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(1 comments) Fun times (3 comments) Just hangin around (1 comments) The Race is on..Nov 18 Everyday I reach my Goals with Sprakpeople (1 comments) My #1 Idol Personal Trainer Tommy Europe (1 comments) (3 comments) (4 comments) Working on my Dip Chest and Arm day Oh to be a kid again Navy 10k done 1:00:34 beat my personal 10k best Happy Healthy Holidays from my home to yours! Grad Pic - Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Wellness Coach Happy New Year My 2014 Goals Stopping to enjoy the scenery during a run! (3 comments) #lovemyfitbit (2 comments) Im sick today so this is all I can manage! (6 comments) Tonight my learn to run was brought to you by 10x 100 m drills. So fun! 1st home-cooked meal in our new house... Missing hubby and 2 boys (2 comments) Accomplished all of my goals today. Now that we have moved its a further hike to get Baby Girl to school. So while the car is with Daddy we bus there I walk or run home then walk back to pick her up and she gladly walks back home at the end of the day. Love my fit girl :) (1 comments) Enjoying my flyers and coffee with almond milk, berries, nonfat greek yogurt and chia seeds as the sun and cool fall breeze come off the deck...ahhh Saturday morning 😊 All set for the 7 day salad challenge (3 comments) Day 1 of 7 Day Salad Challenge Day 2 Of 7 Day Salad Challenge Catalina Green Salad Maple Balsamic Rainbow Quinoa Delight... Day 4 of 7 day salad challenge I RUN for me! Grounded Taco Salad (1 comments) Always end my work week with my learn to run group. Perfect way to ring in the weekend! (2 comments) Vegan Caesar surprised I loved it! I don't normally like Caesar Salad. Pssst the "parm" is not parm its ground cashews with garlic and sea salt (2 comments) Orange Tahini Arugula Salad New house, new gym. Cant wait til its finished (2 comments) My late birthday present to me has finally arrived. Cant wait to get to try it out! (3 comments) My go to when Im not very hungry, but know I have to eat. Eggs, spinach, tomato, avocado, scallion and feta cheese Unplanned track run on this frosty morning made for a great start to my day! 2 runs, one solo and one with my group. Add in walking with my Baby Girl to and from school. I sure am beat but super proud of another goal accomplished. (3 comments) Nothing like homemade pumpkin spice with almond milk in my morning coffee to warm me up after my sons football game. Participated in 2 Fitbit Workweek Challenges and won both. They sure kept me on my feet! (1 comments) Couldn't Resist my daughter is out visiting today so I decided to surprise her later when I take her out! Happy Halloween!🎃👻 Lots of roasting going on today for my soup. Sweet potatoes are already done now for squash and peppers..YUMMO! (2 comments) Spicy Sweet Potato and Roasted Pepper Squash soup doll up of plain greek yogurt. Made from roasted veggies in my previous pic 😄 Framed and on my wall. I choose to remain healthy and strong for me and my kids (11 comments) Breakfast is served! 3 egg whites, 1 yolk, spinach, feta and avocado (1 comments) Representing Sole Sisters Women's Race at the Lucky 7 Relay Race kit pick up! So much fun! Lucky 7 Relay 2015 7k (2 comments) This is what I came home too after my running group. A meal made by my hubby. Just a smidgen off track of my plan and oh so yummy (1 comments) My expired and current passport pics, what a difference in 5 yesrs. Living a Healthy lifestyle is my fountain of youth! (1 comments) Doesn't get any better than Sunday Dinner Breakfast of champions hot and ready even on a busy morning. It can be done with planning and leftovers. Pumpkin Pie. Fewer eggs allowed me to add flax to boost fibre. (3 comments) That bike never saw me coming (1 comments) Post workout breakfast. Steel cut oatmeal with almond milk, nut cranberry mix and pumpkin pie mix. Coffee with a splash of Light Eggnog. Even on the go can be healthy and filling. During my Black Friday Shopping Weekend