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day 1025 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/12/2015 Tuesday has dawned. WOW blue sky when the dew dries, I will be able to mow the lawn. Yea, rah-rah my team. Have a Smiley face & feeling Huggy, too! How about you? Friday is dawning.. looks like it just might be a rainy day.. but still to early to tell from the sky. No matter what.. SMILE...sharing smiles brightens everyone's day (maybe) Hugs are nice too!! (1 comments) Itís November 23, International Day of the Bible. Wednesday, the Sun is SHINING !! yesterday's rain took most of the snow away-- again...I do love seeing the blue sky and SUNSHINE! Have a great day (1 comments) Yesterday's sunshine turned to grey skies,But here we are on Thursday with SUNSHINE again. Life is good. be patient. and I like this toon.. (1 comments) SunShining brightly on this chilly Friday morning.. 7F at 6 AM.. attached a poster in honor of the "UNIQUE" (2 comments) Saturday again already, slight snow overnight drippy so far this morning & WINDY.. and this toon says it all (2 comments) (1 comments) Sunday minion... (2 comments) It is a WET Monday morning here! Wishing you good weather among other things. Looks like it is going to be a WET Tuesday today. (2 comments) Wednesday starting out bright and sunny! A Sunny Thursday and.... (2 comments) It has been a glorious Friday (1 comments) Saturday forecast (for my corner of the world) SUNNY & high 50's (f). (1 comments) Another Sunny Sunday. meeting some HS classmates for brunch then plan to do more weeding in the garden ! Good Morning to a bright and SUNNY Monday ! here's a thought that just might cheer someone... Tuesday dawned grey and drippy, but turned into a beautiful sunny day. My daffodils are popping open and filling my heart with cheer. Wednesday has dawned with a beautiful blue sun shiny sky.. here is a thought for you ... (1 comments) Thursday blue sun shiny sky, birds singing, daffodils blooming, glad to be alive. and so I am sending this photo along with hugs!! Friday and it is a drippy day, actually it was pouring just a bit ago.. AND here is a minion thought for you today... (1 comments) Happy Saturday... the sky is gray and we have "Red Flag" fire warnings .. need some soaking rains. but how about this minion.. My Sunday wish for YOU .... (3 comments) Monday the sun has risen, still wondering what the weather will be... but here is a minion thought.. or is that a comment.. It is a drippy Tuesday... & we need the rain.. now for the minion... Wednesday started sunny... but NIPPY ! Thursday dawned sunny and nippy. if all goes well it will be a lawn mowing day. (1 comments) Friday has dawned -grey- but dry, for how long who knows.. now for a minion question... Saturday dawned gray but then brightened up ... today was annual 1st of season cemetery visit. Pansies for ancestors & loved ones remembered.. now for the minion thought of the day... (2 comments) Good Morning, Sunday. even though it the grey sky is misting or is it raining. we do need some soaking rains. now for some minion "BALANCE" A grey wet Monday..starting a new Monday pattern today. hope it was/is a good choice. Meanwhile -- what this cutie says.. (1 comments) Thursday - what can I say.. I was here. did the things I thought I must. went to the gym.. and need to share this from my inbox. It is Friday. this week has zipped right along.. just saw this poster/picture and had to share. (2 comments) http://argylesheep.com/30-day-sweater-day-
8/ a blog to read re:goals & commitment, knitting or life then there is this poster...
