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(4 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) Tee March 2010 Terrie 1/2011 (2 comments) (2 comments) Mile 271.6 on the virtual walk (just enterring Lextington, VA) (2 comments) Tee In Front Of The General Grant Tree In Sequoia (5 comments) Unofficial Turkey Track (100,000 Steps In November) Woohoo for me! Trying to get back into the swing of things! (1 comments) Blurry but proof I did my elliptical mile today! Almost 33 minutes and 281 cals burned. (1 comments) Got this Jessica Smith DVD the other day and just did the first 30 minute workout (1 of 4). Like it so far. Will do the second 30 minute workout tomorrow. (2 comments) So far I am really enjoying this DVD. I did the 30 minite low impact HIIT and finished with no breaks. I do have to modify some of the moves but I plan to practice the harder moves on my own and hopefully will improve on them. Two more 30 minute workouts on the DVD. Love it! (5 comments) Third workout. Tread and Shred with Jessica Smith. Awesome! I'll feel it tomorrow! (1 comments) Homemade icee! 1 cup cranberry juice, 1 cup frozen strawberries, and 1 frozen banana. (1 comments) Stretching workout on the Jessica Smith Walk On 21 Day Plan. Standing stretches are always hard for me due to my cerebral palsy, but am doing my best. (1 comments) Elliptical mile done! Nice spike in my step count on my FitBit dashboard. 😄 Giving my little buddy Jax a bath is a good lower back workout. (2 comments) One of my favorite breakfast smoothies. 1 cup vanilla silk. 1/2 cup ground oats. 1 large apple. and a dash of cinnamon. (1 comments) Been dealing with huge anxiety the last several weeks and I need to remember to focus on my movements. Try not to rush through things. Xanax day for me today to help me through. Have only done the warm up and the first mile so far, but it's so fun! Day 1 of Jessica Smith's 30 day challenge done! Did her 30 minute HIIT walk. (2 comments) Day 2 done. Did the 30 minute Strength Interval Walk. I used no weights for most of it. Need to work my way up. Day 3 done. Did the Power Pyramid Walk. Day 4 done. 30 minute toning walk with my light resistance band. Elliptical time in a little bit. Day 6 done! 40 minute mega burn complete. Been a long time since I've made 10,000 steps. Woohoo! (2 comments) (3 comments) Got in my 10k for the day. Trying to make this a daily routine. At least 10k a day most days of the week. (2 comments) Got in my 10k and then some! 10k steps done! Late, but got it done. Done! 10k done! Love listening to music and marching in place. Rob Thomas rocks!!! Got my 10k in for today. 😄 (1 comments) Got my 10k in early! Love this DVD! (2 comments) Total for Thursday. Good night all. 😄 FitBit steps for Friday. Got 10k in. Night all. Being bad, but it's oh so good! White Chocolate Iced Blended drink from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. (3 comments) 25k step badge from FitBit! Got me the "Classics" badge. Next up 30k. Another day for that though. Whew! Final step count for today. My feet and ankles are sooooooo tired. LOL (2 comments) Already ate some, but this is one of my favorite lunches. An apple and peanut butter. Mmm. (1 comments) Today's steps! Got it done. My dog Jax waiting patiently for me to finish my workout. Ge's such a good boy. (2 comments) Not 10k but that's OK! Got it done! (5 comments) Felt slow going for the last 5k, but I got it done. 4th day straight of 10k. Go me! Getting easier to get 10k a day! Got it done. 😀 Yesterday's steps. Good for a Sunday. 😀 Monday's FitBit. 😀 (2 comments) Love it when the in-laws are out and I can actually cook for myself. I make scrambled eggs sooooo much better. 😝 (1 comments) Barely got 1,000 steps yesterday. My body said "NO!" to exercise, and I listened. Back to it today though. Thursday's 10,000 done! Saturday's FitBit. Monday's FitBit. (1 comments) Tuesday's FitBit. 😀 Half-hearted rest day. Didn't feel like doing anything, but got it done anyway. Broke up my walking in place into two 30 minute sections. That helped. Forgot to post last night. Thursday's FitBit. 😀 Friday's FitBit. 😀 Sunday's FitBit. Weekend went way too fast. 😐 Monday Monday. Keep moving! Tuesday's FitBit. Fighting off a cold. So far it's not holding me down. 😀 (4 comments) Got it done while sick with this cold. Tomorrow is a rest day for me. (1 comments) Forgot to post last night. Still have the cold but at least I can function with it. Birthday FitBit steps! Not 10k, but that's OK. 😀 Woohoo!!! Tired tootsies. 