I fueled my morning with Oatmeal and berries. More sugar than I am used to but I avoided sugar pretty much the rest of the day. Definitely did not go over my limit. With food or my shopping budget 😜 (2 comments) Getting a bedtime workout with my Baby Girl! #familyfitness (2 comments) Hubby taking advantage of mild December temps where I live. Got some grilling in. 3 oz sirloin with grilled beans and mushrooms and basmati rice (4 comments) My fave ingredients are staples in my breakfasts. Eggs, avocado, tomato and spinach. For extra protein I added turkey and swiss cheese. Don't forget the hot sauce 😊 Having a self love kind of weekend! 😊 My hubby was at it again. Broiled pork loin with homemade dijon honey mustard sauce. Steamed sweet potato and brocolli. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays (2 comments) Im always experimenting and playing with my food. This did not disappoint. Scrambled eggs with chopped Canadian bacon, spinach, avocado, sweet potato. Lots of fresh black pepper Yummy Jalapeño Jelly Salmon, basmati rice and grilled Brussel sprouts and corn My all time fave salad Quinoa Navy and Black Beans Red onion Tomato Corn Cilantro/corriander Cumi
n Fresh minced garlic Red wine vinegar Olive Oil Sea Salt Fresh cracked Black Pepper
Our 1st snow. Time to dig out the winter running gear (3 comments) Post workout meal Plain greek yogurt Homemade fruit salsa with apples strawberries black berries and cinamon Mixed nuts Flax seed Coffee with sugar free vanilla almond milk Baked Penne with Baby Greens Salad (easy on jack and parm cheese) Homemade sauce: Extra lean ground beef Green peppers Red peppers Onion Diced tomatoes Tomato paste Basil Oregano Crushed Chili flakes Parsley Garlic Sea salt Fresh cracked pepper (1 comments) Spreading Christmas Cheer with my Baby Girl 🎅🎄🙏 (1 comments) Hard work is paying off! So excited! Onto next chapter 😄 (3 comments) Holiday eating is officially over! This may look boring, but I love salads especially with my homemade balsamic avocado dressing. (2 comments) Day 2 - Taking care of me first plan. Felt so good! 45 min treadmill 15 upper body (2 comments) Adding another cert to my portfolio. I already coach young girls as a running coach. This will broaden my scope of practice. Happy Healthy New Year. Remember to set new year goals, not resolutions. Prepping meals in advance makes for excuse free, delicious and nutritious meals throughout the week After the prep My shift is over and its near closing, gym is almost empty. The machines are all mine for the taking! (3 comments) Singapore Noodles minus Shrimp I complete surveys on a regular to get shopping points. Just got these from Amazon for free. Can't wait to put them on. (2 comments) Hi Ladies, I have started a motivation Fitbit group. If any of you Fitbit users want to join let me know. Its by invite only. Once you join you are free to add more of your Fitbit sisters. Sorry fellas ladies only. For a sneak peek follow link. (9 comments) One of the perks I get to enjoy when I work with clients in my home. I get relax and enjoy a fresh cooked lunch. Scrambled eggs with spinach, roasted veggies and goat cheese. So yummy. Just finished a group Cize workout. (10 comments) I don't do cheat meals, I just eat in moderation. My 14 year old made me one if my faves... Yum (3 comments) 45 min bike ride through Northern Italy on the BitGym app and a well deserved cup of decaf green tea. My Monday is complete (2 comments) On winter mornings like today I am grateful for long underwear Combined leftovers for a fantastic meal Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast and salad with lemon vinagrette. Yes Please! (5 comments) Yum (1 comments) Me and Baby Girl got out and shovelled for 2.5 hrs. Full body. Workout complete (2 comments) After 2.5 hrs of shovelling my hubby served me another one of his creations. Delish! (3 comments) Don't ever forget! So much better than Subway. Turkey on Roasted Red Pepper flatbread with spicy