again :( (2 comments) Some days lol Didn't wear it again, good thing it was free lol. I'd be super angry if I paid a fortune and didn't use it. (1 comments) Remembered it today lol Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Nothing but good vibes, friends, family, the spirit of thanks and plenty of sharing. I'm to share a turkey related picture that is SparkPeople focused daily. Couple hours raking leaves, another mowing grass... and I remembered my tracker! It's a good day :0) (1 comments) Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Nothing but good vibes, friends, family, the spirit of thanks and plenty of sharing. I'm to share a turkey related picture that is SparkPeople focused daily. (1 comments) . (1 comments) hanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Nothing but good vibes, friends, family, the spirit of thanks and plenty of sharing. I'm to share a turkey related picture that is SparkPeople focused daily. Not sure who / where but how fun to run as a turkey! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Starting my day with soup (onion, parsnips, kale, Italian sausage and low sodium chicken broth) mmmmmm Ugh. Blah. Whatever. (5 comments) Okay, not a turkey but close enough. Okay, we need to look cute while we workout. Right? Stuck on looking cute :( but seriously how fun is this? (1 comments) @03:30 I am awakened by noise. When I turn on light this is what I see. Now can't go back to sleep. Ugh. (5 comments) Do you believe this?!
I legitimately want to know do you wear your gadgets for fitness videos or just day to day stuff? Do you track them separately or does that count double fitness minutes? (11 comments) is loving technology! It wants me to friend myself LOL But I did a lot today :( Again, I did so much today and went not very far :( (1 comments) I am very thankful for all my SparkFriends. May you have a beautiful day with family and friends. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe day. Hugs :0) Hugs everyone :0) (1 comments) One pint lighter and feeling good! My dad officially retires tomorrow. We celebrated last night. Congrats dad, xo:0) this is a picture of my dad and mom. (1 comments) Thinking about it. Any advice? (6 comments) A slice of ham warmed in a little butter and brown sugar, two cuties and half a might of decaf. Not the healthiest snack but I'm willing to do extra fitness to balance it. Finishing morning coffee and one donut. (1 comments) I wanted a snack so I'm having a salad :0) May you keep a happy tune all day long :0) hugs (1 comments) Have a happy day :0) hugs I am thankful for my SparkFriends. Hugs :0) have a most wonderful day! (1 comments) Falling off the wagon doesn't hurt so bad when you only have one foot it. I've been on here long enough, time to get serious. My nephew invited me to KISS (kids invite someone special). Donuts and juice at his school. He stayed over night. He's so cute, chattered in and on even while we played video games. I love that kid! (1 comments) Now make the wish come true! I love when I'm looking for something to post and find something super inspiring to me, something that lights my mind and / or heart! Hugs all. Make it a good one :0) Good Morning, have a happy day :0) I got my membership! (1 comments) It's getting serious around here! Figured out I don't like my tap water, now I do :0) it has own filter and holds 32oz ! So excited (1 comments) Relax and enjoy and easy day today. (1 comments) not great but not horrible (1 comments) Just hanging out in the waiting room. What are you up to? (5 comments) Sssshhhhhhh, he's had a busy morning waking hours before my alarm. Now I can't get up because we're snuggling. Good thing I'm only baking and doing laundry today. (1 comments) Central Ohio and I've got a thunderstorm. (2 comments) Yup, actually this frustrated. (7 comments) Have a fit and healthy day. Hugs and prayers to you and your family. (1 comments) I wonder if I should just starting going to the bar across street because I'm up and can hear them clearly over dryer with windows closed and obviously I'm not sleeping anyway. I must be in a mood cuz this is second negative post in a day. (And yes I could move but location is perfect and rent is in my price range, maybe when lease is up I'll see about a unit farther from street but hate moving). is working on getting in touch with everyone. Hugs all :0) I'm totally trying to sleep but I smell bacon cooking and drinking water is not helping anything. (6 comments) I love sending notes to friends and family. Especially those I don't get to see often. 