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9/12/13: Time for a fresh start. New "before" pictures! 9/12/13: Time for a fresh start. New "before" pictures! 9/12/13: Time for a fresh start. New "before" pictures! I met Patrick Dempsey at the Dempsey Challenge this weekend! (1 comments) I got Levi Leipheimer to sign my helmet! (1 comments) Philadephia Women's Triathlon, 2010. Almost back to my starting weight but feeling fit and proud. (2 comments) Philadelphia Women's Tri, 2010. Heavier but happier. Marine Week in Boston; my friend laughingly called this the "Camo Sandwich". "Pauline wasn't so happy when she entered the dark world of the Marines." But it all turned out OK... (1 comments) May 2008, at my peak fitness Triathlon Training Weekend '09, Franconia, NH. This is my motivational photo now. Playing the cello at the courtyard party, June '09 (1 comments) In 2004. I was puffier all over. (2 comments) 2007 bike ride from Boston to Cape Cod. I used to eat enormous amounts after an enormous workout. Look at all those plates I emptied! Bike ride from Boston to Cape Cod in 2007, with my hot husband looking on. In 2008 at the Maine Women's Tri, 15 lbs. lighter (1 comments) August 2008, after losing 15 pounds. (1 comments) At my art opening, August 2008 (2 comments) I met cycling legend Bob Roll! He's hilarious! "It's My GD Birthday", 2007, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36" (2 comments) "I'm So Hot", 2007, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 18" x 24" Maine Women's Tri in my new, faster, slimmer body! Whoo hoo! thrilled to have lost my tummy, finally! (5 comments)

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