Monterey jack cheese, red onion, tomato black olive spinach, romaine and roasted red pepper hummus (2 comments) Sunday workout complete 40 mins cardo 20 mins fullbody with dumbbells and planks 10 mins stretch Sunday Dinner now done Broiled Glazed Jalapeño Pepper Jelly Broiled Pork Loin, sautéed veggies and onion infused basmati rice On nights when I don't have much an appetite or feel like cooking for that matter. Low sodium Cloverleaf canned salmon. Can always squeeze in my protein. Always got time for personal growth Beef onion mushroom with green beans and greek yogurt over whole grain pasta Workout Complete 40 mins Cardio 30 mins weights Getting ready to represent Sole Sisters Women's Race. First big event of the year as Run Ambassador. (4 comments) So I got my feet assessed today. This gave me a better understanding of what shoe would be best for me. I was surprised to learn that I am pretty balanced and that I could you a small insert in the sole of my left shoe for more comfort but may ultimately not need it seeing as I also have a left bum hip. So once I finish therapy for that Ill be good to go. (2 comments) The perfect meal to end a great day. Grilled jalapeño jelly salmon with grilled cauliflour, broccoli and mushrooms (1 comments) Great option when eating out. Ribeye steak salad with added grilled mushrooms. Dressing on the side. Perk of working out at home. I get to wear my slippers. This time last year my mom laid in a comma fighting for her life after a brain aneurysm this year she enjoys a meal at a restaurant for her 60th bday. God is good! (5 comments) 80 mins 20 min bike 30 min total body with weights 30 min core with weight Feel like I want to puke and die but so worth it 😅😄💪💪🙊 (1 comments) Quoinoa with homemade pasta sauce (1 comments) Couldn't eat my delicious quinoa due to fighting a bug and didn't have an appetite so turning to a cup of soup before bed. Not the greatest and high sodium but based on my lack of appetite all day Im still in range. So it will do. (6 comments) Cold cant keep me down! Knock it out with sweat! 30 mins bike intervals 20 min HIIT 10 min treadmill Feeling Fine! (2 comments) Appetite is back so curbed my hunger with half whole grain english muffin, red pepper hummus and avocado (1 comments) One of those type of mornings when I am up way too early and have a tonne of things on my schedule! Loving my sweaty back artwork lol One of my fave omlettes Baby Spinach Tomato Feta cheese Avocado Roasted red pepper hummus (2 comments) We made it to the paper 😄 Sole Sisters Women's Race Series the best race series in Atlantic Canada (1 comments) I coach my own group. T-shirts have arrived and they look AWESOME! (1 comments) Chicken and veggie medley Ground chicken any kind of veggies you want however I used broccoli, cauliflower, onion, red pepper, corn, jalapeño, garlic, parsley and Chili flakes, cumin, salt/pepper soya sauce. Serve over basmati or brown rice or quinoa for more fibre and protein (1 comments) Enjoying a bowl of homemade clam chowder after my 2hr shovel workout. Stewed Kale with Lentil Sweet Potato and Carrot and walnuts 1 tbs Olive Oil 1 Onions, diced 4 clove Garlic 1 tbsp Ginger, ground 1/2 tsp Cinnamon, ground 1tsp Cumin seed 2 Carrots, diced 1 sweet potato, diced 5 cups Kale, chopped 1/4 Cup Golden Raisins 1 cup Water 4 cup Organic Vegetable Broth 1/4 cup Walnuts (3 comments) Kid approved Sunday Dinner Individual meatloaf (muffin size) with Habanero pepper jelly ketchup sauce Mashed potatoes Roasted asparagus with olive oil and garlic Tiny bit of corn (1 comments) I walk EVERYDAY. This was a gorgeous walk the morning after a snow storm. My love and my assistant! On our way to run with my run group New Journey Runners! (3 comments) A few of my ladies. Love helping women and girls reach their goals! (1 comments) Breakfast so yummy! (2 comments) Walked to pick my Baby Girl up from school. It is kind of mild so we hung around the school yard for a bit. (4 comments) Cant wait for Supper! (4 comments) Yum! Curry Alfredo Pork and Veggies!(easy on the pork and Alfredo) Its cardio day and Im spent! 35 min treadmill intervals, 20min bike Tonights client plan design was brought to you by... Really need to get me some real discs and a box (3 comments) Doh! So close yet so far to my goal. Just couldn't pull it out. Oh may be tomorrow (2 comments) Hubby surprised me at work to take me to lunch and bring me gifts. Man definitely knows what makes me smile. (4 comments) Post workout meal Brown rice Broccoli Onion Mushroom Avocado Homem