3 spin, 100 bonus spin (1 comments) My kid can't decide. To buy or not to buy, that is the question. (7 comments) Christmas kiks out for a walk with dogs Mmmmmmmmmmm homemade beef barely soup with lots of veggies! I should be sleeping but it's like Christmas Eve here. The gym I joined will open 6AM!!!! I'm so excited to go. I took a pic of my room (yup I'm laying in dark) hopefully this helps me get to sleep. Sweet Dreams SparkFriends, hugs :0) (4 comments) Happy New Me :0) resetting goals and streaks (except log in days) thank you SparkFriends. HUGS Happy New Me :0) reset my goals and streaks(except for spin days). Thank you SparkFriends. HUGS is starting new year with fresh profile and goals. Thank you SparkFriends HUGS (1 comments) Ready for a walk on a warm 30° day ! According to my calendar and it's resources for 01/02. Find what makes you smile :0) HUGS Remember to smile :0) HUGS (1 comments) Guess not to many people enjoy fruitcake. (4 comments) I don't do many selfies. I especially don't post them. However, I can't get up. I'm getting a back massage LOL (1 comments) 01/04 - I'm awful at trivia but enjoy :0) Good News: I know how to track (kinda) on SparkPeople :0) I'm tracking it as curves since mostly same from what I've been told. Yay! I slept eight hours straight through. I.feel refreshed and motivated. To bad Peanut and my nephew had a slumber party in living room. Oh well, they clearly had fun :0) (1 comments) I came home last night from gym and Peanut said these pants make me look like I'm losing weight cuz no way I've lost weight yet. I'm taking it as a win. Also, poor photo quality but job is done. Find your woohoo moment for the day! So Peanut got the dress :0) all excited to wear it to grab a bite to eat and clean out a storage unit. Kids. (2 comments) ... (3 comments) Little late posting :( Yesterday's post. (2 comments) I haven't been good about this so a recap: 4=trivia, 5=bird, 6=bean, 7=old rock, today is bubble bath day. Yay! (1 comments) Sorry for making you do neck stretches, silly phone / app. They are feeling better, getting restless but still adorable. Hugs all, have a great day! (5 comments) I think I need to save up and get new sneakers. I'm getting blisters :( I've only had these since November 2014, done five mud obstacle events, a couple 5K, and unknown number of dog walks and who know what else since I.wear them for casual and lawn work. (5 comments) Not only did I remember it but I nailed it! Not so much I got tired as I'm cozy warm :9) have a snuggling good day :0) (1 comments) I'm seeing many questions about otc products promising weight loss. This us the spark tip of the day. I felt like sharing. Remember, we did not put it on in a day or two, we aren't going to loose it in a day or two. Hugs, believe in yourself and stay with it. We can do it! (1 comments) Epic fail on steps but Peanut and I did amazing job cleaning out spare room. I should probably track moving boxes and stuff. (3 comments) I've been seeing quite a few teenagers on the SparkPeople app recently. I am encouraging them to visit SparkPeople site for teens. It may be beneficial to have people of similar age and issues to relate with. Not many people know of this. There is also a site and app specific for those who are expecting. I personally think it is great that we have some many wonderful platforms to fit our personal lives. (1 comments) I posted this on the Planet of Triumphs. I'm posting it here. Let's feel the self love every day! HUGS (1 comments) Summing up my thoughts on the local weather and it's effects on my motivation. (1 comments)