😛 Nice cup of hot mulled pomegranate cider herbal tea on a rainy desert fall day. Yummy! FitBit Friday 😀 Monday's FitBit! Wednesday's FitBit. Today's FitBit. Felt kind of sluggish and actually fell asleep sitting up on the couch. Oops. Woohoo for Friday! Hubby has a 2 day weekend finally. First one in about two months. He needs it. I'll try and squeeze in some steps though. Wednesday's FitBit. Too tired to post last night. Dealing with shower anxiety again (feel like I'll fall out of my shower seat). Trying hard to not let it it beat me this time (avoiding showers). I hate this nonsense. Need to go slow and take the panicky feelings as they come. I won't fall no matter how much it feels like it. Need to work out and get it done. Procrastinating. (3 comments) Thursday's FitBit. Got it done. Got my shower in also despite my anxiety. Not letting it stand in my way. Monday's FitBit. Good day for how I'm feeling. (1 comments) Got it done for Tuesday! Not 10k, but met all of my challenge goals. 😀 Ahhhhhhh. Thank goodness! Just got my new shower chair (Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair with Back and Arms) from Amazon and it's great! I'm still twitchy, but that's just left over mind crap that will go away over time. Such a relief. Thursday's FitBit. 😀 Wohoo! Friday FitBit. Took Saturday and Sunday off for much needed rest. Back at it today though. Woohoo for Tuesday! FitBit Wednesday! After 4 days of much needed rest, I'm back at it. Starting back slowly. Had an overuse injury in my left knee flare up (first happened when I was 11 or 12). Got a mile in on the elliptical today and felt pretty good. (2 comments) Time to get back to it. Left knee is getting better, elliptical feels good. Now to see how it feels with a walking DVD. Tomorrow or Monday. (1 comments) Left knee is still not 100%, but at least I was able to do all of Jessica Smith's 5Fat Burning Miles DVD. Good news! Taking it a day at a time. Left knee is still getting better. No pain at all on my elliptical today. Still a little achy the rest of the day, but definitely a lot better! Monday's FitBit. Think I'm back to normal. Woohoo! Left knee feels pretty good. Been one heck o a day. From the dog being sick yesterday and last night (woke up to a pile of poo after taking him out at 2 a.m.), to my husband having an allergic reaction to shrimp contaminated food tonight, we're all alive and well. Very good Friday. Gotta love Jessica Smith's 5 Fat Burning Miles DVD! (2 comments) Saturday's FitBit. 😀 Sunday's FitBit! (2 comments) Wednesday's FitBit! Friday's FitBit! Tuesday's FitBit! 😀 Thursday's FitBit! 😀 Friday's FitBit! 😀👍🏻😀 (2 comments) Tuesday's FitBit. 😀👍🏻 (1 comments) Wednesday's FitBit. Only Wednesday? Feels like Friday. Bleh. Been a long week so far. (3 comments) Friday's FitBit. Got it done earlier than usual so we could go to dinner at Outback! Friday's FitBit. 😀 Saturday's FitBit. 😀 (1 comments) Thursday's FitBit. Not sure why my active minutes are 0. It says I have 29 when I go on my FitBit dashboard on my computer. Even that is low, should be about 33. (2 comments) Trying to get back on track. Think things are looking up. Really need to write a blog post about all that's going on. (1 comments) My treat for having my first mammogram. I've been dreading this day since I was a kid. Was expecting a LOT of pain and discomfort, but it didn't hurt at all. Awkward yeas, but no pain. (5 comments) Taking things one day at a time. Think the new (my first) anti anxiety med is helping. Hasn't kicked in fully yet, but think it will help. (2 comments) Tuesday's FitBit! Really need to get my butt in the groove again! Let's go!!! 😀 Wednesday's FitBit! (2 comments) Have been loving the Fruit of the Month club my parent's got me for Christmas! This month...pineapple. So good. My husband cut it up fir me and put half in the fridge and half in the freezer. Yum! (3 comments) Friday's FitBit! (2 comments) Monday's FitBit. Got it done even with sister in-law and kids here. (3 comments) Sunday's FitBit. 😀😀😀 Got my EEG results back and they were normal. FitBit for Monday! 😀 (5 comments) Tuesday's FitBit! Friday FitBit! Not bad for a Sunday. 😀 Happy Mom's Day! Whew! Got it done even with all the craziness snd STRESS we had Geez oh Pete! (1 comments) Wednesday's FitBit! 😀 Friday's FitBit! Saturday's FitBit! Monday's FitBit! (2 comments) Thursday's FitBit. 😀 (1 comments) Can't believe My husband and I have been married for 19 years! These flowers are from my parents. 😀 (9 comments) I'm really bad at taking selfies. Figured with it being 115 degrees today it was would be good to get my hair chopped off. (7 comments)

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