ade chopped chicken balls
Sometimes leftovers are best for breakfast. Last weeks Lentil and kale with eggs. Even better 😊 (3 comments) Yummy roast chicken with pad thai seasoning, steamed broccoli and tomatoes. So good! (1 comments) Superbowl Sunday Turkey Chilli garnished with a hint of cheese, green onion and plain greek yougurt! (9 comments) Todays Breakfast Banana Chia Seed pudding 1 small banana 4 tbs chia seed 1 3/4 c unsweetened vanilla almond or coconut milk 1tbs pure maple syrup 1/8 tsp pure vanilla Combine all but banana. Let set 1 hr or more in fridge in 2 mason jars. Serve top with banana. (5 comments) This was interesting. May make changes if I make it again. Rice noodles, kale, peas, celery, red pepper, carrot, (sauce) garlic, ginger, almond butter, sesame oil, lemon, maple, tamari, rice vinegar, chilli flakes (2 comments) Late workout complete but I still gotta get in my carbs and protein Quinoa Lentils Feta Cranberries Green onion and walnuts with a lemon honey dressing Today is Pancake Tuesday and I have never been a fan unless they are sweet potato. These are now my fave.! OMG Chocolate Avocado Pancakes with cinnamon. ½ cup all-purpose flour ½ cup whole wheat flour ¼ cup unsweetened cocoa powder 2 tablespoons sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup milk 2 large eggs 1 ripe avocado, mashed 1 tbs spoon cinnamon (3 comments) We had A LOT of shovelling to do today so instead of it being a chore we pranced around in our tutus and got'er done. Tomorrow the back deck! Im sure our neighbours thought we were out to lunch 😜 (8 comments) Tonights pre-workout meal Workout done like dinner 1 hr shovelling (full body because I make it one, by throwing in exercises) 30 min treadmill 20 min bike Now time for my post-workout snack (1 comments) Morning walk complete (4 comments) Ill take it considering 2 days I was nursing an injured leg! (1 comments) Got this message from one of run clients today. Made my morning in more ways than one 👟👟😊#lovewhatIdo (2 comments) Homemade Chocolate Avocado Banana pudding with coconut cream cinnamon hearts #valentinetreat (5 comments) Valentines Dinner 💗yum (4 comments) My Valentine workout is complete. Also completed 30 min bike and danced with my Baby Girl Lunch is served and oooh so yummy! (4 comments) Honey Glazed chicken and salad with honey balsamic dressing (2 comments) I had intended to do a 10 min treadmill warmup and 40 min Kettle bell workout. Instead I ended up completing an LSD of 74 mins on the treadmill then I died 😅😅 (4 comments) I was tired during my rainy morning walk but now I feel like I can dance on the clouds. (3 comments) Spicy Turkey meatballs, wild brown rice and roasted green beans with lemon pepper and olive oil. (1 comments) Saw this on my run today. Guess it helps that I hate beer lol (1 comments) Breakfast this morning. Not overly hungry but still gotta eat! Lentil rice, sautéed veggies with spicy honey roast pork loin and granny smith apple #sundaydinner (1 comments) Sundays workout came late, but I got it done. A planned 30 mins turned into 60. I was in a zone. (3 comments) Tired with no complaints or excuses. Blessed with a new day. I will walk, I will work, I will run, I will do me. Happy Monday! (1 comments) Morning walk complete! Another cert done on to the next. Yaay! (7 comments) Today is my Boo's birthday. He is the only one that has seen my complete struggle, the one that watched me cry