(1 comments) At least I'm remembering it. Thank you to my friend for sharing this. I really needed it yesterday. It has inspired my today! (2 comments) Choice by Choice, I can do better today :0) (1 comments) I'm choosing a good day today. ... Be Positive I'm choosing to stick with my plan and reach my goals. ... I can do it. We can do it. I'm starting anew, how about you? (3 comments) ... I choose (1 comments) Is that what I do? Fear success? Or am I just lazy? ... I'm going to be able to say this at the end of the day. Everyday. (1 comments) ... .. .. .. I'm assuming this is same as yelling plot twist! Whatever, I'm doing it :9) (1 comments) is enjoying my neighbors as I lay down for sleep. (2 comments) Omgoodness, I actually fell asleep with neighbor carrying on and slept all night waking refreshed except for a headache but I'm pretty sure if I drink water I'll be good :0) hugs all (0: (2 comments) @callmesallyg saw this on fb. Your challenge has been set lol jk :0) (1 comments) Day 16 I will not hope, plan or try. I will do. :0) day 10 of my streak for "Track food or water" earned 1/17/2016 Heat wave today at 12 degrees. Seriously wondering how to track just going outside LOL (2 comments) Look at me doing it! Yay me :0) sorry for the selfish moment, I'm high fiving myself (5 comments) Saw this on fb. I replied never. Hold on to resolutions, be healthy and fit! (1 comments) New kiks at the gym! Have a great workout! (5 comments) We can move muscles, recipes, support teams; we can determine what our world is like... I just can't do any more. I started day off well enough but physical and emotional exhaustion are taking over. Sweet Dreams (3 comments) This bed is very cozy and comfy but not animals to snuggle with :( I'm trying to talk Peanut into it Hahahahahahaha (2 comments) Travel is Good :0) I feel like it should be more but I'll take it. (1 comments) Yay !! SparkPeople daily quote provided by app. Had a fantastic trip moving Peanut. Glad to be home too. Logged in to do some much missed sparking and look, rewards :0) (1 comments) Found this online. Doesn't represent local weather but cute :0) HUGS Feeling bleh. Been sleeping a lot. About to sleep some more. Doing my best to get water, nutrition and fitness. Fitness is suffering most for now. (1 comments) Feeling better, got out and took fur babies to dog park. (1 comments) is feeling better and getting going :0) have a happy day! (1 comments) is making some dog treats! (1 comments) Sun sparkling on icicles outside my living room window. It caught my eye while relaxing with fur babies this morning on a brisk four degree day. Hugs all :0) (2 comments) My view right now. Much better than the cold and snow back home :0) (3 comments) Went on a cruise and couldn't take my friend with me! Decompressing for a few days then home. Been keeping up onwalking most days but ate healthy :0) (4 comments) Went on sailing ship in South Carolina. So chilly but fantastic! (1 comments) My "Tubby Bear" missed me. I'm home with the kitty. Get puppies tomorrow!!! (3 comments) Breakfast / lunch :0) my homemade dressing turned out yummy. (2 comments) Happy Submarine Day! I suggest we listen to Yellow Submarine while eating a submarine sandwich to celebrate! A healthy one of course. I'm sure we can rename fitness activities to include submarine. Driving down for vacation end of February. It was fantastic. It starts with me :0) I'm not sure it's addiction but boy do I wrestle with my food intake and this picture I found on Facebook sure hit me. (1 comments) (1 comments) Hahahahahahaha that would be me Good thing I'm not doing a DIET! Hahahahahahaha (1 comments) Carrot cake with frosting from scratch, coffee cake for everyone at my mom's tomorrow morning and rolls for dinner tomorrow at my parents. And enjoyable day doing one of the things I love. (3 comments) Saw this on fb. Figure with yard work waiting this isn't just for farms! (2 comments) Every day I try. (4 comments) I'm here for you :0) (1 comments) Thank you, HUGS (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments)
