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(12 comments) Don't make resultions for the New Year make them for a New Life Style...step by step be happier and healthier (8 comments) debating whether to go walkies this morning! It's presently .4 out there and a strong wind....................Yeah, go for it! (6 comments) I have to remind myself we're on "Norfolk Time" now, easy pace and laid back. Was frustrated that we didn't get the loft work done yesterday.......but hey ho LOL (6 comments) Brain went into over-drive last night and I could not nod off. UGH!. I reckon it was lack of fresh air yesterday, need a walk today for sure. (8 comments) Having my constitutional walk along the beach this morning, sun is out, might stop for a cuppa and sit outside Jayjays and do some people watching :) (7 comments) Wonderful walk this morning with the sun playing on the sea and gulls in full voice- so good to listen to the waves lapping the sand (4 comments) DO you know this feeling too? LOL. Hit if you do! (6 comments) Stationary bike for an hour this morning then getting some gardening done (6 comments) Another good reason to workout (8 comments) is keeping indoors to avoid the Sahara smog, I can see dust on the car, went out in it last time and it made breathing hard- feel sorry for those with asthma (8 comments) 8 years ago today I had a lifechanging brain operation and have not looked back- except to see how far I've come and to thank the team that worked on me (7 comments) Smile and the world smiles back (20 comments) (9 comments) Hottest day in July on record yesterday in the UK hitting 37 at Heathrow. Keep cool and keep drinking today's 27 degrees here already and it's only 8.3o am !! (12 comments) (5 comments) (7 comments) is off for a morning walk along the beach. I wonder what today will bring? :) (7 comments) lousy night last night, need to sit by tbe beach and just chill today (7 comments) slept well (finally...doesn't it make a difference) walk done (ditto) workout done (ditto) :):):) (6 comments) apart from a walk and a little light gardening I have been SSOOooo lazy today (7 comments) lovely walk this morning after a long and sleepless night (7 comments) It's a perfect day for some gardening! but I could use some help LOL (14 comments) I'm looking forward to a beach walk this morning, see what my hip will do, feels stronger. Wish me luck :) (7 comments) I want to thank everyone who's sent goodies and good wishes, will get to you all individually if I'm home again later, but thank you all (6 comments) NEW-CAZ it's one of my "allowed walking" days today and ir could not be a more bootiful morning. Might get Pete to drive us to the cliff top too later and just admire the sea. (9 comments) Going to the hairdressr's today to "attempt" to look good for Christmas LOL..........she has her work cut out for her :) This is the look I'm going for! (14 comments) (5 comments) Santa clause will be here in 2 days, goody goody LOL (5 comments) I'm doing a happy dance, bone density results clear, and I'm clear to take up walking/cycling and LB ST YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (11 comments) (2 comments) is happy and contented with what I achieved today. 30 mins cycling, workout and gardening. My thighs are telling me they've been worked but it's a GOOD ache not pain! Ah the joy of moving :) (3 comments) is having my first meaningful walk today after hip problms. Just to Jayjays, stop for a cuppa and back (5 comments) I've had a lovely day today today, one for the gratitude jar, and to top it look at the sunset!!! (5 comments) If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back. (6 comments) it's a chilly, sunny winter morning and I'm about to enjoy a long walk along the beach....see yer later (5 comments) (5 comments) is finding it hard to wake up this morning (5 comments) is refusing to let this morning's disappointment filter into this evening. I shall win the battle- trust me!! LOL (7 comments) (6 comments) despite sleeping well last night I feel sluggish this morning, a workout will cure that!.....HOPEFULLY LOL (5 comments) Do you ever wonder where you'd be healthwise if you'd not found Sparks?? We've come a long LONG way you and I (8 comments) is going to the cliff top today, co-ordination poor so just a short walk (6 comments) I've only just come in from the garden, been working out there all day, pleasantly tired and content at a good day's work :) (7 comments) woke early and is making the most of the extra 2 hours, workout and cleaning windows LOL (4 comments) is thinking workout then hit the sunlounger while it lasts (7 comments) I had a great night sleep and am feeling brighter today. Still taking easy, catching up on laundry yesterday wore me out more than expected *swears* but I'm getting there!!! (6 comments) I'm getting back pain from being so upright now LOL using muscles not used for so long. It's a good sign. I've been here before, Taking it easy today. 