when I reached Onderland, the one that picked me up when I collapsed when I fell ill with meningytis. The one that worships the ground I walk on and loves me unconditionally. Today I celebrate him. Happy 45th to my Boo xo 🎁🎉🎁🎉💗💗💗 (3 comments) My youngest son loves taking pics. This one he was practicing using the specific focus. Not bad lol (3 comments) As of late my appetite has been way down. It was a struggle to get this in. Im truly not hungry but know I have yo eat. (1 comments) A bit hard to read. Tonights Rainy Day Kickass Workout was all about Me. Spelled out my name added in some exercises and 45 mins later...I died but lived enough to tell the story and have my boy take pics . See I told you It kicked my ass...those 1 min treadmills should say 1 km Treadmills, couldn't even write it properly lol. (2 comments) Long day. Hello Friday Night Chill.. No wait, Friday Night Sleep! Cant wait for the day off tomorrow (2 comments) Breakfas yum! Saturday meal. Only day of the week Im not overly diligent. Peanut Butter Oat Balls or bars or squares which ever you choose. Oats Natural Peanut Butter Honey Flax Seeds Sunflower Seeds Melt Peanut Butter and honey, mix in ingredients Chill and enjoy (3 comments) Sunday Brunch Eggs scramble with onions, mushroom, spinach and feta (3 comments) Stepper kind of night! Got some new gear today. Even more not shown. Perks of being a Sole Sisters Women's Race Ambassador! #lovemesomepurple (2 comments) I love what I do! (3 comments) Most of that is already burned off lol. Lightly glazed chicken wings, (ended up giving one to my daughter) stir-fry broccoli, onion and mushroom with lentil and brown basmati (1 comments) Nailed it! Now I will sleep! (2 comments) Baby Girl making her own healthy breakfast. Turkey Tacoless Salad with homemade salsa and NF greek yogurt. Real easy on the cheese. (1 comments) Always feels great when I meet all my goals! (1 comments) Gorgeous day to be out and about! Panko Parmesan chicken with lentil rice and parmesan broccoli. One of those #hangry days lol (1 comments) Awesome Breakfast this morning. Awesome workout tonight. Couldn't keep up with the sweat. Post Workout. Taste like heaven. My Hubby sure knows how to feed me. (2 comments) Upper Body Blast...tough but got it done after a 30 min Bike workout Steel cut oats with blueberries, strawberries, raisins, chia, and nuts (3 comments) Working and Hanging out at the Live the Smart Way Expo. This is Miles the Mascot for the Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon. Always crazy photo ready😜 (2 comments) This was Lunch!! What in the H E double hockey sticks was I thinking. I knew I wasn't going to be able to eat just 5, which is considered a serving. YIKES! Guess that means a workout on my day off and salad for supper. #accountability #thestruggleisreal
#Iknowbetter #wontbeeatingthoseagain
Sunday Dinner now done. Key Lime grilled Haddock with sweet and white potatoes and mixed veggies (1 comments) When sweat gets in your eyes from a great workout. Love it but head band required lol One of my fave people to help me keep motivated :) (4 comments) 🍀🍀🍀🍀My workout for tinight. Happy St. Patty's Day!🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 Shamrock Smoothie. Plain Greek yougurt, spinach, avavado, kiwi, banana (1 comments) Good but long day! 5k run on treadmill at work this morning. 5k of walking over the corse of the day and another 5k run with my run club this eve, calls for a much needed Saturday morning sleep in. Alas have to be to work for 8 am. Come on Sunday! (1 comments) Oh the things I see when Im out running. Huh! (3 comments) First family pic in 6 years. Last pic we took I was at my heaviest. A lot has changed since then. Inside and out. LOVE THIS! Truly blessed. (13 comments) Home sick and studying. Thought Id share this chart with you all. Eat the rainbow. Sorry its small I snapped a pic from video on my laptop. (2 comments) Time for my daily walk. Its a chilly one but the sun is shining. (2 comments) Feels awesome to reach my goals Breakfast this morning. Avavodo Banana Strawberry Cantelo