(1 comments) Is this true?! (4 comments) Tried new things today (tofu noodles and fennel) mixed both in with broccoli slaw mix and baby bella mushrooms. Tiny bit salt and pepper, topped off with a little mozzarella. Mmmmmmmmmmm (4 comments) (2 comments) (3 comments) (2 comments) Fresh from the oven! Mmmmmmmmmmm (6 comments) (2 comments) I haven't gone in how long!?? Yes, I've been on a few vacations but man. I have yard work today but tomorrow I go. Someone please nag me if i don't post that I went. Thank you in advance :0) hugs That kind of day. Totally missed the fitness part today. Enjoyed and relaxed today by reading a book. (1 comments) Excuse the messy floor, need to run the sweeper but this silly kitty sleeps like this regularly. (3 comments) I made it to the gym today. 30 minutes on elliptical and 30 minute circuit workout with weights and stretching. (2 comments) Just finished meeting with trainer. Gonna start getting my butt kicked ! (3 comments) (2 comments) High Five! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Made blueberry muffins for my friend (her favorite) and pumpkin chocolate chip (because it sounded good) and treats for the dogs (need to use up pumpkin). So much fun! (4 comments) Feeling good about today! Hugs all :0) (3 comments) Not much better than getting bonus points not even half an hour of logging in! (1 comments) Did you know this?! (1 comments) (2 comments) Hugs!! (1 comments) (1 comments) Hahahahahahahaha (2 comments) Hahahahahahahahaha Getting consistent! (3 comments) Saw this and it made me smile. I hope nobody has to pretend :0) hugs all! Hehehe Hugs :0) (1 comments) Hope you have a great spin too! (1 comments) Hope to have more days like this but as long as I reach my goal I'm happy :0) Paying price for yesterday. Not sure what I did but have a slight limp. (4 comments) Stupid medicine is getting rid of poison ivy but I can't sleep. Was up over 24 hours, finally crashed after yard work for a couple hours. Hope to get a couple more before work cuz yup I'm not seeping (3 comments) Getting better again! (1 comments) (1 comments) Hugs all! (1 comments) Hugs all! Let's do it! Guilty pleasure mmmmmmmmmmmm Two ladies, Four hours. (3 comments) Is that the secret! No pants! (5 comments) Have a happy day! (1 comments) Something flowers to cheer you on today! Hugs :0) (1 comments) (4 comments) I just figured out that i can see when i do my steps! Fascinating to see especially how much i do at work compared to at home. Maybe thus will help me reach and increase my goal for the day. (1 comments) Is it this simple? Just breath it? (2 comments) Been thinking about it for a while. Researching, thinking, learning, thinking. I'm not sure i have what it takes. One day I'll either make the leap or find something that makes me happy. (5 comments) Having fun with fit bit app and a photo app! Hugs all !! :0) day 100 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 6/12/2016 (1 comments) week 4 of my streak for "Walk/Run 21 Miles per Week" earned 6/12/2016 (1 comments) Now to get some more streaks!!!! (2 comments) But my recipe uses four cups of carrot ;0) it should county LOL (3 comments) Stopped at farm market on way home, washed and chopped and mmmmmmmmmmmm. (1 comments) Rainy day at zoo but didn't stop us (my nephew, kiddo and kiddos friend). (3 comments) (4 comments) Everyone should tell themselves this every day. Hugs all :0) (1 comments) Got it? Get it. (1 comments) Well, had storms over past year but dog I acquired in August decided to freak out and getting stuck under my bed and wake me. Created a "den" for him to use instead but now I'm up. Hugs all, sweet dreams. (5 comments) My babies snuggled in their den. (1 comments) Another baby on the den. Little surprised because every step a paw went through lol. (1 comments) Lunch with an artist. Peanut didn't put down the pencil and chitchat LOL (2 comments) Hahahajahahahahahahaaa (1 comments) Ugh One fur-baby slept through it, the other just came out from under my bed. Hanging out at rest area waiting for AAA. Should be here soon! (1 comments) Kinda cut off the cardio stats. Feeling pretty good. Knee is a little angry at doing squats. May need to adjust something there. Otherwise feeling good and happy to be working out again. (1 comments) I'm gonna try this.
