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Who da bunny? Omeow! (2 comments) I think I'm ready to go pro ;-) {Thanks, Kat ;-) } (1 comments) These kitties are FIERCE!!! (2 comments) Finished, whew! 07/08: Anchorage Alaska marathon complete, souvenior crutches included :-( (1 comments) Check out those biceps, baby! (1 comments) Look UNDER the horses belly, this gives you an idea of how high we're jumping! Alaska - June 2008 (me and my honey, Greg) Greg and me (Alaska Jun'08) May'08, out walking for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society [see my blog] (14 miles and still smiling! ) (2 comments) My first Spark encounter w/Nancy (GOZELDA)! :-) (1 comments) Oh yeah, I'm a Fierce Fuchsia Feline ready to kick some tail! My little princess (and yes, that's a stripe on her - she "lost a bet!" (3 comments) Whatever obstacles you face today, I hope they can be solved this easily! (check out the poor kitty! (1 comments) I'm gonna be a bear ... Captaining the BLC8 Onyx Outlaws to victory - LET'S RIDE! Go ahead, kiss my ... (1 comments) After 26.2 miles,whew! Oct'05 206lbs. (Tiffany necklace was my finisher medal!) How to tell if your cat is having a bad day ... (take a closer look at his paw! yes, it's real!!) Me and my almost "twin"? Can't you see the resemblance?? (1 comments) THIS is what sad looks like! (1 comments) Me 3/15/08-hard to really tell, but face is thinner! (cousin on left, honey on right) (2 comments) (2 comments) My Pixie profile - Serendipity Fireboots! Pixies rule (3 comments) Kutthroat Kitty {Read this, it's really cute!} (1 comments) Start of Bay to Breakers 12k race in SF (~50,000 people!) (1 comments) Bay to Breakers race (running Elvis') OMEOWOFFICER (patroling those pesky pottymouth PPP's) LOL!

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