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happy baby! (1 comments) my kiddos :D (1 comments) My babies :-) (2 comments) planks and push-ups in my alien leggings! bench press...coming off a shoulder injury and working my way back up! always need to tighten the ponytail! doing the CrossFit 17.5 workout y'all...check out the definition in my shoulders!!! I look kind mean when I'm squatting :) Hello, old friend...haven't seen you in a long time! Welcome back!! Lots of blood, sweat and even tears to get to this point. TOTALLY worth it! sweet little girl! Such a little peanut...and she HATES baths! Teagan Riley Clark - born May 15th at 5:08 am; 5 lbs, 5 oz and 17.5 inches long. (1 comments) My favorite boy in the world, holding my sweet miracle baby girl! 34 weeks...I think my kiddo is excited for his sister :) Our newest munchkin...due June 10th, 2013! (3 comments) Finishing up the Dam to Dam 20K (2012) GOAL: get back into*this* shape! [Dam to Dam 20K (2012)] Dam to Dam 2012 (1 comments) Comparison of my race pictures from the past 3 years...I'm kind of shocked at the change!!! (1 comments) Dam to Dam 2011 (1 comments) My first gold medal for placing first in my age group. running my first half marathon! finishing my first half marathon (2 comments) My first half marathon medal (1 comments) 2nd half was VERY HOT! 2nd half marathon Finishing my second half marathon My silly little boy! (1 comments) Building our "snow nerd"! July 2008 ~ I have NO art skills...but I like how I'm starting to look. I can still see the "spare tire" but I like everything else! August 2008 Oh my...this was January of 2008...I didn't realize I was so heavy even then! July 2007~I was at least 180, and so unhappy with myself.

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