Made this a few nights ago. Kinda scared to loose all that weight. I'll be a different person. (4 comments) Found a new app. It's similar to charity miles but donations go to local dog shelters! (1 comments) Love Charity Miles app but need to use it more. (1 comments) Whoopi for me!! (2 comments) Skipped and ab machine because of a line. Will catch it tomorrow :0) (1 comments) (1 comments) Found this on internet. Great thought for me after yesterday. Have a happy and healthy day! Hugs friends :0) Except I thought it would be tomorrow. Yup, except I'd have a big dishwasher of ice cream instead of the burger. Here's to more FREGGIES :0) Saving up for these. Thinking might need to be a reward down the line because it's going to be a while. They were so comfortable (insert Homer drool here) (1 comments) Such a good feeling! I love my walking partners :0) depending on weather we may go travel to a different path Not the cuddliest kitty but when he does it's always when I'm ready to get up! (2 comments) My Peanut hard at work. The view from my window! (1 comments) Good Morning :0) the view from my windows. (1 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) Kept looking for a snack, realized the time, made lunch. Left over bean soup, leftover Spanish rice, fresh fajitas! Steak but mostly peppers and onion! (1 comments) (2 comments) A mug of coffee for dessert and a Cinna-Mutt Dolce Latte as a snack for my fur-babies (not a latte, a little)(hahaha hahaha) (I crack my self up) Most of day spent studying and laundry but yup, chilling on the couch. HUGS all :0) Mmmmmmm dinner! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Make it happy and healthy! HUGS Looks easy, we can do it!! (3 comments) Hahaha hahaha hahaha (1 comments) Not for me. Places to Go. Things to do. People to see. (1 comments) Homemade egg rolls, baked not fried! Only veggies inside! I don't usually use sauce but it needed a little something. (3 comments) Actually yes. On different alarm clocks. Staged in various places around room so I have to get up to silence them. (5 comments) I'm an elliptical kind of gallon but thought it was cute. Happy Day friends :0) (1 comments) Fill in the blank! That face when .. blank! (1 comments) Oh Auntie Acid. So funny. Had to share :0) hahaha. But really. (1 comments) Couldn't fall asleep yet. Thought I'd distract myself a bit. Found this and laughed. Going to try again. I have just over an hour before I need to be up and moving. He knows I'm getting ready to leave. (1 comments) This made me chuckle out loud. I believe in us! I believe in you! HUGS Or any day :p (2 comments) (1 comments) Look what I just found at gym! My bottle is usually full before I come so I just discovered that it tracks bottles of plastic saved! Water going green! (1 comments) Found this online. If Nessy can, so can I! (1 comments) (1 comments) I don't consciously give up but my actions say I do. (1 comments) (2 comments) I hope you find many reasons to smile today and friends/family to smile with! HUGS all. I saw this and had to share. Have a happy day! Thank you Pep and SparkFriends . I love that I can always come here and find a pick me up!! Turns out I needed a smile. Thank you for being here for me. Woke up early to find this guy stuck under my bed because this is coming! He is going to be fun today! Stay healthy, happy and :0) HUGS (1 comments) Yummy lunch! Salad greens fresh from garden. Roast beef. One slice of cheese. All rolled up ... mmmmmmhmmm! (1 comments) (3 comments) Figured I'd turn a negative into a positive, enjoy these facts about sleep deprivation I found while I couldn't sleep. Almost 24 hours up. Hope y'all have a happy and healthy day!! HUGS (2 comments) Haha haha haha haha (1 comments) I just thought this little guy has an adorable duck face and had to share! Have a happy and healthy day! (1 comments) These two silly dogs could be laying in the shade! So I earned this award and I thought about looking back. I've been using fitbit for almost a full year. Not bad but I plan to earn more stars! (3 comments) Normally hate pictures but so excited I want to share. (1 comments) (1 comments) Some days are harder than others, like today ugh blah (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) Lots of steps with my new job! (1 comments) Stay healthy and safe my friends :0) HUGS Not a bad prize for taking a nap. Not sure if the two are related but fun to think! Have a happy day! (1 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) This is cracking me up ! Have a happy day. Always find a reason to smile, if