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Me (in red) at my friend's house (4 comments) : snow 19" & counting. Power still good, but snow is now wet/heavy. MY snowblower may not be able to handle this. Pic front of house. Snow up to porch landing. (4 comments) had a crazy and unexpected day. Here's a preview. Will blog tomorrow. (3 comments) : Dickens doesn't quite understand the concept of this toy yet...but he's interested. (5 comments) has put up a new blog. (4 comments) is happy: Radiologist report good! Dickens is happy: My girlfriend gave him a new toy. (5 comments) is worn out! Dickens is always full steam. (3 comments) (who is now Dickens): Dickens says he will blog about his master another day...meantime I keep her hopping! (4 comments) : Dickens says he can outplay his master anyday. And the human master here says he right. (4 comments) : A SparkFriend asked if Dickens greets me. The answer: No, more like stalks! My exercise is: Run! (4 comments) is finalizing all for Park social. Here's Dickens eyeballing the cookies I'm making for the social. He wants them as bad as I do! Enjoy the evening Sparkers. (4 comments) is happy last night's storm is over! What a light show! This is after the storm. (2 comments) is showing her "chunkiness". Me in yellow dishing out ice cream at the Park's ice cream festival. (2 comments) : "Oh goody" she says sarcastically. The good? Melting fast. The bad: Another storm brewing. This is my Holly tree laden with snow. (1 comments) : Me going to my 9th radiation treatment. (3 comments) spent all day/early eve. yesterday working outside! Today I go on a 5k for my little friend. I will do blog soon on final radiation & telling a little about Quincy. (1 comments) My last photo of "Michael" (3 comments) The park I'm helping to restore (1 comments) guess who skated all night (4 comments) New "blingy" sweater & longer hair (2 comments) My eyes match the shirt she'll wear!!! (3 comments) My walk - beautiful sky! (1 comments) Even Michael "notices" SparkPeople! (6 comments) me in pink-with girlfriends (1 comments) With the women's Full-Contact Football girls (2 comments) 2010...Michael and I found SparkPeople! (4 comments) Celebrating weight loss (2 comments) This is so relaxing. I could sleep all day. (8 comments) Me & Michael (3 comments) Me in black, concentrating on ping-pong ball (1 comments) My size 8's & where I learn I can wear size 6-but have to find them! (2 comments) Is there was more "definition" in the face? (3 comments) Before my first 5k starts. Hate those white legs! (1 comments) Sharon and me before the walk starts. (1 comments) End of 5k walk with Sharon (in black) and me (3 comments) There's a story to this. (1 comments) Yes, I help her sew! (3 comments) Me in center with Mary and Bucky Return trip/Shanksville. Lake in distance is where I did 5k. (1 comments) She's so cute! (2 comments) Michael helps "Chico" (hidden) hang chandelier on Divine Design show. (1 comments) Am I a good Halloween cat? (4 comments) Dark, dreary winter day. Counting days... (4 comments)

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