upe Flax Coffee
Lunch GF muffin Poached Egg Spinach Dijon Mustard Steamed Broccoli Whoo hoo! Working out time with my Baby Girl (3 comments) Got it in and loved it! Impromptu visit to my local Dollar store and walked out with these babies for $7 total 4.5lb kettle bell 2x2lb dumbbells. My clients love new stuff. Frankly so do I lol (4 comments) 3 separate Work Week Challenges last week. I won all three. So prefer to be on my feet than in a vehicle! (3 comments) Saturday Cardio complete, now back to work! "Love having free access to a gym as a part of my journey" Treat night at the movies! (1 comments) Happy Easter! Yummy breakfast (1 comments) Something different this morning as I ran low on veggies before grocery day. Still great and yummy. Scrambled eggs with sweet potato and 1.5 slice bacon (1 comments) Treadmill was screaming at me so I screamed at hubby to settle it down. Now she's humming sweet sounds and so am I. Thanks Babe! #loveamanthatsgoodwithhishands #happ
ywife #happylife 😜💗💏
24oz water and lemon down the hatch! (2 comments) Lunch! Tomato infused brown rice with chopped chicken breast and peas, chili flakes, garlic, paprika and flax Me and my Baby Girl enjoying our walk from school today! Fastfood does not have to be burger and fries or even a sub for that matter. Rushing and forgot lunch this morning. Thank God for markets! (2 comments) Getting ready to review for an exam next week while getting in some cardio! (2 comments) Had to grab a meal quick. Love leftovers. Curried Quinoa with lentils, baked ham and veggies (2 comments) My Baby Coach is 8 today! 💗💗🎉 (6 comments) Avocado Bananas and eggs sprinkled with chilli flakes, sea salt and garlic (2 comments) Another Cert done. Toughest one yet. Moving on to marketing next module. Thank goodness different direction. This was heavy. (4 comments) Having a blast as Ambassador for Soles Sisters Womens Race Series in Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada (2 comments) A few of the ladies from my group. New Journey Runners after the run! (1 comments) Current situation. Tummy troubles. 😷 (5 comments) Feeling great. Got in 8k this morning. (3 comments) Saddens me to take someone else's fitness gear because I know the really need it more than I do physically. But puts joy in my heart to know they thought that I would use it since they won't. Love my new to me rower! (1 comments) Have a Great Day! (4 comments) As a child I was told to stop playing with my food! I didn't listen lol (2 comments) Broiled chicken breast over kale, red and white cabbage, pumpkin seeds and cranberries. Dressin: greek yougurt, avocado, chia and honey tiny bit water to thin. (1 comments) Morning walk! (1 comments) Late lunch.. Could not stop watching Boston Marathon til my friends crossed The simple things in life go a long way! Broiled chicken breast lemon pepper, garlic,chilli flakes and honey (2 comments) It was a beautifully sunny but chilly run today! Got my roast on tonight. Curry Lemon Roasted chicken and veggies over brown basmati (3 comments) There technically no leftovers from last nights dinner because I made enough for 6 ppl. There are only 5 of us so I get 2 meals. Minus the rice add eggs and meal 2 is this mornings breakfast! 😜 (3 comments) Some of the ladies from my run group say HEEELLLOOOO PEPpers!! Lol (1 comments) Partial cheat meal. Homemade Brown Basmati and sautéed veggies. Restaurant Spring Roll! (3 comments) Having hip issues still so upper body it is 💪 New from the clothing line Im a Distribution Rep for. Great for teaching my bootcamps (3 comments) Simply tasty and yummy breakfast Found these at my local thrift store for $3. They are Excellent condition (1 comments) Some of the ladies from my run group. Im injured so no running for a short while. Doesn't keep me from coaching though. As I mentioned I have an injured hip/thigh. To pinpoint it runs