only for a short moment. HUGS (2 comments) Anyone else see these 100 calorie treats?! (4 comments) (2 comments) Saw this and chuckled. (2 comments) early start on next summer's body! My cousin shared this and i love it! (2 comments) is laying in sauna at work before heading home. All work done for day and off the clock. Tomorrow I will try to remember my swimsuit and sit in whirlpool :0) (1 comments) My excuse, new job is kicking my butt because so physical and it makes me tired and... no more. I will go at least two days a week (my days off) and build from there. (1 comments) Figuring out what to eat! Trying something new: chicken Caesar salad, pizza rolls and sparkling water instead of soda. I love soda with pizza. (4 comments) Hugs and Prayers (1 comments) So sleepy, can't sleep. I hope all my SparkBuddies are enjoying sweet dreams ! (2 comments) Yup, sums it up. (6 comments) (1 comments) Hahahahahahahaha I'm supposedly to go to wedding of my friends son today. I really just want to sleep. I have to return to work tomorrow (missed three days). Should I stay or should I go? (7 comments) Me right now. Sleepy but can't sleep. Yup, I actually took a photo of my dark bedroom. Think I'll get a mug of tea. Makes the most of this Monday in all you do :0) HUGS have a happy and healthy day! (4 comments) Tip those water bottles me healthy mateys! Happy national talk like a pirate day. (3 comments) is Art class looks much more fun than getting judged on how well (or in my case how not well) you can draw, paint etc. (1 comments) Took it easy tonight. Feel good! (1 comments) I almost declared rest day. So tired, need to remember I was seriously sick last week. Took it super easy. Hard day at work, was exhausted. I took it easy on cardio but did my best on weights. Feel good that I went but even more exhausted and sore now. Official Rest Day: much needed. (1 comments) (2 comments) Long day at work, knee didn't like that but forced it to leg day. Skipped abs so could eat dinner with Peanut. Didn't get grass cut before rain came but got it done. (1 comments) (1 comments) Had to stop and cut back when I heard my knee clicking and grinding. More steps to come walking dogs when I get home. (3 comments) These two are steady having a good time. Almost didn't go but figured skipping cardio and just lifting was better than skipping all. (1 comments) (4 comments) I'm awake and drinking some chamomile tea and thought I'd share a few fun things. Here are my fur-babies. (3 comments) Yup! Happy two thirty in the morning y'all! Cheers with the chamomile tea! (3 comments) Picture I took in my friends back yard. I thought it was pretty. (1 comments) Be proud of yourself :0) HUGS You can do it!! I believe in you!! Or! Make your dreams reality! I love cute socks! These are my current favorites :0) (2 comments) (1 comments) October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I'll be wearing purple every day in support of victims and survivors. (4 comments) In other news, my breakfast socks! Mmmmm!! (3 comments) But I'm rich because I have love! (2 comments) (1 comments) When did a side salad become the size of a dressing packet?!!! (2 comments) I need to sleep, early and long day tomorrow. Can someone please explain to me how having an insole shaped to / by my foot to replicate what my arch and stuff is doing naturally is going to change what my feet are doing to reduce pain and fatigue. I just can't wrap my head on it. Shouldn't it be different to make my foot do something different? Sorry I'm just not buying it. Literally and figuratively. (1 comments) Me this morning. Not a lot of chocolate, just a moderate taste. Person who posted said " my homie" You got this! I believe in you :0) (1 comments) I have not done this but I have once talked myself out of the gym for a kiddie dip of ice cream. Chilly ::) morning at dog park ! Lots of green tomatoes from garden. Found recipe for green tomato soup. Just got it in the pot to cook. Going to try green tomato cake too. This is how he grew and I think he's cute!! (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) You can do it!! (1 comments) (1 comments) Out walking in rain. I need to stitch up her jacket, need to buy big to get long enough lol especially when hitting clearance section :0) Moderation and celebrate! Hahahahahahahaha (1 comments) Choices posted this on fb. Ahhhhhhhhh Never sure if quote is accurate especially the who said it but a good quote is a good quote. You are perfect :9) Hahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahaha I'm ready! Look what I found