Tis a bright and sunny Tuesday..say what ??? minion says it all... Oh, my I was thinking this is Wednesday,, but just remembered it is THURSDAY !! Got the lawn mowed yesterday = cardio time... now for the poster.. (1 comments) Yup it is Friday again.. time to close the computer and get on with life. meanwhile what do you think about what this minion is saying? Hm-m-m-m-? (2 comments) Hello SATURDAY ! This minion says it all. (3 comments) Happy Sunday ! hope this photo cheers your visit to my friend feed post. (1 comments) It is Monday, I knew it was Monday. but at the gym this morning for a moment I thought it was Friday.. But only for a moment. Real WINDY here in my corner of the world today. It is Tuesday, the sun is trying to shine, still a May nip in the air. Oh, its still MAY ! and then there is this question... (1 comments) It is Wednesday, and I liked my SparkPage just the way it was.... I tried again and it worked this time.. It's Magic ! (2 comments) We made it to THURSDAY ! Yea ! Rah ! Rah ! ... now for a minion opinion... (1 comments) Here is a Friday minion.. Another Saturday Sabbath I hope your Sunday Sabbath was filled with joy and peace.. and now a poster for you to view Well, so far so good... Monday has been going quite nicely... had a fox in the back yard last evening (getting its supper for a couple of hours.) now here is a chuckle... if it works & large enough.. (3 comments) Here it is Wednesday already.. some how missed posting on Tuesday. here's a minion for you... (1 comments) Well, I hope you are ready for the weekend, You still have today to prepare, maybe. Happy Saturday Sabbath... If you are celebrating.. keep yourself and OTHERS safe. and now for a minion.. Happy Sunday Sabbath.. Hope your weekend has been good.. be safe... be healthy!! be here again tomorrow. and a minion ... The blue bachelor buttons and the red oriental poppies are brightening up my garden.. too bad the white Siberian iris are not blooming too. red white & blue for Memorial Day ! and then the minion say (2 comments) A beautiful Tuesday... time to get back to the real world.. well the non-weekend world.Hope all is well in your world. .. and the minion says another truth (?) Another Beautiful day, and it is Wednesday, lawn mowing day... gets my cardio workout done !! another minion says... WoW ! another glorious day.. and the sun is shining, too ! Happy Thursday !! & a ? are you twisted? can you read this minion? (2 comments) Well Friday arrived looked like it just might be a rainy day... but the sun shone through.. will need to water the 'glads'.. now a thought on love... (1 comments) Happy Saturday Sabbath... a beautiful day and my very dark red peony is opening up.. When I found this plant I bought in memory of my "Dad" ! He wanted a dark red peony plant. (1 comments) Happy Sunday Sabbath, we are receiving a gentle rain that the ground truly needs. My pink peonies are opening now, too! (1 comments) It's Monday, Sunday's rain did a number on my flowers. hope they recover and soon. It is bright and sunny today. now if only.. Guess What! It is raining AGAIN today.. Rain really does a number on my peonies. Meanwhile... Wednesday has dawned with a beautiful bright blue sky... looks like I will be mowing the lawn today! my cardio workout. Well, here it is Thursday. Lawn mowing got rained out yesterday afternoon. so I am mowing lawn this morning while the sun is shining. maybe then it will shine all day long. Maybe? says, "It's FRIDAY !" feels pretty nippy only 45F at 6 AM today. It feels like May not June. but WooHoo the weekend is neigh. Wishing you a Happy Saturday Sabbath ! and think about what this poster says... Hope your Sunday Sabbath has been well blessed. Another Monday, another week begun, the sun is shining at the moment, although the sky was gray earlier this morning... an I believe poster... (3 comments) Rained last night but this Tuesday has dawned bright and sunny... (3 comments) Wednesday is looking bright and sunny forecasting a "Lawn Mowing Cardio Workout Day" (for me & my heart) !! Thursday is a tad overcast. lawnmower is on its way to repairville. Read this poster and believe what it says... Tis a bright sun shiny Friday. Lacking enthusiasm... so I need to remember what this poster says.... (1 comments) Happy First Day of the Week !! Happy Sunday Sabbath ! and remember to Love Yourself.. Happy Monday to you all.. Sun shining here... and here is a chuckle for you.. Well I hope you can see the humor in this.. And a Good Tuesday Morning to you!! and - Please remember what this poster says... (1 comments) Good Morning, T'is a very gray Wednesday here in my corner of the world.. sharing a words poster.. Hello THURSDAY !! bright and sunny here .. need a good gentle soaking rain to nourish the plants and replenish the water table.. (1 comments) Good Morning FRIDAY. forecast to be another bright sunny WARM day. and here is a plaque for you... (1 comments) Good Saturday Morning to YOU ! Happy 7th Day Sabbath... and I borrowed this poster from a IAMSUNNYHOWARD blog. Happy 1st-day Sunday Sabbath. sunny blue