10 mins yoga stretches (11 comments) NEW-CAZ sun's out and so am I LOL..... last day of R & R before stitches come out tomorrow. Then back to gentle ST and some beach walks... slow and steady (14 comments) well folks, 1 hour turned into 5 hours of gardening and tidying up (including finishing off the council's job on the grass verges around our corner and I feel GR8!!!!!!!!!!! (7 comments) (3 comments) is back to using the multi gym today, first time since my op just over a month ago! (4 comments) is STILL waiting on DH to get a wiggle on so we can go and look at the carnival being set up on the cliff top, I could have been there and back by now Patience! (5 comments) two walks done today, one solo and listening to LBC Mystery Hour and smiling all the time and one with DH's company- even more smiles :):):) (8 comments) I need more sleep...... (5 comments) phew- it's hot already! (7 comments) Reckons there's a storm a-brewing... so windy. We need it to clear the air (5 comments) I NEED sleep (12 comments) (7 comments) (6 comments) is off for a morning walk along the beach. I wonder what today will bring? :) (5 comments) NEW-CAZ was up at 6....had I got up when I first woke up I would have been up at 3....what a night! (10 comments) Yuk, raining today and so dark. Need to peddle myself into a sunnier mood :) (5 comments) walkies!!! (6 comments) better weather this morning, but chilly, will wrap up and go for a beach walk- hopefullly 2 (one with Pete and one without) Happy Sunday all :) (6 comments) I've just seen a spectacular sunrise......DH misses out on these things as he's a late riser. baby blue sky and blush pink tinged whispy clouds and bird song. Great start to the day (9 comments) congratulates all sparkers on their monthly trophies and accomplishments. Have not got time to browse my feed today so WELL DONE EVERYONE!! WTG!! (7 comments) yoga only today and gently does it- have put my flippin hip out again!!! (14 comments) I had a PB this morning on the bike, even with a cold I can have a good workout and enjoy getting sweaty LOL (7 comments) is going for a beach walk on a beautiful morning (5 comments) is not venturing out in the rain today the stationary bike will suffice and a kettle-bell workout later (4 comments) snow is falling around us, children playing having fun........why could it not snow for Christmas *sighs*...wrapping up today. Take care everyone (6 comments) Me thinks I overdid it yesterday, feel back to square one today. Keeping positive, will make today my "rest day" and do just that! (9 comments) I've done my back in! Keeping on the move today but no real exercise. Not a happy bunny (17 comments) is feeling so much better already (6 comments) what a miserable day it is out there, cold too! Just as well it's an "inside chores and laundry day"! workout first though!! Have a great w/end everyone. (7 comments) is up and raring to go...I wonder what today will bring.......................... (6 comments) is spending more time in the garden today, getting down and dirty LOL (4 comments) Spent another 2hours getting the garden in top order. Next task it to paint the lattice work wood on our dividing wall and de-moss all the paths! (8 comments) Just back from a walk along the promenade to the Pier Hotel and back with DH, I think the world and his wife had the same idea...packed down there! (5 comments) it's been a sad day for London- Palace of Westminster suffered a terrorist attack today. Prayers to the services attending and all affected (13 comments) Remember I said I thought we had some tits nesting in the tit box a week or so ago. Well we caught one of them collecting moss from our lawn and taking it to the box (3 comments) What's your Easter Bunny Fun Name? I'm Cuddly Cotton Tail *smiles* (11 comments) Use what you have while you still have it! (6 comments) I have my first physio appt this morning at 9.....hoping it