and remembered to wear!! (4 comments) Did I really give up sparking this much?! Yikes. (1 comments) Fur-babies spent day at day camp. Hahahahahahahaha Coming soon :( (2 comments) I was just above to make a birthday card for someone I care about but don't keep in touch with like I should. Went on Facebook and found out this person has passed. (5 comments) (3 comments) Haley moved and cat stole her spot but cuddles are abundant. Wish I didn't have to work because this is nice. Found this in Facebook. How accurate! Sometimes kids are so smart! Yup! Found this on Facebook. It made me literally LOL. (3 comments) Snapped this at a red light. Guess he does get tuckered out. (2 comments) After a good day at work tried a kettle bell workout and now relaxing ... ahhhh I'm enjoying my new screen pic! (1 comments) is laughing at my dog. (2 comments) Did this and now whirlpool ! (1 comments) (2 comments) Not for me :0) moderation is key Because it made me chuckle For those of us struggling to keep it off yes please (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) Memory: struggle, Hope: direction (6 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) A friend shared this on fb and it made me chuckle. (2 comments) A good rainy day and a day off work. Still have to leave house but tea relaxing is happening. (1 comments) I still have places I want to visit but I don't want to say I need a vacation. (2 comments) Been in this position not just a new year. Started focus around my birthday and not doing great but better than before. I usually reflect another month on my.birthday. this year I'm taking control of some of that change. (1 comments) Get started but don't be to rough on yourself. (1 comments) I can't wait to finish so I can get back to gym. Focusing on eating healthier for now. Not this year! (1 comments) Life goals is to slow down but stay focused. Love this! Focus on conversation and enjoying meal! (3 comments) Hahahahahahahaha but sometimes I could use this. (2 comments) It's great to have a support system! (3 comments) Alas, I won't have that problem. They have nothing to offer. (1 comments) Ugh. (13 comments) Emotional end to the day. Totally wanted ice cream. Had soup instead. A small victory I guess. Still emotional eating but a better choice. (1 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) Strawberries (8 comments) I don't even know what mine would say. (5 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Saw this in an add on fb. Made me chuckle. :0) wishing everyone something to smile about today. Staying on track on vacation. Hahahahahahahaha (3 comments) (1 comments) I'm ready to visiting with a friend later. (1 comments) (1 comments) Hugs all :0) Hahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahaha (1 comments) What success are you seeing? (2 comments) What's your ruler? Any tips on getting started? There's got to be a way to make pizza healthy. What are your tips? (3 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) Feeling like some funny today. (1 comments) (2 comments) Of course today is rainy but I can dig it.. get it dig? Dogs dig! Hahahahahahahaha Some fun pulling pics off internet but got inspired and wrote the quote. What you choose to do doesn't have to be as obvious as a hair cut. Drink an extra cup of water, one less snack, push a little more in a workout. Your choice but choose and commit. (3 comments) me fun pulling pics off internet but got inspired and wrote the quote. What you choose to do doesn't have to be as obvious as a hair cut. Drink an extra cup of water, one less snack, push a little mor (1 comments) Image taken from
(4 comments) Yes. (6 comments) Hahahahahahahaha (1 comments) (1 comments) Cheers! (1 comments) Ugh. Grrrrr. Yup. This is why I gym membership. Not only do I get out and meet people but I don't risk this. I've seen it (shudder) it's not pretty. (1 comments) Hahahahahahahaha (3 comments) A little late but eating dinner! (1 comments) Haha cutest pear I've ever seen! (2 comments) Hahahahahahahaha Peanut made a comment about how old my pup is looking. I.decided to look back on fb and found these photos. Wow! She sure is but my nephew is growing up! Yikes!! Actually, I've only had one cookie in years but Hahahahahahahaha (1 comments) Happy Monday (2 comments) (1 comments) Has been a negative person lately. Need to change that to positive. Needs to remember to not to react before thinking. Hopes to get over things rather than dwell on them. (2 comments) (1 comments) Has silly fur-babies. He gave up on the chair and found a cuddle buddy!