sky getting warm(?) here.. maybe you will heed this advise... (1 comments) Well, Tuesday has dawned... how about what this minion says.. Hello Wednesday... hope your day goes well... happiness is... (1 comments) Hello it's Thursday once again... bright, sunny, hot & dry enough the lawn is turning brown. but Charlie says... (1 comments) Happy Friday, Happy July 1, Happy Canada Day.. Wishing one and all a Safe Holiday Weekend !! (2 comments) Happy Seventh Day Sabbath.. a beautiful Saturday here's a quote.. "It is bad to suppress laughter. It goes back down and spreads to your hips." - Fred Allen (2 comments) Happy 1st day Sabbath - Sunday - Hope your weekend has been filled with healthy choices !! now here is a minion for you Wishing you a happy Monday. May you find the joy in your life, it comes from within,you know. Others may dim it, but you must grow it. (1 comments) Good Tuesday morning, dawned gray here but will most likely burn off and be HOT later... (3 comments) It's a clear blue sky Wednesday, warm but at least there is a breeze. the plan is to run the mower over the lawn once the day has cooled down. need to top off the weeds. its too dry for grass to grow. (1 comments) Thursday and the dawn sky was quite gray. but I am afraid that it is the bearer of false hope for rain which we really need. meanwhile... (1 comments) Happy 7th Day Sabbath (Saturday). We have be blessed with a couple of gentle showers this morning. We need about 12 hours or more of gentle continuous rain.. (maybe even more than that) (2 comments) Happy 1st day Sabbath. What a glorious Sunday. the sky is gray holding the possibility that we may get some more of the rain we desperately need. does this photo speak to you? (1 comments) T'is a SunShiny Monday here in my corner of the world.. Still need rain but the sunshin is nice... Good Tuesday morning to YOU !! well maybe it is not morning when you read this, so Hello!! & I hope you get a smile from this photo... (1 comments) Good day to you all.. a sunny Wednesday here... sending you a touch of love and wishing YOU a spectacularly wonderful day, week, life.!! Happy Thursday. gray and very HUMID heavy air here. Maybe a thunder shower would help. but not feeling very lucky weather-wise. for some this poster may be true. (1 comments) Happy Friday ! VERY HUMID here.. (2 comments) Hello Saturday, 7th Day Sabbath. Praying you have a great day. Sunny here working on hot and HUMID. here is some humor, (maybe) Hello Sunday, Happy 1st day Sabbath.. Pray you find the peace you seek. Just had to share this poster... (2 comments) Oops. almost forgot to say hello today... Hope your day has been a good one.. If not, I hope tomorrow is a better one, well I guess even a good day could handle being followed by a better one. YES ! Hello Tuesday!! something to think about... what this poster says is true for me... how about you? Hello Wednesday.. Clear sky & full moon = chilled down night. day promises to heat back up. must mow off weed heads today. (4 comments) It is Thursday, my ans to this minion.. the STRESS test is trying to get to talk to a live person in the DR office.rather than 'recordings'...Oh, for a real live Doctor.or office staff. (2 comments) Friday....What a day it has been.. Survival is the name of the game. Perseverance is the option with power. (1 comments) Happy 7th day Sabbath... it is supposed to be another scorcher day here in my corner of the world.. I may see this in my travels today (2 comments) (3 comments) (7 comments) (1 comments) says: It is a BEAUTIFUL sunny Saturday a tad crispy outside 18F at 10AM with a clear BLUE sky! Forcing a SMILE until it becomes real..Hugs to you my friends & acquaintances. just now (1 comments) Grey Monday, maybe a wet one? Plan to make it a "Smiley" day 'cuz on a GREY day you need SMILES even more !! Share Smiles and Hugs, Love Ya ! Audra (1 comments) Friday has yet to dawn, but I woke to the sound of RAIN.. Did you know that I am a GGM? 8/18 11:59PM GGS Griffin was born ! (11 comments) Poster says it all (2 comments) (1 comments) Woo Hoo wallpaper (3 comments) 2008 - My nieces's Bird of Paradise (2 comments) Wolves in a Vision. from WolvesWolves day 850 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/21/2015 (3 comments) Happy Easter...A beautiful clear blue sky with a chilly stiff breeze blowing away the snow day here in my world. The weekend was sunny & hot... looks like Monday is going to be the same.. oh for a little of that snow from February ...Well, maybe not. do enjoy the flowers & green grass. Smile keep cool or warm ! (1 comments) day 875 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/15/2015 day 900 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/10/2015 day 975 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 7/24/2015 (1 comments) (2 comments) Artic wolf portrait Artic wolf with pup (1 comments) We are a team ! from WolvesWolves Arctic Silver Fox (1 comments) Artic Fox (3 comments) Fennec (desert) Fox (2 comments) Feisty Fox Merida Gryffindor (1 comments)

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