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March 11, 2014 (8 comments) March 30, 2014 Too busy looking at birdies and squirrels to smile for the camera (16 comments) Louisa freshly bathed AFTER rolling in a moose carcass! Ugh! (10 comments) Feeling the Teddy Bear love! (2 comments) (1 comments) Myself and wee little Ginger (6 comments) Maddy (4 comments) Louisa (3 comments) Teddy Bear snow angel!!! (4 comments) (4 comments) 3000 deliberate km walked since Seotember , 2010 (1 comments) Three reasons to walk daily (3 comments) Thanks you all for making my 49th birthday extra special (12 comments) is (1 comments) is celebrating "just because" LOL (5 comments) (2 comments) Louisa, Ginger and Maddy (4 comments) is This makes me laugh! (1 comments) (2 comments) week 14 of my streak for "Exercise for at least 90 minutes per week" earned 7/11/2015 (1 comments) Ouch (12 comments) is celebrating her 15th Wedding Anniversary (11 comments) A rare picture of my mom with our dogs (2 comments) is remembering (1 comments) is is (1 comments) is (1 comments) (5 comments) Teddy Bear snow angels! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Weigh-in day humour (3 comments) This cracked me up (4 comments) The sun is out and all is well with my world (2 comments) is so happy to have such wonderful online friends (1 comments) is proudly texting her support to fellow Canadians is (2 comments) Thanks you all for so many things! For thinking about Maddy and for wishing me Teddy Bear in the Spotlight wishes. I'm a little behind Well, hello there! (3 comments) is (1 comments) is (1 comments) Read the story behind this picture (1 comments) Combination of my two loves - dogs and being a member of the Teddy Bear team (1 comments) is (6 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Decorated her SparkPagefor the upcoming 5% challenge. This is our Teddy Bear team image (2 comments) Does anybody follow dog shaming.com? Louisa was featured today - from a picture I submitted a few years back (3 comments) is eating much better! Lots of vegetables (7 comments) is (1 comments) We heard a bang and discovered a can of Diet Pepsi had exploded in the very back of our fridge. Two hours later I have a clean fridge and a clutter-free one! (5 comments) Another cold day out walking and then Louisa stole one of my mittens (7 comments) day 100 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/8/2016 (1 comments) is (1 comments) is (2 comments) Remembering one of Canada's greatest heroes, Terry Fox (1 comments) is (3 comments) They saw me reach into my pocket and they thought I had treats...oops (5 comments) (2 comments) is (7 comments) Read my blog about being good enough (2 comments) Some of the wonderful wilderness around our town (12 comments) ~Dogs have touched my life in so many ways - they are my angels on earth~ (25 comments) Peaches - the dog who inspired my SparkName and the date of her death (10 comments) Cape Spear , Newfoundland. Photo taken by Tina Dean - co-worker and neighbour. (4 comments) Maddy - the long lost Pomeranian from "The Walton's" LOL (5 comments) A beautiful pillow given to me by a great friend (6 comments) (5 comments) Ginger (2 comments) Maddy (2 comments) Louisa (3 comments) Our three elves (17 comments) (2 comments) My finished photo collage! (12 comments) One of my best walking buddies! (35 comments) My beloved Peaches who passed away at age 171/2! (28 comments)

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