goes well. (7 comments) is in a happy place (4 comments) I've just spent the last half an hour watching our parenting bluetits come and go foraging for food for the fledglings. Funny how just watching out them can bring you peace and contentment (4 comments) is celebrating 10 years today since my first brain op changed my life. Ya to St Georges Day and thanks to the surgeon and the London Team for all their ongoing care. (11 comments) While DH was getting himself ready I walked to the Pier Head and back in glorious sun, more of a stroll than a route march but it's made my day :) (3 comments) Finally got the remaining Red Robin bushes trimmed back and much more besides!! (7 comments) Make the most of today, it will be history this time tomorrow (2 comments) is going to the hairdresser today to see if they can make me look human Lol, voting on the way back! (5 comments) Today will be an excellent day :) workout first, a little more gardening and then we're hitting the beach (4 comments) with a sore arthritic hip I had doubt I'd get though my workout this morning-but I did....and it feels easier already . smiles (5 comments) beautiful day here, beach walk and a cuppa at Jayjay's to kickstart my day. ah bliss (4 comments) spoke too soon, lousy night last night and felt nauseous from about 4am onwards though have't actually been sick. Feel like c*ap this morning, will do some yoga, just to feel i've moved at least. LOL (16 comments) is just back from a lovely beach walk, loads of pals around so it took longer than normal, but I still stopwatched the walking time. (3 comments) congratulates all sparkers on their monthly trophies and accomplishments. Have not got time to browse my feed today so WELL DONE EVERYONE!! WTG!! (4 comments) is off for a morning walk along the beach. I wonder what today will bring? :) (5 comments) I got 510 minutes of gardening done yesterday and no after pains WOOHOO. Raining today, indoor workout and chores. NEW-CAZ I got 510 minutes of gardening done yesterday and no after pains WOOHOO. Raining today, indoor workout and chores. (8 comments) week 30 of my streak for "Walking 5 Miles per week" earned 8/26/2017 (1 comments) Gotta go loads to do today, I intend to have tomorrow as a rest day to myself, a pamper on Monday and then I officially become a sexagenarian! (4 comments) (7 comments) is now a sextagenarian ....I am 60 today (4 comments) (1 comments) (3 comments) To all my American Spark Pals............... (2 comments) (5 comments) it's still coming down (2 comments) (3 comments) is putting up the tree and decorating the bungalow today and tomorrow inbetween usual "stuff" (2 comments) Congratulations to everyone who won awards for November WTG (3 comments) day 44 of my streak for "Drink 8 cups of water per day" earned 12/10/2017 (1 comments) (1 comments) day 77 of my streak for "Listen to a get-up-and-go song every day 1 time per day" earned 12/14/2017 (1 comments) day 2851 of my streak for "Get 10 minutes of cardio exercise 1 time per day" earned 12/15/2017 (1 comments) (3 comments) Merry Christmas everyone (3 comments) OH BOY am I feeling smug, despite the feast yesterday just weighed in and no gain, Must be because I've kept active. (4 comments) (3 comments) Congratulations to everyone who won awards for the past month of December 2017. keep up the good work in 2018 (3 comments) (1 comments) Could have fooled me! it's -3 here! (8 comments) (5 comments) is busy around the house today and "enjoying" the free movement in my shoulder at last, feels so good (5 comments) The old me pre joining SP and my operation in 2007 (6 comments) In my old size 16 jeans (UK) (24 comments) (24 comments) Happy and confident having ditched 34 pounds (11 comments) Summer 2009 (18 comments) Summer 2009 - the 1st time I've felt confident in a bikini (18 comments) Autumn 2009 at a family wedding (6 comments) July 2011 outside the White Horse Rottingdean (16 comments) With Bia the Boa Constrictor coming back from Norfolk (UK) September 2012 (12 comments) (13 comments) (9 comments) (4 comments) (5 comments) Flys or as we call them in the UK Pec decs on the multi gym (2 comments) Leg extensions on my multi gym (4 comments) (3 comments) On the stair stepper DH bought me and using hand weights to work my arms (5 comments) Lost 34 pounds between 1/1/2008- to goal 26/3/2008 (4 comments) down to size 8/10 now (2 comments)

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