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This is where I am now! Have a successful day! :-) (1 comments) I love my mother and thank her for bringing me into this world! (1 comments) The food that I choose when it's only me and don't want to cook :-) (1 comments) Have a beautiful day Sparkies!! September 24, 2016 (2 comments) I pray you all have a successful day! I found humor in the way my numbers showed this morning 222.2 :-) (3 comments) Yippie it's glowing green again! (1 comments) I'm so glad it's over! Now Lord Jesus give the President to make more good and right choices than wrong! (1 comments) November 1, 2016 (1 comments) I pray you all have a successful day! :-) (1 comments) Had to start your day with a smile! Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend! (1 comments) I pray you all have a successful day! Spark-on :-) Have an awesome week! I pray the next three week moves slow! I pray you all have had a wonderful Christmas! I am going to continue taking the chance to better my life! Thank you JESUS for allowing me to cast my burdens on you! I plan to make this a fantastic year...who's with me? :-) What I tell myself everyday, every hour, every minute just short of every second. :-) Have a great day! Have a great weekend! You are all so special to me! Spark-on Back to work in the morning...had a great 4 days off! (2 comments) I am so blessed and grateful! I will have a great day and so will you! Spark-on :-) (1 comments) No worries... You've got this Sparkies! :-) So true! Moving day! God is so good to me! (1 comments) He always hears me! :-) (1 comments) ...every weight!!! Not happy with self! (3 comments) Pacific Coast Camp 2017 God is so good to me! Have a great holiday! (2 comments) Happy 4th of July! (1 comments) I need to break the carb chain. I'm sitting here trembling in my body, breaking a sweat and waiting to calm down so I can finish preparing dinner. Thank you God for my blessed talents! RIP Alfred Castro 7/23/17 ... I love you and will see you again one day! (1 comments) Day 661 (my area code-lol) of my streak for Haven't seen this in about 3 months! Headed back in the right direction! (1 comments) I haven't seen these numbers for awhile...glad to be getting back on track! Have a great weekend! Headed in the right direction (1 comments) My new go to YUM! Have a great Sunday! Making progress👍 Even the shadow from the leaves on the trees were crescent! What a neat experience! Wow another good day! (2 comments) Another super day! This was a big hit! I will be making this again! LoCarb Stuffed Bell Pepper Have a wonderful Thursday! Have a great week Sparkfriends! Love my mom...we had a good visit. Can't wait to go back! Man I messed-up this week! I’ll have to try harder! (2 comments) Have a great Sunday! I took advantage while I could since my foot wasn’t killing me! Yay me :-) (1 comments) August 6, 2016 225.8 ~ I love win the light glows green!!! :-) (3 comments) August 3, 2016 228.8 lbs 232 lbs. July 21, 2016 (1 comments) July 21, 2016 233.2 lbs. July 6, 2016 Great first day at Ross! (1 comments) June 30, 2016 241.6 lbs (2 comments) June 8, 2016 228.2 lbs...It's green! (2 comments) May 7, 2016 236.4 lbs. 234.2 March 26, 2016 ~ .8 lb loss ...Ill take it :-) (3 comments) 234.8 lbs March 20, 2016 (5 comments) 234.8 lbs. March 20, 2016 235.0 lbs March 19, 2016 Good Morning Sparkies, I pray you have a wonderful Saturday! 246.2 lbs. January 7, 2016 (1 comments) 243.8 lbs. January 10, 2016 ~ My beautiful daughter and best friend~Jamie! 248.0 lbs. December 9, 2015 This was taken August 4, 2015 255.4 lbs. 236.8 lbs. January 24, 2015 (1 comments) 239.4 lbs. January 22, 2015 January 22, 2015 246.8 lbs. Nov. 2, 2014 Nov. 2, 2014 Nov. 2, 2014 Nov. 2, 2014 (1 comments) Nov. 2, 2014 2012 2011 (1 comments) My daughter, Jamie & I~2011 (3 comments) (1 comments) Happy Sunday Sparkfriends! :-) I hope you have a successful day! I thank you for your promises God! It was a super bad night for me last night (female issues) ... The red marks the time I was awake! (2 comments) Having Me time! Have a great day Sparkies! Had a great Independence Day...I pray you all had one too! (1 comments) Working the firework stand today. I pray for cooler temperatures and/or wind. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend! :-) I pray you all have a successful Friday! Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie! Find the recipe in my blogs! Enjoy! (1 comments) This is what 480 calories look like :-) YUM! (2 egg whites, .5 oz Colby cheese, 1 serving of bacon = 2 sl., 1 Pillsbury Cinnamon roll w/frosting, 1.5 C of Java, 3 T Hazelnut Creamer) (1 comments) Sprinnnnng Forward! Don't be late for church! I just had to share.... Have a wonderful day! My mantra (3 comments) day 100 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 1/17/2016 My birthday present from my wonderful daughter! (2 comments) Making new commitments! Had a great day yesterday visiting family. Now to finish up my ruffle scarves to sale... (1 comments) (2 comments) A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. I'm feeling a little bit better so later tonight I'm going for a walk😀

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