through the TFL muscle into the glute and psoas. This is the procedure I had done today; acupuncture with tens. Along with active release therapy and a sacral adjustment. It was very intense. The things we do to get relief. I love running and walking for that matter so whatever it takes. (6 comments) When Im not feeling well, my hubby hits the kitchen! Yum. Ate all the stir fry but only half of the rice. (2 comments) Morning walk with my Baby Girl to school. Chilly one but we got it done! (4 comments) My earlier morning shift always begins with me time. Love that I can do whatever I want in the gym before the crowd pours in. I so love what I do. (2 comments) Last nights supper and todays lunch! (1 comments) Light Lunch First race of the season done like dinner! (1 comments) 🌹🌷Happy Mothers Day! 🌹🌷 The fam is off to the races! Gonna be a great day! (7 comments) 10k Done Like Dinner (2 comments) Sooo in love with this pic as I was coming around to the finish line (4 comments) Last nights supper Breakfast this morning Pitter patter, lets get at'mee. Feet don't fail me now! (2 comments) Sole Sisters Women's Race 5k (2 comments) Baby Girl with her new shiny Bling. She finished the Lil Sisters 3k (3 comments) My tutu and finishers medal and T-shirt along with Baby Girls Medal. Great day for us. (2 comments) Over Half of my girls from my running group took part in the Sole Sisters race. Largest 5k women only race in Canada. We had a blast! 3.5k tempo run. Half marathon training in full force (1 comments) My break at from work was so much fun during my run in the sun 👟👟😄 (2 comments) Been waiting all day for hubby's bbq chicken with homemade sauce. Paired with a quinoa salad...yum! A run combined with a lot of walking. My eldest son took time time to snap a rare pic (he hates them) with me before his prom. So proud! (2 comments) Two of my beauties are now Graduates. My eldest son is off to highschool and my middle daughter is off to college(cooking school) To say their dad and I are overjoyed is an understatement. So proud of them! (4 comments) We take selfies at least 3x avweek. Today was the last of the current school year. Half marathon training in full force. Today was steady state. (1 comments) My sweaty ones are my best ones 😊💪 what are you waiting for? Check out my latest blog entry (2 comments) #BeTheInspiration Sole Sister Smoothie Delicious (1 comments)
s-women-to-2uuwn #StopWaiting
One of my fave ways to get my veggies in is through roasting . So yummy!! One of my fave things to do in the morning to boost the start of my day! Go for a run! 🏃🏾‍♀️🏅 Back to Day 1 Welcome December. My 2nd last race of the season. Bring on the Santa Shuffle!! My fave pic of the day. As well as my first 4 miles. Did 8 in total for the day. Never be afraid to let loose and be silly. Definitely broke the monotony of my treadmill run this morning. #messyhairdontcare Always Let'em See You Sweat! (3 comments) (5 comments) My New it! (3 comments) My Certificate...courtesy of Family of Runners I DID 1st 5k Woohoo! (3 comments) On my way to the finish line (1 comments) View from the hill On my way to the race (1 comments) Met the man of my Dreams, Brian Mcknight .. Sorry honey! (3 comments) Rainy Run..No Excuses! 6 sizes Down (3 comments) needs no explanation Funny Face Pic on the bridge... trying to take it while walking out my nerves Middle of the Macdonald Bridge Photo...YIKES! (2 comments) Dec 2011 (2 comments) Head Shot - Dec 2011 (1 comments) Me and Baby Girl, heading out to a Christmas Party (1 comments) (Nov 11) The definition is starting to come through (2 comments) (Nov 11) A little sweat never hurt nobody :) October 14, 2011 (4 comments) (4 comments) The New Me so far at -44lbs (1 comments) 44 lbs down (5 comments) Me 35lbs lighter. Body shot will be posted at 50lbs lost. (3 comments) Lost 30lbs + 5 more total 35... Yaaayyy! My BBM Avatar My Mii Avatar (1 comments) Me 2007 THEN - Summer 2008

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