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(3 comments) My Boys: Erik 25yrs and Sam 6yrs. Thanksgiving '09 (2 comments) My youngest sister, Jeannie and I. Thanksgiving '09 I just love him and miss him so much. My Erik 11/09 (3 comments) Troy & I - Xmas party 2009 (4 comments) Sam decorating sugar cookies '09 (3 comments) Check out Rudolph on Sam's cheek!! (1 comments) 12/09 at the hotel - took that ourselves with the computer!! My Guys - goofing around as usual! (2 comments) My best friend Shelly and I at Mom's funeral. 12/09 All except Erik at Troy's parents, xmas 2009. (1 comments) (1 comments) Troy and I My sisters, Sam and I. June 2010 10/24/10 family pix (1 comments) Profile Pix for my new postition as a Hearing Specialist (1 comments) Profile Pix for my new postition as a Hearing Specialist At the Indians game this summer with the man of my dreams. 2013 New Hairdo October '09 (2 comments) My son Erik and me May '08 Troy, Sam and our beagle Chloe. She's our eternal baby. (2 comments) Troy, Sam and I with Santa 12/08 (1 comments) Mom, Sammy and I in May '08 (1 comments) Troy and I at the Steelers vs. San Diego game in Nov '08 (1 comments) Troy and I, Christmas '07 1 Pound of Fat vs. 1 Pound of Muscle (2 comments) 176'is! And I thought I looked good here! Ugh! Where is my waist? (2 comments) Relaxing in the Dominican Republic 4/09 (3 comments) Fat pix 4/09 in the Dom Rep. Thank goodness I was tan, cuz I sure wasn't thin. About 176# My Favorite Cowboy!!! Florida, Spring 2009 (2 comments) Vacation in Dom Rep- Wow...I thought I looked good that night. About 176# (1 comments) My Wonderful Hubby & I on the beach in the Dominican Republic. (4 comments) Yep, that's me!!! I've lost over 10# now! Nothing could be truer! (4 comments) DD Taryn, her boyfriend Scoob and DS Sammy (2 comments) That's me taking my pix.........SCARY! Sam - He LOVES to swim!!! summer 07 (1 comments) Aren't they Cute together!!! DD Taryn and BF Scoob My friend Scott and I after the race. Just gettin started... My Best Guy and I after the race. 7/4/09 My Sammy and I after the race. 7/4/09 (5 comments) My #1 fan giving me a BIG high 5!!! (3 comments)

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