03/26/17 - see blog for details on why I chose this ha ha 03/26/17 - :0) enjoy (9 comments) is is (3 comments) is excited! I finally made it to the gym! Absolutely! It was sixty minutes at target heart rate! Absolutely! It was sixty minutes at target heart rate! is getting things done! is getting things done! is on level want to do it.. is a little sad the time doesn't show on screenshot because it is literally four AM. I some soda with caffeine yesterday and boy oh boy. I can't remember the last time I had caffeine. (1 comments) I work in a dog daycare and boarding facility. Had so much fun with them today! I love my job! Has spent more time meal prepping for sick puppies than for herself. (1 comments) is Yup but enjoyed every taste of it. Went to a Maple Syrup Festival. Did lots more walking than usual too. Didn't track all the samples so hoping it balances out. Not too worried. Are extra green beans with dinner :0) (4 comments) is not even sorry. My mom grows mostly tomatoes but is having harder time taking care of current bed. It's completely covered in weeds right now. I'm going to put something together for her. I'm looking to raise it maybe and definitely keep yard grass and weeds out. is planning, anyone advice is appreciated :0) is stretching before elliptical :0) my new favorite way to watch survivor after work Pardon the language but I was amused by this. I think my Fitness Fairy ran out of motivation dust :( (2 comments) is On left is my fitness plan created by trainer at Planet Fitness. Blue strips are what I need to aim for to reach goals. Yellow strips are non weight goals. Pink strips are weight goals. Purple post is my actual weight taken yesterday at doctors office. Yellow post it's are all the options for Planet of Triumphs. I hope to be able to use all of them on my journey. In middle, measuring take and measurements taken by my Peanut. I'm feeling optimistic today. I can do this! (1 comments) is feeling optimistic :0) When you forgot to turn off your alarm clock. (1 comments) Anyone ever heard of these? Supposedly drug free treat to train you when not to eat. I have to admit, Shark Tank grabbed my attention but still sceptical. (2 comments) Matches the execution of my fitness plan. Sometimes I think I should just cancel my SparkPeople account and gym membership. (4 comments) Haley got her wings and halo yesterday. Went on weekend getaway, couldn't take my pup so I got a stuffed pup that looks like him. 08/24/2017: no more excuses, no more do overs. This is it. (1 comments) Dinner ... mmmmmm . Failed my lunch (French fries and a brownie) didn't even take a photo. (3 comments) Got myself a workout buddy, going to Planet Fitness Thursday! (1 comments) I'm getting back to SparkPeople and thought I'd share the biggest thing to happen to me. I still miss her but had many great years with her and look forward to many good years with him. (3 comments) (2 comments) So, I kinda sorta have a second pup, he was in a drafty dirty barn with 22°F weather :( Mornin' (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) 01/01/2018 goal is set MM/DD/YYYY goal is met Goals set 01/01/2018 (2 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) Walking Buddies waiting on me! (1 comments) Hahahahahahahaha Believe in You! (1 comments) (1 comments) sometimes this is how I feel... and I love it! Peanut and I enjoying an adventure on Mothers Day! (2 comments) If only it were that easy! (1 comments) ya, I'm there! (1 comments) good goals! don't know why but I love this picture... found it randomly on internet Don't mind her, she just got dressed to get her pay check and take a 'friend' to dinner. Normal Friday attire - right?! I love my peanut, she is amazing even though she makes me crazy! (3 comments) found this on Pintrist thank you SparkPeople and SparkFriends Peanut photo shopped from my kitchen to this!

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