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Love. (4 comments) Christmas 2011 (3 comments) Christmas 2011 (6 comments) Adelyn's first Christmas She makes my heart melt. (2 comments) Adelyn's Bapitsm...don't mind the weird face my husband is making (1 comments) Thanksgiving 11/24/11 (3 comments) Adelyn Josephine <3 (5 comments) My little sweet pea (5 comments) Happy Halloween! (6 comments) Trick-or-Treat! (12 comments) 33w3d and feeling like I'm going to burst! (3 comments) Our little lady giving us dirty looks already...I think we're in trouble! HAHA! (7 comments) 29 weeks 4 days (4 comments) 26 weeks 1 day (6 comments) 24weeks 3days (3 comments) Easter Sunday 19 weeks 1 day (9 comments) Belly at 14 weeks (please excuse the toilet...that's our only full length mirror) (5 comments) My belly at 7 weeks pregnant (1 comments) Getting Ready! EEEEEEK! (8 comments) Oscar getting ready to take over already... (4 comments) How we told the family we're having a girl (on Easter Sunday) :) (9 comments) Oh my goodness...that's a real baby in there! (9 comments) The morning of my first half...see the nervous smile? Murphy was wishing me good luck! (1 comments) A little inspiration! Thanks for the mantra RAWKNRUN! I put this on my arm the day of my first half. (6 comments) The hubs and I after our finish. (3 comments) I did it! I finished my first half marathon! The feeling was AMAZING! 2:01:12 (October 3, 2010) (5 comments) Me with my Goddaughter and her new baby sister born 8/22/10. (5 comments) The new me! (13 comments) Sparking when I should be working! (7 comments) Me and the hubs in Miami at the wedding (8 comments) Me sporting my St. Patty's outfit at work (3 comments) Me before my first 10K. 4/3/10. Don't let the smile fool you. I was sooo nervous! (5 comments) Me after the race...VICTORY! I finished! 0:56:19 (11 comments) Me and the hubs. What a great accomplishment for both of us. (3 comments) A "before" shot. This was taken in August 2008 (5 comments) (2 comments) This is my "before" picture. I remember thinking that I looked thin that day....oh dear. (4 comments) Halloween 2009...Almost at my goal and feeling GREAT!!!(I was dressed as Meg Griffin by the way) (5 comments) Christmas party Dec 2009...I'm second in from the left...I felt and actually LOOK happy! :) (1 comments) I made it to the top!!!...In dress boots!!!...While 300 people were watching me! AMAZING feeling! (3 comments) My first sundress...Yep, you heard right. My VERY FIRST sundress! :) (8 comments) Have to admit it, I'm pretty darn proud of my progress! (7 comments) My naughty little habit! This one's for you Jody! HAHAHAHA! (4 comments)

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