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Here I am new to the Groovy Gecko team of BLC 26. Mom and I in Hawaii in 2008 in front of the Wikiki Aquarium. (1 comments) Mom, me & Nick in Branson, Mo in 2010 visiting the Titanic Expierence. (1 comments) Catch me if you can............... (1 comments) Come on Seven it's time for us to face the unknown together. I believe we can move mountains,,, (1 comments) Here I shall sit & let my thoughts wash over me. Then I will arise strong, fearless & ready. (1 comments) (1 comments) Each piece of me I gladly share, for in giving I find I always am blessed with a bounty. For my MeraMoon. Love, Fidia (1 comments) Gwenny Penny 7-31-09 to 12-12-13 My you Rest In Peace my youngest daughter. Mom loves you forever. (4 comments) Lady Nims Ravenclaw and Madam Seven Slytherin (1 comments) Daddys Princess Breanna aka Bree..She loves to cuddle, weights 5.5 lbs, loves 2 wrastle. 3/17/12 (3 comments) My laid back mellow yellow Cienna aka CeCe, loves cuddling w/ me n bed & eating! Wght 12.5 3/17/12 (3 comments) Moms tomboy GIRL only hold me when I want,snuggles w/me in bed by my feet.Weighs 7.5 Mid sis 3/17/12 (2 comments) A little nest that's nestled where the snow falls and good friends come to sit and chat. (2 comments) Fee still has her Harry Potter strip right down the middle of her cutie pie face. (1 comments) CeCe showing off her UK pride. Like Dad like daughter. Bree in front, CeCe behind her laying down and Fee doing her bird watching. This is a favorite spot. (1 comments) Bree is playing hide and seek. (1 comments) Bree sitting pruddy. (1 comments) CeCe at bottom is the biggest, Bree in the middle is the middle and Fee at the top is the smallest. (3 comments) CeCe waiting her turn to get a drink out of the bathroom sink. Such beauty to behold, there is no better painter than our Heavenly Father. (3 comments) (1 comments) Wishing all my friends and sisters a day of abundence and many things to be thankful for. (2 comments) A beautiful sunset. I am thankful for the landscape God has painted for us all to enjoy. (1 comments) The setting sun on such amazing beauty, autumn is what speaks to my soul. (5 comments) Hey keep your hands off my new house. (1 comments) Give in my sweet ball of fur, I will win your heart. Do not worry about what others will say. (4 comments) May we all see our lives no matter what our age, just exactly like this. (1 comments) The hat makes the woman. (2 comments) To my besties you know who you are............ (2 comments) Anyone else have this problem? (4 comments) Either way beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. (8 comments) Sail away to adventures unknown. Come share my adventure. (3 comments) In my Hawaiian MuMu waiting to go to my first luau in Hawaii 2008. (1 comments) Me in 2002 right after I met my DH. (7 comments) My new hair cut from this winter..............2012 (4 comments) This is Bree & Fee's older sister CeCe. (she arrived 1 month after they did, we knew she needed us. Fee in the basket and Bree 5 wks old 4/21 play on what will be my new scratching post. (5 comments) Brianna in front and Fianna in back. Bree & Fee 3 wks old 4-6-12. Oh they are so precious. (2 comments) This is real love Tigerlily & her BFF Mr. Otter.. April 26, 2011 to March 27,2012 my 4ever daughter. (6 comments) Georgie girl bun beautiful daughter. (2 comments) Georgie girl at Auntie Claudia's make up party. (1 comments) Amazing Grace aka Gracie bun bun crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2/17/11. Rest in Peace my forever daughr (1 comments) My 3 peas in a pod, Gracie, Georgie girl and Gwenny Penny early 2011. (2 comments)

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